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Starsector 0.9.1a is out! (05/10/19); Blog post: Personal Contacts (08/13/20)

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Announcements / Re: Starsector 0.9a (In-Dev) Patch Notes
« on: June 01, 2018, 02:17:47 PM »

After college I am HAPPILY going to be working on metelson's again for this update- and another TC mod of sorts -and I am so uristing, elf-bashing, cat-murderingly happy!

Discussions / Re: DF Bloodline Game: Walledpuzzle "Adilluslem"
« on: May 20, 2018, 04:08:26 PM »
In which, many a lizard comes to destroy the fortress in vain, but,

They still get the last laugh

Year 3 of Adiluslem and it's ever growing war against the Elves.


It's the first of the year. So far the end of year celebrations have gone well and all the dead have been put to rest... Well, nearly. We've still got a corpse or two that're out in the field wasting away till one of the very drunk dwarves finally comes out to get the corpse.

The temple has been started as well... I'll need to get some silver or something to make a few statutes.

Well, well, the year starts off well with a child- a baby at 3! -having struck with an idea! It seems Lumash the god of Chaos has given this scamp an idea. Let's hope the fellow makes something worth talk in the halls.

It was a craft'sDwarf shop they took and then some wood before getting to work.

Let's hope it's a menacing spike...


Bah, it was a ring... Worthless for us, but the ring is made of wood and anything that'll tick off the elves the better.

It's the end of the month and migrants have come from the north!

About... 20 more refugees... We need to get the fortress locked up. But this point I think we've enough people that the elves won't be happy to simply ignore us.

Welp, I've almost finished the fortifications in the front and the Kill-zone is almost done. Like-wise the front-most watch-tower is almost complete, just need's a cap and a living area in the bottom for the guards I plan to station there permanently.

Otherwise, we're on our way to fighting the elven menace.


Well, the fortifications are done and I'm starting work on the murder-hall. We'll need to start working on the spikes at the bottom as well. I'm pretty sure that most elen bastards will live, but, who knows really till someone DOES finally fall down into that pit.


Well-well, we've a mayor now! The Mechanic has gotten himself made up into the elections or otherwise got people happy to have him. So, I'll have the gents make him a room near the dining-hall or something in th' back.


Migrants came, about 9 of them this time. All 9 of them can do soemthing good, but I'm going to hae a few of them become miners and Siege Operators an have them go between training and mining.


ooh, the end of summer and we've gotten a fey dwarf! I hope he makes something good! Now back to making these iron picks... I have an idea for them for the military in mind...


Well, he finished the bones but'a.... they're sort'a plain. Oh well, at least they look pretty.


The Traders have come! hopfully they won't just up and leave again... It's really starting to get to me when they just... up an decide to leave! Why come here if you're just going to LEAVE?!?!

Still, other than that I've gotten a chain-gang of dwarves digging out the oodles of Magnetite we have under our feet. When the Elves come- and they WILL come -They'll be met with iron bolts galore~!
Now for trading...


Well, after the traders came an went we got some migrants, about 10 this time. Not much.

Ooh, a jeweler got possessed today in the Library of all places and begun speaking in tongues! ... Huh. let's see what he's driven to do.

he made a tiger-eye Hatch... I think it'll be good to have it part of the fortress as the entry to a royal's tomb or something.... Whom I kidding though... let's see what this fucker put on it.


Well, It's rather plain frankly. Nothing on it. that was a miss.

A bit has happened. I've gotten the Siege-dwarves working on their shooting with catapults. and I've begun considering designs for a ballistia gallery to shoot down the road that leads out of town instead of a singular ballistia... for sake of ease though, I've decided to leave it be for now at one.


Two months have gone by, I took up drawing a while ago... It's quiet theraputic, I think that's the word the Medical-dwarf came up... He heard it from one of the foreigners.

Therapy would probably be good for a few other people as well but, the idea isn't taking too well for some. We've been dealing with the aftermath of the were-lizard and three people were infected.

Two of them in the pit are now dead.

The fellow goes by the name of Chroma in the holds. Very quiet and doesn't seem to have any friends... still, he's down there now with a spear and enough armor to do his job, nothing more, nothing less.


