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General Discussion / Great AI, keep it up
« on: May 04, 2012, 02:21:01 PM »
 To be honest I was kinda down a little because the rate of development seemed slow.Until I got the new version.
 The most significant change is indeed the AI. Played about 25 hours since launch, and I can really say that this is the most difficult standard AI I have ever met(an AI that doesn't get an unfair advantage). It's so challenging it feels like I'm playing another game. Fighters have been toned down a little, BURST PDs have been buffed(although the guardian is still weak and seems like it has some dmg issues) and now frigates fight really smart. Also loving the improved AI regarding missile usage. Would still like the full 100% on the increased ammo hull mod, because burst pds have insane flux usage, so it would compensate.

Great AI. Really epic AI Alex. Gonna get a few more copies at my next paycheck because of it.

Bug Reports & Support / 0.51a Plasma cannon versus Onslaught
« on: March 08, 2012, 03:34:21 PM »
In about 4 fights against fleets with 3-5 Onslaught  I noticed that the plasma cannon salvo bugged when impacting Onslaught battleships. The first of 3 projectiles usually hit at contact, but the 2nd and sometimes the 3rd one just flew through the ship, hitting its other side, or simply not hitting at all.

This is very upsetting because a 2250 focused dmg salvo becomes a 2250 spread dmg salvo in the best scenario.

Could not screenshot in time, but if you have trouble reproducing the bug, I think I can make a ss if I focus on it.

Bug Reports & Support / 0.51a Drone with 0 crew - issue
« on: March 08, 2012, 01:06:13 AM »
Due to the fact that the drones are unmanned, they have the rookie crew stats even if you only have veterans or higher, thus being penalized on both speeds.

Drones should retain the skill level of the carrier they are assigned to, or the carrier with the highest skill level.

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