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Starsector 0.9.1a is out! (05/10/19); Blog post: Skills and Story Points (07/08/19)

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Well that seems like hell with me then, I was struggling with the CIS battleship which I think is the Megalith? against REDACTED and other faction ships of equal size weight. BUt I'll check it out later tonight. Thanks for keeping these updated as fast and fixed best ya can chief!

Yup, the Megalith is inspired by the Lucrehulk battleship. It will really depend on what you were struggling with though. Its shields are better but it has less dissipation and ordinance points than before. Its primary cannons have shorter range, but higher hit damage to make them more effective at other battleships like the onslaught.

So there were some trade offs but the biggest change was less range so the Megalith doesn't make stations practically obsolete when using Apocalypse Cannons.

Thank you very much! this is actually exactly what I was hoping for! :)
And a standalone is already in planning? Perfect!
 And I'm looking forward to that as well. Keep up the good work mate :)


Oh I see! A lot has changed since then as far as balance and hopefully performance goes. Let me know if that worsens or enhances your experience.

Battles should be larger and frigates have more of a role due to some recent buffs in their category of vessel. Archean Order ships and weapons have been reworked a bit, but their overall strength in the player hands should be a bit less overwhelming for the benefit of the AI having a noticeable improvement with them. I think that should balance out to a more fun end game experience. Previously the player could absolutely destroy with them (the Megalith was a bit OP honestly) and now end game threats should offer a bit more of a challenge if playing as that faction. Simultaneously, playing against the Archean Order should be more challenging and less about the "wait for high flux then pounce" play-style that the fire support weapons often forced. Their weapons still max their vessels flux quickly, but their salvos are more damaging and require more careful mitigation. They cannot snipe and kite nearly as effectively, however.

I'm hoping those changes provide adequate trade-offs.

I have officially hotfixed the fatal error with the Helmanship skill. It has been reported as solved as of today. Simply re-download the mod, delete your old mod directory and replace it with the new one. It will seem like the skill has been weakened according to the tooltip, but each hullmod that affects that value stacks so functionally it remains almost the same. Frigates with that skill should be pretty fun to pilot now.

The new version should read "Archean Order TC v1.3.4c" when downloading.

Notes: (minor)
Bug Fixes
 - Fixed fatal error when taking the helmanship skill tier 3.


I totally love the idea of the more immersive interactions of your mod here. Is there any safe way to only implement that way without the faction-, ship- and weapon-modifications, -additions?

I know it's basically getting rid of the most important part, which by the way I really love the idea and design of. I'm stunned by its beauty, especially the sci faction & background <3

Thanks I appreciate your enthusiasm!  :)

To make sure I understand what you are asking, you want the dialogue features without the combat rebalance or new factions? Or you want the dialogue features and new factions (minus their ships, weapons, fighters, etc) but without the combat rebalance?

The first one will probably happen anyway, I'm just not 100% done fleshing out that system yet (its a lot of rules work) and I want to wait until then to release it as a stand-alone mod that can be used with all mods.

The second request would be possible but more difficult. I'm not sure how worth it that particular amount of work would be, however, since it removes most of the iconic themes associated with each faction.

If you don't want to wait for me (understandable haha) then you can probably get the dialogue into other mods with a bit of work:

1) Open the rules.csv file using SafariJohn's rule tool:

2) delete all the rules other than the directories titled "fleet interaction menu options" "cease fire interaction" and "commodity request/demand interactions"

3) look at the src directory and find the rulecmd directory under "src/archeus"

4) the rule commands you would need to compile into a jar are: "CeaseFireBribeCalc" "CeaseFireRequestCalc" "CommodityRequestCalc" "ReqCredits" "ReqFuel" "ReqSupplies" "SetReputationLevel"

5) add the jar (name it whatever) to the setting file in your starsector directory.

All I ask if you do this is that you don't release it and keep it as a personal mod (because I will release an official one eventually).

Holy crap this is actually happening.  You do not know what you have unleashed upon the galaxy.  MISSILE BOATS AWAY!

 ;D Have fun and let me know if you run into any issues!

Awesome I'm glad that did the trick! I'll release a formal update in a bit.

Yeah it isn't the first time I've run into an error like that. I don't know if operating system or dev mode has anything to do with it, but at least this one ended up being easy to fix. The last one like this took me forever to find and I essentially had to logic it out. Based on the changes I made it had to be one of two things:

1) I didn't make the variable that edits the zeroFluxBoost a final variable. Not sure why this would cause a nullpointer, but just to be safe I corrected it.

2) Since zeroFluxBoost modifications stack based on my implementation and I didn't realize it, maybe for that skill the value went above 100% in some cases which in turn sets it to null and causes a nullpointer on further modification attempts?

No idea, really, but either way thanks for the feedback and confirmation of the fix. I really appreciate it!

Thank you I'm glad you are having fun. :)

Depending on your current version, this next version (once hotfixed) will hopefully improve that lag a bit too.

Suggestions / Re: Thinking Inside the Box About Hyperspace Terrain
« on: November 12, 2019, 08:03:05 PM »
Now that you mention it, I sort of expected Black holes to suck me in from hyperspace, when I first started out. I even went out of my way to fly around them. Their menace factor severely dropped for me when I realized this wasn't the case.