Day's have continued to pass and people are still rattled but, nothing bad so far has happened, so that's good... We've begun to set up the tombs for those killed by Counting Conch and we've begun to work on getting the catacombs started.  We've also found some more dwarves that were killed by the Magical Counting Conch.

it's not a very good situation but, with the new year comes new growth.

Heres the end of the fortress as it stands with several dwarves now in tombs- or going to be -and I'll be working on getting the murder-hall put together at some point with either a seige-engine battery or just a bunch of spikes going up n' down on random plates and bridges retracting randomly as well.

Either way, this is all sort of what it is being what it is.


Here's the financial status of the fortress and total list of dwarves.


Discussions / Re: DF Bloodline Game: Walledpuzzle "Adilluslem"
« on: May 01, 2018, 07:18:13 PM »
Just a friendly reminder that this is a blood-game still and if people would like to join up they may. Otherwise I'll get to this game when things settle down a bit more.

It's be quite a while and during that time I have been working on the mod. Not as much as I should've been. The mod is NOT going to be dying, or going to be changing hands (oh hell no). I have seen that in the near future I need to work more on the mod as it stands to prepare it for SS further down the line.

To that end I'm going the route of THI.
I am going go away for a bit.
I am going to be a hermit.
I will make the mod.
I will do it quietly.

Why? Well, the mod at the moment is a large amount of stress. The mod is a small but potent part of my life. It is something that I love dearly and frankly have been enthusiastic about developing. However, seeing the mod and comparing it to others... I'm well aware it's not the best or the worse.

But I want it to be better. Some of the best work I made on my mod was when I was financially stable, working, and had a routine. At the moment, I have only one of the those three. I'm working, I'm working to be stable and to have a routine. Basically I'm looking to get a stable life.  I have other things I want to do, and things I need to do. The mod is something I want to do. Dwarf Fortress is a thing I want to do. I want to develop more as an artist- maybe make a few ship-girls.

If I keep worrying about how people are playing the mod, if the mod is doing well in the tournament, among other things I have going. The mod simply stalls.

I'll be back with the mod at some point in the next year at most, at least, in the next 6 months an update will be produced. In the near furture I'll push out a few final updates, but, otherwise...

I'm going to go away.
I'm going to grow.
I'm not gone.
I'm working.

I'll be working on Dwarf-fortress, that's still fun and I've a few ideas for another mod later down the line. So... I'll still be working. I'm still here. Just... Not going to be posting in this thread so often.

That is all.  April 20th, 2018

Discussions / Re: DF Bloodline Game: Walledpuzzle "Adilluslem"
« on: April 07, 2018, 11:22:49 AM »
After several weeks of being away from Dwarf Fortress, Azmond the Catman overseer comes back:

"What the hell was I doing again?"

Year 2 of Adiluslem and it's growing war against the Elves.



   With the end of the year, things have gone well. A murder-pit entry has been set up for when the elves finally get wind of this place an we'll need to start work on getting a round'the'clock watch-men going... Maybe have dogs assined to every dwarf. I dunno. I'll have to figure it all out. In the mean time here is a look at the last year of the fortress.


Netllab is getting the bridge done... Finally. time to get working on that an then some of the other features of the fortress. The pit has begun to be smoothed out as well and I really have to wonder what we'll be doing with the elves that get stuck in that pit... ... We're also going to need to work on getting some wooden-spikes on the bottom of it or for traps. Maybe use their own weapons against them, hehehe. Augh... At the moment I need more coal.


Ended up fighting some damn monkeys... it wasn't very pleasent. The damn things got me pretty good in the teeth a few times. We'll have to start sheering the sheep for some wool. The damned primates got my clothes an ripped them to shreds! luckily I didn't lose a tooth or nothing, so that's good. I'll make a few more bits of armomr for the dwarves and make some metal spears for a defense training force of sorts later down the line. This far into enemy territory, we're going to need it some how or another.


Migrants! a whole-
Uristing armok on a platter for the elven king... Welp, Nelttab is dead. I'm thinking it's from a tree as he was digging out from under the ground. I'm not sure thought... I'm going to stop all mining operations to clear-cut the woods near-by to try an avoid a similar incident.

... we have 23 migrants I think last time I counted. lost count when I heard the cave-in. For armok's sake.


