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Starsector 0.9.1a is out! (05/10/19); Updated the Forum Rules and Guidelines (02/29/20); Blog post: GIF Roundup (04/11/20)

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Most Recent Video

Older videos:

The combat system has been settled as a strategic system, thanks for the feedback everyone.
Working on refining some things before focusing on the map layer.

Gonna be keeping a journal of the progress with some videos for you guys, for those of you who are interested. Feel free to Please leave feedback.

Modding / The new addXP function.
« on: January 05, 2013, 02:08:26 PM »
I've got it so fleets gain XP when they mine in the Fleet Control Mod. However, I currently have 5325/4500 XP and remain at level 1. It goes without saying that I do gain the level after earning XP in a battle.

Am I missing some way to force it to check if I have enough XP to level up, without fighting?

Modding / A simple modding question.
« on: November 24, 2012, 01:56:33 AM »
Search has failed me, and I feel awfully dumb. Is there an "add experience" function anywhere? I can't find anything.

I'd really like my mod to add experience when you mine.

Mods / Project Awesome: The BEST mod that Starfarer will ever see.
« on: August 17, 2012, 05:29:44 AM »
Download Link (Current Version)

Whew, it's been a long road everyone... The Fleet Control Mod is practically feature full, and I've moved on to my next project. With all three of my mods, I view each one as a progression: Scrappers was a lazy but fun kitbash mod, Shadow Order uses my own personal art, and then Fleet Control just blew the campaign to bits with new features. With Fleet Control particularly, I really wanted to spice up the campaign, as well as add things that would really keep people playing, all while being compatible with all your favorite mods. Overall, that's what I try to go for with my mods, because I feel you should be free to add as much content to your game as you want, without having to worry about whats compatible with what.

This following project is something I've been working on on the side. It's very special to me, and I'm really proud of it. I was able to add in features with Fleet Control like constructing buildings, mining, etc... But this is so much more. Starfarer is destined for great things, like officer controls, character skills, multiple systems... Of course, other features that haven't been announced. Why wait? We, the modders of this community, can seize control right here, right now! Within this mod, you'll find just the kind of content you've come to expect from me and every other one of our super talented modders out there, and so much more.

You might say "Hey Verrius... Aren't you getting a little dramatic?" Well I say to you, until you've seen what I've been able to do this time, you had better keep your mouth shut and get to playing. You know, whenever I load up this mod, I think about all the talented folks here and wonder why nobody has ever done this before. At the end of the day, there is potential in each and every one of you to traverse space AND time and reach heights you would never have thought imaginable.

TLDR; I added Hardcore Mode, and am being REALLY dramatic about it. Have fun ;)

Suggestions / Go to location fleet assignment that ignores hostiles.
« on: August 15, 2012, 11:03:24 AM »
A fleet assignment I could use to tell fleets to go to a location and ignore hostiles along the way would be very helpful. It's really irritating in the Fleet Control Mod to watch my miners and my station convoy make a beeline for every smaller pirate they see, as well as bail off track when a bigger fleet comes for them, even if they can get away by just going to their location.

Mods / Resource Production Mod example (Hydroponic Ship and Mining)
« on: August 14, 2012, 05:51:36 PM »
Download Link (Current Version)

Hey there guys, as I recently mentioned in my Fleet Control Mod Threat, I've been secretly working on ships that can make resources and the ability to mine. This mod probably won't be actively updated for content, I just want it to be out there so people can see and use the tech. I've TRIED to document it as best I could, but when it comes to documentation, that's what kept me from acing Computer Science, so you'll have to forgive me. Feel free to ask any questions though.

I will most likely integrate a system like this to the Fleet Control Mod, but your more than welcome to use this code. Heck, that's why it's here!

How it works:
For the Farmstead to produce supplies (I don't think I switched it to "food", it's still supplies) it must be combat ready. It will produce 3 each day, however this amount is modified by your crew level. Green crew produces 25% less, Regular produces the normal amount, Veteran is 25% more, and Elite is 50% more.

I've used Alex's Mining Pods to do the mining. Pick up a wing or two of em from the Hegemony, the fly to an asteroid. Each day a check is made to see if you (actually if every fleet in the system) are sitting near an asteroid. If you are, it calculates your mining power based on your ships. How much mining power you have depends on your combat ready mining pods. The more you have, the more resources you can drain from the asteroid. At the moment, the asteroids never actually die or anything, don't know if I can do that yet.

