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Modding / The Asteroid ship pack 1.1b
« on: February 03, 2020, 10:24:43 PM »

The asteroid ship pack is a simple ship pack that adds ships made from asteroids that can spawn on pirate and independent fleets.
This mod will require
recommended(but not necessary)
1.1b Update
Changed some variants so the Orisis should spawn if it isn't already.
Should be save game compatible
Download link

This mod is compatible with
and Vayra's Sector

The ships:
NOTICE, none of these ships are mine. They come from the HELMET collection in the sprite dump.

A very simple fighter made from fragments of asteroids. It is only slightly worse than a talon.

The boulder is a Frigate designed by pirates as a very cheap and easy way to have a simple ship used for basic missile suppression and is noted for being made out of random asteroids that float around the universe.

The Stoner is a basic Frigate artillery platform built by mashing some asteroids and floating satellite pieces together. It rarely works the way pirates expect it to.

The Havel is what happens when pirates decide that there needs to be more firepower coming from their captured asteroids. The Havel is the most powerful of the frigate sized asteroidships and should not be underestimated.

The Vesta is an artillery platform made by pirates by taking larger asteroids out of asteroid belts throughout the sector. These ships are very well suited for combat despite being out of asteroids.

Seeing the need for better firing arcs for their asteroid destroyers the pirates created the Tholen to better deal with enemy missile attacks. These ships are usually found backing up other ships but do not have the firepower to take on most ships of it's size very well.

The Galileo is a support vessel the pirates made after deciding that the stoner wasn't good enough and created a destroyer version of the same concept. This ship has the potential to be a formidable ship with the right load-out and captain but rarely ever is.

The Rock is a Light Cruiser created by the pirates for simple suppression of enemy ships. It barely counts as a cruiser as nearly every non civilian cruiser will almost always beat it in combat.

As the pirates continue to learn about construction with asteroids it was only time before they made a proper combat capable Cruiser. The Cerus is(aside from the Pebble) the most powerful of the asteroidships and should be considered an actual threat not much different than a Dominator but with much less armour as it mostly made from asteroid materials.

The Clanker is a raiding Cruiser built with speed and hit and run tactics in mind. It may not have the straight up firepower that the Cerus has but don't let that deceive you into thinking this ship will be an easier fight.

Capital ships
The Pebble is the ultimate end all of ship construction using asteroids and as well as being made from them this ship is also known to have a shield created from a blueprint of the Paragon that was taken during a daring raid on the Port Tse Franchise Station #3 held by the Tri-Tachyon. This ship is easily one of the most powerful ships the pirates have access to.

Change log
Changed some variants so the Orisis should spawn if it isn't already.

1.1a hotfix
Fixed the tags for the Orisis
Rock should appear less in fleets and pebble should appear more

Added a new Fighter Wing called Orisis

1.0a Vestas speed has been changed from 80 to 75
Pebble should be more aggressive now
Spelling mistakes have been fixed in the descriptions of the ships.

1.0 initial release

Modding / The Yellowjackets Mining Conglomerate
« on: October 15, 2017, 04:29:17 PM »
I found this really old mod called The Yellowjackets Mining Conglomerate after looking through the spite dump and I was wondering if there was anyone who could mod it into the game(and make it nexerelin compatible). I'd love to do it myself but I have no idea how to mod this game.

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