Ho-ho! Seems that wikifishy has a idea in that pink squishy head of his. Let's hope it's any good... If we've the right workshop for him at leas- oh, mason's shop. Okay! Let's see what he gets.

An with a boluder of chert an some Magnetite ore he's off to work.
that's good.


Time for the Hegemonic Cat's to prove their training... A were-kangaroo came up to the forterss, a poor labourdwarf caught sight of him before it got too close to the fortress.... Oh dear.


I've lost track of time... we lost cums, abyz and a whole lot of other good dwarves to that damned beast. We were able to kill the wretch though, and vengeance was ours. Avantaia had been bitten, an while I wished they had lived, I'm glad they didn't suffer long. The beast bent them into a preztal before running off... I've asked wiki-fish to find a tunnle and we've started work on getting into the water down below the surface.

Hopefully no-one dies while we dig a proper hospital for them.


Welp, we've hit another cavern, this one was closer... the only way I can think to help deal with it is to get into it and seal it up so we can make a functioning hospital. This'll take a bit of consideration.
The good news is the church to the goddess Lek, the goddess of Fortresses. it is a small, humble dewelling, but it will suffice the goddess I'd like to think.


Good Kebul, Wikifish decided to try an live up to his name an ended up in the underground lake we were trying to tap for water! luckily for him, he wasn't lying when he said he could swim.
He dug his way out an hopfully we can block the tunnel up to avoid any surprises coming out from that way... Otherwise, we found the cavern, awesome!...

Not much else though, not a single ore to be seen it seems. Still, we're buried in iron here, so, heh, i'm not too worried.


An elf-hater by the name of Oddom engigmuthkat, a goblin, wishes to join us... and I'll not say no, infact, several of the others agreed to this as well.

Oh great armok why! WHY WHY WHY!  A dwarf was bitten an had tried to hide it and the uristing elf-lover has now turned into a were-kangaroo!!! OH ARMOK WHY!!!

I've banished him... We don't need him around here... I told him to pack up and go into the elven fortresses to the east, to go out killing as many of them as he could.

May Armok grant him a proper death.


Welp... The Ursiting lover didn't want to go, infact, he begun to wale on the helpless metelson dwarf that was resting in a bed!
Actually, he was killed by the Magical Counting Shell (I still have no idea why she wants to be called that...) an several others who heard the poor metelsondwarf's screams.

Well... That's one problem solved, right?

--- Some time later ---


We've 8 more migrants... well, let's hope they all can work an don't mind all the corpses... Speaking of which I need to have someone make some coffins... I'll be damned if I let the buzzards an birds around her peck corpses dry. That, actaully gives me an idea. The temple.

The temple will house our dead below it's floors, yes... YES, lek- the god of Fortresses, War, and Valor -has given us the Mighty Sanctum to house the dead, and to comfort the living of the war that we must wage!

I'll be hard at work making the weapons for lek's Luddities....


We had a troll kill one of the visiting monster-hunters, poor sod died squealing like a pigglet.


Autumn is here, meaning the supply caravan might come through, then again it might not. Who knows... as it stands, we just need to get soem stuff made for'em.


... They came, and then left just as quickly, what the hell? Oh well, the liasion told us they had gotten a massive order from the queen to go north bound for a trade or something, I dunno... I just overheard something.


Welp, we've 7 more migrants who've come to join our cause... We'll see what we can do with'em, if anything I'll have'em be labour dwarves, All of them. We need people to put the watch-towers together for the Elven mence, to avoid having them sneak up on us... I remember their tactics, and I don't want a repeat of them.


I gave th order to make some wooden spikes for the trap-pit... Going to bed.


A dowarf went fey today, took a craftdwarves shop. not sure what they're gonn'a do but, hey,so long as Moldath makes something.

Months pass, the journal is filled with random scribbles and quick doodles. A frenzy of activity seems to have taken over the cat-man...

Welp, heres the end of the fortress for year 251.
I got the top of the castle done, needs a roof so the uristin' dwarves don't go rambo off the rook. That or hatches an we'll use it as a look-out, who knows...

Starting a kill-zone roof in that little area of black near the fortifications to the front... I also have a few grates in place to try an combat cave-adaption, which has been working so far.

