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Suggestions / Non military ships should not be deployable at all
« on: January 19, 2019, 11:21:19 PM »
Destruction of combat ships should automatically award all civilian ships as loot.

Suicidal behavior of everyone is fun, but this fun is immersion breaking, when lone survivor buffalo instead of surrender try to run from swarm of tempests...

Suggestions / ION pulser 20 ammo, 3 regen, 3 per shot
« on: January 19, 2019, 11:16:08 PM »
Should be 21 or 18 ammo to match weapon shooting pattern.

Well, typical situation, player depart into fringe world by taking "quests" for systems in same direction (or ever in same system).

Before departure, player managed to waste 6 skill points on looting, got 4 salvage gantries and 10k of free cargo capacity, in order to "feed" swarm of cargo ships, he got multiple tankers and 2k of supplies.

Player is not big fan of useless time wasting related to hyperspace storms, and just got spare supplies instead.

System after system, just trash, some common metals, some useless common weapons, deathball of pirates dropped like 400 supplies (with +100% bonus to loot) then sudden planet survey provided 1500 of transplutonics, but rest of cargo is just trash.

Entire exploration mission, that burned 2k of supplies and 10k of fuel, provided just 300k of loot money, that barely cover costs related to additional ships required to carry loot around.

Getting small and fast fleet for quests is MUCH MORE profitable then looting everything, and come with no penalties to rare loot.
Also faster fleet allows to move around faster and increase amount of rare loot you can find.

General Discussion / Relative balance of cargo\fuel ships
« on: January 10, 2019, 04:28:10 AM »
Well, we have few "dedicated" ships, purely civilian, with only one real goal - providing cargo\fuel capacity.
In case of fuel capacity, fuel consumption is significant factor, not as significant as move speed, still.

Drum carry 300 fuel with max burn of 9 and 1 fuel per ly, this is 300eff
Phaeton carry 600 fuel, with same burn, and 2 fuel per ly, this is same 300eff
Prometheus carry 2500 fuel, with miserable burn of 6 and 10 fuel per ly, this is 250eff (2500\10)
IRL this works in absolute reverse, giant freightliner is much more effective compared to smaller vehicles, and carry a lot more cargo for it's own mass compared to smaller trucks and civilian cars.
Also it's not that slow compared to smaller cars and perfectly keep 110kmh on freeway, just like everyone else.

Basically, only phaeton worth anything as long as you not hit maximum number of ships, as it get 100 bonus from HRS and completely equal to drum in eff.

For cargo, main factor is supply consumption (fuel consumption also important, but in such case on Colossus worth it):
Buffalo 300 cargo and 3 supply 100 eff
Tarsus 300 cargo and 3 supply and 80 crew 100eff
Colossus 900 cargo and 6 supply and 200 crew 150eff
Atlas 2000 cargo and 10 supply and miserable burn level 50eff

As result, best ship colossus, as it provide 50% more cargo capacity per supply cost and additional 200 crew.

As result, getting largest and most costly ship in line, is not upgrade, not ever close, in case of atlas it's major significant jump backward.

Is this by design? or probably have some logic behind? probably this is reason of domain downfall?

And probably they will ignore any and all bonuses of player, but they really shouldnot

General Discussion / Tech mining does not fit with rest of economy
« on: January 05, 2019, 02:36:54 AM »
It provide miserable amount of things, does not scale with colony size and mostly just take production slot for nothing.
Or i missing something?

Suggestions / Ban flag for weapons,hulls and fighters for fleet doctrine
« on: January 04, 2019, 01:13:58 PM »
Well, it will be very very useful to ban AI from using specific hulls (prometeus\atlas\other slow ships) and specific weapons\fighters.

Especially after you got blueprints for strictly superior hulls.

Suggestions / Strict civilian\do not assign officer tag for hulls
« on: January 03, 2019, 02:07:36 AM »
1) When you "lost" ship and recover it, it drop down to ship list and officer got unassigned.
2) Kay little menial labor about sorting list and setting officers back wont hurt much, for first few hours.
3) When you press "auto assign" instead of getting into recovered hulls, officers assigned to tankers, prometeus is notable violator, ever without any weapons in any slot, it constantly get officer and said officer must be manually relocated, especially painful when you discover this much later and just wonder, why ship behave poorly...

