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Starsector 0.9.1a is out! (05/10/19); Updated the Forum Rules and Guidelines (02/29/20); Blog post: GIF Roundup (04/11/20)

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Bug Reports & Support / [0.9.1a] One of my planet admins controls 2 planets
« on: September 26, 2019, 05:24:27 PM »
So this happened in my current gameplay, I have 5 planets in my own faction. 4 of these were personally controlled by me and one was was under a planet admin I recruited. While exploring, I found a water world with a surprising 100% hazard and colonized it. Seeing that I already have 5 planets controlled, the new colony suffers from -1 stability. I later decided to transfer my planet admin to govern it for a while. When I opened my colony list, I noticed that she has control of two colonies. The planet admin has no skills on her so I'm pretty confused about it.

Wasn't able to replicate this with another admin.

So I was hunting a pirate station. Got rid of its guards and fought it solo. Now, after destroying it the station didn't give post battle loot. No biggie, its usually some common loot and supplies.

The biggest problem was the debris. I tried looting it to recover the supply costs but suddenly instead of the regular loot pop-up window, I got instead a message "Null" in the screen. Afterwards, I can't leave the screen even pressing the "Leave" Option. This never happened to me before.

General Discussion / Getting rid of "Decivilized" colony status?
« on: November 29, 2018, 04:13:03 PM »
So one of the Pirates screwed up big time and their Qaras base got nuked by Shadowyards, now the base is abandoned and I decided "Hey, they got some good stuff in it, better "Borrow" it from them".

Paid a hefty "fine" to tell shadowyard guys to shove it while I mine the base for some tech (Oddly enough, it lacks ruins but I can put a Tech-mining industry in it). Now this "Decivilized" status is there and I lost it once since I failed to make it stable enough. Is there a way to remove it or is it gonna stay there to haunt my dreams for the rest of the cycles to come?

Reason I'm posting this one here is that I'm not really sure if this is an actual bug or if Alex left it as little way to earn more money from selling (D) class ships.

We all know that salvaging and selling (D) ships aren't the most profitable business in the game*. Leaving some weapons on them increases their value but thats because it adds the amount of the weapons its sold with. I'm not the huge fan of the (D) class ships requiring a whole overhaul rather than allowing you to fix them one by one in order to save a few credits but in this game, you make do with what you have...until someone mods or something along those lines.

Anyway, I was screwing around with some stuff as always, and went back to my colony after clearing another pirate base. Salvaged 2 Cerberus, a Mule, and a Colossus MK.II. Proceeded to repair them with supplies to atleast increase their market value and then checked for useable weapons. Sold the Mule and the MKII for having the usual PD weapons. Thats left me with two Cerberus. Both of them have the same D-mods, compromised armor and unreliable subsystems. Decided to see what weapons I can salvage from both and found some few Light Machineguns and a Heavy Mauler.

Then it hit me, one of them has the Makeshift shield generator while the other has heavy armor and blast doors but they don't sell the same amount. I proceeded to screw around and found out that adding more hullmods increases their market value that almost reached to the point that they are close to 1/4 of the standard versions in terms of selling them. It seems that the game adds a small amount per hullmod to the selling price of the ship.

This is the part where I'm not sure if its a bug or not, from what I remember, Hullmods didn't add more market value to the ship when selling it....but I might've remembered wrong.

*Unless you modify the config to increase their selling value.

General Discussion / About Military bases.
« on: November 28, 2018, 02:20:57 PM »
It took me awhile to notice and I realized that there is no way for player controlled colonies to get access to a military market. Out of curiosity and the fact that my patrols gets the best new ships while I'm stuck flying derelicts scavenged from the dead cold hands of my enemies, why was this left out of this version?

If this is something like a mishap or a planned release on the next version, I'm not gonna bother that much anymore.

As the title says. Whenever I move from the normal "inventory" shop and ship shop, the items and ships gets reset for some reason, this also happens when doing it vice versa and going manage the colony. Also, the market only sells 2-3 LPCs and 1-2 types of weapons even though I already have the final upgrade of the heavy industry and using a pristine nanoforge.

General Discussion / Fleet Building, How do you usually do it and why?
« on: October 10, 2017, 04:24:52 AM »
So how do you guys build your fleets? Like how many each ship types do you have in your fleet?