There are three types of resources you can drain from asteroids. Ore, Metal, and Precious Ore. Precious Ore is rare, but worth a lot to sell. It's worth noting that, as you'd expect, Ore is a fair bit heavier than regular supplies and such, so pack yourself some good cargo space.

If you actually look at the code, it's not too hard to add your own mining ships. There is a hashmap at the bottom of the SupplyEvent and the MiningEvent scripts. Simply add a value to whichever map you like with your ships ID, and the production amount/mining power, and bam it'll get to work.

Version 0.1: (Not publicly released) Added the Farmstead, a modified tanker that actually looks sorta pretty that produces supplies.
Version 0.2: Gave Mining Pods the ability to mine.

Currently revamping the mod for Version .6, download for the old version above. Probably doesn't work, but I haven't tried. The new version will make use of the dialogue system, allow you to build stations wherever you like, and have much more control over precisely what your stations do. Will keep this thread updated as I move along.

Test version uploaded here.

Currently testing: Building, Facilities, Patrols.

Trading fleets are not available yet.

In this version, you can buy a station contract from the Temporary Fleet Center around Corvus II. From there, you should be able to interact with any planet in the sector and build your station there, as long as you have a contract.

You should be able to build multiple stations, although I can all but guarantee that having multiple stations around a single planet will be broken in some way. You won't be able to do that when I actually do a proper release version. More than one station outside of a single planet should, in theory, be fine. You never know though.

The functions you are allowed to perform at your station include constructing facilities and setting up fleets.

Constructing Facilities:
Facilities start cheap, but increase in cost with each successive purchase for that particular station. Purchasing anything also increases the price of all facilities by a smaller amount as well. There is no set limit to how many facilities you can have on a single station. There is a crew required amount, but it is not checked yet, so don't worry about it.

Setting Up Fleets:
You can have up to 3 fleet configurations set up at any given time. The chances of a fleet spawning are evenly divided. Each day, the station will attempt to spawn one of them at random. If you have the resources to spawn it, it should appear.

To set up a fleet, go to the sub menu and click on the one you want to change. The tooltip should display the cost information provided you have one set up. Once you've clicked the button, it will open up a buying/selling screen. Sell the ships you want placed in the fleet. They will retain all of their weapons, mods, capacitors etc. You can buy the ships you've placed in the configuration whenever you like. Free transfer is currently broken, going to have to wait for the actual game to patch for that.

Also, later down the line there will be a different dialogue system when interacting with your own fleets, and it will not involve being able to attack them at all. Unless I figure something out, it would be way to cheesy to just create weaponless ships and farm them.

Old information:
How it works:
Download Link (Starsector Patch .54.1a)

Step one: Buy your Storage Facility.
This is going to be where your fleets will deposit their goods, and where your structures will pull resources from to make more resources. You must buy this before you have access to the Fleet HQ.

Step two: Buy the Fleet HQ.
Here is where everything happens. Though it seems like the same as your Storage Facility, when you place fleet contracts here, they will spawn actual fleets. This is also where you deposit any structures you buy. Your structures need crew to be powered, place some crew of any level (not marines) based on the number of structures you have.

Brainbread made a very useful spreadsheet for this mod, you can get it here.

Using this with other mods:
Should be compatible with most mods, however it is also LINKED to a few mods as well. Here's the extra content you'll have available to you.
Each Mod Faction will have 4 tiers of squads, plus 1 permanent contract unique to each faction (Currently missing in this version).

Scrappers Faction: Provides a contract that will occasionally spawn a convoy that will deliver free Scrapper stuff to your Storage Facility.
Shadow Order: Provides a contract with a small chance per day to spawn a Spec Ops Phase Fleet which will attack an opposing Station.

If anyone else is interested, and would like their mod to be made compatible/linked, let me know in a reply or something. It DOES require the "AI Player Faction" to be added to the separate mod. I'll probably do a section on that when I actually have sleep.

Soon, I think I'm gonna start doing the factions in UC myself. Since it's a compilation of many mods, that'll help significantly.

Known Issues:
Nothing big to my knowledge.

Any help would be appreciated for variants, balance, and ideas. Thanks!

