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Starsector 0.9.1a is out! (05/10/19); Blog post: Personal Contacts (08/13/20)

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Suggestions / IA made bad choice in deploying ships
« on: June 11, 2019, 02:33:19 PM »
I guess it's a bug, since it's very silly: I was helping a heavy patrol or security fleet from Tri-Tachyon (with a Paragon, a Doom, some light carrier and a few frigates) chasing a pirate armada. They engage first, then I join them. The Tri-tachyon fleet choose to deploy everything except the Doom and the Paragon! Why on earth it should do that? Even after trying to not deploy too many ship on my side to get enough point so it can deploy one of these big ship, IA refuse to send any new ships until all the others one were destroy.

It's not the first time I see this problem. Each time I help an ally fleet, it will first deploy its small and useless ships instead of any usefull cruiser or capital.

Today, my fleet was "cruising" in Eos Exodus in order to "pacify" Tartessus. Three pirate fleets assaulted its oribtal station and a neutral fleet, but at this moment, Tartessus became decivilized, the station despawned, but when I did try to engage the pirate to help the neutral, I was unable to join the battle because the pirates were still battling with the station (which was in fact despawned).

Just after, I scavenged Tartessus, and was able to recover a blueprint from my own mod with hightech weapons and ships. It's not really a bug in this case but it feel weird to find that in ruins which were part of Luddic Church one day before.

Suggestions / Alternative for getting ships for player faction
« on: February 25, 2019, 08:38:30 PM »
So far the game is heavily hinted toward the threshold where you not just want a colony, but a colony with heavy industry, to produce your own weapons and ships. Once it's done, you are definitely falling in the later part of the game, cause once it's happened, you have a lot more stuff to consider and deal with in a big way, even if you don't want to (luddic path sabotage, expeditions, pirate activities). For my part, I think the game needs a less binary approach to ships building than "prior/after" having a colony with heavy industries. Here is a couple of suggestions to help "smooth" the transition between early and late game:
-Split weapons and ship production. Everything is about Heavy Industry. What about making another upgrade producing weapons? This would allow player to get some interesting weapons, but still having to get their ships from "third parties". Light industry with a "militaro industrial complex" upgrade for example.
-Introduce "tiers" for building ships. As a comparison, you don't expected European colonists building ships of the line or galleons just after they set up an outpost of a few thousands peoples. The size of available ships can be related to the size of the colony: Frigate with size 4 colony, destroyer with size 5, etc...
-Getting ships from other factions. If you have a commission, they could sell you ships depending of your relationships (one degree less than your current status). That means that Hegemony could provide you destroyer-size ships if you are friendly with them, but they would never ever give you an Onslaught on a large-scale even if cooperative.
That jsut some thoughts I got when playing my 20th game with the v0.9. I noticed that even when I don't want to play a colony game, sooner or latter I set up a colony to get a specific weapon or ship.

Not-completely related suggestion: in my last play I got numerous duplicate of ships blueprints. Would it make sense to make blueprints "stack" and improve the quality of this specific blue print? For example, my crappy colony is unable to produce better than 3 D-mods ships except for the Eagle cruiser that I got 3 blueprints and thus improving the knowledge of how to build it.

Bug Reports & Support / Alliy deploying low-CR ships
« on: February 25, 2019, 08:17:38 PM »
This probably have been noticed before, but better to say it twice than none.
When I help an ally, seems to prefer to deploy smaller ships (even if it has points to deploy bigger one), even if they have a low or very low CR. That means than instead of deploying a cruiser, IA will deploy 3 Kites and 2 Buffallo MKII whose 3 of them are badly damaged and/or with low CR.
This seems to happen even more with orbital station (where both sides are stupidly deploying non-combat ready ships).

Modding / Blueprint sharing from several mods - a (small) community project
« on: February 23, 2019, 09:51:42 AM »
Hello everyone,

With the V0.9, mods are able to add new blueprints including their ships. However, each new mod added to a play add new blueprints which are "diluted" in the overall mass of place where you can find them (derelict stations and caches notably), whose number is mostly a function of the size of your map. Several mods are adding blueprints packages which share a common theme, for example, prospecting stuff. This is especially true for mod vanilla-oriented like Disassemble Reassemble (for example, as it is one of the most popular mod of this kind).

