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Starsector 0.9.1a is out! (05/10/19); Blog post: Painting the Stars (02/07/20); Updated the Forum Rules and Guidelines (02/29/20)

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Mods / Re: The Scrappers Faction! (Mod v1.75, .54a) Very minor tweaks.
« on: December 30, 2013, 05:02:03 PM »
Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get Trylo's Ship Editor to work for me, even with whatever workarounds were posted in the thread. Dead in the water as a direct result >_<.

I probably could, but time is much shorter than it was when I was big into this stuff. I'd love to update this if I had the chance though, I actually have some surprises.

Modding / Re: Starsector modding wallpaper
« on: November 02, 2013, 08:49:39 PM »
Hey! some of mine are in there. Cool :p.

Funnily enough, I actually changed all the graphics and redone the Scrappers overall, but haven't gotten around to finishing it.
Or Fleet Control for that matter.

Jeeze, I needa get on those.

Yes but... I've been working a lot and...



Yeah, I'm an awful person :p. I'll try to drag myself back to it at some point.

I probably should've mentioned that I'm addicted to Terraria 1.2 right now, so not much progress. I wanted to say something earlier but it totally slipped my mind. We'll see how my weekend looks :p

If you're after some sort of " real " lore based explanation for increased fire rate on a beam based weapon... you shouldn't.

It doesn't bother you that the only bonus a beam based ship gains at high/max CR is damage reduction?
Why shouldn't I?
Should I be bothered?

I do in fact have an opinion beyond that for the second part, but the aggression makes me not want to bother. If your not even going to explain why you feel that way and just say "You shouldn't think like that because you just shouldn't" it's not really worth an answer.

Mods / Re: The Nomads (0.8.1) [NOT 0.6a COMPATIBLE]
« on: September 29, 2013, 11:00:49 PM »
Gotcha, that seems logical. As long as there is a reason, that's all that matters! Given that last bit, do you have any plans on protecting the lore from the player in the mod? Because of course, the first thing anyone is going to do when they get a supership and sneeze on it and make it vanish.

(Also, I don't actually think it'd take much effort to let you trade with the fleet type that normally contains it would be too high. I've got a plan out for something of my own there. It should, in theory, be pretty easy.)

The idea behind the skills, I'd assume, is that the ROF increases are as a result of your character optimizing the systems so the guns can just fire faster.

With a beam, that doesn't make sense. Having skills that might increase the potency of beams might be cool (Do we have any? I haven't actually checked) but keeping them separate just makes sense.

And let's be honest, it's a lot easier to aim a laser than it is to aim a gun, so it also makes sense for accuracy bonuses to be irrelevant to beams. Although beam recoil with burst lasers would be kinda cool. I wonder if that's possible now?

Mods / Re: The Nomads (0.8.1) [NOT 0.6a COMPATIBLE]
« on: September 29, 2013, 09:16:59 PM »
That thing is crazy cool, and looks absolutely amazing.

Although the shaft and the ring might look a little... TOO slick. Almost a little jarring to look from the top to the bottom, like it's made of two different art styles. It goes from being super clean to super dirty engines and armor.

That's pretty helpful, I'll look into it.
And this is why we have a test version :p I was worried save-killing stuff like this would happen.

@CopperCoyote A fleet is chosen randomly each day, and the resources are checked for it that day. This might change later, we'll see. I'll look in to the crew costs, I have an idea as to why it might be doing that. As for the fleet spawns, yeah the fleets require the ship to remain in the inventory for the fleet. You can pull the ship out later, but the fleet will not spawn that ship anymore until it's put back.

@Chronosfear Fleets won't spawn unless you have the amount they need + the amount of crew your station needs. (Their is also a way to prevent trading convoys from selling resources you need as well, not that trading is in yet :p)

@Runoved I really want to add that in, or use the Price Changer, or do some sort of trading myself. The only thing that is stopping me right now is that nobody has figured out how to dynamically change the price of the most important resources: Supplies, Fuel, and Crew. I can live with crew being stuck, but it just would not make sense for supplies to not also change price with their raw materials for example. I'd rather have nothing than have half for the final release.

