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Starsector 0.9.1a is out! (05/10/19); Updated the Forum Rules and Guidelines (02/29/20); Blog post: GIF Roundup (04/11/20)

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Mods / [0.9.1a] Adjusted Sector
« on: November 25, 2019, 12:01:33 PM »

Do you like exploration? Do you ever wanted your current playthrough last forever? Do you unsatisfied with the amount of stuff you can find and/or kill in Sector? Suffer no more!

Download Adjusted Sector 0.2.2.

This mod overrides procgen system, allowing you to change size of the sector, number of generated constellations, and more importantly - adjust number of themed constellations.
Look for settings.json file that you can find in Adjusted Sector\data\config.
Following fields define the number of stuff you will generate in sector.


These are simple numbers. You change the width and height of your map - more space for more stars. Depending on the size of the sector and constellation numbers, sector may be stuffed with stars.
Vanilla values:

In short, the greater this number - the greater amount of stars will be generated.
Vanilla Sector value: 100

"AdjustedSectorConstellationSize": 1000,
This field is responsible for size of each constellation cell. You better not touch it, otherwise weird things might happen.
Vanilla Sector value: 2000.

Increase or decrease this number to change the number of stars per constellation.
Increasing this number will result into less stars, decreasing - more stars.
Vanilla Sector value: 10


Game will roll the dice from sectorConstellationRemnantMin to sectorConstellationRemnantMax (in this case - from 75 to 125) with skipping probability of zero, to generated less random amount of remnant-infested systems. Low/Medium/High danger level spread is equal to the vanilla one.
Vanilla value: from 10 to 25(with skip prob 0.25).


Research stations? Mining stations? Just random debris? Ship graveyards? Gates?!
All these things are part of "Ruins" theme. Game will roll from sectorConstellationRuinsMin to sectorConstellationRuinsMax (in this case - from 50 to 75) and generate variety of stuff in this much constellations.
Vanilla value: from 15 to 25.

Motherships usually hoard bigger number of resources and rare items, then survey ships. You just need to kill the damn thing.
Strangely enough, the number of motherships are directly responsible for the amount of survey ships and probes that you can find through the sector. You probably should adjust this field to be at least equal to 1/15 (or 6%) of your constellation number.
1 Mothership takes about 5 points from constellation count, so beware.
Vanilla value: 1

Change the amount of the most useful, but annoyingly rare things you can find drifting in space, usually in the system with absolutely worst planets in the middle of nowhere.
Higher number of Cryosleepers is almost nessecary - since on the brink of the sector your colonies will have very low accesability.
Vanilla value: 2.


"accessibilityDistFromCOM" value dictates how harsh accessability penalties will be (bigger distance between core worlds and your colony = less accesability). Increase this value if you making your sector bigger.
"accessibilitySameFactionBonus" value responsible for accessability bonus for in-faction import - this is necessary for new colonies created by AI (Vayras Sector, Nexerelin).
Vanilla values:


If SAD mod is enabled, you can adjust the number of SAD-themed constellations.
Vanilla values:


If DME is enabled, as well as random generated blade breaker systems, you can change the amount of said BB-themed constellations.
This setting will work only if you have the most recent version of DME (which at the time of this writing isn't present yet).
Vanilla values:

This mod incompatible with Grand Sector, since it does the same thing and more.
This mod will inevitably ruin the hyperstorm spawn - it won't scale with new sector size, but eventually i will find a way to fix it.
Whenever you change the values for themed constellations be wary - if the number is too high for one theme, the other won't generate anything. Normaly, the number for theme shouldn't be greater than 40% of your constellations number, and total sum of all your "themed" numbers should be close or equal to constellations number. If sum is greater than constellation number, one "theme" will supress all others in such way:
Derelict > Ruins > Remnant.

With Adjusted Sector you can adjust almost everything.
Download this mod, open settings, and forever change your life.

Special thanks to creator of the Grand Sector, Alec, for inspiring this project, as well as people on discord. If not for you, guys, this thing would've never became mod.
Thanks to Histidine for adding compatibility changes to Nexerelin, and to Snrasha for incorporating adjusting settings into his mod.

2019.11.25 - 0.1.0 release.
2019.11.26 - 0.1.1: Fixed misplaced code, now constellations should generate as in vanilla, without suddenly appearing beyond the reaches of sector map.
2019.11.27 - 0.1.2: Fixed problem with zoom (unable to see entire map due to inability to zoom out). Additional changes to remove random stars being generates very close to/beyond reaches of sector map.
2019.12.01 - 0.2.0: Added proper (bigger) hyperstorm generation. Now you can adjust number of SAD-themed constellations. Added accessibility settings.
2019.12.01 - 0.2.1: Found and fixed bug with DME (Blade Breakers) and SAD not generating random systems when AS enabled.
2019.12.03 - 0.2.2: Now you can adjust number of "Blade Breaker"-themed constellations.

Modding / [REDACTED] systems
« on: September 20, 2019, 04:44:19 PM »
Is there any way to increase amount of [REDACTED]-infested systems generated at the start of the new game?

Discussions / New game setup
« on: September 19, 2019, 11:10:23 AM »
Firstly, i wanted to thank Alex and every soul that helped to make this game and every mod/feature there is. It's been ages since i last time got my hands on something truly wonderful.
I've reached the point when i'm have nothing to do with my current save. I have 18 colonies, 3 of them are lvl10, and almost all systems are explored. Still have few system with remnant stations (can't bring myself to end the last thing that keeps me entertained).
Where can i go from here?
I download some mods, thinking about nexerlin (some of its features are great, but others just not the my cup of tea).
Can you guys, recommend something to prolong my new game? I've got Grand sector mod, but i've some doubts that it will generate the according amount of, for example, derelicts or remnant systems, and i wasn't able to find anything about such things in game files (tho i dug up only 80% if them, who knows).

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