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Added to the To Do list.

Could I get a crash report, or more information?
Those procgen conditions are empty, and AFAIK the new, missing, columns would be empty as default, so even if the file has the old format it should not matter, in this case... which means that something else might be causing an issue.
Secondly, I can start the game and a new campaign just fine with the current release version, including the ED mod... which I guess is the other mod you're using due to your other post.
Also, if you just want to test mod ships you might want to activate dev mode in the config files, which will let you enter the variant editor and see all ships, both from vanilla and all installed mods, including normally unavailable to the player content.

Crash report is just telling me that (at least) the astral_material map from graphics lib is missing or wasn't loaded by the game for some reason. The line that points to my code is the line that loads the material, surface and normal graphical maps file location data. The CSV is loading fine, considering it is not crashing at the first file listed within it.
Tried loading the game with the current release, and the newest graphics lib and had no issues; check if the astral_material.png resides within its folder in the graphics lib mod, if not, redownload graphics lib. Otherwise... no idea, since I can't replicate it.

@lechibang & pairedeciseaux:
I'm not sure yet about this, but I'm leaning to add some extra graphical feedback to IPC hullmods, which would mean doing some extra sprite work for all ships that have IPC (would work in a similar way to how Modular holds works). Considering the extra work it would mean regarding the "IPC skins" will likely remove them.
Specifically, graviton lensing would grant glowing conduits/tubes around energy/synergy mounts, shielded plating would jitter the ship's sprite when it takes damage, and sand caster add some yellow particle emitters.
Regarding stations, they will be buildable, the proper stations I mean (not the ones for Atrio) and they will have stages. The small scheme does not include every module, and was only meant to show the location of the main modules in the final stage.

@MauraudahBombah:, although the mod is packed into a jar file so directly editing won't help much.

All drones, both fighter-like drones and weapon spawned drones, can vent. Only the shield emitter deployed from the new phase frigate can't do so. What happens to all the spawned content is that they lose CR quickly and then when it is very low they either overload and get destroyed, or if able, try to kamikaze first.

Hmm, that's weird, if it is affecting all TSC markets... only the markets in Magec, and Penelope's Star were meant to not have black markets, considering they are basically static fleets. If that is killing the markets, it would be an oversight. I will be removing those markets in the future so it shouldn't be too much of an issue.
However, if it is affecting the markets in Atrio, Arcon, Reydes and Akvan, let me know, I would love to check the savegame, since it shouldn't be happening.

It's been a while...

First things first, this is not an update post, nor is it a notification that the mod is dead. The mod is alive and well, and so am I.
To be honest I've barely had any time to work on the mod since late January, actually I should say I barely had any free time at all, until very recently, sort of...

Long story short...
At the start of this year, I entered a PhD program, which is also the reason why the update to 0.9 was late despite being mostly done for months, since Starsector's update coincided with the final evaluations for admission, and then our national scholarship applications (which I got).
However the actual reason for my lack of free time was not my complete dedication to the PhD program, if that was the case, I would be making a very different post...
Turns out, 2 days after I had to move to the capital for my studies, my father had to be hospitalized, which meant that most of my free time was dedicated to going back home.
Sadly, my father passed away a month ago, and just recently things have returned to something more "normal", although I still have a lot of lab work accumulated, but that can't be rushed too much, anyway, so I guess it is not much of an issue.

So, with some free time available, I'm back to modding, and thus the main reason of this post; to discuss planned changes and maybe get some feedback. Consider the following as some sort of ToDo/WantToDo list that's more honest than what I have on the first post of the thread.

I'll be removing most, if not all Tri-Tach skins, they don't offer any significant gameplay changes and the main reason for their existence, faction branding, has been made moot in the latest updates, considering that blue high tech ships are no longer exclusive to them, nor do they exclusively use these high-tech ships. For this, and vram motives, Tri-Tach might get some standard TSC hulls, in TSC colors, instead of their own blue skins.
Similarly, some of the TSC skins for vanilla ships are getting the axe, specifically the Kite, Shepherd, Wayfarer and Venture. As you might guess, this means the TSC is getting more vanilla ships added to its roster, mainly mid-tech and high-tech, although they will be somewhat rare.