Making beds for all the rooms and I'll be making more rooms while I'm at it on the south-side of the fortress. Maybe noble rooms. North-bound we've a few outlying watchtowers I have in mind, that and I've beem making it inpossible to noramlly climb up the sides of the fortress. AS far as I can tell i have been at least...

An then we've the bottome kill-zone/Court-yard/Trade/Barracks thing I have going...
It isn't going very well at the moment, I've monkey corpses to clean, dwarves to bury still.. But I've the briges ready to go up in the event of a seige. :)

The hatches to the south which are those gray blocks with a "Cent" sign lead down to the murder-hall which leads to the murder-pit.Eventually there'll be more *** here, at the moment it's a hospital, some storage, and the start of the murder-pit. as well as a tomb I have to aum, empty, as I'd rather not have Fantastic Chimni rotting there forever.

The murder pit itself is a series of blocks that'll have elves go over traps an then hopefully fall off into a pit where they will then starve to death or die trying to climb out. Because *** the elves.
If they don't die being speared on wood spikes on first way down.
Beacuse agian;

Damn the elves.

This is the VERY bottom of the pit and the hall of traps that an elven army would have to go through to get to us.... I'm thinking of filling it with sharp pointy wood, or more appropriately. Iron Axe traps.

And I will NEVER run out of iron practically speaking... I've *** loads of it. I'm even using it at the moment for certian crafts- mainly coffins. As a magnetite coffin for dwarves that've died seems very fitting... Or a High-wood casket just to *** of the elves further in death.
I have 3 whole levels of it.
aaaaaaaan yet nothing else!... So, that's fun.
well... I've gems, but, yeah, not many gem cutters at the moment.

As for the dwarves well, here's a list of those that I've finally gotten a coffin for.

and here's a list of those that're still alive. if you're wanting to be dwarfed let me know. I may have missed some names, so, let me know if you want to be named and I'll do so.  if you want to die I'll put you in the military or mining, and otherwise I'll just make you a crafter or something I need... Or a useless baby, I don't know.


General Discussion / Re: Ship Tier List
« on: April 03, 2018, 10:03:17 PM »
I just like the pretty colors and niffty descriptions...

General Discussion / Re: Your Scarab Is Loading
« on: April 03, 2018, 09:32:54 PM »
I second this idea.

All of them, randomly chosen. Yes please.

Discussions / Re: DF Bloodline Game: Walledpuzzle "Adilluslem"
« on: March 15, 2018, 10:59:30 PM »
Just a heads up, the mod and this thread aren't dead... Just...On Hiatus, mainly from the fact that I have finals.


Updates will be weekly at the VERY best... Otherwise, expect them more monthly or bi-weekly.

Discussions / Re: DF Bloodline Game: Walledpuzzle "Adilluslem"
« on: February 20, 2018, 09:13:16 PM »
Thank you, I hope this time it won't be flooded...
Also, consider yourself dorfed because you commented and I want to get more fourm members into it as well. mostly been pulling from the discord. xD

Discussions / Re: DF Bloodline Game: Walledpuzzle "Adilluslem"
« on: February 17, 2018, 01:31:14 PM »
Let's try this again shall we?

The First year of: Walledpuzzle "Adilluslem"


I really need to lay off the shrooms, that dream was Ursiting trippy. I had a dream I was being flooded out in some sort'a... hall. Everything was twinkling.


I was traded off to the dwarves of Teacheredwheels. A trading town it seemed. The elves didn' last long and I was given a home an a job. One of the crazy-cat-ladies convinced them to lemme stay-on rather than be butchered or gelded. Instead, I was put on as an apprentice smith, something I excelled in strangely. So, we were sent down south into enemy territory to watch the western-peaks of The Eternal Mountain range by the Tempted Plains and Untamed Hills.


Welp, we're here finally... It's a nice peak an we've iron in the rocks! it is EVERYWHERE!  I wonder how much I'll be able to learn on my own though. For some reason I think I'll be fine but, there's still that nagging voice.
Oh well, time to start digging.


Well, we're starting to dig into the mountain-peak. the walls of Magnetite are awesome to view! The pines and fir trees we have only further enhance that sense of awe... Really, I don't want to go back under-ground... I'll ask the dwarves if they wouldn't mind the idea of an above ground fortress.