Version 0.1: Added the initial wave of fleet contracts, with mod support for Scrappers and Shadow Order.
Version 0.2: Added the Supply Trader and the Packer freighter to each squad.
Version 0.35: Added the bloody Weapon Trader along with the Automated Weapon Trader.
Version 0.5: Added in a huge variety of buildings.
Version 0.55: Thanks to Darloth, I no longer have to manually add in modded faction relations! Hurrah!
Version 0.70: Adding mining and hydroponic ships/fleets. You now have to buy your Storage and Station.
Version 0.75: Fixed lots of errors.
Version 0.80: Added the Station Reports, reduced mining speed significantly, and added an Ore cost to patrols.
Version 0.90: Rewrote much of the code. Redid how convoys work, added a "Poor" faction that spawns neutral miners, added a mutiny system, and more.
Version 0.95: Added a set of Industry skills
Version 0.98: Added in the Ox as a small mining frigate. Retuned mining overall.
Version 0.99: Fixed some bugs.
Version 1.00: You now gain experience from mining and selling via convoy. Your fleet should now share your relations again.
Version 1.10: Poor Mining Faction changes. Now gets wealthier with success. Ox changed to a fighter wing. Replaced by the Digger, a mining frigate.
Version 1.15: Fixed a bug involving Hydroponic Civilian Fleets.

Mods / The Shadow Order (v.60, .54a) New Hullmod. .54a
« on: August 07, 2012, 04:05:06 AM »
Download Link (Current Version)

Video Overview

Hello everyone, remember me? Made the Scrappers mod? Well, here's a new one.

My plan for this one is different, however. The Scrappers was a very lazy mod. I could throw together a ship in less than 10 minutes flat. Even the name was a play off the fact I was literally just scrapping pieces of ships together and throwing them up. There's nothing wrong with that, no, many people do it.

But I wanna do more! This new mod will contain graphical assets almost entirely drawn by my own hand. The only pieces I'll be taking from existing ships will be weapon slots, because those should look consistent. As a result, it will take far more effort to put out content. I won't be able to update this like, every single day as I did when I started Scrappers.

4 Fighters




5 Frigates





3 Destroyers



1 Cruiser

1 Capital Ship

13 Weapons:
Light Shadow Blaster: A light energy weapon designed primarily for fighters and PD. Deals decent EMP Damage as well.
Shadow Blaster: More powerful, Assault type version of the Light Shadow Blaster.
Shadow Cannon: Medium sized version of the Shadow Blaster. Fires smaller bursts of more powerful shots.
Shadow Mega Cannon: A bigger version of the Shadow Cannon. Fires one, powerful blast.
Small Vortex Launcher: Fires a missile that splits into 3 smaller missiles that deal decent Energy and EMP damage.
Vortex Launcher: Standard Vortex Launcher, contains more missiles than it's small counterpart.
Burst Lance: Burst PD weapon. More charges, slower regen.
Shadowscythe: A well-rounded medium laser.
Small Energy Core: Rapidly fires small orbs of energy that home in on targets.
Energy Core: Fires orbs of energy that home in on targets.
Dark Claw: An extremely close range, but powerful kinetic weapon.
Sapper: A small laser that deals low damage, but high EMP Damage.
Heavy Dread Cannon: Fires an instantaneous explosive shot. Powerful, but slow reload.

A demo mission, that's all right now.

The Shadow Order has a base in the top right corner. It doesn't sell anything but a contract, which when bought, will cause the Shadow Order to become neutral to you and the other factions become hostile. This will also cause all the Shadow Order tech to appear, as well as a basic ship to appear in the Abandoned Shipyard.

Any help would be appreciated for variants, balance, and ideas. Thanks!

Version 0.1: Added the initial wave of ships and weapons.
Version 0.2: Added more ships and weapons.
Version 0.3: Added more ships and weapons, as well as an orbital station.
Version 0.4: Added the Darkness fighters and the Mirage Ship.

Modding / Auto-Resolve Mechanics
« on: March 14, 2012, 11:17:31 AM »
Anybody who uses my mod (Scrappers) might be aware, there seems to be a problem where the Sparrow ships seem to be considered overwhelmingly powerful in auto-resolve.

I'm at a complete loss, any help or guidance from someone who knows anything about how auto-resolve works, would be greatly appreciated. I believe it is only the Sparrow, which is statistically similar to the Talon, though with a better weapon and 5 in the group. Any ideas?

Mods / The Scrappers Faction! (Mod v1.75, .54a) Very minor tweaks.
« on: March 01, 2012, 12:13:47 PM »
Download Link (Current Version)
I have a new mod here, feel free to check it out!

Any and all comments are welcome, preferably constructive criticism! This is my first mod for any game, so I want to make it decent.
With help from Paul's tutorial and Redbull's ship editor, I managed to "scrap" together some ships with existing sprites and make a faction!