This also means that there will be some changes to some ship roles. With the TSC Shepherd gone, the Ayllo will assume its role, partially. The Ayllo will get a launchbay with a built in wing of drones, and its Kabura-ya drone launchers will be replaced with Corvo drone launchers, it will also lose its built-in exploration hullmods.

The Tessen will get the Kabura-ya drone launchers, in place of its built-in laser. Later in development (read this as, not a priority) the functionality of the Kabura-ya drones will be altered somewhat, mostly because I want them to attach to the target ship or at least keep themselves always on top of the enemy ship.

TSC Medusa and TSC Sunder are becoming rarer ships, almost unique, but with several opportunities to acquire them as derelicts, events, and perhaps even buildable blueprints as a special quest reward.

TSC Onslaught, was originally conceived as mission/storyline content, and as an IBB ship. This is still the plan, it was made available for "market conversion" as a showcase, because I had been asked about it, and because it had been sitting for too long on its folder. I think its original description is still on the description file, if you want to read it.
Regarding the IBB, it would be commanded by an holographic version of the portrait I'm using as my avatar, specifically this man is meant to be an old hero figure for the TSC, and the subject of most missions (to be made). This personality clone would go mad for no apparent reason and start a crusade against "the giant", this was meant as a Don Quijote reference.

The TSC Wolf is staying, it's getting some stat changes though. Just as the Buffalo, the Wolf blueprint seems widely available to the sector, considering that the Koncerz was also made to work well in conjunction with Wolf packs, the Wolf is staying in the TSC arsenal.
The TSC Buffalo stays for the same reason, honestly, every faction should have its own branded buffalo. Same applies to the Sunder, but for every mod, since it seems like it is the game's poster child considering the amount of Sunder variants available...

Finally, new content... many ships are getting a major resprite, so far (as in already done), this list includes: Koncerz, Koncerz (XIV), Koncerz (P), Wolf (TSC), Sunder (TSC), Woomera, Amentum, Kestros and Pavise, all ships do keep their current profiles, at most, weapon position was slightly adjusted.
Ships getting a minor resprite (mainly to accommodate a required change): Ayllo (launch bay), Tessen (built-in drone launcher), Halberd (built-in weapon mount).

I had 2 new new ships planned. The Scepter cruiser, which was meant as a support cruiser with a normal bubble shield, I didn't like the results, so the concept of the ship was scrapped quickly. The other ship, the Kinzhal phase frigate, is mostly done, it is a phase capable support "super frigate", its unique shipsystem lets it teleport bubble shield emitters to the cursor's position, this works similarly to the Doom's mine teleporter, its only current issue is that I have not coded a proper AI for the shipsystem.

Currently, it is using the mine teleporter AI, which works fine... to a degree. The AI uses the shield bubble emitters offensively, which means it usually spawns them very close to the enemy ships, drawing their fire, and also consuming missile volleys, which works better than I expected, however it also tends to teleport them behind the enemy, uselessly.
The shield bubble emitter, internally the "Targe", is a small "station", it starts deploying an expanding bubble shield as soon as it finishes teleporting, this process takes a couple of seconds. Like all TSC spawnable "ships", it has timed life. It is also unable to vent/dissipate flux, and self destructs when overloaded. Meant as disposable cover, it is not very resilient, currently it is set to overload after a single harpoon, which seems a bit underpowered considered how often you can spawn them, and also makes them extremely weak to ballistic weapons, so it needs further balancing.

New/updated sprites preview, showing the "Greek Olives" ship flavour colour, which will become the standard, the old "Cool Mint" will be available as an optional download, just like the other recolours. I admit the tone might need to be shifted a bit on some of the sprites.

