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Starsector 0.9.1a is out! (05/10/19); Blog post: Personal Contacts (08/13/20)

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Holy badger-bung ... It's been a while. I've been very busy with work and a bunch of other things. So, without a further a'do! Here we go folks! :D
Here in the Cyclopean Realm, years have passed, the world has been made, and in the year of Armok, of his prophecy of Metelson. The Dwarves sent out groups to find sanctuary from the necromancers, and this is the tale of one of those groups.

The  Cyclopean Realm is a world of many things. Of those things the dwarves linger but are far from the mighty civilization they once were. The erosion of Goblins, the pains of Elves…
All those things have turned the Tame rag from a fierce force of reckoning. To a dwindled tribe of troglodyte bait. Seeking refuge and with the legends of a land untouched by goblin filth,  the dwarves made a last effort to make landfall on the island. Several groups tried and all of them failed. Soon, the dwarves came to the coast of the foreign lands. Of the dwarves that came they also brought a cat-man by the name of Azmond with them. He is the general overseer of the fortress. Helping to lead and herd the dwarves these entires are the journal of Azmond Zonaban, or Azmond Helmconstruct.

15 of Granite the year of 250:

Well, we’ve survived, my fur is soaked and I’m shivering in the wagon at the moment… Oh well. It is what it is and I’m alive.  Well, here’s a list of who’s left: Goldeye, a miner, Stonemother another miner, Patenince our woodworker, Koala our “leader”, Nighty our Mason, Steel Seeker the farmer, and Ironwills, last but not least.

I’ve ordered the guys to start digging while the leader starts looking around for some plants with a few of the others and Patience goes on to chop some wood down.

A Week has passed:
Ho-ho! We’ve silver now! And we’ve been hitting quite a bit of tetrahedrite and some Galena as well… Not much, I was hoping for more, still ,we’ve not dug too deep. We haven’t hit the caverns either.

1st of Felsite of the year 250:

So here is the fortress as it stands. We’ve gotten a small starting area put together. The dwarves of old had massive underground cities… and I think that is going to be the goal of our little outpost, out Boldroads a beacon of the Dwarves! To become a Mountain Hall, a home of the deep for the dwarves of the deep! A Sanctuary for the weary and lost!

Or a resort, dunno.

14th of Felsite of the year 250:
Speaking of the deep!
We’ve hit the magma sea!… I’ll be damned. Welp, time to set up shop and get a few things going… I think one of the first things we’re going to get going is the Forges as well as the Fortress proper. But, I want to find one of the caverns, as least ONE of them first, and given that there was what seemed to be a tube leading from the magma sea, I think we can find them near the sea… So I’ve started a few exploratory veins which haven’t gotten anything going at the moment.
Some time later:
Ooh hoo, I heard the shouts of joy coming up from the ramps… That’s a good sign, I think… auh, dunno. Either way, we found the caverns boy’os! We got a place to live now!… and I’ll be damned if we don’t try to do it.  Honestly I think if I really wanted to, I could get a deep shaft of sun-light to be down here… Eh, I’ll work on that later. For now? Time to get to work on the fortress proper then I suppose, or at least plan it out somehow.
2nd of Hematite, 250:
The Dwarves are going through the rock steadily to make the first cuts, though I want to see more of the cavern for planning out things we’ll need to get some doors going and I plan on essentially making a small up-top fortification in cause that wasn’t clear… We don’t need to have everyone being able to just watlz in, even if we’re on some dingy little island.

24th of Hematite, Year of Armok 250:
Goldeyes was coming back up from the mines when he noticed that… we’ve a wave of migrants!
Good! Good good good, more bodies for work and more mouths to feed… Not a bad thing but, if they’re expecting anything, good luck.
A few hours later...
Three, we’ve three people… ah well, slow n’ steady is best I’d say. Right, so I’ll get the clothier working on becoming a miner, we need some help with that.