I naively implemented a black hole as the system star for one of my factions, and because I didn't understand how to make it work it was really just a standard star in actual function. Then out of curiosity on a test, I flew into the custom one and it gave a corona effect and prevented me from flying into the center. For some hair-brained reason I assumed all black holes operated this way (again very naively *face palm*)... until I found a real one in a campaign where I had several cruisers... destroyed my entire fleet because I did not give it the respect it deserved lol. Serves me right too.

The warning siren is a particularly nice addition. It makes the tension even greater when you try and emergency burn out of the event horizon and you realize you... aren't going to make it.

Anyway, more on topic:

I like the idea of isolated hidden systems in large hyperspace storms. I've always thought it would be neat to find things like independent outposts that operate on the principle of large scale invasion forces being impractical. Storms make a great reason why that could be the case. Only smaller fleets/traders can get through reliably.

No worries  ;) hopefully I'll get a proper update out soon. I want to be sure it actually solves the problem first. I hate things I cant reproduce. It greatly limits my ability to troubleshoot.

Yes, though I myself cannot reproduce it. I have provided what could potentially be a fix on this thread but haven't heard anything to confirm it yet:

^ Ok understood.

Hmm, its weird because I am not getting this error. It is especially weird because the line of code the error points to is:

            stats.getZeroFluxMinimumFluxLevel().modifyFlat(id, ZERO_FLUX_LEVEL * 0.01f);

The only way that would cause a nullpointer is if stats or getZeroFluxMinimumLevel() is coming back null- which should never happen afaik.

Something that may work:

Download and replace the jar in the main mod directory (same place as mod_info) and see if this fixes it. I strongly recommend keeping the jar you have backed up until you know its fixed though.

A side note: I didn't realize modifying the flux boost is additive so I reduced the amount from the skill to 35%. This means for frigates the actual threshold is somewhere around 75% before you loose the speed boost. Anything above frigates will be around 40%.

Is this just when viewing the ship in the refit screen or in combat?

Hey everyone Sundog just let me know about this. I'll look into it today and get a fix out as soon as I can.

hey chief, when ya say its Now Nex compatible is that implying the Nexerelin by Histidine, Zaphide mega mod?

Yes. :) Though there is a bug with my helmsmanship skill I just found out about that I need to correct.

I set the isDone() return to false, but still no luck actually populating anything to memory. The RuntimeException does fire if I take away the memory check (like before) but if I comment that out and just leave the portion that is supposed to attach a variable to the player's memory it never shows up.

I even directly referenced TutorialMissionEvent and set the PersonAPI to protected like it is there.

Are there any examples I can reference where a memory variable is attached to the player rather than an entity PersonAPI?

I know it at least gets to this code:


player = Global.getSector().getPlayerPerson();
        player.getMemoryWithoutUpdate().set("$PortraitsEnabled", false);

But that particular code doesn't seem to work while under EveryFrameScript.

I don't understand what I could be doing wrong. :( It seems rather straightforward on the surface.

Full script:

package archeus.campaign.everyframescripts;

import com.fs.starfarer.api.EveryFrameScript;
import com.fs.starfarer.api.Global;
import com.fs.starfarer.api.characters.PersonAPI;
import com.fs.starfarer.api.util.IntervalUtil;
import com.fs.starfarer.api.util.Misc;
import archeus.rulecmd.SetPlayerPortraits;

import java.util.ArrayList;
import java.util.List;

public class CheckCommissionForPortraitLocks implements EveryFrameScript {
private IntervalUtil tracker = new IntervalUtil(0.05f, 0.1f);

    protected PersonAPI player;

public CheckCommissionForPortraitLocks() {
//player.getMemoryWithoutUpdate().is("$FactionOnlyPortraitsEnabled", true) &&
        player = Global.getSector().getPlayerPerson();
if (Misc.getCommissionFactionId() == null) {

public void advance(float amount) {
float days = Global.getSector().getClock().convertToDays(amount);
player = Global.getSector().getPlayerPerson();

if (tracker.intervalElapsed()) {
if (player.getMemoryWithoutUpdate().is("$FactionOnlyPortraitsEnabled", false) && Misc.getCommissionFactionId() == null) {

public void resetPlayerPortraits() {
        SetPlayerPortraits portraits = new SetPlayerPortraits();

List<Misc.Token> params = new ArrayList<Misc.Token>();
Misc.Token token = new Misc.Token("all", null);
params.add(0, token);
portraits.execute(null, null, params, null);

        player = Global.getSector().getPlayerPerson();
        player.getMemoryWithoutUpdate().set("$PortraitsEnabled", false);

        //throw new RuntimeException("Yep, it's running");

public boolean isDone() {
return false;

public boolean runWhilePaused() {
return false;

@Morrokain: Are you certain your script is being run? I'm not certain exactly how it functions, but I'm pretty sure returning true for isDone() tells the engine that it's not necessary to run your script anymore.

Oh, I missed that, but, yeah, the script as-ise would get removed either immediately or after running for one frame.

Oh! Ok got it. Can I just remove that whole portion? Or should I return false?

Yeah just Nex itself.  ;)

Other mods that add ships should actually be fine as long as they do not modify any core vanilla ships or variants. Really its the variants of vanilla ships that is the big problem because that would cause random nullpointers if I have removed weapon mounts, etc.

That doesn't mean they will be balanced, though, since other ship mods balance around Vanilla (mostly).

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