Besides the shipsystem mentioned before (remote shielding), I plan to change the Threshal (S) system to something more unique, meanwhile the Doom's mine teleporter fits thematically, considering that is one of the uses of the ship lorewise, I think it is a bit too powerful offensively.
Not sure what will replace it at the moment, but it will be something that's deployable, and most likely cover a support role; toyed with the idea of a "Fleet Server" platform, however that is only useful if the fleet has offensive fighters, and considering that you could get fleets with a Threshal (S) that do not have proper fighters, I'm not too fond of the idea.

BTW this is the reason why the ships with a "Drone Swarm" shipsystem have built-in drone spawners, since otherwise the shipsystem might be useless in some configurations.

I also plan to restore the unique Halberd (Vanguard skin) shipsystem to its original "Shield Burst" shipsystem, since the module required for it should no longer cause issues, although it will need testing.

Remote Shielding in action.

Dedicated Launch Bays' current incarnation will be removed, its only reason to exist was to accomplish parity with the other Modular Hold hullmods, without me needing to modify converted hangar (which was not done for potential compatibility reasons), so it could be mounted on all ships that had a Modular Hold, despite some of them being carriers. Probably the best course of action is to simply make it so that the Modular version of the hullmod has no "base hullmod". I also plan to remove the docking requirement for the Modular Hold hullmods, although I'm not too sure about this.

Other hullmod that I want to improve is the Sand-Caster, currently planning to make it affect the signature of the whole fleet/ship with biggest signature to a small degree, rather than just altering the signature of the ship it is mounted on, which is useless, if the ship is not among the largest in the fleet.

Mainly just reducing the sprite's size of the large Disruptor Beam Cannon and, to a lesser degree, the Warden PD System. Additionally the built-in experimental Plasma Burst Lance, found in the Halberd (Vanguard), will be altered a bit so it can fit in the TSC Sunder.
Balance wise, I'll increase a bit the hard flux damage done by disruptor weapons on shields, and also the hard flux feedback, specially for the medium sized version.

Star Systems/Events:
The "Anomaly" star system will be made part of a quest, you'll still be able to search for it manually, like you can currently do, and skip the quest this way, you should also get a special item that you can return to Arcon, in exchange of a reward.
Additionally, if the Remnant stations have not been eliminated from the "Anomaly" and the planet currently has an owner, planetary bombardment fleets will spawn constantly until the planet is decivilized.

A new star system will be added "south" of Tyrador, it will feature an independent gas giant floating city colony, a small TSC outpost (and transfer the CSV Urals' Scaffold here), and some Remnants. This system is also planned to be part of the questline. Ideally I would also like to make this gas giant colony change ownership to the TSC sometime after the Remnants are cleared from the system.

Further in development, I would like to have the CSV Urals' Scaffold transform into a roaming fleet after a couple of ingame cycles. This would require the other Forgeships to become roaming fleets first, which has been the intention all along.

The current implementation plan goes as follows:
-Make the forgeships and include them in the game - DONE
-Make them appear in the campaign layer - DONE (as stations currently)
-Transform them into roaming fleets, with simple goals, the CSV Himalayas would be set to go from Arcon to systems with hostile planets and camp them for a while before returning to Arcon, similarly the CSV Andes would go to systems with friendly planets, and then return.
Interaction wise, the player would be able to buy fuel/supplies (if friendly) through dialog every couple of days or so, or attack them. At this step the ships will be gone for good if destroyed.
-Make the forgeships respawn after a while in Arcon if they were destroyed; if the fleet survived, but their forgeship was destroyed, make it return to Arcon and despawn.
-Make it so that when a forgeship is destroyed, a special entity is spawned, sometime after its destruction, the TSC faction would then send a massive salvage fleet to camp over the derelict and make it functional again, at this point the restored forgeship would be added to the salvage fleet and it would head back to Arcon to despawn and respawn later with a proper fleet.
This would also be the chance for the player to acquire a forgeship for themselves, by spending a decent amount of time, and resources getting the derelict online again. If the player looted a forgeship for themselves, it would gradually lower their relationship with the TSC, and when the player becomes hostile the TSC would pursue them. Ideally the player would also get a large relations boost and payment if the ship is returned to Arcon.
-Add an unclaimed derelict that can be turned into a forgeship by the player using the same procedure, probably requiring some sort of reward from the TSC.

