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Bug Reports & Support / Re: Need help with full screen fps issues!
« on: December 17, 2014, 04:32:32 PM »
I disabled vsync through starsector's settings.json. I'll look into the nvidia control panel to see if I can disable vsync from there too.
I'm also going to try reinstalling the graphics drivers clean.

Also yes, the fullscreen problem persists with both shaderlib and no shaderlib vanilla.

I'm not sure what an aero or non aero background is... but I use almost the same settings for my computers on that if that helps. Just backgrounds in my picture folder changing randomly.

I'm no expert but I guess the problem happens when the game uses all the pixels on the screen at max resolution 1920x1080. Is that called a 1:1 pixel ratio? The only difference I can sense between fullscreen and undecorated-windowed-fullscreen is that when I alt-tab, I go completely to the desktop in the former case while I can only see the startmenu and can't see the desktop in the latter case. Everything else seems the same.
I have no idea on this either... Never saw a game that was slower in fullscreen (which obviously looks like a glitch of some sort)... and I played starsector for at least an year.

Bug Reports & Support / Re: Need help with full screen fps issues!
« on: December 17, 2014, 03:32:43 PM »
Hmm. Can you try turning MSI Afterburner off and running the game without it? IIRC others have reported having some performance issues with it as well, though they weren't the exact same issues, and not everyone using it had them, but it might still be worth a shot.

Oh, my bad. I only installed MSI Afterburner to check which gpu was being used, so I never used its other functions. I just needed a program that could monitor graphics card usage. ...Likewise the problem persists with or without Afterburner.

Bug Reports & Support / Re: Need help with full screen fps issues!
« on: December 17, 2014, 04:07:00 AM »
You can edit starsector-core\data\config\settings.json and set:


Then simply disable fullscreen in the launcher and select your monitor resolution. That runs the game in windowed fullscreen.

Thanks for the response.
Hmm... so very interesting.

I tried your suggestion but it gets sluggish (~14fps) the same way when on max resolution=the game covers the whole screen. When I decrease the resolution so the game and the desktop can be seen, it works fine again (30fps. Guess 60fps was my mistake in memory). Note the game also works fine when on max resolution but with borders so that I can move the window and see the desktop.
Interestingly, when I run on borderless and max resolution, I can't click outside the screen and it's virtually the same as full screen, if that means anything.

Bug Reports & Support / Need help with full screen fps issues!
« on: December 17, 2014, 01:36:22 AM »

I've been playing starsector for some time now on multiple computers and today I tried it on my new laptop and came across a problem I cannot fix.

So the problem is that whenever I run starsector fullscreen, the fps stays at ~14, making the game unplayable. Originally I thought it was because of the bunch of mods I enabled and then I thought it was because of shaderlib but the problem disappears when I run the game as windowed (uncheck fullscreen from launcher). This happens with both vanilla and a bunch of mods enabled. I thought it was because of vsync but disabling it has no effect. Lowering the resolution also has no effect. Using starsector's default java or 64bit java has no effect. Only disabling fullscreen raises performance to ~60fps, which is a huge difference.

My laptop specs are
Windows 8.1
i7-4510U 2ghz, 2.6ghz turbo (has integrated graphics)
8gb ram
gtx850m 4gb memory (latest drivers)

and according the starsector system requirements and shaderlib recommendations, I think the laptop is well over recommended specs even though the parts are laptop parts. I also confirmed that the game is using the gtx card instead of the inferior integrated graphics through MSI afterburner. It shows that the gtx gpu works like crazy when starsector is running fullscreen. Really weird that I only get this problem with fullscreen...

I searched the forums with fullscreen and fps but haven't found anything useful.
Any help is greatly appreciated.


I totally had problem finding the station too. I even enabled Scy only to see where that station is. Very clever thing you did there... Mind blown.

Something funny happens when you play it alongside with Gotcha!'s Bushi though.

java.lang.RuntimeException: Weapon spec [sktcannon] not found!
   at com.fs.starfarer.loading.if.String(Unknown Source)
   at com.fs.starfarer.loading.SpecStore.o00000(Unknown Source)
   at Source)
   at<init>(Unknown Source)
   at com.fs.starfarer.campaign.fleet.CargoData.addItems(Unknown Source)
   at com.fs.starfarer.campaign.fleet.CargoData.addWeapons(Unknown Source)
   at com.fs.starfarer.campaign.BaseLocation.advance(Unknown Source)
   at com.fs.starfarer.campaign.CampaignEngine.advance(Unknown Source)
   at com.fs.starfarer.campaign.A.o00000(Unknown Source)
   at com.fs.starfarer.B.Ø??000(Unknown Source)
   at com.fs.oOOO.A.?00000(Unknown Source)
   at com.fs.starfarer.StarfarerLauncher$ Source)
   at Source)

I think there may be an error with the sktcannon. No expert in coding here so not 100% sure, but the weapon id is pn_sktcannon but the one listed in the convoy spawn is sktcannon.