So I wanted to propose some kind of agreement to combine similar blueprints package by using a standardized format. If I'm correct, it involves 2 thing:
-having the same exact line for the blueprint package in "special_items.csv"
-having the same icon available in graphics/.../icons
So that when playing with several mods, ships will be added to a single blueprint package shared by several mod, thus reducing the overall number of blueprint packages.

At a first glance, blueprints package that could be combine are the non-faction oriented:

Mods that could benefit from it (based on my play-style) are Disassemble Reassemble, Kadur Remnant, Stop Gap Measure, Hazard Mining Incorporated and Metelson Industries (if both the later are updated by their owner to V0.9). But I guess that many faction-oriented mod that introduce this kind of ships can also add things to these package.

Bug Reports & Support / IA behavior against spacestation
« on: December 26, 2018, 05:33:20 PM »
I don't know if its a real bug or a WIP on a to-do list:
When assaulting space station and mostly battle stations, I found the most important (and frustrating) thing is to coordinate the attack and make sure every ship is doing its job. So far I figured this is not the case:
-Frigates and small ship try to hug the station with obvious results,
-Heavy hitters like cruisers are keeping their distance and are inefficients,
-Carrier are in range of ennemy fire even if they should not. I've tried with Gemini and other non-direct combat carrier, and even with a timid officer those ships still manage to get destroy.
The only way I've found to make cruisers attack is to make then escort my flagship

Greeting everyone,

This post is mostly some thoughts about the new release of Starsector. I've tried several ways to play (neutral, PL-, Tri-Tachyon- and Luddic Church aligned, and currently a troubleshooter-smugglers-LP mercenary) with different set of skills and was thinking it was time to put on paper (or online) comments about the new game.
As a disclaimer, remember this is only impressions based on the way I play, and second I hope you will not find my writing agressive, sometime I fear that the way I write in english is harsh because it’s my second language :S. And maybe there is some things listed there that are in fact avoidable during play.

The Good

-The new panel of the game mixing colonization and exploration. I love Starsector for the lore (post-apoc decay) and the exploration aspect. The game has made immense progress in the way it convey the decaying in the sector, the filling of "it was better before" and that you may have insane amount of money but still have to find that blueprint for your lovely cruiser you always wanted. The immersion is really good with me, with always much more details added (the bar, the payroll of your staff)

-I've tried several style of play based on skill. Compared to the last version I found that there is much more viable combo: zombie fleet, lord commander, administrator, explorator, Captain Albator... And with everyone of them I rarely feel "I should have spent this character point elsewhere".

-The "surprises" took from MoO which gave me the same filling of "Oh my god my fleet is dead" the first time you encounter it

-Mechanics of colonization are relatively easy to understand, if not in the details and math, at least in the general aspect.

-The way that bounties now work. In 0.8 bounties were scaled to the player and immersion-breaking. Now you always have bounties you don't want to hunt because you will be crushed or you will never be able to catch them.

The Bad (mostly balance-related)

-The worst of all: so far, there is only one way to play colony: find low hazard rating planet, find core(s) or max the relevant skills to make the colony economically viable, get bored killing pirate station every month, get frustrated by LP insanity, start a new game. (the previous sentence has absolutly nothing to do with a rage-quit last night...). Don't get me wrong, all of these features are absolutly relevant to the game and interesting, but they are a little bit out of control and boring/frustrating so far. I guess with next version balance will be reviewed.

-In the same vein, obvious heavy industry (leading to obvious LP frustration) is not really interesting. There is no alternative: choose between Heavy industry or keep your poor fleet of junk. Considering you can import ships from other factions it would make sense to get ships from these factions. So all these aspect make all play feel the same. I would like to be able to get ships from other way than Heavy industry, but still with drawback, just to give several ways to play. Maybe light industries, allow producing only frigates, wings and small-medium weapons?

-A small feature in the continuity: I understand Starsector focus on combat and other features are sometime simplified when they are not related to combat, but available structures are too general for now. Several structures (mining, heavy industries) produce too much variety of good, once again leading to obvious choices. I like the small upgrade you can make on structures to focus their production. Maybe it can be extended to several other ones: deep mining for common and rare ore, processing plant for organics and volatiles, milirato-industrial complex for grounds weapons and heavy machinery... I could probably help make the colonies less similar and less blend.

