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Starsector 0.9.1a is out! (05/10/19); Blog post: Skills and Story Points (07/08/19)

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Sad, but thanks for the clarification, anyway you really did a excellent mod, keep it up :)

Thanks will do! :)

it doesn't disappear in my inventory, just in the store.

Hmm gotcha. Very strange. Well, I haven't been able to reproduce that issue yet, I'm sorry. It seems to work fine for me. :(

Sorry for the string of additional questions, but without being able to reproduce it I need to narrow it down further.

So, this only occurs after you have selected a trade mission in particular? It doesn't occur on bounties or other kinds of bar missions? Do the items disappear after the mission is accepted the next time you visit the market? Or is it just never replenished after it is bought?

Couple other things to help troubleshoot:

1) Any other mods installed?

2) What operating system are you using?

3) Are you on the latest version of Starsector: 0.9.1a?

^ Hi there. I've actually thought about it a lot. Its not something I would never do, but it would be a substantial amount of work to balance for vanilla and the other faction mods. Months if not years. I would have to completely rework the sprites, ship stats, weapons and fighters and then support both. The names of many ships and weapons would also have to change to prevent inter-mod naming conflicts.

What would be more likely in the future would be to separate out certain easier-to-manage features (such as fleet dialogue) in stand-alone utility mods, and for the Archean Order mod I will either merge in Nex features to the standard download or create similar ones of my own design.

No problem, the interest is appreciated. Good luck on your future modding and if you have other questions feel free to ask.

Modding / Re: Capital Phase Ships
« on: August 16, 2019, 03:12:22 PM »
I have a phase battleship in Archean Order called the Tyrant-class.

Its pretty hard to acquire though. You would either have to salvage one or buy it through a commission with the Adamantine Consortium and in most start scenarios they start hostile to the player.

EDIT: Oh, forgot, if you want to see it in action however, it can be fought against in one of the mod's missions: "The Captain's Gambit"

^ Hi glad you are enjoying the mod. No worries on the modding questions I don't mind. :)

The particles are indeed typically resized for fighter weapons, though not in all cases. Mostly in the ones that would be more noticeable. On the technical side: they are separate weapon files from the ship-based ones so they can have separate projectile files as well, or in the case of beams I can just make the particles smaller in the weapon file itself.

As a side note, I think they may be slightly reduced in size by default as well. It at least certainly seems that way for missiles and torpedoes.

As far as the weapon sprites getting shrunk down.. I wish there was an easy answer here- such as simply putting the weapon sprite components in paint and reducing image size by 50% or something - but they are actually all custom drawn (I use and kitbashed from existing weapons. Reducing size often makes the image quite blurry.

What I do:

I spend some time looking at the weapon I want to shrink to see what detail would be impossible to reproduce in a smaller form (so I know to ignore it when kitbashing or paint over it) then try and get a good idea of the weapon sprite's "shell" and basic features. At that point if I can use bits of the original weapon for kitbashing I do. Sometimes I take 15 or more tiny pieces to create the form and then blend/erase them using colors taken from the original until it looks right. Sometimes it just takes 2 or 3 pieces.

There are also instances where I had a small version of the weapon that fits the medium weapon size well enough to use that sprite. Its different case by case.

Modding / Re: Fighter collision and targeting
« on: August 15, 2019, 02:17:10 PM »
The vanilla tachyon lance used to be capable of shooting through fighters and missiles, but I think that ability got removed?  I'd have to double-check and I don't have the game in front of me right now.

There's an old thing in the .WPN specifications, allowing for a Weapon to have a specific mask (see concept of a bitmask if you're not familiar with how that works) for evaluating collisions.  I'm not sure if it's still working or Alex deprecated the code, however; I haven't messed with it in ages.

Essentially, you'd go into the .WPN / PROJ and write "pierceSet":["FIGHTER"]... I think?

I don't have a clue whether or not its actually used in vanilla like Wyvern said, but you definitely can always set any beam to pierce through fighters and missiles through editing its .weapon file. I do it in Archean Order for just about every beam since there are so many fighters. Beams used to be pretty suboptimal before I made that change. (Always would get stuck on the fighter cloud.)

Just set:


in the file.

EDIT: Oh, and forgot to mention I don't think that code works for projectile weapons. Only beams, if I recall correctly. The closest thing to that for projectiles is the plasma cannon projectile file, and that forces your projectile to look a certain way so keep that in mind.