OK! lacking patience, I did reset the campaign, did used the console to give me back some of my stuff, and finally engaged the armada. Result = a crash just before finishing the Royal ship [Vatican.Mk.IV]. I recreated it, and it is generated by the use of the ship system. The actual report looks like this:

Fatal: tried to access class data.shipsystems.script.FakeEntity from class data.shipsystems.scripts.ValkyriaSystem

I'm running on a mac, just saying.

Hey. I had this problem too but was putting it off because I was busy and passive but I finally did some experimenting. I couldn't understand anything about the ship system coding though so I started with running Valkyrie alone to check if its due to a mod crash.

Well it turns out running Valkyrie alone does not cause the crash. I do get the crash when I run it with Citadel 0.7 though. Perhaps they both use a "FakeEntity"? If you are also running it with Citadel, I guess you would either need to disable one of them or change the Vatican IV's ship system to something else.

Mods / Re: Scy V0.6 [06/09] Guns. More guns... MORE GUNS!
« on: September 25, 2014, 08:31:40 PM »
Wow... very cool and unique weapons and ships.

Mods / Re: Neutrino Corp. (v. 1.725)
« on: October 05, 2013, 04:21:03 PM »
First link is a slightly different method of handling flux, Give it a spin and see what it's like, I can probably say it's not balanced but I can work down easier than working up.

I didn't play that long but I want to write down my opinions so far.

So from what I understand (correct me if I'm wrong), you greatly increased the flux capacity and greatly decreased the flux dissipation rate for most ships, which reversed the Neutrino's uniqueness in handling flux into the opposite method. The shield efficiency was also lowered to 1.0. This maintains the Neutrino's endurance in face-to-face combat, but once they hit their limit in flux, they are sitting ducks, especially because they are slow and it takes so long to vent the enormous amount of flux.

I think this definitely makes the Neutrino weaker, especially in prolonged combat because eventually flux vent would outweigh flux cap. Because of this, they become much more susceptible to hit and run strategies. It should also put a strain on Neutrino ships on always going for crazy dps weapons instead of flux-efficient weapons.

But I'm personally against this idea because it seems to make gameplay bland. Because Neutrino are often slow and have low maneuvarability, it's hard for them to strategically use this way of handling flux. Most of the time, I found myself trying to close in and throw all I've got before I hit high flux or the enemy escaped. If the enemy was enduring, I'd just fire everything-vent-fire everything-vent until the fight was over. Currently, I think this is the best strategy to fight regardless of the situation, since fleeing and venting in between is not feasible due to slow speeds.
On the side of the opponent, I didn't feel a need to go around the shields as I did before, because it was easier for me to kill off Neutrino ships after they hit max flux and were vulnerable rather than to try to kill them faster when they could still hurl weapons at me (similar to fighting an onslaught or conquest).

On the other hand, before I had to be careful with handling flux because of the low flux capacity (although this became trivial with larger ships that had useful flux caps). If I fired high flux weapons too much while fighting, I could instantly hit max flux and become overloaded. This is why I thought Neutrino frigates weren't that strong because despite their high shield efficiency, they overloaded very quickly with ship-system and weapon usage while they also lacked the speed advantage of other frigates. Coupled with the small shields, I had to be cautious of when to dive in and pick a fight and when to silence weapons and vent flux.

I personally think the original method in handling flux (high vent, low cap) was better because it requires strategy to use effectively. I also think it's unique since I don't know any other faction that uses high vent, low cap like Neutrino does. But I guess it would be harder to balance since most of the time, high vent=high fire power and defense...
Anyway, What do you think about lowering the flux capacity for larger ships even more, like halving? That would put an op strain on weapons and burst flux usage considerations, and also increase the chance of overload, which are most of the weaknesses of Neutrino frigates.

Mods / Re: Neutrino Corp. (v. 1.7)
« on: September 30, 2013, 04:00:06 PM »
You wanted to make it hot, I just wrote down an opinion and I believe that Flash have no issue with me whatsoever, as I don't have any with him. I love his mod, and he knows it. You are generating forum drama without any reason. I don't even know what posts are you referring to, reading back this thread. Just stop it here. :) Peace!
That is very strange because just a few pages before (specifically, 9/23), you had an obvious conflict with Silver Silence, with other people joining in. I don't know if you consider that daily and normal but that amounts to small clashes for people around me.