I'll get some plan's brought up for some of the others.


We lost Chmini today... We heard the crash an that was it. The guy didn't get so much as a scream out before being burried under a mound of chert. We'll work on a tomb for him, seal it up when all is said an done.


Cums picked up Chimni's pick an started to help with digging... I hope he doesn't die next. But, I've been working on smoothing out Chimni's tomb. It's a modest little pit in the ground really. But, I think it'll be fitting for him. neltab agreed before going off to the new dorms to sleep in one of the beds.
Surge has his offices now an we can start working on making some more materials to build the first buildings for the castle belay I suppose.


Welp, we're getting the trade-depot set up an the fortress is coming along well for the most part.  We'll have to make a few towers outside the fortress for the elves when they start getting whiff of our opperations here. Eventually I hope we've enough man-power to keep the ground to ourselfves. The trees are a boon in charcol for smithing an food alike.

We've here the depot across from the Hegemonic Guards' Barracks. Some of the migrants we got also are legendry weaponsmiths! I wonder what they made on their way to greatness... REally, this is going to be a boon later on when we get the forges up finally.


Welp, the traders came, nothing worth while an having no depo, the liasion came up, told us what he could an then they went off I think.


Oooh, guess not! Let's see what we can get put together for'em real-quick.


welp, the walls for the fortification are coming up. Should help keep us safe from the outside. Mabye we can make a few homes up top as well for the farmers... Still haven't found the caverns yet.


Migrants came. Not many, but, hey. More the merrier.


Welp, the castle rooms had been hallowed out. I'll be getting a room near the forges. The forges will be placed outside in on the roof-tops of the inner buildings. Likewise we've gotten the farms put together.

A lot of stuff has happened really... I guess we'll need to get the military training up on some spears at least. We can get them going on training spears so, why not?


Welp, woke up to the scream of a monkey and the howling of dogs... Time for the Cums to get to work it seems, with whatever dwarves we have... Honestly, I can't wait till we get some forges going.

It was great fun to watch the Hegemonic Cats to after the monkeys, heck, I even got a punch or two in and surge, Kebul above. Remind me not to tick'im off. He made a monkey's head burst into GORE!... Not going to be washing that off easy, ueagh.


A cave-in happened, but, hey, it's fine. No one is dead, wikifish was a little too close for comfort but, hey, it's fine from what I can see.  the forges are up by the way! and we're starting to work on getting the hegeomnic Cats some actual spears an armor going! I'll be working ont he armor and another dwarf will be working on the weapons. Maybe titmouse himself.


With the end of the year, things have gone well. A murder-pit entry has been set up for when the elves finally get wind of this place an we'll need to start work on getting a round'the'clock watch-men going... Maybe have dogs assined to every dwarf. I dunno. I'll have to figure it all out. In the mean time here is a look at the last year of the fortress.



And again I am not very confident with code at the moment.

Azmond, whether yours mod will have a "Dynasector" support?

I think that is for DR to implement. Otherwise, no. Not atm

now that I'm on the computer:

Planet Cracker is more of a marketing term. It made sense in my head. Really, it's a moon stripper. It doesn't out-right kill a planet like "PEW!" start-wares death-star style.  It sends a beam of particles that interact with the matieral at a atomic level causing disruptions. This can understandably lead to explosions and more. So, it's more of a giant rock-scrapper than anything else.

So, in comabt, to avoid the whole "WHERE IS MY *** ESCORT" or, "OH MY GOD IT ALL HURTS, THE ENGINES ARE DEAD, I'M SLOW, OH GOD." and the fact that I can't do code very well. well, yeah it's weak as crap in combat compared to the marketing for it's use as a mining-tool.

Yep it is a brochure term mostly over in lower the weapon is supposed to be used at full power outside of combat. Inside of combat it would not be feasible e usable dudes for the power restrictions are placed on the ship during operation. Basically if you wanted the full power you to have to shut everything off except the engine. So you would then have the ship being a Sitting Duck with no Shield no other weapons and no PD.

Discussions / Re: DF Bloodline Game: Walledpuzzle "Adilluslem"
« on: February 10, 2018, 11:09:31 PM »
First post will come at some point. Midterms and mod and more going to stall it.

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