5th of Limestone, of 250 year of Armok:
ZOMBIES AT THE FRONT GATES! I saw them I swea- I…Not even an hour later
They left… They just up an left! We need to get deep, deep now! Seal up the fortress and set a guard animal or 3 set up on top! We don’t need to be up here any longer than needed, we’ve gotten magma and we’ve found the cavenrs for wood! We need not be up more than needed!
With the dead we… we need to get somewhere safe! That’s why we had left the mainland! We were trying to be free of the nercomancers! To avoid their blight! But I suppose a zombie doesn’t care about the sea does it!?
23rd of Limestone, of 250 year of Armok:
Right, so almost a month after that auh, discovery, we’ve begun to dig a shaft to supply the forges quickly with ores from the top of the shaft… I’ll need to set up a traffic zone for the dwarves not to get into the path of the falling rocks as they’re dumped down. My plan- if it works, is to have a series of Minecarts on axles with some wooden “springs” dumb the rocks down safely into a pile for the smelters to pick up the stone easily.

Speaking of Stone…
We’ve struck Magnetite! This is an ore of iron and it is MASSIVE! We’ve iron for days now and from this single patch, ohhohoh. We can make some LOVELY things!

Some time passes. Mines are made, plans are laid. This is the first year of the bold roads. The first year of the dwarves new home on the island (peninsula?) of  The Land of Roughness in the Hills of  Wilt. They have been seen by an evil on the island (No, yeah it’s a peninsula… Oops). With the arrival of the dwarves on the far edge. They had hope to soon make the island (peninsula!!!) a haven from the necrotic machinations of the world! Sadly, the Dwarves and their brave cat-man now have been found. What will they do?

Join us next time, and find out!

So here’s the summary of the year guys.

We’ve gotten the Fortress basically locked down and set up for further development down below. So what IS the plan? I’m… still thinking about what the really is. At the moment, the goal is to get the dwarves set up as “Deep” Dwarves.  And Making a zombie “Playground” … I’ll make a proof of concept I think…  I dunno, gonna’ have to think about what I want to do with that, as there are a few things I could do.
Either way, welcome back ya’ blaggards and I hope you enjoy coming with me on this adventure!


Suggestions / Re: Make the Mods button in the launcher more obvious.
« on: January 25, 2020, 09:19:44 PM »
Make it like the play Starsector button, but warning light amber instead, heh.

Oh god, so that really IS the late-game stage of things... @[email protected]  I think I'll experiment a bit and put together a list of little discoveries I've found for Vanillia Gameplay cause mods well, mods throw everthing out the window a good deal of the time.

True and you can raid the base to the point where it's CR is down to 0 if you've enough marines I've found through some testing and the Command Console. so there are ways around it.

As for starting my Colony too early, that... is very likely true. I think I'll start the colony after I get the red-planet tech this time around... Or after I get 1 Million in credits at the very least.

All Valid points. I think I need to elaborate more. This isn't just about player colonies, it's more an overall impact.

If you're in mid-game trying to get the money and loot together to make a base- even with commission -I've found it is particularly difficult to get rid of the pirates for more than a few months. I understand they're there for a challenge, and that's fine. But I can't even attack some of these bases due to the sizes of the fleets they've guarding the place. By the time I get rid of the guards a replacement fleet is already around the station again.

Part of this suggestion was just pure frustration. The other part was on how this really is an issue. Thankfully there seems to be a cap on the amount of pirate-stations. It's still quite damming to get funds together, only to end up throwing said funds into stabilizing the colony, trying to kill the pirate base, and then getting rofflestomped on the way to the pirate-base by a returning swarm of pirates.

I understand that having the bases just be there means they're a constant nuisance and thus challenge for a player. But, when I have 5 odd stations sending waves into the sector pillaging and yet, none of the said bases are eventually taken out by the antagonized factions it feels strained. Eventually the bounties for fleets go away, why not the same for the pirate Stations and have the station go with it?


