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Hello, and welcome! Herein will be posted my first attempt at fanfiction writing, having gotten an idea for a story whilst playing Nexerelin and deciding to go with it!

Before I begin, I wish to say thank you to the Starsector development team for the amazing work they've put into this beautiful game for years, to Histidine for creating and maintaining Nexerelin and writing his fanfictions which have eventually inspired me to give writing one a go, and for the rest of this community for their help in making Nexerelin, making everything else they did, and for reading this humble attempt at making an interesting story! Feedback is very welcome, and thank you everyone once again  :)

I aim to release a new part every 1-3 days, unless something extraordinary happens IRL.

Starsector is property of Fractal Softworks. This text also contains references to several mods and their mechanics and functionalities, including but not limited to: Nexerelin, Ship/Weapon Pack, Underworld, Luddic Enhancement Mod.

Content Warning
Bad language, depictions of gore and violence. The very first part of the story ought to be safe for work, but the rest of it almost certainly may not.

Thus Wept Jangala

Quick introduction/description
After cycles of non-stop protracted warfare, the Persean League shocks the Hegemony to the core by wresting control of Jangala from them. Unwilling to let this stand, the Hegemony scrambles to mobilize a fleet to reclaim this prized world from the enemy. However, something is amiss - shortly after the Hegemony rout, contact to the system had been all but lost, and no fleets are coming in nor out. While this may be merely pirate activity, some cynical souls murmur of possible Luddic involvement. The Church has officially stayed out of the conflict so far, condemning the faithless warmongering on both sides, and Jangala has majority Luddic population, after all...

Prologue 1/2: Make Your Peace
It was simply unbeliveable. When the news broke out of Hegemony's heartbreaking loss of Jangala to a surprise Persean League invasion, it sent shockwaves through every strata of Hegemony society, red-faced generals crying out, howling and roaring their wows to reclaim this precious jewel of Hegemony dominion.

The Hegemony's mighty navy, working side to side with Diktat in an uneasy alliance, has been worn down and strung out fighting against the combined League/Tri-Tachyon menace in what has grown into cycles of constant, hectic carnage. Despite this, a truly grand invasion fleet had been assembled in an impressively short amount of time. Featuring almost every type of ship the navy had at disposal, which guarded a truly awesome amount of Valkyre troop transports packed to brim with eager marines, each proudly bearing the orange phoenix, which were legion.

Private Lance 'Perry' Phobos triple-checked his power-armor suit and his standard-issue CP-carbine before securing the equipment in his platoon's allotted bunk-space. After finishing, he paused to look up and take in his surroundings for a moment. The Valkyre he was aboard on was in pristine condition, and that reflected on every nook and cranny of the ship, both within and without.

Perry was a grounder of somewhat modest means, enrolling into a military academy to escape a future of bueraucratic drudgery, which he despised. Trying, but failing, to become a qualified spaceman, nevertheless he desperately kept trying, until one day during a routine medical check-up he was handed an under-the-table approval to be transferred to a marine bootcamp. Fortune smiled on him since then, having completed his training just in time to join this grand invasion force. The impeccably pristine condition of the ship, despite the complete war-weariness of the Hegemony and her allies, duly reminded him of his fortune thus far, and gave him hope that this streak shall indeed continue despite bleak odds and that he will make everyone proud in the end. He lowered his gaze just in time to notice a squadmate gesturing him to come to the pre-mission briefing.

Despite the high hopes for the contrary, the briefing confirmed what most had already suspected – the task force is going in blind. Contact with the Corvus system was all but completely lost shortly after the last Hegemony fleet limped out after the League conquered Jangala. No doubt Barad's moons became abuzz with carrion eaters, ready to engorge themselves on carnage left behind after the dreadful siege, and the independent polity of Asharu being able to do little than hunker down and pray for its survival.

