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Suggestions / Re: Fast missile racks use with recharging missiles
« on: July 06, 2020, 04:05:50 AM »
Imo, Vigilance stats are way too low for a 5DP ship. Aside from 13 OP and 300 flux capacity even 2DP Mercury has as much or more in every combat stat.
Wayfarer despite being only a semi-combat 5DP ship is way more tanky, has a bit more OP and better slots, while being only slightly inferior in speed and flux stats.
Comparison against actual combat frigates ends even less favorably for Vigilance.

Medium missile + FMR is overvalued. Yes, a player cautiously abusing Sabots can squeeze a victory against most DEs with it, but doing the same with 4DP Lasher is even easier.

Suggestions / Re: Overwhelming new players
« on: July 06, 2020, 03:04:07 AM »
Best extended tutorial is to dive into sim from missions and not come out until you can reliably pilot whatever and beat most ships 1 size larger in duel (outside non-combat/semi-combat ships or particularly bad match-ups and preferably without relying on SO/Sabots).

Suggestions / Re: Fast missile racks use with recharging missiles
« on: July 06, 2020, 02:56:00 AM »

Looking at list of exact cooldown values, it's doubly obvious why FMR works best with Salamanders. Longest cooldown by quite far + the only one with unlimited ammo.

Ammo-free Pulims may be a good idea. They badly need a buff anyway.


Yeah, Condor is a flop in every way. Drover is better as carrier due to system (including per-DP metric), about as good at spamming Salamanders (4x small ~= 1x medium * FMR) and way more survivable due to speed/flux advantage.

Vigilance is also a sad failure of a frigate. Every 4-5 DP combat frigate easily wipes floor with it.

Venture Salamander-spammer performs surprisingly well in sim duels (AI is not good at handling that many Salamanders. Hell, even player would have to waste a lot of time countering that). But having to pay for Militarized Subsystems means it performs worse in campaign than standalone sim duels.

Suggestions / Fast missile racks use with recharging missiles
« on: July 05, 2020, 02:37:51 AM »
FMR can work with finite missiles to burst the target faster.
And works even better with cooldown-based missiles, the only one in vanilla being Salamanders.

However, FMR is atrociously bad with recharging missiles like Pilums. You don't get significant burst like rapid-firing Harpoons/Sabots, neither you get sustain of Salamanders.

Maybe FMR should also boost recharge proportional to it's natural rate? For example for Pilums, which recharge at about half firing rate, 1 FMR charge should restore close to half clip.

Or at least stock variants for FMR ships used by enemies shouldn't focus on Pilums.

Suggestions / Alternating weapon group selection improvement
« on: July 04, 2020, 01:33:42 AM »
Don't change currently selected weapon within alternating group when switching between different weapon groups (but do switch if re-selecting same group).

For example, 4x2 Reaper group (with Missile Rack):
- Fire 2 top, selection moves to third (1 1 2* 2)
- Switch to other weapon group
- Switch back to Reaper group, selection is on 4th (1 1 2 2*)

This is inconvenient, because if I fire 2 in a row, I'd end up with (0 1* 2 1), rather than (1* 1 1 1). As result I need to pause and fix selection before firing for optimal result.

You are seriously underestimating player-piloted Afflictor. It can kill fleets on it's own, and nothing prevents you from swapping to next one after it runs out of PPT. In terms of own DP to kill-able DP ratio Afflictor is single most powerful ship by a wide margin (in vanilla and most(?) mods).

Hyperion is nowhere near as efficient as Afflictor and somewhat tedious to pilot, but it still surpasses a lot of recommendations here.

Suggestions / Re: Balancing Change Ideas
« on: June 22, 2020, 08:48:11 AM »
The 1% 0-flux speed boost skill is basically for being being able to run shields and still be fast.

It's mostly an AI crutch, AI keeps shield up way more than is anywhere near optimal.
There are also some builds that can at least operate PD and lighter weapons without breaking 1%, with heavy weapons used manually (example - dual plasma Odyssey).