The orbital platforms near Atrio will be made a unique industry, this way they should be repaired if they are destroyed by something. Sprite-wise they would use the same parts that the TSC station will use, arranged differently though, in a triangular pattern instead of the hexagonal pattern the main stations would use.

As mentioned before, the TSC stations will be hexagonal. In the attached scheme, black is the vast bulk core of the station, in this case rather than an habitational space covered with windows, this core will be an actual reactor core, ideally with an animated visible core... which would be covered as long as the core cover section remains intact. The core cover section (red) will have a built in HUGE turret at its center. The blue sections will be hangars and drone spawners, and the green sections gun platforms. Shipsystem wise, the hangar sections will get Drone Swarm, and the core will get the Mega Shield Burst shipsystem, the station won't teleport mines, and it won't get PD drones either.

Following this scheme, Atrio's defensive platforms, would lack both the core section, and the hangars, having the core cover as their actual core section, and the gun platforms placed in the hangar locations, giving it an appearance closer to a triangle with cut corners.

I evaluated the idea of adding some skills related to drones, however it seems that the next Starsector update might have significant changes to how skills works, and also the ability to have drone ships in the player fleet, so I'll rather wait for it to see what I can do about it.

Anyway, the proposed skill was to be part of the technology tree and deal with automation, first level would grant an automated systems hullmod (increase maximun cr and/or decrease skeleton crew requirements) and also reduce global skeleton crew requirements fleet wide. The second level would grant slower CR loss to drones. Level 3 had not been planned at the momment.

Update when?:
Well... not sure, I do want to ensure compatibility and full functionality with Nex at the very least, besides adapting the mod to vanilla changes, and implementing most of the changes described in the Ships and Hullmods sections. This wouldn't take me too long; if I had full control of my free time, which I don't, so I won't make any estimations.

Feel free to comment, and make suggestions.

The mod is not updated to the latest version, which rebalanced ship prices making them more expensive. The current dev version has the Atlatl cost raised to 400000 credits, the same value as an Astral.

As stated above that was already on the plans.

Thanks for the fix actually, haven't implemented it yet though.

Ah I see, well was worth a shot asking.

Yeah, no harm in asking - could see doing this as a separate thing at some point.

And for the reason Mesotronik pointed, I would greatly appreciate it ;). To be honest, I would also try and find more ways to abuse it, it's just too cool (in relation to all the render order stuff), to not do so.

Imagines several repeating sprites that go above the ship layers all across the map, and also similar, but darker and smaller, sprites on the background, with a planet in the middle, meanwhile 2 fleets battle between them.

Taking into consideration the vanilla skills, at the moment, only "Fighter Doctrine level 2" would have any real effect in the spawned drones, by making them a bit tougher.
Additionally, the "Expanded Missile Racks" hullmod, unlocked by "Missile Specialization level 2" increases their ammunition count, it might not seem as much, considering the drones regenerate slowly, but the weapon cooldown is faster than their ammo regeneration time, so the hullmod allows you to fire a second wing of drones. This pairs extremely well with ships with the "Drone Swarm" shipsystem, since it replenishes their ammo count and resets their cooldown.

Additionally, in order to account for modded content; any shipsystems, hullmods or skills, that would improve missile weaponry fire rate, cooldown, ammo count or ammo regeneration, should affect the drone spawner weaponry (not the drones themselves; but would increase the number of available drones). Stuff like projectile speed, manoeuvrability, hitpoints, or weapon damage won't have any effect though. Stuff that affects a carrier's fighters won't have any effect either, since the drones are not bound to the carrier.
However anything that has a fleet wide effect should, as long as it is set to affect fighters, it should buff/debuff the drones, similarly to how the "Fleet Server" hullmod acts buffing all fighters that are close to the ship that has it.