As far as I know, it should be compatible with most other mods. If anyone wants to give it a try, it adds:

6 Fighters

Sparrow Interceptor

Bat Strike Bomber

Platypus, all purpose interceptor

Raptor, multipurpose bomber.

Blade, close range escort.

Fang, fighters with a powerful medium-sized weapon.

6 Frigates

Refuge, carrier frigate.






5 Destroyers




Exxon, massive tanker

Stonehead, personnel transport

4 Cruisers

Terra, heavy carrier

Juggernaut, support cruiser



2 Capital Ships



Yes, it is four Onslaughts married together with a station planted on top.


17 Weapons:
Assault Spread Chaingun: A chaingun modified to fire in bursts, with a decent spread.
Point Snap: A short-ranged point defense weapon that deals high kinetic damage to nearby targets.
Volley Rockets: Like the annihilator rockets, but weaker and more spammable. Also fires a little differently.
Spines: A needler that fires in bursts, over a wide spread, similar to the modified chaingun.
Flak Bombardier: A Large flak cannon. Extremely effective PD at the loss of a large slot.
Microwave Beam: A powerful, close-range beam classified as a ballistic. Slow buildup.
Darter Gun: A fast, decent ranged machine gun. Replaces the vulcan for the Sparrows.
Wrecker: A powerful ballistic weapon that deals heavy kinetic damage at long range. Takes longer than most weapons to reload.
Inferno rockets: MIRV missiles modified to fire and fly faster. These variants release less missiles upon splitting, and deals less damage.
Shredder: A machine gun that fires bursts of powerful kinetic shots at good range.
Gnats: Fast missiles that deal low kinetic damage. They can target missiles.
Pounder Assault Gun: A strong, but slow firing small weapon.
World Breaker: A large missile capable of tearing a hole through any hull. Has high HP, moves slowly, and can only be fired once a minute.
Deathbringer: Fires strong shots in bursts of 3. Large weapon.
Dancing Blade: A large weapon that fires a wide spread of kinetic shots.
Pyrostorm: The final Inferno Rocket launcher, launches Hellfire Rockets faster than it's medium counterpart.
Sparks: A small flak weapon that fires slow, but effective shots.

Follow the exploits of the ISS Mettle, a specially modified Elite Striker ship and help establish Scrapper dominance in 7 new missions!
As an added bonus, play opposites by commanding Hegemony and Tri-Tachyon forces versus the Scrappers in 5 bonus missions.
One final mission was also added, requiring the destruction of a souped up Homeworld.

For Balance, my goal was to make them survivable even without shields. They all have higher than average hitpoints and armor, many cases also have more firepower, but they also only use ballistics. The end result, is hopefully they excel early in the fight, but start to lose their edge as it drags on.

Any help would be appreciated for variants, balance, and ideas. Thanks!

Version 0.1: Added the initial wave of ships.
Version 0.5: Added the Raptor and the Battleborn. Added hull mods to all variants.
Version 0.6: Added the initial wave of weapons. Altered many variants to support these weapons, as well as a few other changes to variants.
Version 0.65: Added the Flak Bombardier, Microwave Beam, and Darter Gun. Altered several variants to support these weapons. Altered the spawning for the fleets. Reduced the Refuge's speed drastically.
Version 0.75: Added the Manta, Striker, and Juggernaut. Added the Wrecker, Shredder, and Inferno Rockets. Altered several variants to support these weapons.
Version 0.85: Added 7 new missions.
Version 0.9: Added 5 new missions, balance changes.
Version 1.0: Added the Scrapyard Orbital Station.
Version 1.1: Added the Exxon and Stonehead ships. Added the Gnats missile weapon. Homeworld functions (Thanks rada660!)
Version 1.15: Added the Blade fighter and the Pounder Assault Gun. Balance tweaks.
Version 1.25: Added the Array, Halberd, and Fang ships. Added the World Breaker, Deathbringer, Dancing Blade, Pyrostorm, and Sparks weapon. Added 1 mission. Fixed up weapon groupings and altered variants to contain the new weapons.
Version 1.35: Added ship systems to all ships, made compatible with the new update.
Version 1.5: Unique Ship Systems. Altered the Experimental Systems hullmod, It now also grants an additional percentage of armor, but completely nullifies shields regardless of other hullmods. Added the Reaper, a phase cruiser.
Version 1.65: Added the Imp and Transcendent. Added a special, "Endgame" Scrapper fleet that will wait patiently for you at the Scrapyard. Added the most irritating mission you'll ever play.
Version 1.75: Nerfed the Ripper so it doesn't do over 900 dps anymore.

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