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Sadly, no one has control over fleet wide loadout so the best Morrokain could do is to balance the craft on one ship as a mix of multiple types. Also, Astral's Teleport ability has already been removed in the BETA.

What you experienced right now is the release version which is from last year and very outdated. Half of your concern has probably been fixed already in the BETA version. Major overhaul in regard to the entire craft roster has been implemented and I would implore you to try out the BETA version.

Beta download.

so is it that higher tech means better ships/weapons now? instead of different doctrine like in the original?

I would say no. This mod power level is being balanced around DP. A ship that costs more point to be deployed tends to be better than ships that cost less. This mod's factions also mostly incline to high-tech so you will likely see more high-tech ships than others. Apart from pirate's junks, most low-tech and midline can deal with high-tech ships no problem, with a correct loadout. As for weapons, your typical vanilla ballistics are buff up a lot and can shred Paragon's shield with ease.

General Discussion / Re: Is this game dead?
« on: February 21, 2021, 07:47:02 PM »
D) The project relies on 3rd party software or hardware - and that 3rd party discontinues support or makes changes that are incompatible with the project's implementation of the 3rd party component.

This, one of my Kickstarter games went down with it with the entire saving of the dev and his house.

Omg, Flux vent ability. Not that unmanageable but make it have like 3 lives more. My only complaint is that it is unnoticeable when the skill is activated. Maybe you should make the shield glow red when it's activated like Fortress Shield. And would you be interested in MagicLib for some added SFX enhancement?

Wait, Flash bombers aren't the ones dropping the little purple bombs off?

No, those are from the Phantom bomber and it is a pretty strong Legendary class. Its damage is being balanced right now. If you think it's too weak you should test it some more and leave your opinion for Morrokain.

Do no ships have Ground Support Packages anymore? Just picked up a couple of Valkyries, they serve as little more than expensive crew transports right now.

No, sadly it has been removed. For me, it's not that important anyway since this mod's ships have bigger bunk than vanilla and far larger storage capacity. So, you can always carry 2000 heavy armaments with you anytime and those are enough to have invasion sucess rate of 70%+ after bombardment.

Just a personal observation, but flash bombers and bombers in general that require a momentum release seem severely weak.
It's much more beneficial to use heavy fighters that use a combo of EMP/Sustained damage than it is for the brief heavy damage infliction.

I'm late game now and I've essentially eliminated all my bomber wings as they under-performed compared to my heavy fighters.
In my opinion, the weapon mount disabling is far more vital than having bombers.

Flash Bomber in this mod actually has guns and not bombs like in vanilla. Its DPS is also one of the highest of all crafts as well but it's fragile... for now. As for bombers in general, you should never use them alone or against a shield. Try to deploy it in combination with the main ballistic front-line ships and it did wonders for me against any enemy capital ships. For example, I put low-tech bombers on my Executer with main ballistic and energy.

Yeah I agree. Unfortunately reducing the cd creates an AI issue. The AI manually fires strike weapons (which the Obliterator is because it would waste too many shots on strike craft otherwise) and low cooldowns mean the AI is very inefficient. What about a burst? Like 2 or three pulses per fire or something? That would make it more similar to the Heavy Obliterator Cannon.

A bigger burst size might be better. From what I saw, it couldn't empty the clip no matter what for both Medium and Heavy Obliterator. The damage is still insane though albeit slower, can overload Executor in one salvo from my full Obliterator Paragon. Because it's cheap to fire I would cut the damage out some more. I say the heavy Obliterator goes down to 1000-1200 per bullet and maybe increases the burst size to 6 with a slightly longer delay (not sure how it's going to look lol). Medium Obliterator's damage down to 500-600 and burst size increases to 4 and fire in an alternative pattern like Heavy.

Re: Teleporter.
I think it has Plasma Jets so maybe the buff will help? Is it still too fragile due to surrounds without the Teleport?

It's not that fragile but once it succumbs to mistake it has zero chance of recovery. Players will surely take the opportunity to gang it if it coming straight with no support.

Now, that you buff strike crafts maybe a bit too much. Tyrant speed nerf might be unjustified. Really can't escape from the fighter swarm.

The Cobra hit rate has increased to around 20-30%, slightly better. For now, I would leave it like that until someone complains more about it.

The new Obliterator doesn't feel right. The DPS output is in line but its reload speed is a lot worse. The gap between each salvo is huge and I like the old one more. I think faster firing and less damage per bullet will be better.

Tyrant's boost ability is often wasted by AI and doesn't look that significant. If its duration is longer and a bit more potent would be nice.

Can you make REDACTED fleets larger for all security rating? It's too easy at the moment after the teleporter removed. I still like the old teleporter on Radiant. It makes the ship survive long but it has to be fine tuned first to not suicide.

Sorry for the delay in changes, I had a tricky thing I wanted to solve first that ended up taking more time than I expected. I have it working (mostly) now though. I might take a break tonight but I might not too. I'm still undecided. I have the changes I want to do in mind and they would be fast but I want to test a bit first so that the testing burden is a little less on the users and a little more on me.