What was not so expected, though, were the final few FTL comms recieved from Corvus. Only a few garbled messages seemingly filled with nonsense went out before the system's comm relay apparently shut down. In its conclusion, the briefing mentioned that „the presumed content and context of these last recieved FTL communiques may indicate heavy luddic involvement“. Most were aware of what could this possibly mean, but refused to believe something like that could actually happen. With the current state of war, it would be very bad for morale indeed.

„Pather terrorists? Gimme a break. If Jangala's population is majority Luddic, and they consider the world to be holy, then obviously they ain't out to do anything stupid there, right? It's not like they got bigger fish to fry, am I right? I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that we can't beat those Pather SOBs in a fight or anything, but...“ After the briefing Perry listened to his fellow marines murmur about Luddites for what seemed an eternity. He went to check his gear again and prepare for what was coming the best he could, determined not to let his dour cynicism – stoked by this ill Luddic omen – get to him.

While exploring fringe systems in a brand new game, I came accross three Domain-era probes in one system, salvaging each of them yielded an identical result - a notice that the crew found information about another, fourth, Domain-era probe in the same system, and the fleet log stored all of these identical entries, as seen in the attached images.


Is this a bug or a feature?  ;D

As shown in the picture below, I've noticed a few scavenger fleets behaving like this: after returning to civilized worlds, when attempting to "return" to a planet, the fleet just flies towards and around the planet's centre, never despawning. This one on particular has been at it for a half dozen ingame months. I have freshly reinstalled the game and use no mods.


I've also noticed (but didn't take a screenshot) an Independent trading fleet behaving weirdly after being decimated by pirates; the fleet tooltip stated that the fleet was delivering volatiles to [planet] but was moving away directly away from the system, and was attempting to engage Sustained Burn and Sensor Burst at the same time.

General Discussion / On surveying, salvaging and scavenger fleets
« on: May 13, 2017, 11:20:08 AM »
While I haven't played as a scavenger very long, I'm already impressed by this newly added game aspect, and moreso pleased to see that freighters, salvage rigs and takers have more purpose than being XP/loot pinatas for enemy fleets.
While these don't take away from the experience at all, I've run into several issues that bug me:
  • Scavenger fleets are rather unexpectedly large, basically are the strongest pirate fleets, and act weird (in regard how they move about in space and react to other fleets). Do they "change their allegiance" from indies to pirates if they think they could take on a nearby fleet? Do they have any especially good ships in them or are they all meh-tier?
  • What is the point of Remote survey skill? Does it make any difference compared to flying up to a planet and conducting a preliminary survey "on site"?
  • Is the planet's hazard rating directly tied to the quality of survey data received? What's the max possible hazard rating?
  • Why does the "Decivilized" planetary condition not affect the hazard rating? It makes no sense.
  • The Neutrino detector - what's the point? It disables Travel Burn, it is completely unnecesarry for derelict scanning missions (unless the target is located in a system which has nothing but a dozen planets of the same type, I suppose), and gaining sensor profile with no boost to fleet burn is not good at all. Am I missing something here?

Thank you in advance.

Discussions / Homeworld - Deserts of Kharak
« on: January 26, 2016, 11:35:13 AM »
Anybody here played it? Any thoughts? Was the shift to ground combat a let-down for you?

General Discussion / Vengeful reputation absolutely irreversible?
« on: January 04, 2016, 12:14:43 PM »
I have noticed, after dumping Hegemony, turning on them, and doing a Tri-Tachyon bounty, I've received the "internal report" message stating "No bounty payment or relationship increase due to Tri-Tachyon being vengeful towards you".
I remember that Alex stated when 0.7 came out that getting out of Vengeful would be possible now, but only by doing named bounties and destroying large fleets during system bounties.
I was reading through the latest patch notes and comments and it isn't quite clear to me?
Was this intentionally dropped? Will it stay like that for the foreseeable future?
Could I reverse the situation by gaining a commision from another faction that is only "part-time" hostile to them, during the open hostilities period?  ???