This said, the "Hive Launcher" is an exception, since it would benefit from any missile buff, and no fighter buff, considering it is a proper missile weapon that it is set to work in conjunction with the "Drone Swarm" shipsystem.

Thanks for the bug report, niche bug squashed for good of all future new games.
Additionally added a small script that runs on game load that checks if any of the "ghost" star systems exists and then removes it, and if they don't, it does nothing.
So this update will work on old saves, including Nexerelin random core worlds saves (yes, the anomaly systems generate normally on those as well  ;)).

Download 1.6.1c

Full download this time, including version number increase, just so players using version checker know of the update, mainly because of the potential random gamecrash source.

On a sidenote the fix can also be done manually, if you don't want to download the update.... for some reason.
  • Open your campaign.xml file in your relevant savegame forlder
  • search for the following:
    dN="Anomaly Star System"
    dN="Anomaly I Star System"
    dN="Anomaly II Star System"
    dN="Anomaly III Star System"
  • Delete the "Sstm" tags that contain them*
*just selecting the <Sstm on notepad ++ will highlight the whole block that you want to delete, otherwise just select from <Sstm to the line that ends </Sstm>, including it.

Well that was an interesting bug report, I was a bit perplexed since the Corseque is quite simple, there's nothing special about it besides the shipsystem, which made it easy to identify the culprit, specially after seeing it was also affecting all ships with a Ram Drive... Anyway, it was an easy fix.

I'm not going to make an official minor patch for this issue alone though; I would rather wait for additional bug fixes, balance changes and/or to finish some extra content. However I'll upload a fixed jar file...

Download Hotfix

Just replace the mod's jar file with this one, and that should do it.

if you want a clearer look at the WIP sprite, and had already downloaded a recolor pack you might want to check the ship folder.

Updated the main download to include the hotfix.


Current consumer research has made our company aware that the public approval of our main "Cool Mint" flavored product is not what it was before.
But fear not, in order to satiate your appetite, the Arconian Faculty of Ice-cream Development, has created 3 new Coalition flavors for your enjoyment!!!.
We proudly present you our new members to the Shipsicletm family...

The original Cool Mint is now accompanied by the new flavors such as,  Greek Olives, Executive Berries, and Ancient Grapes, all now available for download.

Jokes/fun aside, just download a skin pack and overwrite the mod's files. The packs include all applicable (green) TSC combat vessels, missiles and weapons... with the exception of the forgeship.
Eventually, I might make the olive color the default coloration, and keep "Cool Mint" as an alternative download along the partial TT coloration, not sure about the purple one, that one is a joke, heh I guess we'll see.

Cool Mint (Original Flavor)
Greek Olives
Executive Berries
Ancient Grapes

I've been taking note of the discussion. To be honest, I had expected some earlier feedback regarding the changes to the "Modular Hold" ships, specially the Angon. The burn speed issue is an oversight, since I forgot about militarized subsystems; so I'll probably drop their speed by one burn level, not sure if I'll do so for all of them. I might also make the modular versions of the logistic mods not require docking, but that might need some testing.

Had to change it as a consequence of a workaround of a vanilla "bug". As Alex told me "a skin having a different set of modules is most likely just an unsupported use case."
Meanwhile this did not directly affect the Vanguard Halberd (it used the same module as the base Halberd), it did affect the Ranseur (P) and (TT), and Adarga (P). Granted, it was first reported affecting a Vanguard Halberd, but that was spawned by using console commands with the "allhulls" command, and since it spawns ship skins without their modules, it would also cause the bug.

I would like to give the shipsystem back to it, but that would require me rewriting the Shield Burst shipsystem to not use a module and that makes it harder, since the shield needs a different collision type than the ship itself, and the way to do that was using a module with fighter collision type.

There are other workarounds that aren't ideal, like making the Vanguard Halberd not a ship skin (since it only affects skins), but that leaves you without the extra description paragraph when you mouse over your ship in the fleet screen; I did something similar to that for the pirate Adarga, which is now a skin of a "fake" module-less non-playable Adarga clone, so it no longer has less modules than its base ship.