-The passivity of factions. Really kill the immersion for me. Factions should be able to do what you can do in the game, at least in principle, but probably not in mechanics. An example: player can colonize, factions should do so too. But as Alex said somewhere, he doesn’t want a 4X game, which is okay. But maybe in rare moment, a faction could decide to colonize a small outpost somewhere, or build a big industry on another planet. To involve the player, others factions may want to disrupt this endeavour, and may want to hire the player to attack a specific convoy, or the player can help by protecting the new construction site, or providing supplies. So, something exceptional, story-driven, involving the player. Similarly, the terrible LP and pirate base can be the target of vengeance fleet once in a while, provided you tell them the location or provide assistance. I find weird that factions are stuck on the core worlds and that minor factions (the player, LP and pirates) have a magic wand to make appear colonies and station everywhere...

The Ugly (some details ticking me)

-Mining stations asking for ore, Volturn asking for Volturnian lobsters, etc...

-Goods: what to do with good once you have hundreds and thousands stockpiled in your colony? Most of the time, deficit in other colonies are only circa 200-500. Others ways to get ride of them could be nice: put them for sale to provide a little amount of money each month until depleted, “sacrifice” them to give a temporary market share bonus, or to build a structure a little bit quicker.

-IA. Nothing big, but I hate that carriers (like Gemini) want to it a battlestation at point blank range, and that my 3 dominator are afraid to come close (even with “eliminate order”), but not coward enough to take some distance, take a deep breath, vent flux, then attack again.

Okay, sorry for the wall of text. I hope there will be some usefull thoughts and suggestion in there. In the end, I think most of the details are somewhere on a to-do list of Alex, mostly regarding balancing. And probably that, as human, we see more what we wish than what we started with. V0.9 is beyond my expectation at the moment I bought the game and even during v0.8, and this is not tomorrow I will stop playing Starsector.

Modding / Adding new star system
« on: February 04, 2018, 12:14:46 PM »

I finally got some time to work on Stop Gap Measures.
I want to implement two star systems to add some new markets for Luddic and Neutral factions. I first want to add only uninhabited system before adding complication with market and tags.
So far there is two files which are ok:
-the file describing orbital features located in data\scripts\world\systems
and there is no more error popping when starting the game. However the system does not appear when I create a new game. From what I understand, I need to add several other files to make the game generate the system, and this is were I've trouble:

The first file is "mod_info.json" which need to call for another file "FilgapModPlugin". So far so good...
   "name":"Stop Gap Measures",
   "version":"v 0.1",
   "description":"Pack of ships to flesh in vanilla campaign",


... but this file is more difficult. I don't know if the two last sentences are OK...
package data.scripts;

import com.fs.starfarer.api.BaseModPlugin;
import com.fs.starfarer.api.Global;


public class FilgapModPlugin extends BaseModPlugin
    private static void initFilgap()
            new FilgapGen().generate(Global.getSector());


and finally in data\scripts\world:

import com.fs.starfarer.api.campaign.SectorAPI;


public class FilgapGen {

   public void generate(SectorAPI sector) {
            (new Byzas()).generate(sector);


I think I'm doing something wrong in the last two files, but I don't know what... Any ideas?

In any case, many thanks for the support from the community, this is really great to be able to ask for so much help on this forum.

Modding / Need help on some weapon effects
« on: November 28, 2017, 08:12:58 AM »
Hello everyone,

I'm trying to make some kind of ion AoE torpedo for my mod (Stop Gap Measure). So far I've manage to integrate the weapon in the game (sprite, .proj and .wpn files) but I fail to introduce two effects :

-Ion effect on all the ship : so far, each team I hit a ship with it, only one system is ionized. I don't think it is a problem of EMP damage to low (1000 dmg in the .csv file), but rather an understanding of how ion damage work. I don't need fancy effect like arcing, but at least several systems/weapons need to be tested by the ion effect.

-Proximity fuze : I want the torpedo to explode with a large detection radius. I took the specs in the flak cannon .proj, but I think I've miss something.

Here is the .proj file, it is based on the reaper torpedo if it can help.

