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Yuri ships don't stack up well against high-tech fleets, especially shield-tanking Paragons. Just... don't send one in alone or it'll get swarmed. High-intensity lasers will be very useful.

Also to expand on the post above, in general, during battles, Yuri > Aria > Royal Azalea > Yuri. Or, at least, that's was the general rule I was going for when designing the latter factions' rosters.

Alright so I loaded up the mod midgame, and as it currently stands, I am able to--
1. Load the game without any issues, so it seems save compatible and
2. Certain blueprints I've already held onto (midline ones) has a few ships introduced by this mod. I haven't continued exploring yet so I can't say whether or not do yuri blueprints have any drop chance, will give an update after further testing.

update: so I haven't found any yuri blueprints yet since I haven't explored planets-- however, some vanilla factions are making use of yuri-related ships + occasional shipwrecks that are told by storytellers from the local bar include yuri ships.
Oh, that's interesting to hear! In that case, it's quite likely that the blueprints themselves could also be generated randomly. Note however that there are two blueprints for the full YRXP catalogue, and one is markedly rarer than the other. Though I suppose there is no other way but to put your faith in the RNG.

When playing Nexerlin with Yuri XP, I noticed that ships with D-mods barely have a purchase price reduction, like roughly 100 credits per D-mod for a 50k ship.  Also, the variety of ships available for purchase was very limited, there's like 15 combat freighters and a handful of frigates.  But almost entirely freighters.  Furthermore, there are 3 missile launchers for sale, 2 fighters, and that's it, no other weapons.  So I couldn't really try it out...

It's funny when a pirate base puts in an urgent request for J-POP CDs, though!
The D-mods and their effects are handled by the Starsector engine and I have made no (conscious) input on how they work with YRXP. The same goes with the spawning of ships, though I guessed some time ago that they might have been tied to a planet's size and output of ship hulls. In which case with some patience, you might find your luck, because in the recent versions of YRXP, I added an event that fires, I think a year or so into a game, which upgrades the Yuri home system pretty much across the board. If my guess was right, it should help with spawning the higher-level ships, weapons and mods at greater frequency.

Oh okay. I was hoping the blueprints for the ships would have a drop chance when exploring ruins/derelicts or the like. I guess I'll really have to start a new game then. Thank you very much for the reply  :).
I'm not quite sure how the game handles blueprints added mid-game, but I guess there's a chance? I've never personally tested it, however.

Hello, I'd like to inquire: Is the mod safe to add mid-game? I'm okay with the faction itself being absent, I just want the ships around. Some faction mods I've downloaded have proven to be safe for adding mid-game, I just don't know about this one.
I'm not actually sure if it will cause crashes if you install it mid-game, but since you're after the ships, it won't be possible to obtain them anyway since their home system is only generated at the start of a game, and that's the only place you can obtain the ships...

I came to report a bug related with this mod. It was a fatal error / crash...

From what I understand when you nerfed a bunch of yuri ships by changing what can go in what slots...

Ah, thank you for the bug report! I will make sure to take a look at the variants if and when I come back to it!

Hi, I was just wondering, how do you find Queen Angeliza-class battleships? I really want to pilot one in the campaign as my sort of "unstoppable mega ship of doom and terror".
Hey, glad you enjoy the mod!

The Queen Angeliza is available at high-population/high-ship production Royal Azalea colonies. It's just very rare. Good luck!

The Shine ray does not benefit from the Yuri Void Warfare Doctrine additional missile effect, I think it's because the Halo Drone Frigates it can launch count as Common rather than Yuri.
Oh, you're probably right, thanks for pointing that out!

As far as I can tell, there is no indicator that Yuri ships cannot mount Shield Bypass from SWP.
Iirc, Shield Bypass won't work if the ship doesn't have a shield to begin with? I'm not so sure, it's been a long time.

Also, what IS the Targeting Laser for?
It's for the mod's carriers that are fitted only with missiles. It gives the AI the correct distance from which they should engage.

