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They were PvP tournaments run by people other than Tartiflette.

Here's a thread on the 8th for example:
Here's the VoD playlist for 8:

Production value was SLIGHTLY lower (because tartiflette is a perfectionist), but FUN levels were quite high still, I definitely recommend the VoDs.
Although that's just 7 and 8. 9 shall never be spoken of or seen again, it's just like windows. There is no 9 (unless I'm getting numbers mixed up).

Someone else please sign up to play borken, they're my favorite faction to watch in tournaments because of their cool effects. I'm a totally n00b though and don't really want to participate myself!

There's an update to the borken mod posted unofficially here:
which leads to

which IMO since it's by the official author, counts?!? maybe? maybe not?

Mods / Re: [0.9.1a] Sylphon RnD 0.9.7 - Tournament Edition
« on: May 13, 2020, 04:11:48 AM »
what does HVB stand for slash mean?

Mods / Re: [0.9.1a] Neutrino Corp. (v. 1.86-RC3)
« on: April 29, 2020, 08:32:46 AM »
Hmm, the blowtorch costs 20k and the unsung costs 10mil? I guess maybe neither can even appear in stores so it doesn't matter? but isn't the further about ten times too cheap and the latter about ten times too expensive?

Mods / Re: [0.9a] Foundation Of Borken v0.2.4-RC3 (2019-1-19)
« on: April 29, 2020, 02:00:30 AM »
Guys and Gals, Is this mod still getting updated? Cause if it is I'll just wait until most/all these bugs I keep seeing are fixed before downloading... If not, oh well I liked the ship designs, but not enough to bork my save over it!

I've had no trouble with bugs in v0.2.4-rc3 but I don't use any of the "cheating" features like mental healers, I just use the "normal" ships and stations and such and they work great. I'm going to try out the files.catbox files if I ever restart my galaxy though.

General Discussion / Re: Thank goodness for the Heron
« on: April 28, 2020, 11:48:11 PM »
Yeah cruiser+omni or capital (especially omni) ships my suggestion is bad, but, new players don't start with either. I get that by playing this way I'm never going to learn to control omni shields well, but, for my enjoyment, this is just way better, I just let an AI pilot my bigger ships and I have fun dogfighting in something faster.

General Discussion / Re: Thank goodness for the Heron
« on: April 27, 2020, 11:41:21 PM »
@Koyocire: I recommend this.

@Alex: Why isn't this the default?

IMO this is the superior way to play. It makes steering and aiming SUPER simple. It's dark souls style where the enemy can be either a locked enemy ship or otherwise your mouse cursor. It totally ruins all the gameplay of omni-shields, and it makes movement much less precise, but much more responsive.

For anything smaller than a capital ship, that doesn't rely heavily on omni-shields, it's superior. Also I know there's a hotkey you can hold to toggle it, however it's too hectic to use that hotkey in battle, furthermore, the only reason I'd want to invert my strafe mode is if I'd changed the ship I was piloting. When I decide to change ships from a wolf to an odyssey that's when I'll change the option back in the menu.

This is the tip I would give anyone who is struggling to successfully pilot their ships who is new to the game (and therefore maybe hasn't tried this).

edit: Yes, I'm aware that my suggestion is "bad" but IMO you have to be pretty elite at games like this for my suggestion to be incorrect. I'm not a pro-level gamer and I'm not sad about that, this menu option totally saves me. It lets me "be bad" but still feel "badass" instead.

General Discussion / Re: Questions about NPC Officers Skills/Composition
« on: January 22, 2020, 10:25:04 PM »
100% cr is 10% but 85% cr is 5%? The officer skill only gives +15% so really you're going from 105% to 110% bonus rating. It's a skill I like having on my officers but it isn't the best skill or a must have.

You forgot about existance of the fleetwide +15% CR player skill.

Yes of course. In my sentence ENTIRELY about that fleetwide skill, I forgot about it.

General Discussion / Re: Questions about NPC Officers Skills/Composition
« on: January 22, 2020, 12:36:14 AM »
100% cr is 10% but 85% cr is 5%? The officer skill only gives +15% so really you're going from 105% to 110% bonus rating. It's a skill I like having on my officers but it isn't the best skill or a must have.

General Discussion / Re: Questions about NPC Officers Skills/Composition
« on: January 20, 2020, 12:10:18 PM »
combat readiness is EXTREMELY average as skills go, it is not a must have.

It might be a must have for a pilot who is piloting SO or phase though.

General Discussion / Re: Every ship dies everytime 100% die rate
« on: January 20, 2020, 12:08:38 PM »
Well you see when my pulse laser fires (automatically for some reasons and can't see how to turn it off) it uses 20% flux. So when my outgoing flux is 20% letting me shoot a mere 5 times and the damage to the tiny ship I'm shooting is can see how we have a problem. In effect, it only has to absord five hits on me, i flux and he ganks me.
This is one hour into the game.....

