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Starsector 0.9.1a is out! (05/10/19); Blog post: Personal Contacts (08/13/20)

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Modding / Help modding weapons recovered after battles
« on: April 07, 2016, 01:39:20 PM »
I love playing Starsector with a hodge-podge fleet built out of whatever I can find.  I want to try a playthrough where I eschew markets completely in favor of only using what I can recover from battles.  I don't want to have to play super-conservatively, so this means I need a lot more ship captures and weapon salvage to keep my fleet going.  I've already bumped up the boarding chance in settings.json to my liking, but I don't know which, if any, of the other variables will give me more weapon salvage.  My best guess is salvageValuePerFP, which I'll mess around with later today, but I also wanted to see if anyone here had any advice.

Am I looking at the right variable?
Anyone else tried messing with this sort of thing?  Any results to share?
Will messing with this lead to any screwy effects?  For example, will setting this too high cause instability if the game tries to give me more weapons than the fleet had?

Thanks in advance.

Bug Reports & Support / Destroyed ships recoverable after combat
« on: January 01, 2016, 06:22:19 PM »
I just had a Lasher destroyed entirely during combat, not just disabled; after the battle, it was still able to be recovered.  I assume that once destroyed, a ship is intended to be permanently unrecoverable, both from a logical standpoint and as otherwise the in-battle message is rather pointless.  My character does have the Reconstruction perk (Field Repairs 5 on the SS+ tree).

Today I installed a fresh copy of Starsector and entered the game for the first time in a month or so.  For some reason, I cannot load saved games.  The loading bar appears and progresses to completion, but then I get a "Java has stopped working" message, followed by a message that closes the game.  I've installed a ton of mods, but the issue persists even when they are all disabled.  The only vanilla game files I have altered are vmparams to up the RAM allocation (4096m minimum and 8192m maximum, though I trust it'll never need that much) and settings.json to increase the boarding chance to .2.  Is there anything else that could cause this?  Anything I should try besides a full reinstall?

EDIT: read another thread, will try reducing my max RAM to 4096MB (it was fine in 0.65, but worth a shot) - I enter the amount in MB because for some reason using GB does not work on my machine.  I'll report back in a minute.  Also, can someone tell me where to find the logs?

EDIT2: still unable to load saves with 4GB max RAM.  I'd post logs if I knew how to find them.

EDIT3: found instago's thread on his/her similar issue, will trying deleting all files and re-installing.  There was something funky with my last install.

General Discussion / Avoid order
« on: November 23, 2015, 02:32:37 PM »
How are people liking the new Avoid order added to the game?

The way it is right now, I could see its value later in the game when I have 20+ ships and have multiple squads of ships... but right now, with 1-4 ships, I find myself cancelling the order shortly after I give it, because it causes any ships issued it to avoid the battle altogether.  I wish there was a significantly less restrictive version of the Avoid command that let ships close to, say, 1200 range, so that they could stay around the periphery of the fight and pick off escorts.  Ideally, I think multiple levels/strengths of "Avoid" would be a major improvement, kinda like light/medium/heavy escorts, but differentiated by single/double/triple-clicking on the Avoid command before issuing it.

General Discussion / Questions about going pirate and boarding
« on: November 23, 2015, 02:06:01 PM »
Once a fix is available for the boarding bug, I'm hoping to try out a pirate campaign where I primarily capture my ships.  I have the feeling this is going to be pretty rough.  Some questions for those who have been playing more 0.7a than me:

  • how is the frequency-of-capture chance in 0.7a?  My impression is it seems pretty darn rare/low, but I don't have enough experience to say for sure.
  • is there any way to gain rep with the pirates besides trading with them?  Any config edits or console commands I can use to start with some rep?
  • any recommendations for good systems to prowl with a decent-size pirate market some decent prey, besides Corvus?  The display on the intel screen is helpful, but it's tiny and it only tells you so much.
  • uh... assuming I stick to fighting and not trading, smuggling, etc., will it even be possible to stay cash-positive or cash-stable like this?
  • are larger pirate markets  useful at all - e.g. will Qaras have anything Barad A/B won't?