Not all bases would fall I presume, so, perhaps like 75% of pirate bases active die off depending on strength and proximity to the central cluster.

I have rage-quit more over pirates than any time playing the game recently. It is particularly nasty when I've several of the buggers nested in a cluster nearby each other and then have them send wave after wave into multiple star-systsms. I get my candy-covered-glutes tossed to the dogs and yet the other factions don't consider the idea of going out to send an attack fleet in retaliation? But if I saturate bomb a pirate planet, every loses their minds?!?

Basically, I'd like to have it that pirate bases at some point "implode" Perhaps they have interal conflict, perhaps the Hegemony finally kills them. Perhaps they meet a swarm of [REDACTED]. But, having them leave after a bounty or X amount of bounties have been placed onto them but not taken within 2 years or something would be appreciated to give the sector- and player assets - a brief peace before they cobble a base (or several together again.)

In the mean time... I'm making a new game and turning on Easy Mode...
OR if I'm misunderstanding something or otherwise seem to be missing a point let me know.

Mods / Re: [0.8.1a] Metelson industries: CEO letter updated 5.0.1 4/20/2018
« on: December 11, 2018, 08:41:51 PM »
I'm alive and I'm working on it slowly but surely. Things have just gotten, difficult. So, slowly but surely Metelsons will come again.

General Discussion / Re: Colony Expeditions are Unfair and Unfun
« on: November 25, 2018, 06:07:42 PM »
Checkout the document, it has all the text. Copy pasting it resulted in a mess.

Dude, is free, and it's just as good, hell, you could just upload a txt file instead or, just copy and post it with:

This nifty code-function which should be more than plenty with whatever you're having issues with.
Or maybe, you can elaborate a bit more.
Because from the question alone, I've no idea what you're really meaning.

PS: Why a zipfile?... Of all things, why a zip?

So, if the title change isn't clear, this is being picked up again. It'll be in the works for a bit as I get things together. :)

(and no I have not forgotten metelsons... that I'm waiting for the all mighty Alex to bring forth in all it's glory before I offer my humble mod back up upon the feet of his creation.)

Discussions / Re: what linux distros are people here running?
« on: November 11, 2018, 08:09:28 PM »
I have fun trying a few flabours and I ran Linux Mint for a LONG time but, for development's sake and games I've largely forgone Linux save for a few special cases (IE crap-tops, project boxes, etc etc)

Discussions / Re: So what are you playing while waiting for Starsector 9.0?
« on: September 22, 2018, 05:30:24 PM »
"How much money can you make in 8 to 6 hours?" Other than that, Runescape once in a while, my nintendo switch, as well as Skyrim, Rebel Galaxy an a few others really when I've time.

Discussions / Re: Asteroid Fight - Action-RTS: Call for testers!
« on: July 11, 2018, 01:45:05 AM »
For a second I thought this was a joke, but, really it looks quite good! However, it's been a long time since an RTS has gotten into my skin. Still, I wish ya'guys the best an may the blessing of Alex (all mighty prophet of ludd) help on the path of game creation!

Discussions / Re: DF Bloodline Game: Crash and burned
« on: July 11, 2018, 01:44:58 AM »
So as some of you may know, or many of you may guess from the title alone among the fact that I've posted a poll, the current game of dwarf Fortress is null n' void.  The plan for the fortress was to lemming everyone at the elven capital, however, that didn't go to plan.  Saddly for me the game crashed and i lost all that work I had put into a "Finale" and I'll be made into a troll's toy if I were to do ALL of that over again...

To explain fully:

The fortress was going to turn every single unneeded dwarf into a military dwarf armed with at the very least, spears, a helm of iron, a mail shirt and bone armor. Others were made into Pickdwarves. From there we were going to seige every forest home one by one till all of them had begun to burn or till we died in an onslaught of elven hoards that came in reply.