Suggestions / Re: Balancing Change Ideas
« on: June 21, 2020, 08:52:42 PM »
Also, I would say current unstable injector is closer to useless than niche.

It's close to autopick for frigates - most frigates will never outrange anybody in meaningful way, so it's better to stop trying and capitalize on high speed instead.
Same for any size SO loadouts, as long as you can afford OP cost.
I'd also use UI on player-piloted Medusa, or any early DE while I have no ITU yet. Probably larger phase ships too, if I ever used them.

I agree that it's mostly useless for non-SO cruisers and capitals.

Suggestions / Re: Balancing Change Ideas
« on: June 21, 2020, 08:38:08 AM »
I would like a cheaper +1 burn mod that non-civilians could use (and does not stack with ADF).

Yep, that.
Current ADF puts some ships out of consideration simply because they can't hit right Burn speed bracket. For example ADF Paragon at 9 burn (or any other base 7 burn capital) doesn't combine with 8 burn of Conquest/Odyssey, while pushing the latter to 10 is waste of OP.

General Discussion / Re: My current fleet, improvement ideas?
« on: June 21, 2020, 07:44:15 AM »
Augmented Drive Field is a massive penalty to combat power (due to OP cost). It's fine to use when you only have 1 or 2 caps in your fleet, but it's better to use massed tugs (4 with Nav3, 6 otherwise) when you have that many capitals.

Hopefully this Paragon circlejerk will stop once we'll be able to get Radiants in our fleets.

If I remember right, it would only be a single not-player-pilotable Radiant with low max CR at best. If Radiant also gets a DP nerf (40 is ridiculously cheap for a ship arguably stronger than Paragon), it may end up mostly useless to player.

Frigates tend to pop out of existence without one. Even Omen, at least in modded game. It's not like you can deploy 10 capitals/cruisers simultaneously, might as well make those little bathtubs as effective as possible.

At battlesize 500 you have 200-300 DP to use. For 10 officers + player deployment even for minimum 200 DP, average ship is at least a cruiser. It's not like having exactly 200 is that optimal either - reserves are nice to have when you need to grind down multiple expeditions/etc.

If I ever use AI Lashers, that would be 2x Railgun + LAG non-SO build.
But single SO Lasher is cheap and easily available way to graduate from smuggling-only spacer start to being able to kill most small-to-medium roaming pirate/pather fleets in very supply-efficient manner.

One Scarab configured this way can *flawlessly* solo almost any Frigate or Destroyer. Some cruisers.

Which isn't that impressive claim at all.

LMG+Annihilator Lasher can do the same faster and is way more available, in a lot of cases even without SO.
Wolf may not be a fast killer, but it's fairly reliable. Just get behind any front shielded target or use point-blank skims to bypass shield against something like Medusa.
That's without listing actually elite frigates like Afflictor(max skilled can kill 200-300 DP of enemy ships), Shade(yes, it's a lot worse than Afflictor, but cloak + AMs still make it 2nd best frigate), Hyperion (tiresome to pilot and unimpressive logistically, but still good enough to solo a Paragon skill-less), Tempest (way below the trio, but is the best AI frigate and pleasant to pilot if you get it early)...

Scarab's system is powerful and interesting, but the ship isn't a very good platform for it.

General Discussion / Re: Paragon with four Uhlans
« on: June 14, 2020, 12:26:30 PM »
One of the worst of the Paragon's monoloadouts (after 4 HILs and Paladins), actually. Able to hunt a pirates or small pray, but nothing more. Autopulse are not good vs thick armor, so you need almost all of your ammo to do destroy a high-armor caps.

While I agree that 4 Autopulses make a bad Paragon loadout, it's purely due to short range combined with slow speed.

5 Autopulses on a Radiant will chew through any armor in few seconds. In fact at this point it kind of becomes AI exploit, since enemy AI tends to consider them 'safe' and often drops shield at low flux only to get massively punished.

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