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Suggestions / Antimatter Blaster rant
« on: May 24, 2020, 12:02:29 AM »
Just gonna copy it straight from discord, context is gwyvern talking about specifically blocking amb from a builtin hullmod's benefits after I posted videos of amb boats dunking on heavy cruisers.

disastranagant: tbh ambs are pretty overpowered in general
[1:15 AM] Gwyvern: Well nominally they are hella short ranged, *** off inefficent, and the definition of single shot
[1:15 AM] Gwyvern: The Champion gives them a flat 66% more base range
[1:16 AM] Gwyvern: Which makes them much cozier to work with
[1:16 AM] disastranagant: except they're not inefficient at all, have one of the highest dps values for their mount and are only slightly shorter ranged than the other vanilla small energy projectiles
[1:17 AM] disastranagant: on top of being bursty af and having ammo that doesn't matter in most fights

<snip confusion over amb stats, it was less efficient and less burst damage eons ago>

1:24 AM] Flat Waste Murderer Tri-Kart (M): tbh, even with the efficiency its still rare to see them used
[1:24 AM] disastranagant: they're quite underutilized
[1:25 AM] Gwyvern: Also could use less ammo
[1:25 AM] disastranagant: in part because getting the ai to fire a 1500 flux strike weapon is hard
[1:25 AM] Gwyvern: For 9 OP you could get 9 single reapers in 9 slots, or 1 AMB
[1:25 AM] Gwyvern: Id say the AMB is much more useful
[1:26 AM] disastranagant: if you need a small energy weapon to deal damage to an opponent amb is your gun
[1:26 AM] disastranagant: the umpteen ir pulse but less bad mod guns out there are a sideshow
1:26 AM] Flat Waste Murderer Tri-Kart (M): single reapers are 2 OP apiece
[1:27 AM] Gwyvern: Maybe bring thst up on the forums so Alex sees it
[1:27 AM] Gwyvern: Rip my memory
[1:27 AM] disastranagant: they're basically the counterpoint to small energy slots suck


Bug Reports & Support / Paladin PD does very inconsistent damage
« on: October 30, 2019, 11:50:24 PM »
I was testing out the Paladin PD in the simulator after some discussion about it on the discord and got some strange numbers.  It was doing 20 damage per shot vs excessive armor, which is quite a bit below the listed 200 damage * .15.  So I rigged up a target without armor and this was the result:

I do anywhere between 110 and 175 damage per shot, most often around 150.

Suggestions / Frag damage vs ships with stripped armor behaves strangely
« on: September 13, 2019, 06:32:20 AM »
I just did some testing in which I fired 3 reapers at test dummy with onslaught stats then followed it up with a thumper burst.   Instead of the expected ~1060 damage I did ~440. The only way I can figure out to make that result is if it's calculating the damage reduction based on doing 25 hit strength vs the residual armor on the bare hull and then multiplying that by the actual 100 damage.  (25/(25+87.5))*100 = 22.3 * 20 = 446

Gigantic stack trace:

not quite as gigantic enabled_mods.json

General Discussion / My new hobby
« on: December 03, 2015, 06:14:16 PM »

The most Kerbal of Starsector sporting events.

General Discussion / Why are heavily shielded ships so terrified of Pilums?
« on: December 02, 2015, 10:43:22 PM »
I've been doing some tests with a big dumb max skills SO Sunder with a Plasma Cannon.  It's easily a match for an unskilled Dominator, but the stock Dominator with 3 pilums will zone it out for ages.  The AI lets the Pilums build up in ridiculous numbers rather than taking them on the shields for negligible damage (<200 per missile, on a ship with over 10k capacity and 1600 dissipation), finally getting confused and taking a dozen to the engines.  If I give it any point defenses it will hang back until every missile is destroyed before doing anything productive.

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