No hurry. I myself almost got burnout as well. I'm only focusing on the specific issue of craft balance and some nerf require to not let any weapon become a no brainer choice. I rarely play now a day, going to wait for a new major update to hit.

My only gripe is that this mod fails to address the complete technological domination of some ships and strike crafts. While it's fine for the early game, later game essentially results in the same meta-builds and the same use of fighters/gunships/bombers over and over again. This essentially makes 90% of the crafts that this mod makes effort to improve essentially.... useless and just junk waiting for the player to obliterate.

You should try the beta. There's a lot of major overhauls for the craft which make most of Low, Mid, and High tiers viable in many situations. High tech tier crafts will be weak against low tier ship due to heavily shield investment while still strong against high tech ships. Midline has very good fighters and well rounded bombers with the addition of new Legendaries. Whereas Low tech crafts got armor boost and usable end game.

It did die a lot due to slow speed. The turn radius is also quite wide for a ship this slow. Unless I supplement with some decoy fighter/interceptor, more than half will be gone against a capital ship. I don’t mind the loss that much (kamikaze bomber lol) but I do mind its inability to even hit something. Even with fighters combine, in my case I used 4 Nightmares + 8 Cobras, the hit rate of torps is as low as 10%. I was like T^T when it pops from a few Electron gun’s bullets.

I wonder if less projectile hp on each individual phase orbs would be the way to go or if that would just make it too easy to abuse overloads? I want to distinguish it from the piranha in some way (obviously the phase helps) and have it be worth the OP cost to install. The earlier version's damage seemed weaker compared to torpedo bombers so I probably just tuned it too high.

The earlier version could only scratch the enemy lol.

The bomb HP is not that critical, to begin with. I would say, the amount of bombs is too overwhelming for PD to intercept when deploying en masse. One craft can shoot out 5 orbs. If I fully loaded 10 slots Astral with it that would be 100 orbs which are just downright horrible for the enemy. This dense bomb screen can help protect the crafts from damage as well which makes it harder for interceptors to kill them. I would suggest either reduce the damage or cut down on the amount of bomb per craft to 3 or 4 and adjust its damage accordingly might help. The craft survivability is pretty OK, not too strong.

Have you made changes to the Cobra yet? Because it's pretty crappy right now lol. Its torp HP is severely low.

Oh no, not Spectre, the Phantom bomber. The name is too similar lol.

I like this new Sabot. It hits more, often 60% of the time, and it's useless against armor due to more projectile and low damage per bullet which suits its role pretty well. Often fast frigate and destroyer that strafe can evade it pretty easily. Might consider low second stage projectile speed a bit more if you think fast frigate should be immune to it.

I haven't had time to test anything substantial but I noticed that Spectre receives a massive damage buff and it becomes OP at the moment. A full stack of 10 can one shot almost any capital which is a bit crazy. And what more, I can usually buy Spectre directly from the black market associated with AO. You should limit the buying option to military commission only.

I think Flash bomber is a little too fragile and might need some buff. On another hand, I think some armor oriented craft is too tough to shoot down with normal PD. Might need some explosive anti-craft missile to counter it. I believe Vespid can be changed to this role as at the moment smokescreen is superior to it in every way.

A question, where do I find those simulation’s capital ships to test against?

I always delete everything and do a clean install of the mod so yeah. If you want the save file I can upload it.

For the Sabot, do you mean the version where it had higher armor penetration and was a single projectile?
Not the vanilla, the one before beta, it looks more believable. This new one has a secondary projectile range very far. it's kind of ridiculous. Your Sabot is more of a short gun so it shouldn't go that far. I would go with buffing missile speed, HP, or changing patterns would fit with the theme more. Or making secondary projectiles invincible or prematurely detonate secondary projectile when destroy but dealing only half damage. Can it fly in engine interdiction pattern but detonate when it's only on a quarter of the route?

For Concentrated Shields that is honestly an intended downside because it makes shields so much better. Have you tried defending with a lot of interceptors to relieve some of the strike craft pressure?
It's not enough to counter from my PoV. Usually, the craft AI tends to group up together into a massive blob. So, 30+ crafts can only help one ship at a time instead of spreading out. That's why I was thinking that some interceptor and PD drone ranges should be reduced to only cover their own ship only or ships next to it. It's useless to sent interceptors to attack enemy ships anyway so that role can be left to fighters.

All of my interceptors are on the battleships and all of my carriers were filled with fighters, gunships, and bombers to the brim lol.

If that doesn't help much I'll consider reducing its arc reduction. Combining the two hullmods is too much of a mandatory OP sink imo because its so good to have 360 shields with 20% extra hp and increased damage efficiency.
I wouldn't want 360 that would be too much but 180 isn't cut out (it's only useful on 360 shield ship like Paragon anyway). I would prefer around 220-250 degrees of the shield arc after the Extended Shield apply. The OP sink is kind of justify since apart from shield damage reduction I also get massive flux capacity. This is almost equal to dumping 60 points into it for Paragon. And I kind of profit some instead of using normal Hardened Shield + 60 Flux capacity.

Or if you think it OK as it is, I'm fine with that. It still dominates in 1v1 situation anyway.

Accelerate Shield stack on Magelith is also kind of OP but it didn't bother me too much.

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