For a suggestion, instead of -75% cargo hold and deplete combat readiness of the ship, there should be a better, dynamic way for this to work...
Thank you for the suggestions! You've got me interested in a few points and I might put those in for a future update!

Regarding supply production, I think will keep transplutonic + metals as a nod to the true vanilla recipe for supplies. After all, in-game, supplies seem to refer more to spare parts and munitions rather than actual crew provisions (evidenced by the fact that when supplies run out, it's ship health, directly, that gets affected, not CR or anything else). But I have been considering a use for organics, which I think is the only resource that currently does not engage with the forge mods, and I think I have an idea, but no ETA on that yet.

This happens with all of the resource conversion hullmods...
Thanks for the info!

Btw, there is a bug relating to loading a save in mid game, YREX stop running and forge ship wont produce stuffs anymore. YREX kick in only when you go to refit screen and leave after that.
This is something I've never noticed before! It might explain some of the strange errors coming in before about forge mods not working. Thanks for the report!

Does selling a pristine nanoforge when they have a corrupted one do the same?  :o
I'm not sure, but my guess is no. Likely have to be an empty heavy industry.

I'm really enjoying this mod! but I've got a quick question; is there anyway to make the yuri market music louder?
Yes, there is a sounds.json inside config, and you can find the BGM entry there with a corresponding volume field. You can change that to whatever value you please!

also, is there a way to give them a nanoforge? all the ships they sell have D-mods.
Yes, selling a nanoforge in a planet's open market will install that nanoforge into that planet's heavy industry if it doesn't already have one.

This results in you being unable to smelt / process resources, if z is higher than the amount of resources you have...
Strange, I'm pretty sure the code already handles setting the number of refines to the maximum number you have based on available resources. Can you tell which forge mod this issue is happening in? So I could take a look whenever I hop back into modding again.

Am I going to discover a dark secret or is this faction simply... anime girls from another dimension?  8)
That's pretty much spot on!  :)

Really liking the mod so far. There's just something so satisfying about broadsiding with an Invincible and watching it melt anything within range from behind a rainbow of shields. All of your mods (even the "forbidden" one) have become essential for my playthroughs, and I can't wait to see what you have in store next! Keep up the good work!

By the way, I think the tooltip for the Gambeson hull mod is incorrect (or I'm missing something). It says it makes all damage types do equal damage to the ship's armor, but given the actual percentages (-50% to HE, +50% to KE and Frag), wouldn't the damage numbers be 150% HE, 100% KE, and 75% Frag?
I'm very glad you like the mods! At the moment, updates will probably be going on a hiatus, since I'm hooked on another game, but rest assured, I have some new stuff coming for all three. Probably starting with Aria, then Royal Azalea, and then going back to Yuri.

And yeah, you're right! :P That was a mistake on my part. Expect it to change to -100, +50, +75, just as the description says!

Sorry for the slow reply! Just started playing Nobunaga's Ambition and it's way too fun so I'm hopelessly hooked! :P Unfortunately that means updates and fixes will probably be delayed for while...

personally I kind of think the PD missile systems (Cherry Pod APS, Rosethorn SAM, Steel Grape SAM) should at least get their re-loadable ammo back
You think so too? I was rolling that around my head for a bit, but I kind of balanced them against Diable's Magic Box pd missile, at 5 OP and limited ammo as well... But peronally I lean more to them having unlimited ammo too. We'll see.

Hello, just a suggestion but perhaps it might be better to consolidate the tech/manufacturer tags into one eg. Yuri Expedition/Caparice Trade Co.?
Hmm, yeah, I can see what you mean. It felt like a fun idea when I was just doing YRXP, but now that I have 3 mods going, I suppose it's a whole lot of clutter. I'll write this down for the next update!

Ran into a bug with the ship mall, if you go to a system that doesn't have any colonies in it the game will crash as soon as you try to move your fleet and spit out this error:
Thanks for the bug report! I'll take note of this for a future patch. For now, I'm pretty sure you can freely remove the Ship Mall mod, so as a temporary workaround, consider removing it before going out on exploration and bounty missions and just slap it back on when you're reentering civilization. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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