Uomoz, the only time you like a faction is when it's ships are balanced almost to the point of incompetence against any half decent foe.
I find that a rather strongly formulated opinion. And not one that belongs in this thread.
At least what you just said is more serious than this one.

BTW, I may have made this 'forum drama' right after that incident (and few took interest fortunately or unfortunately) but the first comment I made in reply to you just yesterday should have been to the point, without mentioning anyone else in particular but a one line opinion on the way you write 1 sentence comments. Everything after that emerged by going back and forth with people in between, so don't put ALL the blame on me.

Finally, if you want to STOP, try not to make accusations, because with those going back and forth, it'll just go on forever. I understand now that you really didn't take in my or Borgoid's suggestion and don't look nicely upon me. However, I NEVER accused you of anything like malicious intent, inconsideration of other people, dumbness and so on, which you are accusing me of by saying "You wanted to make it hot" and "You are generating forum drama without reason".

As things are now, it looks like this will turn into a fight for the 'last word', without neither side yielding, so you can have the last word after this. Just understand that I can take in criticism but I HAD to confront accusations.

Mods / Re: !! OUTDATED !! The Thule Legacy
« on: September 30, 2013, 03:19:14 PM »
I'm so excited with what the end results would be with all this discussion.

But I also agree that simple armor/hull repair can be boring. Not only in the idea, but also the implementation since it wouldn't show anything exciting in terms of movement or activity. Not to mention a lot more thought has to be put in to balance it. But coupling with shields or other systems sounds interesting. Maybe you could make it as a byproduct instead of the main effect itself?

I can't seem to think of any ideas of my own. Maybe an activated tractor field that pulls other ships towards you and builds hard flux (someone may have said this)? Personally, I'd like to see those space harpoons used in Sword of the Stars 2 that force 1:1 combat, but dunno if that's feasible.

Mods / Re: Neutrino Corp. (v. 1.7)
« on: September 30, 2013, 02:57:03 PM »
I never gave any negative feedback, I was just stating an opinion. I didn't try to change any other mind over this matter, so your example is pretty faulted there. I do believe that people can have different opinions and trying to change the other's is not always a good way to deal with it. It was not negative to begin with, not even criticism! I was in a hurry and wrote something quick, you guys read way too much into it.
I think you misunderstood me on the use of that term... I didn't imply anything negative per se by using the term 'negative feedback'. It should be a neutral term.
But I'd say the opinion was in fact criticism to the idea 'Credit costs are significant in balance', at least that's what it looks like in context. But here also, I'm not implying any emotional or moral charge. It should be perfectly fine and also very helpful for a community to criticize each other and offer solutions, as long as that is helpful and done in good intent (Much like the scientific community). After all, that's why there's a forum. Sure changing opinions may be hard but I think I rarely saw people in this forum unable to take in other people's laid out opinions.

But Yeah, thanks for taking in what I had to say.

I don't think this is the place to discuss "how people interpret Uomoz's opinion".
I will say this though: his comment on credit cost was aimed at FlashFrozen, and I'm sure that he knows what Uomoz was refering to.
I agree. But Silver Silence and FlashFrozen's replies didn't look so fond to me, although this could be obtrusive on my part. But there are at least some people who agree with me, and there's not really a different forum to discuss such matters, so I decided to take it out here where it was hot. I apologize for going off topic though, especially sorry to FlashFrozen.

Valefore regarding the cruisers and capitals:
Firstly the Lathe is a monster, iirc it used to be classed as a capital ship and it still feels like one. It's a lot like flying around a Tenzen with a better shield, typical weakness vs multiple small targets but it's so well armored and so maneuverable with the phase skimmer that it's rarely a problem.

The Maul is pretty unique and I'd say completely overpowered, neutrino ships already deal with large ships easily and the Maul does that with the added advantage of absolutely crushing smaller ships, I'm not even sure how to kill it if I'm honest. Pretty much any high dps weapon on this thing is devastating

The Nirvash is really freaking hard to use, effective but.. not in my hands and I'm not willing to take the time to learn to use it well.

TheEnd is pretty much the final say in combat carriers,at least for the non-capitals. The AI doesn't handle it very well but in a human players hands it's a monster.

Not a lot to say about the capitals, they're all exceptionally strong and quite a few of them excel vs multiple targets while retaining their dueling effectiveness. I'm not a huge fan of the asymmetrical Jackhammer though, it's a bit ungainly to use.

