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After installed 5 additional portrait packs which added more than 500 portraits to the game,
clicking at the random selection button or open the portrait list causing game to freeze for 1-2 seconds.

Hi everyone!

I am currently working on a mod translation project, to translate the text in an existing mod from English to Chinese.

You may know that in Chinese language, people do not insert spaces between words and after commas and periods, so when the in-game layout engine tries to render the text to the text field, it will identify the whole paragraph in Chinese as a single word. Which means if the length of the paragraph exceeds the length of one line on the screen (this always happen), the extra characters will not be displayed at the second and other lines below, and the player will not be able to see it because they are actually be rendered out of the text area. :P

Insert spaces between each Chinese characters work as a valid but terrible solution because the spaces between characters make paragraph hard to read and also unsightly. :-[

We also tried to insert an ASCII control character "FF" (Form Feed), which will not be displayed but help the system to recognize Chinese paragraph as separated words. However, these control characters cause unexpected random game crashes while playing.  :-\

So my question is, is there any measure we can use to give some hints to the typesetting system, in order to help it recognize Chinese word separation and display them correctly.

Thank you very much!

General Discussion / Have anyone heard about Fairy Empire Mod?
« on: March 21, 2017, 10:29:19 PM »
I remember in version 0.54 there was a mod called Fairy Empire, which has lots of giant ships and large ballistic weapons.
It is the best mod I have ever seen that achieved my dream about huge ships and large diameter cannons ;D
Someone said it is still updating, but I cannot find it on Internet :-\ There's only mod for Homeworld2


Maybe one of the ships in the mod?

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