Anyway, if this is fixed/supported in a subsequent version, along the fighter bug (which I think has already been fixed for the next Starsector version), then I would restore it, alternatively if I figure a different method to get the system working that does not require using a module, I would do so too.
And to be honest, I might just re-enable it, even if only the fighter bug gets resolved, that would leave me dealing with the occasional bug report that was caused by a ship spawned module-less with console commands, though that doesn't seem too bad.

@Spess Mahren:
Took a look at it, reduced the fuse range, keeping the same AoE, it helps a bit, still not ideal though. I'll look into doing a proximity fuse script for it.

Version 1.6.1 (for Starsector 0.9a)
Happy Nex Year!!! edition
More information on the original post

(Requirements: LazyLib, MagicLib)
(Supported by DynaSector)


The download contains, mainly bugfixes, I managed to load a save made with the 1.6.0 release, and had no issues, much to my surprise...
However, I strongly recommend to start a new save, considering Nexerelin's release, also meanwhile loading an older save might work, you won't benefit from all bugfixes, specially the doubled ruins bugs.

As an added feature, the retrofit market available conversion data is presented in a new better, IMHO, way. This leaves me with a considerable amount of extra space to add more conversions at a later date, also expanded a bit the list of available conversions to include more non-updated yet mods. The lists will change according the mods you have installed.

Additionally added "IPC" variant skins of many high tech ships, to get them you'll need to unlock the retrofitting market, convert one of the listed ships, and wait until it is done. Keep in mind that the market only accepts ships with no Dmods, so you might need to restore them before converting them. The "IPC", named as such for the "Integrated Particle Conduits" hullmod, adds that hullmod to the ship, and the effect weapon required for the "Fleet Server" hullmod, it also adds all the negatives of having the IPC hullmod.

At the moment the IPC conversion includes almost all vanilla phase ships (gremlin excluded). Converting a phase ship, however, might not be the best idea at the moment, since they can't mount "Shielded Plating", partly benefit from "Sand Caster", leaving only "Graviton Lensing" with its full effect, and beam weapons are not usually what you would mount on them; they do benefit from "Fleet Server" though, although I'm not sure if that is helpful.
I do plan to add some IPC hullmods that benefit phase ships at a later date though.

As something of note, the conversion market should work for ships added my mods, and since its list is no longer autogenerated, some ships that would have been listed separately, have been grouped. As an example, a wolf variant skin added by some mod, that wasn't actually a skin file, but a different ship (like my own TSC wolf), would be considered as already added in the "reconstruction list", when before it might have appeared as a doubled entry in the list.
There is a vanilla bug, which I mentioned previously, where illegal transfer texts, won't work on "storage markets" for ships, meanwhile this bug has already been notified, it might explain why some ships that might appear as conversion able, aren't. At the moment the TSC will refuse converting Cabal ships (there's no real reason why, but as I picture it, lorewise, the TSC might be worried of potential "troyans" built-into Cabal ships), and also ships with Dmods, need to be restored properly before converting.

Anyway, if I missed some mod-added ship, or you think I should add a specific conversion, just post a comment, changing the part that handles the conversion list of the market script is fully save compatible.

"Full changelog" in the section below.

New Retrofitting Market

Unmodded (mostly, just the bare basics, and my mod)

Heavily modded (almost all mods available, and some that aren't, sadly not many changes yet, since most fall into already existing lists)