   "explosionColor":[100,170,255,255],  # purely visual, will get a white additively blended core on top of this color
   "explosionRadius":350, # purely visual
               "explosionSpec":{"duration":0.1f, # not visual
                "coreRadius":100, # full damage within core radius
   "flameoutTime":5, # total time from flameout to full fadeout
   "noEngineGlowTime":0.5, # time spent without the engine glow being rendered
   "fadeTime":0.5, # fadeout duration               
               "loc":[-11, 0],
               #"loc":[-14, 0],
                  "mode":"QUAD_STRIP", # PARTICLES or QUAD_STRIP, determines which params are used
                  "contrailWidthAddedFractionAtEnd":1,  # can be negative. makes trail spread out/narrow at the end
                  "contrailMinSeg":5, # min segment length, in pixels
                  "contrailSpawnDistMult":0f, # how far away from engine it starts
                  "type":"GLOW" # GLOW or SMOKE; additive or regular blend mode

Please understand I'm modding mostly by iteration, I've some basic knowledge of how to type these file, but java programmation is largley unavailable for me to do.

Many thanks,

Mods / [0.9.1a] Stop Gap Measure - Ships for Vanilla
« on: October 23, 2017, 03:36:08 PM »
Hello guys,

Here is a mod I put together recently. It’s based on personal needs for specific ships to fill in gaps I experienced when playing Starsector. Initially this is a personal project, but since I receive much precious help on the forum, I figure it would be nice to publish it.

The theme:
Starsector has some inspiration in Battletech universe, which is a dystopic sci fi setting where there is plenty of technology but nobody understand it or is able to emulate it. This inspired me as I was thinking that there was lacks of ships filling several role in faction. I was also inspired by the blog post about the history of the sector.
I wanted to create ships based on needs of each faction, but which are limited by their actual ability to design new ships. This means that most of them don't have fancy ship system or they have a specific role and are not always able to cop with vanilla ships.

•   35 new ships (including 12 kitbash, 10 conversions and 13 original sprites)
•   6 skins
•   18 new weapons
•   3 new stellar systems with 7 new markets
•   Luddic faction expanded

Aim of the mod
•   Add several ships for more variety in specific role currently lacking in vanilla (scout, science vessel, high tech light carrier…)
•   Give more flavor to Persean League and Luddic Church fleets by adding ships specific to these factions.
•   Balance number of ships designs according to tech level (i.e. more low tech frigate and mid tech capital), as well as some new weapons
•   Forgotten weapons and ships found in lost space or sometime used by salvage company

•   I never done spriting before, some of the ships aer kitbashed and other are build from scratch. I prefer to come back later to them instead of waiting the sprites to be « perfect » to publish it. They could be improved, but for now I want to have several « ok » ships than just one or two « good » ships.
•   I did the best to balance ships with vanilla, but if someone think a ship should be nerfed or bousted, he is more than welcome.
•   English is not my first language, I did my best but there will probably (certainly…) remains typos in texts.
•   Many ships have a similar role to ones you can found in Disassemble Reassemble mod by AxleMC131 (most notably the Revenant and the Hoplite). It was not intended, as I’ve already draw prototype of ships before knowing this mod. In fact I suspect that AxleMC131 created his mod with the same premice than me : filling in gap in available ships in vanilla. I suggest playing this mod with Disassemble – Assemble as they both share similar aims : news ships to fill in vanilla gaps.

Acknowledgment :
•   To AxleMC131, for giving advice for spriting and giving motivations by its mod DisassembleReassemble (that you should try!)
•   To King Alfonzo, for giving a nice tuto on « greebling »
•   To Sarissofoi, for refusing to play anything without a description
•   To DiM, for screening every descriptions for spelling and syntax errors
•   To Sundog, for pointing the way and giving courage to dive in the realm of Java compilation



Last-resort bomber

Salvage corvette

Pyrphoros :
Pirate frigate

Huntsman :
Luddic Church and Hegemony Support gunship (upgraded sprite)

Ballista :
Missile Destoyer


Escort carrier

Hegemony and Luddic Church Patrol/escort cruiser

Opportunity :
Pirate (and shadowy neutral) converted heavy cruiser

Starblazer :
Converted carrier

Luddic Church

Knights of Ludd defense frigate (upgraded sprite)

Templar :
Knights of Ludd missile destroyer   

Crusader :
Knights of Ludd artillery destroyer   

Hammerhead (CGR)
Knights of Ludd destroyer   

Era (LC)
Converted carrier

Cathar :
Knights of Ludd heavy cruiser


Ethon :