During the first attack on the capital, the game had crashed, and all the dwarves that I had trained up into near legendry status had gone, every peice of armomr, gone, every stinking damn thing i had done. Gone.

So, rather than waste time, I threw that strawpoll above this post together.

In short, most people wanted to see the elves die again, but, this time it wouldn't be the dwarves defending themselves, oh no, no no. We'd be aiming to erradicate a large portion of elves. So, that'll be the new plan, to raze, pillage, and occupy the eleven territories and render them helpless an hapless to the might of dwarven steel or copper bolts!


*!* Notice *!*

If anyone wants to play the blood-line with me let me know, otherwise I'll post everyweekend rather than every year because, honestly? DF is a bit too slow so, if I'm going to be playing it by myself, I might as well have fun while doing it right?

edit 2:

I'm giving this a bit of a break. I'll post to it at another point or so, but for now:

Our fortress has succumbed to the Siege

Discussions / Re: DF Bloodline Game: Walledpuzzle "Adilluslem"
« on: July 05, 2018, 04:18:11 PM »
Out of the four please choose from the straw poll which two or which one you would like to see in the next form game.  I want to use the newer version of Dwarf Fortress and I tried using the new version on the own Fortress 2 minor success however it crashed. This has wondered to save pretty much broken.

This has been done via text to speech on my mobile phon

Choose the fate of the next Fortress won't I have some fun off the form to understand some of the mechanics and figure out where I would best liked the settle.

Discussions / Re: DF Bloodline Game: Walledpuzzle "Adilluslem"
« on: June 10, 2018, 08:05:59 PM »
The year of the Elves

Oh who are we kidding? The Uristing tree-humpers found us...
We'd be good to have a few trolls around, strong folk they are.
Year 4 of Adiluslem


A dwarven Child was Sacrificed to the Were-beast as the god of chaos had demanded. It was rather short notice as far as the presit said... but I think the presit just wanted to shut the brat up about how he almost saw a carp for the umptenth time.

been running out of iron bars- heh, and yet we're buriued in the stuff... I'll ask the guys if they can't get to work on more bars.


Things are getting back to normal and to start off the new year a dorf has gotten an idea! I dunno what, But I can see him screaming away in a work-shop about things he needs.

He's starting to hoard bones...
Some Magnetite and walnut wood, ooh and some chert too...

-Some days pass without note-

I got myself with a hammer today, the thumb is a bit purple but, otherwise doing' allright.. Oh, an the screamer finally stopped. he got everything he needed and stopped speaking tongues. Now he's huffing like a mad-man on cave-gas.

ah-hah! he's done... it's, a very boring bone sowrd, still, it's sharp enough to cut meat, it works.

We're starting work on some of the outer defenses a bit more, as well as a possible tower to catch the ambushing elves before they get too close to the fortress. part of hte plan is to breed many dogs and have a single dog out in the feilds trained as a hunting dog. They'll sniff the blood of elves and die in the process of finding them I'm sure but, it'll be a warning and worth-while at that.

Also some migrants have come to help!


Some 20 of them came around... we also put away many of the ghouls that had come up from the fortress. Likewise we need to get a few tombs going for the more noble of the dwarves in our populace. Like our mayor for instance... and me of course.


We've gotten the bottom of the guard-tower set up, now time to set upa smaller... I'd say... outpost? It's not really an outpost, but, a room, dinning room and a few niceties are set up for a small squad to live under the tower.

Likewise, I've begun to work on the jail and the Training Barracks fot the new squad: The Dickerson Punchers
they'll take in some civilians for a year and then send'em off, but, I think for now I need to get'em set-up to help hold down the elves when they finally come.


We got a good show today from the Luiddic Launchers. A few of the giant sparrows were getting into our feilds at the front of the fortress. It's was great fun watching the feathered bastards fall from the sky.

In hind-sight... maybe making a bunch of bloody pools wasn't a good idea... oh dear gods a beast screamed and we've caught sight of a black were-lizard ragging towards the fortress! They're thick and killed a marksdwarf, but the dead marksdwarf set the bastard up to fail...


