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Topics - Mudanzas Valencia

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Suggestions / True Permadeath
« on: January 05, 2016, 03:28:18 PM »
Option for Hardcore, Ironmode, when your last ship explodes, you die and the save game is deleted and you're booted to the main menu.

This is the way I play anyway, I delete if my fleet gets wiped. It would be neat for it to be "official" though (i delete a lot of save files)

Suggestions / Codex for Hull mods would be great!
« on: December 28, 2015, 06:56:09 AM »
Because I don't know what a lot of them do, particularly the end stage ones, and because often times in a single game its not realistic to expect to get all hull mods (or most hull mods even) it would be nice to be able to plan your advancement along the tech tree by being able to see what a lot of the hullmods do, diablo 2 skill tree style. after all, most skill advancements are just hullmod advancements. this is particularly relevant in SS+, where there are a buttload of even more hullmods, some of them quite esoteric.


Something to this effect may have been suggested before, however, in light of recent changes it might be worth revisiting.

Boarding ships increase chances of ships being boardable, as do scaffolding repair gantry ships. Even an increase of 1% per dedicated gantry/boarding ships would make a huge quality of life improvement in aggregate. So having a gantry and transport increases chances of ships being boardable to 7%. You could justify it by saying these ships make "borderline" cases more viable.

Also would like to see capturable fighters. Literally could just scoop up a somewhat damaged fighter and reverse engineer a blueprint from it, no capturing required

Modding / Reducing Hyperspace Mod Lagging
« on: December 13, 2015, 01:08:30 PM »
Um hi, I posted earleir about reducing mod lagging in SS+ in general, which was moved to SS+ folder specifically, but in all likelihood the issue may something to do with modding in general, rather than any one mod (such as SS+). Um... so I'll ask here in the general modding subforum, sorry if it's the wrong subforum??

So basically I have SS+ and like 10-15 compatible mods running, I have disabled Shaderlib and allocated 3-4 gigs of ram (of 8 total) to SS with 3.2 gHz processor. Doing this generally eliminates all lag in realspace and combat (60 fps), but hyperspace is notably choppy and laggy (30-45 fps). Now it may be that there are just a hundred odd battles happening and my computer is seizing up, but is there any settings in the main game or in any of the mods that would reduce lag in hyperspace? Perhaps its possible to turn off background "wobble" or all of the hyperspace flares? I'm just throwing darts here, I actually have no idea how the game allocates resources and if its possible to tweak them, but like I said turning off shaderlib seemed to eliminate almost all lag in combat and realspace so I'm just wondering if there's other obvious "tweaks" for hyperspace.

How Do You Put All Five Weapons Group On Automatically Controlled Autofire?

You can put group 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 on autofire, but because your cursor is always selecting one of the five groups (The Text is Highlighted in Green, and if Autofire is Toggled, the Green Box is Pulsating From Green to Dark Green) one of the groups is de facto autofire disabled, because you have direct control over one of the groups, and therefore autofire is disabled, even if it is enabled.

How do you set it so that all five weapons groups are on automatically controlled autofire, that is to say, all on autofire and none of them controlled by you, allowing the game's AI to control all of the groups?

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