Hoplite :
Mass produced PL frigate (and pirate version)

Light carrier

Patrol destroyer (converted tug)

Wagner :
Neutral line (or light) cruiser and pirate version


Triumph :
Midline battlecarrier


Merx :
TT combat auxiliary shuttle

Pyrrhocorax :
Try-Tachyon support destroyer/light carrier

Minos :
High-tech defense destroyer

Combat carrier


Dove :
Courrier and scout

Traverse :
Civilian freighter

Tri-Tachyon freighter

Copernic :
Science vessel (support ship) and Hegemony auxiliary vessel

Foundation :
Salvage cruiser

Era :
Factory ship


New weapons

Makeshift weapons

Common archeotech weapons


-Compatible with Version checker
-1 New weapons (Swarm medium mount)
-3 New ships (dropship, midline destroyer, salvage corvette)
-Background images for Bythinia and abandoned platform in Utic
-Remove cluster launcher
-Tweak a few details about the Zenith, Era, Contemptor and Matsar
-Luddic Church starting option a bit more relevant

-New sprite for the Opportuniy
-Foundation gets 2 built-in borer drone wings
-Starblazer gain back the Reserve Deployement system
-New TT Corvette
-New LC carrier
-New Large Kinetic LRM
-New Large Energy Archeotech
-New Cluster missile launcher

-New sprite for the Ballista
-Prices changed to fit with 0.91
-Little twists to mining beam array and heavy ming beam
-Impaler and Bardot are remove from the mod
-Fix error in .faction files preventing several ships to spawn.
-Thanks to DiM, most of ships descriptions have been check for english spelling and wording

-New ship: Era factory ship
-New wing: Ethon interceptor
-Copernic get Survey and Solar shielding as default mod
-Impaler and Dove slightly modified.

-New ship: Wardlaw Q-Ship
-Medium David launcher
-New Large Missile
-Many rare blueprints now inside blueprint package
-Twits on many weapons
-Minos re-imagined

-New ship: Impaler fast destroyer
-2 new secrets
-Removed Carcajou frigate
-Tried to fix all variant and spawning problems related with .faction files
-Adjusted probability of variants for most ships

-New sprite for the Copernic
-New ship: Barbot exploration ship (based on the Mule)
-2 new mining-based weapons
-Some modification on the Wagner, the Starblazer

-Balance changes for Opportunity cruiser
-2 New weapons
-Mysteries (small ones)
-One new wing
-2 new ships

-Updated version for 0.9a
-Minos destroyer slightly modified
-Twisted some characteristics of some ships and weapons for balance purpose

-Added the Starblazer carrier
-Added a medium ballistic and a small missile weapon
-Added description to all weapons and ships
-Added several variants for vanilla ships
-Variants and factions files cleaned up
-Fix errors in price and descriptions
-Balanced cargo values for small freighters and OP for Arbitrator

-Added the Pyrphoros and the Minos
-New stellar system
-Fixed some minor things on the Wagner and Ballista
-Fixed prices for ships
-Updated lore for several ships and missions
-Fixed several orbits in Utic and Byzas systems

-Resolved several errors on Ballista, Hoplite (P) and Tantive
-Added the Triumph and the Cathar
-Huntsman gets the Fire control ship system
-3 Missions
-2 new solar systems

-Added Pirate Wagner
-Upgraded sprites for Copernic, Martyr and Huntsman
-Add Ballista (destroyer)
-Added codex entry for 9 ships and all weapons
-Added Lopot cruise-missile

-Added Herder (ligh carrier), Wagner (cruiser) and Chondrite (freighter)
-Added 3 weapons
-Changed some error on ship files

-Changed conflicting class-names
-Added Dove (scout vessel) and Carcajou (sister class of the Scarab)
-Added skin for Hoplite, Opportunity and Carcajou
-Upgraded sprites for Copernic, Hoplite.

Bug Reports & Support / Mnor Neutral Scavenger and Skatii bugs
« on: October 20, 2017, 11:02:11 AM »
Just reporting two small bug I experienced recently :

On a mission to scan a derelict, I was attacked by a scavenger fleet turning Pirate. I blow up most of their fleet. Then the scavenger fleet turn back to neutral, which only a handfull of civilian ships, but continued to harass me, to the point I couldn't continue this play as it was following my fleet everywhere, making contact, then fleeing, etc.... And as its was back to neutral I didn't want to finish them.