Hey all, been playing around w/ my Onslaught a bit, reached 10 Combat and 10 Tech aptitude, and have outfitted my ship as depicted:

From my understanding, Agumented Engines and ITU improve the combat performance drastically (thank you Megas for sharing your tips and feedback :) ), but there's still room for improvement - one last hullmod to really top it off!

  • Having 10 Helmsmanship and 6 Evasive Action, my battleship maneuvers like a beast, and with the help of Agumented Engines, it can catch virtually anything and dish it out very far (10 Gunnery Implants, 10 Ordnance Expertise).
  • I seldom raise my shields, only to block an occasional Mauler/Pirahna/Annihilator strike
  • I don't have a fleet, I just hunt for prey and help out allied fleets w/ my Onslaught. Still, ambushes happen, and I've found myself several times vaporizing a pirate patrol on my own, with my armor almost drilled/hull being nicked open by a torpedo.
  • Last, but not least, having Field Repairs 5 and Damage Control 10 means hull (22k points) isn't an issue. Or is it?

With that set on the table, I'm unsure how to improve further: should I opt for strenghthening hull, armor, or shields? Or should I shift to Flux Dynamics and ramp up those caps and vents?

Decisions, decisions,...  ;D

Suggestions / Add specific pirate-to-player transponder behavior
« on: December 01, 2015, 03:53:16 AM »
Pirates behave differently from other factions transponder-wise, being the only ones (among other things) running around with their transponders perpetually off. Pirate fleets gang up with each other while taking on prey, yet the player is unable to do so, and must switch on the transponder if one wants to join the pirates in a battle.

Given how counter-intuitive this is (and that pirates should be cut some slack IMO), I think pirate fleets should be able to check the player's actual reputations and decide whether will they let the player join on their side regardless of the player's transponder state.

General Discussion / Lucky, experienced, or both? (+teeny tiny PSA)
« on: November 25, 2015, 09:26:25 AM »
Geez, I wonder what could have caused a trade disruption all of the sudden? Our brave patrols (consisting of one Paragon, an Astral in the other, and one more detachment w/both) have been valiantly cleansing the Guayota ring for weeks! No lone wolf could have passed through us - we are truly perplexed!

So, I have decided to fire up Iron mode campaign to see how far can I go with one SO Wolf. Took the heavy blaster, removed the PD lazorz for one Ion Cannon, and downgraded the Harpoon racks to a single missile.

200-ish minutes later, my Autosave mod notifies me that I have fought over 60 battles. My character is lvl 16, has 7 in Ordnance Expertise, 6 in Target analysis, 7 in Helmanship, and 3 in Technology aptitude and the OP skills (among a few others).
My current loadout: 10 Vents, 3 Capacitors, SO, Hardened Subsystems, Armored Mounts, a Pulse Laser, an Ion cannon, and two single Harpoons - no weapon flux build-up whatsoever!

I am chums with Hedgy now, there have been quite some investigations already, but am still Neutraly w/ everyone else (except TT)

My (unofficial) bodycount:
1 Wasp wing
3 Broadsword wings
1 Hammerhead
1 Sunder(D)
Innumerable amounts of Hounds, Lashers, Cerberi and more, mostly Pirates and Luddic Path.
One Afflictor (tee hee  :D)
Mercuries, Hermeses, Buffalos, Mudskippers and Nebulae

Hardest engagement so far:
Assisting a Cult of Lud trade fleet disengage from a TT patrol. Three of their Wolves kept me pinned down w/ their Salamanders, and I have thought I won't make it.
Alas, everyone got away (10 Mercuries and Hermeses and a CGR Wolf) except a stubborn little Luddic Lasher.
I have learned how to negate the Salamanders w/o PD pretty well, and overall the pursuit was gut-wrenching indeed  8)

Currently I am sitting on an Asteroid in Magec system (as shown above) watching magnificent Astrals and Paragons pass by, when a question comes to mind:

I have noticed quite a few people stating that the early game is incredibly hard, especially with those LP ships flying around and the most likely candidates to spitroast the player. The largest LP fleet I have encountered were three Kites and a Hound, which I have beaten relatively easy - I did feel that was very close to the boundaries of what I could take on, however - If those Kites had Swarmers in both slots, it would have gotten quite bumpy.

