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Bug Reports & Support / Virus on the new update? (The answer is "no")
« on: August 03, 2012, 02:49:59 AM »
When i download the new update for .53a Norton antivirus scans it and deletes it. Any reason why? And how to get around it? It also says it's a Insight Network Threat and that there are many more indications that it's not safe.

Suggestions / Just some stuff i think of while laying in bed... ;D
« on: March 16, 2012, 05:03:13 PM »
Thought number one: New type of weapon this weapon type would be more of a support type not a direct damage type. An example would be some sort of nano gas container, you launch it to a certain spot and it releases a cloud if any ships pass though the cloud their armor slowly starts to deteriorate can not be blocked by shields. Another idea would be a energy support weapon that when shot at a certain spot it would create a barrier that amplifies energy weapons if you shoot though it. So these weapons are just for support there are many possibilities for them.

Thought numbah two: Unique weapons for certain ships that are designed around them. For example the paragon, there's a big hole right in the middle what if it was actually for some sort of gravity flux weapon? You hit number 5 and it starts making basically a bubble around your ship that when kinetic shots or missiles are in go 1/3 as fast. This could be implemented in many ways for ships it's basically my idea for a superweapon. A ship with a unique super cannon in the middle. I just love the idea of super weapons but i didn't like how they could be put on any ship if they fit the weapon slot so i came up with this.

Thought number III These idea things are not as practicle as my ideas before but i thought it would be pretty cool. I'd love missions even if there isn't that many, missions where say if you join the tri-tachyeon they send a fleet along with you to fight a large Hegemony force, but in battle it would be your fleet=tri-tacheon's fleet versus the Hegemoney fleet; It would be a two versus one battle, thought that would be pretty cool; so like two forces could temporarily join up together for some battles. Also more missions i thought would be neat were to find some prototype ship/weapon where you fight your way to a ship yard and finnaly find it, in reward for the mission you gain the epic new ship/weapon which could be very neat in many ways.. :P

Thought number III part two An epic evil doom moving battle station ;D yep, it would be a massive AI doomsday machine on the world map it would be massive, larger than a station it would have an autofactory that builds more auto AI ships contanly and when you go to engage it, you would'nt really engage the Epic battlestaion but more of its ships it builds, and in battle the terrtain/background would be the ship the whole background and it would have towers that your ships could run into and some towers would even have cannons on them that you could blow up; This would add new terrain to the battle; small areas where capital ships can't squeeze into and would have to reroute. Just thought it would be so cool, battling over the massive battle station ship of evil that builds ships and has lazers all over it.. and maybe after you blow up the hanger on the battlestation (where it builds ships, so it would stop spawning ships) you could move on to fight that massive bridge that has lazers all over it and cannons and if you manage to destroy it the whole battlestation blows up and would be off the world map. To recap my love for this it would be more of an endgame kinda thing, where whatever allie you choose helps you with it's destruction. Alas now that i think about it it just doesn't fit the theme, ah well.

General Discussion / Ships restocking?
« on: March 11, 2012, 07:07:13 PM »
How often does the Tri-tachyeon restock thier ships at their station? I've been waiting a bit and yet they have no more nice ships for me.. :(

Suggestions / The Kamikaze missile ship!:o
« on: January 24, 2012, 03:10:00 PM »
Basically it's a ship you can control, but only has one weapon called ignition! (see where i'm going with this?) Once you fire it your ship will turn into a missile! The ship wouldn't be very big but for a missile it would be huge!

Once you activate it your speed will rise to maybe 150 and would be adjustable from 150-250 (or so?) and if you hit anything you explode with a fiery passion! ;D The explosion could take out Capital ships if used right, although you can be shot down and if you hit say an asteroid or fighter, it'd be a waste.

Could be used many ways, what do you think?

Ship size: Small
Weapon: Kamikaze ramming :D
Speed: Very high potential.
Damage: Extreme!
Armor: Average/low
Shields: None

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