Other play, this time I was comissionned by PL and hostile to Try Tachion. When arriving in Skatii, I could not dock with the planet, as they recognized I was hostile, but if I try with the hovering spatial station, I got access to all its market (not just black market). Unless the station and the planet are both separate markets?

Suggestions / Information access, diplomacy and new ship classes
« on: July 27, 2017, 07:48:46 AM »
Hey everyone,

Sorry about the title, I don't want to start several topic, so this is more a list of ideas related to needs/gaps I experienced in the game.

So, first thematic is about information access from stuff already discover or which are common. I'm mostly interested in the exploration and trade aspect of the game. I have 3 items in mind:
 - Markets : maybe I've miss a tab somewhere, but there is no way to know which good a planet produce. As planets doen't produce as much as in previous version, it's harder to get te right stuff in the right place. I don't rant about the difficulty, it's more that to my mind it makes sense to go the some kind of Starsector network and ask the local trade ministry what kind of stuff they produce.
 - Existing derelict. After dozens of explored star systems it's sometime difficult to remember which ****ing one got this precious research station. Maybe add something in a panel similar to the list of known planet? With distance, difficulty rating etc...?
 - A little update about neutron star (which should benefit from a warning beacon by the way) : maybe add in the system map where the Pulsar Beam of Death is located.

Ok now about D-mod. I really like the actual system. I was wondering if adding a little bit more about "mixing" ship could be a good idea. If someone read about WWII, he will often read that sometime two deteriorated planes where disassembled to build one which work. The same could be add to Starsector. Take two identical ships (lets say a Wolf) and combine them. The new one will only keep D-mod that both initial ships where starting with. So, if Wolf 1 has a Armour and Engine D-Mod and Wolf 2 has Engine and Power Grid D-Mod, NewWolf will only have Engine D-Mod. This can allow getting functional ships has long as they are common like destroyer or frigate. You probably will not do it with for an astral carrier because it's much rarer.

Some ships class I found lacking from my playstyle:
-A utility ship. Something with poor combat abilities (including weapon mounts) but many OP dedicated to specialized equipment : survey, EW, Nav Mod...
-A scout ship. For know both ship with High Sensor a High-tech, combat-oriented ships. I was thinking about a civilian, low-mid tech frigate with enhanced sensor used as a scout for fleet or messenger.

Last theme : diplomacy
 - For now, factions are neutral or at war with eachother. Could be nice if the relationship is degrading like with player: Neutral, shoot only at  military fleets, total war. Similarly, factions with neutral relationships cannot help eachother when engaging an other ennemy.
 - Safe harbor. From the lore and in-game description, stations are littered with guns. It's strange a raider party can attack a commercial fleet on the face of the station/planet. I don't know how it can be implemented, maybe some kind of terrain effect around the planet representing mines, long-range shots. Or proximity fleets engaging the raiders? Let's take an exemple.
A Persean League civilian fleet is orbiting Luddic Church planet. A Hegemony strike fleet jump in and attack the Persean League fleet. I don't think the Persean league will be happy to know that their fleet was destroy in a Luddic Harbor because Luddic Church is not at war with Hegemony. In fact, maybe the Hegemony fleet will not attack the fleet in orbite and wait the Persean fleet leave, or they attack, but local Church patrol will engage even if they are not at war.

Sorry for the lenghty post. I should add that don't have any idea how difficult each item is to add/implement. I just wanted to give some feedback about things I found are weird or lacking in the actual state of the game.

General Discussion / New member - Old player
« on: March 09, 2017, 10:34:22 AM »
Hey everybody,

I finally take the step to subscribe and post on this forum. I'm a long term Starsector player. In fact I've played when it was still Starfarer, near the 0.3 version. I've started playing when there was only the Corvus star sytem, Try-tachion has a station in corvus and fuel only purpose was to make money by selling it. Of course there was no other trade items...
In retrospective I think that it's Starsector is my best time vs money game, as every time a new version is released it's like a new game for me.
I play with Tore Up Plenty and Metelson mod as my computer is a little bit to shy to use heavy-graphic mod.
Finally I recently started to try modding, mostly to try to make both mods further interesting.

And last thing and probably the most revelent thing of this post : thanks Alex for your wonderful work, I've always been a long time follower of Starsector

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