Lets just say you have 35 ships(achievable by changing the game's config incase someone asks), what will you put in those? And why?

Here's my fleet
-2 Capitals (Both have flight decks)
-4 Cruisers (two of them have flight decks)
-2 Standard Carriers(Cruiser sized)
-6 Destroyers
-4 Light Carriers
-8 Frigates
-4 Auxiliary ships (2 fuel ships and 2 cargo ships, Cruiser sized)

I find this fleet sustainable in my own opinion. Limiting to 2 Capitals allows me to lower the supply costs and the lack of capitals are compensated by the number of cruisers. As you can see, I rely mostly on "Air Superiority" due to the number of ships with flight decks. This build focuses more on dealing a single large battle. The remaining 5 slots are for the spoils.

- The swarms of fighters causes enough confusion on enemy PD. Making them more likely to be vulnerable to missiles, and torpedoes.
- 2 Capitals and 4 Cruisers are cheaper than 6 Capitals...Especially when going into hyperspace.
- The large number of fighters gives your ships some cover especially when they got overheated.
- Good for mostly large yet quick battles.
- Good for bounty missions.

- The ships with flight decks are hampered by their lowered speed and flux issues. There's also the CR drain.
- Lack of straight forward firepower in terms of direct combat.
- Will only last 1 large battle. Will cause problems on consecutive battles.
- Frequent crew losses.
- Not ideal for solo invasions on Nex.

So, What about you guys?

Modding / [WIP] The Lost Star System, Eris.
« on: July 03, 2017, 10:20:09 PM »
Hello, I am currently working on a 3 faction (1 unplayable) mod since I'm finally getting some free time in the next few days or so. Since I haven't finished everything yet, this thread will serve as placeholder for the mod I will be releasing soon.

About 4 cycles after the collapse, The star system of Eris* was on the verge of collapsing as well. Looting,Raiding, and other events that cause destabilization was spread out all over Eris. Unable to tolerate it anymore, the Empire decided to take action and began the act of suppression. Securing trade routes, arresting pirates and relieving independent planets and stations before they fall into starvation and could've led to self destruction.

While a small amount of peace and order was restored another faction, the Liberal Union was not satisfied with just that. They later started a forced take over of one of the independent mining stations in Eris and declared war against the Empire. Though the declaration was publicly announced, Both the Empire and the Union were actually having a standoff and not firing a single shot at each other, until the "Sarah" incident, where on the 4th of July, Cycle 014 a Union [Data Confidential, requires lvl 2 access] attacked an Empire transport ship IZS Hato-kan containing an Empire's diplomat and as well as a Union ambassador was on their way to negotiate and discuss a peace treaty and movement to stabilize Eris's Economy until they make contact with the Domain. While the Union denies the allegation, The Empire deploys a fleet with the pride of Zipang, [Data Confidential, requires lvl 4 access] and marched towards the Catalyst point an asteroid belt which served as the mark of the Union's territory.

This sparked the final fire that started the war between the factions which lasted for more than 120 cycles since the collapse. While the war rages on, unknown to the 2 factions [WARNING. Access Denied. Level 6 security access is required. Unauthorized access is in violation of ACT-K12A-C7199 which states: All known data preceding the Igles peace treaty must be kept confidential and must not be revealed to the public for the security and the future of humanity. Any Unauthorized access will be labeled as an act of treason and aggression towards humanity and will be punishable with death.]

On April 23rd, Cycle 199, Both factions have come to a conclusion that Eris has suffered more than enough. On July 4th Cycle 199, almost 200 cycles since  the conflict started, The Liberal Union's President Ronald Grey and the Empire of Zipang's 7 Pillar's Highest command Alysia Kotori signed a peace treaty in the Eris's Lunar Station Igles as an official end to the 200 cycles of war.

With the success of reconnecting to the sector, both factions have been trying their best efforts to recover from the effects of the war.

The factions:
The Empire of Zipang - Originally a branch of the Domain before the collapse. Several hundreds of cycles ago, they successfully terraform a once barren planet, turning it into a thriving world that supports all kinds of life. They later named it "Zipang" to honor the original founder of the Empire, Yamamoto Zipang. They are well known to have lived in peace. The empire originally sought to create a peaceful and secured place for humanity for generations to come.