7 ships tested over multiple simulations. All destroyed.
Look in the top right of the refit screen. Ships can be upgraded with flux capacitors and vents, which will give them more power on the field. Hit those happy (+) markers, they're one of the most important things to put on a ship.

Thanks I'll try that. However is the gun uses more flux than deals damage it seems to be a gun that i don't want to be using.

If you match your identical ship up against an identical ship in the simulator and then let the ai control your ship, it'll win about 50% of the time.


Either you're matching weaker ships against stronger ships.


Most likely you're just a much worse pilot than the ai is, so if you want to play the game, and enjoy the campaign, but don't feel like training your fingers to "get good" at piloting? Well all you have to do is let the autopilot control your ship in normal campaign play. In fact you can play this game a bit like a tactical with pause strategy game. You never actually need to control even your own flagship, you can leave it on autopilot in battles.

If you can't learn the hotkeys, you won't become a good pilot, which is fine, again, you can play this game like a tactics game with pause and the admiral overlay menu in combat.

Now since other people have guessed you're using a wolf, I will mention, the wolf actually has quite a high skillcap for piloting, because it has missiles that are likely to be deadfire AND it has a maneuvering active skill. You can charge a wolf directly at a larger ship and use it's skimmer (while locked on target) to instantly warp behind an enemy ship and turn to face it and be able to unload a salvo into it's engines before it can position it's shields to cover itself. The wolf is a hit and run ship. A ship that's useful at very quickly winning 2on1's in a large battle, even against larger targets. The downside for a wolf though is that it's made of tissue paper and it's speed is actually only mediocre (when you don't take the skimmer into account).

I've seen streamers and let's players who have 50+ hours in the game pilot a wolf worse than the ai can. That said larger ships? Are simpler for the player to pilot and benefit more from player piloting. The ai is very good at flying it's ship (things like staying at the right range and aiming), but very bad at knowing strategically how to win a battle (hammer+anvil or simply 2v1'ing as many matchups as possible as fast as possible).

General Discussion / Re: Lesser Used Faction Tournament
« on: December 28, 2019, 12:21:39 PM »
when is round 2?

Mods / Re: [0.9a] Foundation Of Borken v0.2.4-RC3 (2019-1-19)
« on: November 29, 2019, 01:40:25 AM »
eyoo, does anyone know if this works fully in the latest 0.9.1a rc8? and/or if not, what is broken? is it badly broken or just a bit but still playable?
gonna be trying it either way shortly but i'd still very much appreciate an answer from anyone who already knows or has a good idea of what might be broken if anything.

nevermind just used the category index thing,, forgot how lovely that thing is :q ain't played or modded starsector for that matter for a couple years now it think :q cheers!!

I totally failed to find any threads about foundation of borken here

Do you have a copy of whatever was posted? I'm still playing 0.2.4 rc-3 in my current campaign so any update would be great.

General Discussion / Re: 8th Starsector 2v2 Team Tournament
« on: November 14, 2019, 04:44:34 PM »
No I'm sorry I totally forgot the timestamp, I just vividly remember three different HIL snipes that seemed to be a little derpy (I think those are the ones you mean). One of them was on a maelstrom I think and I forget the other one, I think maybe on a charybdis(sp) or whatever that one sra capital is?

General Discussion / Re: 8th Starsector 2v2 Team Tournament
« on: November 14, 2019, 02:23:46 PM »
I actually do not think that that HIL is a bug. Most of the time the HIL starts firing when the shield is already turned the wrong way, and maybe the ship doesn't think it's worth wasting a second without any shields to put them down and re-raise them on the correct side. Capital ship's with omni shields have really slowly moving shields and no one is running accelerated shields. Yes, it's bad fleet AI that the ships keep ending up in this trap, but it's more of a fleet trap than a shield bug in my eyes.

I also think some of the "worst" examples of the HIL dodging shields could've been due to the broken edith that alex didn't put in the game himself.

The fleet AI can't comprehend a HIL being given a range buff in the middle of the deployment. I'm not sure that's a bug, because it's not a feature in the first place. Paragon HILs weren't as good at sniping as those edith HILs. I think maybe the fleet AI calculates the range it wants to stay at to avoid the HIL without accounting for the edith? That would explain it entirely, and wouldn't really be a "bug". Although converted hangars, valkyrie, buffalomk2, and sabot's are all vanilla and might involve AI related bugs.

Maybe the edith buff could be changed to projectile movement speed instead of range? and then instead of being nerfed from 30% for capitals to 10% it could go up to something insane like 50% because projectile movement speed won't break fleetAI but could still be useful, especially if LoA is given a lot of long range guns that have slow projectile speeds (which I think it actually already has lots of).

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