Really, produced swarm of paragons and unable to deploy more then two (if station is alone, if ever single enemy ship present, only one)

General Discussion / Do not "fix" pirate deathball swarms
« on: December 30, 2018, 11:16:11 PM »
Just make them ever bigger but heavily dmodded and not using hulls from player's industry.

As far as i noticed, as soon as i get medusa blueprint, every pirate started to use medusa.

Suggestions / Cryosleeper inside trash system with barren planets
« on: December 28, 2018, 07:38:33 PM »
System in question is Delta Alward, screenshot included.

Probably this is "by design" and ever trash system colony of large size is profitable, still...

Well, this is not any hard to press 2, press rmb to launch missile and instantly press 1 to switch back to main weapon, this can ever be automated by mouse\keyboard marco stuff and binded outside of game to mb3 or any other additional mouse key.
With slow hands this can be done by pausing first, switching groups firing weapon and switching group back.

Still, ability to use weapon from group directly and without changing active groups is lacking.
I would like to see something like this, in form of direct hotkey, like pressing E cause single sabot from second group to fire, or pressing rmb holding alt (or other key) cause secondary weapon group to fire.

General Discussion / Any reasons to give away "academic" core
« on: December 27, 2018, 06:26:01 AM »
Well, after some tests i fall into source lurking.
And unable to find any traces of side effects related to breaking promise and keeping core.
At same time, keeping promise likely to spawn pirates.

is this bug or by design?

I performed many "hardcore" runs, few ended with wipe from sudden pirate deathball (most frustrating when jump not reporting neaby ships but they are waiting for you, most noticable with large suns), few from pathers (unescapeble station of doom), few from expedition deathball (hello triple capital raid), but most runs finalized by lack of interesting things to do.

In each case, game had two parts - part where losing ships result in punishing "check AI shops" unfun activity and part where losing ship can be mostly ignored.
Part where wolves got replaced by auroras at 1:1 rate (this is not possible without owned station due to randomness of AI shops)
Part of infinite money and supplies.
Part with place that can be called "home".

Everything changes with colony, that almost instantly provide access to endgame stuff and if run properly, to endgame stuff and infinite money at same time.
Game do not provide any helpful tips about how important colony is and how huge benefits of colony are.
There are no quests for nanoforge or score.

At same time, establishing colony true cost is below 100k, if transport ships and food\supplies\goods taken in account, below 300k, this is just 3 derelict quests that can spawn in same system.
And in case of planet with "vast ruins" cost of colony refunded after just 30 days...

Suggestion is about changing it, by integrating colony stuff into tutorial, and replacing 15k stipend with colony that produce some goods, that can be sold by player for variable income. This will be interactive and also can be part of tutorial.

Well, entire game scaled to player level, as result, if you level up without getting new ships (or old ships), and especially if you level up non combat skills, game go harder and harder, hello oblivion in space.

Typical domain drone (not ship or carrier) that on level 1 throw bunch of dmod drones with faulty AI on level 15++ throw 8 cruiser drones in pristine condition with 20++ escort ships and best AI.
After some moment difference between different type of drone derelicts erased, both start to spawn drone deathball in pristine condition.

Dmods removed from all AI ships and replaced with officers, that unlimited for AI, especially noticable with luddic and pirate deathballs, that got officer for every ship after ~20th level of player.

Issue is downward spiral of leveling, after extermination of luddic space station deathball i got 11 levels instantly, from single combat (but this was really long combat) and lost "some" ships.
All quests, all bounties, all explorations miniquests, everything got adjusted for my "level", as result, game over, as there is no way to continue "frigate only" gameplay, and all "simple" content just phaseout from game entirely.

Such significant change of gameplay is immersion breaking, game should not break it's own lore and logic and give everyone ships in pristine condition just because player reached level X, same for officers and number of ships.
Entire game turned into deathball parade.

In "ships lost" part, i play ironman only and just accept defeat, as there is always way to recover, well, there is no way to recover after level X as there are no "easy" quests any more, and just moving around is pain, as all pirates and luds are deathballs now.

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