Using an ancient way of government which originated during the time of the Ancients, The faction is ruled by an Emperor and an Empress who, either one must be of "noble" birth. A commoner is allowed to be married into royalty, in order to keep the royal bloodline from extinction. The Emperor and the Empress governs the politics in Zipang. Meanwhile, They have a group of commanders run by people handpicked personally by the Emperor and Empress themselves who will be in-charge of Military actions. Known as 7 pillars. They will command the Zipang Space Navy in a time of conflict and are allowed to perform hostile actions under the name of the Emperor and Empress whom they have entrusted their loyalty into.

Zipang, Their named homeworld has 2 moons, Tsukuyomi and Mikoto. Both are named after the an ancient mythology originating from the Ancients. Zipang is also the largest Military base in the Eris Starsystem and serves as the main command center of Zipang's military.

Tsukuyomi is a lunar Military base that serves as the lunar dock of the Empire's fleet and where the Empire has a naval academy which conducts training for their cadets. Since it is a bit farther from Zipang it also serves as a defensive line against any threats towards the Empire.

Mikoto is a lunar base that serves as trading outpost for the Empire. Mikoto is also orbited by a small lunar station known as Igles which is known to held announcements regarding peace and order throughout Eris.

Returning to the Sector after [Data Confidential, requires level 2 access] the Empire wanted to reconnect with the outside factions. Forming trading relations with Hegemony, Persian League and the Sindrian Diktat. However, they want nothing to do with the Tri-trachyon due to their possible connection with [Data Confidential, requires lvl 5 access] and has imposed a "No trading" action towards the giant corporation. They also have no interest with the Luddic church as they are against technological advancement which the Empire is proud of. 

The Empire of Zipang Space Navy is composed of:
  • 3 auxiliary ship classes
  • 3 Frigate classes
  • 2 Destroyer classes
  • 1 Light Carrier class
  • 2 Light Cruiser classes
  • 2 Heavy Cruiser classes
  • 1 Standard Carrier class
  • [Confidential data, requires level 2 access]
  • [Confidential data, requires level 4 access]

The Empire will be a Midline faction** and will be focusing on using special units***.

The Liberal Union - The Liberal union was originally a security force founded by Agaram James Noldic, used to be an independent group that survey's conditions of inhabited worlds such as population growth, technology advancement, and economical stability. They however, is said to be discontent on the Domain's rule and kept distance from forming a mutual alliance. The Liberal Union was once known as Sector Colonization and Improvement of Starfaring Union.

The Union's home is the Terran world of Babel, which was originally the product of the Empire's terraforming habitable worlds in Eris. The Union took over under the pretense of "surveying the planet for academic and research on terraform effects on humans". The terran world is surrounded by the Catalyst point, an asteroid field that supplies the union with the ores they needed for their navy. It also woks as a territorial line that marks their place in the system. There is also a Yorken command station just outside the Catalyst point which serves as their military base.

The Union also has a mining station in the Gas gas giant Ghil, which was originally an independent mining station that they took over during the collapse. This serves as their supply of volatiles for their Navy.

Returning to the Sector after [Data Confidential, requires level 2 access] the Union stayed in neutral stance with the Empire. They however, have no interest on cooperating with the Hegemony as they made close pacts with the Persian League and the Sindrian Diktat. Similar to the Empire's action towards the Tri-trachyon, they wanted nothing to do with them and are inhospitable towards them.

The Liberal Union's navy is composed of:
  • 3 Auxiliary ship classes
  • 2 Frigate Classes
  • 2 Destroyer classes
  • 1 Light Carrier Class
  • 1 Light Cruiser Class
  • 2 Heavy Cruiser Classes
  • [Confidential data, requires level 2 access]
  • [Confidential data, requires level 4 access]

Similar to the Empire, the Union will be a midline faction**.

[WARNING. Section Access Denied. Level 6 security access is required. Unauthorized access is in violation of ACT-K12A-C7199 which states: All known data preceding the Igles peace treaty must be kept confidential and must not be revealed to the public for the security and the future of humanity. Any Unauthorized access will be labeled as an act of treason and aggression towards humanity and will be punishable with death.]