Taking into account that I was "pinging around" a lot accross the Sector (notably in Eos), and never having drawn something noticeably big towards me, I have to ask - did I have a lucky streak, or have I become proficient with managing the sensors and twitching my way to victory?

Luddic Path fleets spawn only on Ceyx  ;D

General Discussion / Raising rep with pirates?
« on: November 21, 2015, 07:55:40 AM »
Wall of text, as backstory, if anyone is interested.

So, as a bounty hunter I made my living by hunting down bounty fleets and pirates in general, which quickly dropped my rep to -100 w/ them. Subsequently, I (almost) became everybody's darling, until everyone decided they are going to be worse jerks than pirates and discreetly place me on hit lists, because reasons.
Now, I'm not addresing the issue of rather heavy-handed approach to investigating faction ties, nor do I question the validity of introducing such a system; It's stupid but I like it, just goes to show you that the pirates and culties aren't the only scum around.
Long story short, since Luddis, TriTachs and soonTM Hegemony decided they don't like me anymore, I wish to return the favor of ardous(obligatory quotes, that *** is fun!) pirate hunting by sharing my knowledge in live excercises involving merchant fleets.
However, I want to do a bunch of procurement contracts for pirates, and the rep requirement is Hostile, so no show for me.


How do I raise reputation with pirates from Vengeful? Should I start smuggling stuff or something? If so, how much?
P.S. There are no pirate ties investigations, are there?

So I started playing with fighter heavy fleets and I don't quite get it.

Will amassing Condors and Talon wings do the trick? Is there a limit of how many fighter wings can be "assigned" to a single carrier? Is having just one even viable (not counting the obvious risk of losing it)?
Do the Vulcans benefit from Extended Magazines?
(SS+) I've outfitted them Condors w/ Harpoon pods and they are, well, blasting. Is there something better for close-in fire support?


General Discussion / On Ship Loadouts, Vanilla, Hullmods and Endgame.
« on: November 07, 2015, 10:41:09 AM »
Hello everyone, I've been lurking here ever since I've bought the game one year-ish ago, and I've been playing it on and off until the last few months. I think I've mostly learned the ropes by now, but still have a few questions.

1)There are pre-made variants for every ship in the game. Most names are self-explanatory, but a few I do not understand:
-are Elite loadouts meant to make ships excel at single combat?
-what is the difference between Attack and Assault loadouts ie. what is the philosophy behind these?
-are Outdated variants meant to be some kind of OP-savers at the expense of genereal combat performace? Or is it lore-based?

2)After a while, I've started using mods in my game, and I've come to like the idea of enhancing the vanilla theme very much. SS+ is practically a must-have, and the relatively recent THI amazingly integrates itself into the Sector. I have nothing but praise for these.
Are there any more like these that I've missed? Most of the mods are focused on adding completely new things, right?

3)This one buggers me for quite a while now. How applicable in certain situations is the "Blast Doors" in regard to "Reinforced Bulkheads"? Is the latter meant to be a late-game upgrade of the former? (I don't get the crew loss/hull damage ratio) And in which situations is there a point to using it at all?

4)On my primary character (in pure Vanilla SS), I have reached level 40, and it advances at a snail's pace. I exclusively hunt bounties, and can take on every bounty fleet except the largest deserter ones without noteworthy losses (on average, I keep losing the one same Wolf which I miracuously manage to restore every time). If I were to continue exclusively bounty-hunting, would this be considered end of the game?

I look forward to your answers. And the new update, too.  ;D

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