Version 1.6.1:
   -Nexerelin compatibility changes.
   -Improved the tooltip of Arcon's retrofitting submarket.
   -Added IPC (Integrated Particle Conduits) "skins" (technically, they still use the same sprite) to some high tech ships, this allows them to mount the IPC dependant hullmods and fleet server.
   -Added the ability to transform some vanilla ships into their IPC skins, via the retrofitting submarket at Arcon.
   -Fixed a potential gamecrash issues related to a pair of ship skins with a pre-applied D-overlay.
   -Fixed linux gamecrash related to case sensitivity.
   -Fixed a gamecrash issue when refitting the ship skins of ships with modules.
   -Removed modules from all ships that had a Ram Drive shipsystem; the shipsystem no longer depends on it. Can't do the same for Burst shield though.
   -Adarga (P), is no longer a skin of the Adarga, this won't be apparent to the player, but is part of the gamecrash bugfix.
   -Replaced Vanguard Halberd shipsystem with fortress shield, a sad consequence of the bugfix.   
   -Removed all Dmods from pirate skins, with the exception Damaged Particle Conduits.
   -Fixed doubled ruins planetary conditions bug from appearing in procgen planets.
   -Reduced drop chance of TSC individual ship, fighter and weapons blueprints. This also increased very slightly the drop chance of the TSC blueprints packages.   
   -Reduced the beam width of the Strategic Laser and removed its flare effect, to make it more visually consistent with its power.
    -Balance Changes:
      -Halberd (Vanguard)-class Battleship:
         -Replaced "Shield Burst" shipsystem with "Fortress Shields".
      -Medusa (D)-class Destroyer:
         -Removed blueprint tags, was wrongly added to the pirate tag.
      -Ram Drive shipsystem:
         -No longer requires a module to work.
         -Shield activation happens very slightly later, about 0.5 seconds.
         -Shield remains on after the system finishes.
         -Since the system uses now the ship's own shield, AoE damage shield bleed through should followe the same exact rules as with shields.      
      -Dedicated Launch Bays hullmod:
         -Made incompatible with phase ships from the "Shadowyards" mod.
      -Integrated Particle Conduits hullmod:
         -Made incompatible with "Shield Bypass" hullmod from "Ship and Weapon Pack" mod.
         -Shielded Plating hullmod:
            -Made incompatible with ships without shields.

I haven't updated the mod yet, so the files being still there was to be expected, also I don't have a linux machine to test the mod, so that feedback point is greatly appreciated, thanks.  ;D.

Thanks... also, do you mean loading a save, or the game itself?, if it is the former I can guess why, since the game has likely made some changes on how it handles the autogenerated d skins, and if there was a damaged TT sabre somewhere I could see it conflicting... If it is the later though, then... I have no idea why it is not crashing for me.

Anyway, you might also want to try deleting the following files "" and "", located in the "data\hulls\skins" folder inside the mod.

Can't replicate the bug, not even using the released version. I assume it might be related to the module bug mentioned before, which I've already fixed, but that only triggers for me by using autofit.
I'm planning to release an update before new year, so I would welcome a more detailed description; was it a pirate ranseur, a TT or a Coalition one?, which weapon did you try to fit?, do you have other mods?, and ideally the crashlog? (the file named "starsector.log" located in the folder "starsector-core").
Thanks in advance.

I can see why that might be happening, since making a default_d skin was the way to get a ship with a damage overlay, which was going to be used for mission purposes, removed both test skins, so it should be fixed... anyway, in what context is that happening, considereing there's also a TSC_Sabre_default_D?.

Meanwhile that "Angon issue" is caused by a vanilla bug, which is fixed for the next patch. I still tried to do something about it, and to be honest I'll be trying to eliminate all module dependencies from now on. At this moment, I've removed the need for a module shield for all ships with a Ram Drive. So the "Angon bug" is fixed on my end.

I don't think I can do the same for the Burst Shields shipsystem though, since the shield needs to have a fighter-class collision, and can't alter shield collision type independently without modifying the module/ship it is on. And If removing the modules is the goal, then I would need to alter the ship itself, which is not happening. So that will need a different approach.

Anyway removing the module dependency for the Ram Drive shipsystem, also fixed the refit crash bug, which to be honest was the reason why I started removing them on the first place. This also forced me to change the vanguard halberd shipsystem to something that does not require a module, for the time being, fortress shields. Regarding the Adarga (P), it is no longer a skin of the Adarga, which also fixes the bug.

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