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Suggestions / Some simple suggestions and impressions from a new player.
« on: November 20, 2016, 11:48:56 AM »
I just started playing and I love the game so far. Might end up as one of my all time favourite games. I started playing as a trader and I cant wait for the upcoming economy overhaul! So I wont comment on the state of the economy as it is now. :)
I do have some other simple suggestions that I think would be easy to implement and would enhance the game.

When using a hotkey to for example access the character screen by pressing "C" it would be nice that in addition to exiting the screen by pressing escape I could press "C" again. Or "E" again to exit the intel screen etc. Other points about the UI is it would be good to have an interactive map with more info, however I think I saw something about this in a dev blog post so ill just mention that quickly.

Passing time/waiting
When docked at stations and planets it would be very handy to have an option to wait and pass time, preferably with reduced supply consumption. When being chased by pirates and seeking shelter at a planet. I cant wait for them to leave. They will stay in the same position when I leave, and attack me directly.
This would also be handy if you want to pass some time and wait for the markets to change or new bounties to show up without having to roam or orbit spending a lot of supplies.
On the same subject it would be cool if when you were orbiting or stationed in empty space, suppy consumption would be reduced, would be justified by the ships not being in active use. This way i could hide or hang out in orbit, while waiting for an ambush etc.

Im sure Alex has some awesome plans for the upcoming trade and industry skills. But here are some skills i would like to see, and I think would be nice to see in the trade/industry section.

A skill that reduces tarrifs by a percent or more for each level, making honest trading a bit more viable and giving some more opportunities for it.

A skill that reduces negative reputation when trading with an enemy of a faction. I know I can use black markets, but trying to be an honest trader it really narrows down the possible trade opportunities.

A skill that makes black market deals more covert for smugglers.

Talking about smugglers it would also be nice to have a skill that affects sensors.
With these skills I think that roleplaying/buiding a trader character og stealth character would be viable while not breaking the game.

I wanted to keep this short and simple but being so excited by finding and playing this gem of a game I get a little carried away.
Keep up the good work!

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