Oh I almost forgot about the Colossus - Even if you don't recall/call the drone to refresh its flux reserves, this thing can duel it out with an Onslaught and crush it. Also you can throw on both Unstable injectors and Augmented engines ( at least until 0.61) and cruise around at a balmy 137 speed, (22 base + 50 0-flux + 40 from hull mods + 25 from combat skill) it's pretty hilarious.
Okay... I think my problem was that I was thinking in mainly old version terms. I thought of the Nirvash for cruiser and Jackhammer for capital, and a lot of others were modded or added later. It definitely seems that Neutrino is somewhat overpowered and I can now see that it is more than I thought.

Well I'll just wait for the next version and see what happens because this is my favorite mod. Hope it lives long.

My God, you really update your mod fast. And with all the quick balance changes. And the blinking lights! This mod is fantastic.
The new systems sound really great in that they add uniqueness to certain ships. I generally liked the Kadur faction but the majority of the ships having the same system felt a little bland before, but probably much less now!

Mods / Re: Neutrino Corp. (v. 1.7)
« on: September 30, 2013, 08:11:33 AM »
and you can buy 2 crappy Neutrino frigates.
But money as balance factor? Nope, far too easy to grind, even for getting the hundreds of thousands needed for the big ships.
Well, that's why I also brought up the balancing point... But cost should have at least SOME importance as it wouldn't make sense to make all ships 1k and call it a day, which I've never seen any modder do.

The Causality disagree with your statement. In the hand of the player, i found it to be the most powerful frigate of the game, save for the Hyperion.
Actually, I always thought that the Causality without the double phase missiles was pretty lame, especially because it was a phase frigate with no strike or high offensive capabilities. Maybe the infinite phase is the problem... But in terms of usability or firepower, I'd just go with the Tempest. And the AI sucks at using it too.

If a nerf could be used for the Neutrinos. It would be i think, increasing the CR cost and implementing CR degradation during battles. Unlike you, i found Neutrinos to be very good at attrition warfare as a lot of their ships got long range weaponry and carrier capability (TheEND would be probably the most effective ship in the whole game for prolonged battles). Well, of course fights can be shorts when you bring the brawlers like the Unsung, Jackhammer MKII or even the Lathe.
Well, I forgot about CR costs but I thought FlashFrozen was going to do something about that. As for the TheEND, that's probably also because the infinite phase... which I think should be fixed... On the other hand, in terms of long range weaponry, I'd say other factions have much better ones. In my opinion, the shields and high armor are what make Neutrino good at attrition, but you have a point.

Helmut when it comes to Hacksaws and Vices, throwing Heavy Blasters or Pulse Lasers on a Hacksaw leads to very different results, same goes for a Neutrino Lance on a Vice. Best of all the AI handles them fairly well so from an ownership standpoint I'd say they're pretty back-boney.
Oooh... i forgot about those. Yeah, I think the destroyers can be pretty strong too because of high flux vent rates and decent weapon mounts.
Hmm.. What do you think about the cruisers or the new capitals? I haven't had time to try them all out.

1) Wait a second, it is constructive feedback, I just express it in a very concise way. For example, the Hyperion: it cost an absurd amount of credits but its negative balance factor is the CR cost, not the price itself.
2) It may look like negative feedback but it's not. I love the factions I give feedback to and I simply want the best for em. I made the campaign integration for this very mod when it was just released, as I saw a lot of potential in it.
Well.. Constructive feedback should mean suggesting ways of improving, regardless of intent. On the other hand, negative feedback should mean identifying problems so other people can realize them, regardless of intent. And I think positive is praising, but anyway, these are the terms I meant. Btw, I completely believe that you have good intent.
That said, feedback is most effective when constructive and negative feedback are given together; identify a problem and suggest ways to fix it. However, simply pointing out problems can be frustrating to a lot of people. At least it frustrates students really easily, and most people aren't very far from students so...

3) Probably the more "veteran" forumers around here know my way to write things, and get my message despite my poor way to manifest it.
Being concise implies being comprehensive. People only get annoyed with you because you emphatically declare things without justifying or contextualizing them. Even if you're correct people are going to perceive it as arrogance rather than intelligence, and anyone who can't work it out is going to feel left out and subsequently annoyed.
Yeah.. the reason I continuously bring this up is because some people in fact do look offended by your comments, Uomoz. I actually believe that you are a nice person, judging from your work here and your previous comment.
However, you have to understand that stating a single line of opinion, which is often criticism, is not helpful to most people. You need to elaborate, because anything not explained is an ambiguity, which can be interpreted in a variety of ways. In fact, it's very easy to be misunderstood and I can occasionally see slight antagonisms arise with you and even people who look somewhat 'veteran'. Even if that's not the case, most people in this forum would probably not be 'veteran' so it would help if you take that into account. Because I think you can and are misunderstood a lot...