Hi and welcome!  :)

Unfortunately no. Though I do have an endgame planned, I'm not sure if completely eradicating factions will be a part of that or not. I am planning a size-able narrative and having such a dynamic sector completely driven by the player would severely complicate that process. That doesn't mean that decisions made by the player within the framework of the narrative wouldn't have similar consequences to colonies or maybe even factions, but I want it to be through that medium rather than simply giving the player the freedom to blow up whomever they choose whenever they choose. ;)

After the story is finished there might be more things along those lines, but even then if I went that route I would have to code around it in the future, so it is a decision I am making with care.

It seems to be an in-demand feature, however, since you are not the first to bring it up lol. That may eventually force my hand so to speak. We will see.

Modding Resources / Re: [0.9.1a] SafariJohn's Rules Tool (v2.0.0)
« on: August 10, 2019, 03:47:05 PM »
Yay! Just in time for me to use it for my next dev sprint. I'll let you know if any bugs show up!

^ Should be fine. Let me know if otherwise.

^ Go to the mod_info file located in the mod directory root and set:   "totalConversion":"true",     to:     "totalConversion":"false",

Keep in mind that as a total conversion which reworks combat stats so heavily this mod is not compatible with the majority of other mods (Including Nex, sorry! Possibly compatibility may come later, or at least similar features, but that is further down the dev road.)

Utility mods are usually compatible, though. If you like, you can give me the list of mods you want to use alongside this one and I can tell you if I've heard of other players using those alongside this one running into any problems.

^ Not as of yet, but there are plans for them. Maybe alongside missions? (target of the next update)

Within your "Screenshots and Gifs" section - Factions - you have a new item/good called Hand-Weapons listed within the illegal commodities for some factions like the Sci-Fi Corps as shown here.
Sci-Fi Corps
In my game, I don't have that listed in the illegal commodities nor can I find it. Also, for the Consortium, they have food as a illegal commodity - is that normal?

On the last question, yes that is normal. The Barons hold their territory and slaves with an iron fist. They therefore seek to control the flow of all commodities to their markets. Carrying food especially (to possibly use as a way to provoke a rebellion) is considered a high crime in their politics, and that is assuming you can get on their good side in the first place. As of this update I think the only way is continual bribery. I may also include domestic goods in the illegal goods category some time in the future.

On the Hand Weapons in the picture, those are a little dated from a few releases ago at this point. :-[ I need to update them. I believe that particular item is a carry-over from before that item became.. .errrr... "Heavy Weapons" I think?

That is probably the inconsistencies you are seeing. Heavy Weapons should now take that item's place and have a different icon picture.

Hi, having trouble with trade missions as whenever i accept one i can no longer buy anything other than weapons at planets and stations, and no one hails me to receive the goods. Any thoughts?
Strange I'll try and reproduce this. What happens to the other commodities such as fuel? Do they disappear or just are no longer purchase-able?

I tried both bar trade missions and intel trade missions and they seem to be fine on my end. I can see and purchase other commodities while accepting them, and the dialogue to turn them in populates as expected when docking with the planet or station.

In the case of bar missions, the dialogue and reward is generated immediately along with the market description text. For intel missions, it populates with an npc. Black market missions that require transponder off trade also appeared to work.

I did not, however, get to try every faction yet. Were these missions from the new factions? I'll keep trying to reproduce it in the meantime.

Hi, having trouble with trade missions as whenever i accept one i can no longer buy anything other than weapons at planets and stations, and no one hails me to receive the goods. Any thoughts?

Strange I'll try and reproduce this. What happens to the other commodities such as fuel? Do they disappear or just are no longer purchase-able?

Upside: New factions, dialogue, fighter heavy playstyle
Downsides: fighter heavy battles bring down fps, ships too easy to acquire  and archean are also op

Thanks for the feedback! :) Glad you are mostly having fun, but as far as your concerns go what would you say is the root cause of your fleet feeling too powerful? Weapons on the ships or the ships stats themselves? The reason I ask is because each one would take a different approach when re-balancing them.

Or is it simply pure accessibility? I will say I am planning on making a commission with the Archean Order more difficult in the future by requiring the player to complete difficult quests first. Adamantine Consortium is already significantly more difficult since they start hostile now.

Another possible solution could be to adjust the rarity modifier of the bigger Archean ships. That won't prevent them from being salvageable though.

There will be a general increase in ship prices in the next release.

Question, are the 15 extra markets removed? I don't see the extra goods in my game.

I'm not quite sure what you mean by extra markets and goods. Do you mean faction markets that are unique to this mod? They should all still be functioning as normal. Was something like this added in the last Starsector update and I missed it?

If this is a spoiler feel free to PM me more details on the issue :)

I haven't really looked at ship prices in a while, so they are probably back from ohhh maybe .65?

It may be time to re-evaluate the price progression.

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