Thats all I have at the moment, I will be releasing a small demo soon...probably a ship pack that will contain some kitbashed ships used by independents and pirates in Eris, as well as the  special units used by both factions (and throughout Eris).

  • * - May be change in case the name has been used.
  • **  - While said to be Midline, these might be change in case a balance is needed.
  • *** - Will be available for both factions as different variants, as well as Independents and pirates.
[ATTENTION: Accessing this section requires level 2 and above access. Please be advise that some the information in this section will be censored if your access level is below the required access for each information. Please be advise that all illegal access in this section is punishable under the Igles treaty.
Level 2 access has been granted:
Please select the data you want to access:
  • Confidential data "Sarah Incident"
    Union Battle Carrier Leyton-class, Sarah, was said to be the culprit of the incident. This data has been kept to level 2 access as agreed during the Igles treaty. Further Data has been filed and cannot be access in this terminal. Requests for further information must be filed in Babel.
  • Confidential data "Ship list"
    This data is kept for level 2 access under the Igles treaty. It is composed of 4 different ship classes. Two of each belongs to the Liberal Union and the other two belongs to the Empire of Zipang. The cause this list to be confidential is that only high ranking officers are allowed to commander ships of each class.
    The ships that requires level 2 access follows
    • Empire Armored Carrier Hiryu-class
    • Empire Fast Battleship Kongou-class
    • Union Battle Carrier Leyton-Class
    • Union Defensive Battleship Tabitha-Class
  • Reconnection and Return to the Sector
    This data has gained confidentiality as to agreement with the Igles treaty.
    Playing Voice log.
    "This is Captain Hakurei Rakki, commandeering the EZS Nagatsuki. Jump point stabilization complete, no interference from REDACTED. No signs of REDACTED units, Testing the jump point in 3...2...1.
    Jump successful, I repeat, Jump Successful. Broadcasting signal. I don't know what the high command is expecting but using such a powerful signal here sounds like suicide. What? Well I guess its for the survival of the Empire.

    *ping* This is the ISS Freedom IV, Identify yourself.
    This is Commander Hakurei Rakki of the EZS Nagatsuki, representing the Empire of Zipang.
    Empire of Zipang? I've never heard of such thing. I want to speak to the higher ups in Jangala.

    Yes sir, my fleet shall escort them towards Jangala.

    You said you are Captain Hakurei Rakki? I am Captain Josef Bin Yuparov. The Higher ups in Jangala would like to meet you. Please follow me.

    Understood. Command, this is the EZS Nagatsuki, we have made contact with the local authority. Proceeding with phase 2. Over and out."

    Voice log has ended.

Level 3 Access has been Granted
One data log found
Attention all Empire and Union commanders. Production of 3rd generation REDACTED has been reported to be smuggled around the sector, All commanders with the level 3 Access are to seize and retrieve this units before they fall in the hands of potential threats. If such units fall into the hands of Tri-Trachyon Corporation, Orders are to eliminate and destroy.

Level 4 Access Denied

Level 5 Access Denied

Level 6 Access Denied

Okay, before you insult my awful lack of intelligence, lets just be honest here.

Neutrino detectors are confusing as hell. Especially when you get those "scan X which is located outer reaches of Y Star System". I know there is an instruction on the ability itself, but still, its vague. Star, Planetary and Station readings are easy to tell but smaller ones like ships/caches and bogus readings are hard to tell apart from each other. I know this is a stupid question but:


Suggestions / Ship conversion.
« on: May 03, 2017, 07:56:27 PM »
Okay, I had this idea back when I first played Tiandong Industries mod. They have the ability to convert vanilla ships (or other modified vanilla ships from other factions) into their own designs. There's also the Condor, Buffalo Mk.2, and the Mudskipper Mk.2 which are said to be converted versions of other ships.

How about an actual way to convert ships? Just like Tiandong's ship conversion. We can "sell" a ship to a special market, select which conversion do we want (if we can add ships from other mods), and convert it for the next few days or weeks. Unlike Tiandong's ship conversion, you will only pay like 70% or something of the ship's price. And on special cases like built in weapons or drones, you can choose to provide it yourself to even lower the cost and the time needed to convert the ships.

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