Meme's been bitten... as well as several others... The burrow should've been called... People should've come in... but... nothing was heard.... I've talked the guys into making a southern-tower for scouting, if nothing else and put a dog in it as a distraction or something.

So, we've gotten most of the injured dwarves in the pit... I don't know of Chorma will survive having his riegn challanged or not, but, it shouldn't matter in the least. I hope that when all is said and done... Well, the dwarves in the pit go quickly and painlessly, or survive to kill the goblins and elves that will eventually come.

Some good news though, the human caravan's arrived! So we can get some more stuff to make metal flaskes an all sort's a things, that's for sure.  In the mean time, time to start work on submitting some stuff to the depot.
Also a baby has been born, huzah!

I really hope this day ends... I've been hearing the squeals of nothing but more and more damned were-lizards and I'm lucky I'm not dead... a few of the dwarves couldn't, or didn't make it to the pit as ordered... saddly, we've had to kill them because of it and several more were infected.

A few monster-slayers have been killed as well as other dwarves... Thankfully no-one has had the misfortune to die so far... but, it seems one human by the name of Ramul decided to go take care of our "Monsters"... It'll be fun to watch at least.


I think... This might be a bit much but I think making a few roads around here might be a good idea, perhaps. It'll ensure we never had a path blocked by trees- damn things -and we won't have other isuues either.


Orikson begun giggling like a lamb in the meeting hall today, in fact, he went up giggling all the way to the mason's shop and has since taken it over to work on something! what, I have no idea... but it invovles a lot of bones....

2 days later the fellow got to work... I hope it's good, whatever it is.


Things have gone well so far, but, sadly, a cave in occurred, I haven't gotten all the details in yet, but... in the short of it, basically we lost a of of lives down in the caverns.

Another birthday come n' gone... I got a very nice Minced Horse meat-loaf and some great cheese an even a figurine from Surge of sharks! I'm still sad to have seen the whol host of people just, disappear like that from a cave-in. But, here's the fortress so far:

In hindsight... I think I should've been a bit more continuous about the fact that cave-ins are likely... even on the surface... aum... cause this, is dangerous.

Migrants came from the south this time... that's... not entirely bad news, but, not the worst either.

Well, a dorf went fey (and in short order begun work on something) and we've been working on getting a statue graden going for the dwarves to enjoy... I've also begun to work on tryiung to get the aum, the death-trap, dealt with... though, it's likely going to kill a few bastards along the way sadly.

Augh, such is the life in Adiluslem...


A small squad from the Leap of Treasures, the tree-huggers, came today.... They weren't long for this world and none of them made it to the edge of our territory... Saddly, that means that they know where we are now... There's no going back.

It actually wasn't that bad... but, in the future, it'll not be so good for us to be outside... They came a little after the fall festivities so, likely it'll be the same time they come again... Perhaps a raiding-squad wouldn't be a bad idea... hmm

At the moment Wilfrey has done very well and I'm thinking of making him part of a new Squad if he continues to prove himself.

I suggested Wunder an crew head up north to GloveWinter, a lost fortress that might still hold something. They liked the idea and went off.

Protonus complained about the sun which makes me realize that a few gardens out in the sun for people to meet and play around would do the fortress good.

They came back, nothing to it... Damn. Oh well... There was another thing there though... hummm.

Wilfrey is now the murder-baron, he was bitten by the damned Werecivet... Hopefully he lives long an well and gets to kill man an elf. The fortress is on it's way to being war-ready for the elves with the necessary funnel to boot.

Well, the roads aren't entirely ready as I had planned, we still have to finish the roads leading out, but the roads by gate-house and tower are done... here's the end of the fortress an may we live into the next year~!

There was suppose to be a picture here, but, imgur was having issues.

EDIT: Moved it to another site.


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