Fair point. Not that many of the things I write need a lot of justification, like: "Credit cost isn't really ever a drawback", but whatever xD.
For example, your statement "Credit cost isn't really ever a drawback" really doesn't convey any meaningful information. A reader can know that's your opinion, but why? It is very possible the reader believes otherwise and have his own reasons to believe so. In fact that's most likely the case, or else you wouldn't be making that comment in the first place. However, there is absolutely no reason for the reader to change that thought by looking at the simple statement you made, because the logic or reasoning behind it is not apparent at all. You might as well say that 'If you don't believe in my god, you will go to hell' and it will hold the same accountability and usefulness as the comment you made. What readers may assume is that you are authoritative because you 'declare' your ideas, and that you think the idea is so obvious that it's not worth explaining (because you didn't), which leaves the reader to be a fool which further annoys him.
The last misunderstanding won't happen 100% of the time (although it would happen easily), but this kind of comment is still not helpful. What you could say is that 'I think this, and here is why'. Then the other person might say 'I think this, and here is why. I understand why you think that way, but I disagree with X', and you and the reader actually have a scaffold that they can build a discussion on.

Don't take this as offense because that's not intended. These are constructive+negative feedback, which is your choice whether or not to accept them. But if you don't, you should be prepared to have some people being offended by you once in a while, and they might want to offend you too...

Mods / Re: Neutrino Corp. (v. 1.7)
« on: September 29, 2013, 11:56:18 PM »
Credit cost isn't really ever a drawback

Uomoz, you need to be more specific in these comments before somebody asks... And some constructive feedback in addition to negative ones would help.

Well, I said this before too but credit costs are in fact significant. Sure you can get 50k in 3~4 fights in mid-game, but you can buy like 5 low-tech frigates, 3 Tri-Tachyon frigates or 2 destroyers (about?), and you can buy 2 crappy Neutrino frigates. And you should know how useless Neutrino ships can be against 1 on multiple enemy fights, which will be the majority of the fights you have. Additionally neutrino ships really suck in cargo size... so an additional freighter is a must. Finally, Neutrino ships start to get useful beginning from the destroyer classes because they begin to have decent mounts and high flux capacity, but those cost a boatload of money (60k for destroyers and over 11k for cruisers). Not to mention that capital ships cost over 30k, which is a fortune for the first hour or so of game play.

In short, Credits are in fact an important factor, and it is much more cost-efficient to buy and use other mid-tech or high-tech ships then to use Neutrino ships. It's also hard to control Neutrino ships because of the tiny shields (although strong), so I personally rarely used neutrino ships in 0.6 despite the fact that I'm a Neutrino fan boy.

Well, maybe you can get really strong by replacing your ships with Neutrino ones, one by one, as you become more and more rich. But even then, I don't think Neutrino ships are super competitive, especially up to the cruiser levels because of the weird weapon mounts and slow speed. I think they are strong in Capital ship battles, just because that limits the number of ships and Neutrino are better in few:few combat, but then again they have a lot of capital ships. This advantage was previously offset with high Fleet Deployment Points, but with the current version, that becomes useless. So there may be a balancing problem in 0.6. However, implementing high maintenance costs just makes them unusable (non-profitable) mid-game, when players are struggling with using their money.

Here is my opinion on Neutrino Balance:

I'm actually not completely sure of how balanced Neutrino is because it's such a unique faction. It's offensive capabilities are less than average but it's defensive capabilities are off the chart in certain situations. For the CR degradation, I don't think it would hurt Neutrino that much because even with other frigates, combat was usually over before that became a problem. Maybe adding one with a longer limit to Neutrino ships will help even the situation with other faction frigates.

Also, how about decreasing the shield effectiveness slightly? I think all of this commotion is because Neutrinos are near impossible to beat head-on, due to their insane shield efficiency and flux vent rate. Although this may be a unique strength that brings about different strategies, I think it is unfair to completely block one strategy, especially when Neutrino can vent their flux super fast. Come to think of it, these two strengths produce an unfair synergy... I think the idea should be 'Neutrinos are hard to beat head on, but are easy to beat by flanking' instead of 'Neutrinos are near impossible to beat head on, but are easy to beat by flanking'. Maybe lower the shield effectiveness to about 0.4? 0.4 is still twice as effective as other high-tech ships and 30 degrees is about half of most omni shield ships so... And maybe slightly buff the flux capacities of smaller ships because they die easily even now compared to other faction frigates.

And you can cut costs on most ships because you made a significant nerf, maybe to x2 of average than the current ~x3. I still think they should cost more because they force a different strategy.

How do you all think? Would this be a satisfying compromise?

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