@Azmond There are no industry skills yet. This is being remade, those will be one of the later features before full release.

Is this like a forever thing or will these two play nicely at some point the future? Because I think Fleet Control is just perfect for Exerelin!! It's the one thing that I don't like about Exerelin because you can't control your fleets and your attack stations make it really difficult to expand in any sort of timely or organized manner..
I personally haven't tried Exerelin, or looked at the source as it got started after I mostly stopped playing. Seeing as how big it is, I'll definitely LOOK to see if there are any compatibility issues I can fix on my end, once I'm done.

As for features that work WITH it, well, that would be out of my hands. I will make the source available though when I'm done, so if anybody does want to do anything with it, there's that.

Unless it's spawning fleets, it shouldn't be eating crew. Funnily enough, it was doing that a while ago, but I thought I fixed it. Gonna have to take another look.

By clicking the configure button, you can "buy back" the ships you put in to the fleets. They should be remembered.

Basically, you are creating a blueprint that the spawning fleets will follow religiously. If you put ships in to a fleet configuration and they disappear, that's a bug.

Also, you need the resources in your stations main cargo. They're placed there automatically when your buildings produce, it's possible your station didn't have the resources right away. To check how many you need to a fleet configuration, hover over and read the tooltip.

luckly i have aces to the every Base option (expect to "leave" but i can live with that )

1 more thing, how patrol option works?
do i just sell ships in the patrol menu ? becouse when i tried set my 2'nd patrol fleet all ships dissapear from there or apears in the "buy/sell" menu as in the regular station.
Not sure what can be done about the visual display, At least it's not a problem. Will fix the cutting off of the options though. I'll just pack the regular functions together.

Alright, now for the patrol option. When you select one of the buttons, it should bring up a buying/selling dialogue. Each one should be independent of the other. So when you sell something to one of these dialogues, what it should do is keep the same stuff within each dialogue. So if you sell a Hound to the first fleet type, you should not see the Hound in the regular cargo, you should not see it in the second or third ones, but you should see it in the first one where you put it. And so on and so forth.

Note that the ships that are used for the fleets are the ones on the "Buying" side. So basically, ships that you've sold.

A couple of things after a short time with this version:

It doesn't work with Shadowyards, but it does work with omnifactory and console commands.

The dialog tree it too long for me to see leave. The last one i can see is "Halt Operations"

In the facilities production screen it says "Build an fuel refinery" (I added the bold for emphasis)

I don't think the personnel requirements are correct. I had no people in my newly created station, and went to get them, and when i had returned it had all the resources i would have made if properly staffed.

I don't know if it was always like this, but my station wasn't free trade so i had to buy anything i wanted to use and sell anything i wanted to store.
Good to know about the top two. What I'm probably going to do is put the regular station functions in their own sub tree. I'm a bit surprised there is no scrolling, but I have a pretty big monitor so no way for me to have tested it. I'll get that typo fixed, it use to be an "oil" refinery, but then I realized that made no sense so just made it a general "fuel" refinery.

As for the other two, I believe I covered both in the OP. I know personnel requirements aren't checked yet, as well as the free trade bug. There is nothing I can do about the latter, that's on Alex's end for the next patch. The former will be fixed later.

problem with the station on 1024x768 resolution
Huh, that's weird. Does that happen any time you interact with your own stations on that resolution?

1. When giving or taking from the station it thinks its a normal NPC station (You pay and sell to it instead of Take and give)
Yup, covered above, and in OP. That's something I cannot fix at the moment until the next patch.

1. Station infinite spawning. I have no clue what the hell happened, except I bought 1 station and now there's an infinite amount of stations. I abandoned that game due to lag issues.
2. Friendly fleets hate you.  My own fleets are trying to murder me. I have no clue what the hell happened.
That sounds pretty bad, does it happen every time you spawn stations? Are the fleets by default attacking you?

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