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Modding / A different way of looking at mods?
« on: December 19, 2015, 12:50:04 PM »
My fellow Admirals

I've quite fallen in love with playing the mod called "Starsector +". It has made the game get a sense of purpose of that "Perfect mod balance"

Now, I have only tried modding XCOM Long War to my own specifications in the past, but I feel that the modding availability in Starsector, may actually be much greater than that of the Long War.

I'm a great space fan. I think i've binge watched Stargate and various other space and sci-fi related shows about 10 times over. All those hours in Cryo getting from one galaxy to another. It's good that Earth has such a talented actor-genepool.

Now, the problem that Starsector has, is that it is an early stage game. The Outposts mechanic is something I look forward to, but I think that the modder community can do a lot if we can introduce some new functions.
Please be aware through reading this, that I have about 0 modding experience with Starsector - These things may already be possible

What i'm looking for is being able to mod the following parts into the game.

  • Quests that are activated at a certain planet, quests can have game mechanic variables as a requirement (Skill, Date and or time, ship, money, previous quest completion, X number of credits obtained from bounties etc.)
  • Availability to set certain requirements for quests. (Time in days to complete, fleet commanders to destroy, goods or ships to deliver to planets , etc.)
  • I need a function to create a point in space that has a dialogue, and the function to spawn quests given certain parameters at this point in space - Much like the solar panel things many planets have, just with a dialogue and as many functions as possible.

Take a walk in my web of thoughts

Come closer little spider....

I want to create a mod, that is like a DLC, or whatever you may want to call it.

Each mod may include several factions, unique ships or whatever.
Each mod is designed to be played like a questline, a mission, a gamepack or whatever.
This allows me, The Puppet Master to think up crazy scenarios, quest lines, characters and stories to enlighten this community with.

Each mod also has a win-condition, allowing me to challenge the community to become better admirals, using their skills in battle, as well as in dealing with corporate manipulation and otherworldly beings.

So, let's get a talk going. Which of these things can already be done, and which of them would we need to kindly ask the Creator for in our nightly prayers?


Suggestions / Interface scaling
« on: December 06, 2015, 03:42:30 AM »
I have extremely poor vision. I would love an option to resize the HUD/Interface in the universe map and in menus like the intel tap - Not so important for actual battle but it would certainly be a quality of life addition to the main game for us moles out here

'Ello fellas.

So, I've noticed that the price gaps from Green crew members up to just the veteran level is a doubling of your investment (If you can deal with having 60% ish CR)
In order to confirm my theory, I need to know if anyone has any details on the way that crew members level up? (Mathematical formulas are welcome)
If it's based on deployment into battle, wouldn't getting a couple of crew style ships and fighting off a few pirates be sufficient to level 100s of crew members per fight?

Here's the free money making method (About 2-5 times ROI)
- It's quite good for the new guy starting out in 0.71

Any "Barren" class world, usually has 30x Marines for about 700 Credits a pop on the black market.

Starting out, going straight to Asharu and buying 30 marines will double or triple your starting capital in the first 2 days - Enjoy
- Extra note - Whenever you visit these worlds and buy marines, always check the prices of Supplies and Fuel while you're there. I often find supplies for less than 100c a pop which in .71 is quite fantastic savings

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