Lastly, is there any advice anyone else can offer?

General Discussion / Only (D)-class for pirates?
« on: November 23, 2015, 01:49:21 PM »
Back in 0.65 I had fun building my fleet mostly out of captured ships.  I remember pirate fleets having plenty of regular low-tech and even pretty nice ships mixed in with the crap, but I was playing with SS+ and Nexerelin.  Have pirate fleets always been exclusively crap-tier combatants (plus the occasional stock Hermes) in vanilla?

Bug Reports & Support / Not Salvaging Weapons from Group Battles
« on: November 21, 2015, 02:15:51 PM »
I'm noticing that I (almost) never salvage any weapons at all from group battles.  I get supplies, fuel, heavy machinery, and metals, along with capture opportunities as per regular battles, but virtually never weapons.  I say almost never because I can remember one very small battle where I did get a weapon out of it, but that seems to be the exception.

I'll post again if I can nail it down to a certain set of conditions.

Literally my first act after every battle in which I capture a ship is to go into the fleet screen and mothball them.  I can't have naked hulls sucking down my supplies while I'm on deployment, and if it was a larger ship, oftentimes it will put my over my crew or logistics cap.

P.S. while I'm at it, can I also suggest a 'mark all ships in fleet to not repair or recover CR' button?  It sucks having to manually mark twenty-plus ships when I realize I don't have enough supplies to get back to base if I repair.

Probably not a bug per se, but this felt like the best place for this.

Because I'm playing a game around building my fleet out of captured ships, I have a *ton* of mothballed ships in my fleet - I'm talking 30+.  As long as they can keep pace with my fleet, there's no reason not to keep them with the fleet for refitting at market hubs/as easy replacements for losses.  However, I'd starting to find that other fleets - even really big ones that match my active ship strength, with capitals - keep attempting to disengage when I try to join battle.  It's both a) an exploit-y way to pick the opposing fleet to shreds, and b) really annoying when I want to kill something completely.  Obviously, I've dumped the mothball megatrain for now, but I think the the other fleet shouldn't consider your mothballed ships at all in their combat decisions.

General Discussion / Share your fleet setup
« on: October 20, 2015, 09:16:20 PM »
There's an effectively endless number of ways to configure your fleet in Starsector - share how yours is built and how it fights.


My fleet is is a hodge-podge armada made almost entirely out of captured vessels.  It has evolved a strategy of charging the center of the map, capturing the beacons first, wiping out the overeager lead elements of the enemy fleet, then engaging in a general slugfest as the heavy hitters on both sides arrive.  The fleet contains, in rough order of their length of service/my opinions of their value:

4x frigate
Tempest, Alastor, Lasher, Wolf

x7 destroyer
Morningstar, Archon, Gonodactylus, Praetorian, Boar, Sunder, Hanzong

x4 cruiser
Vindicator, Dictator, Elysium, Del Azarchel

x1 capital

x3 noncombatants
Valkyrie, Construction Rig, Ox

General Discussion / Fitting the Wolf
« on: October 20, 2015, 08:54:02 PM »
I'm kinda astonished by the lack of 'how do I fit ship x for purpose y' threads on this forum.  Depending on how this goes, I might make this a weekly series of threads, featuring a different ship each week.  Anything from general fitting tips for the ship to favorite loadouts to loadouts for a specific purpose are welcome, and feel free to include weapons and hullmods from mods.



1x Medium Energy, 2x Small Missile, 3x Small Energy
50 Ordinance points
2250 Flux capacity, 150 Flux dissipation
1500 Hull integrity, 150 Armor rating
Front Shield, 210 degree arc, 60 upkeep/sec, 0.8 flux/damage
150 Top speed


As a starter, I have a fleet designed to charge the enemy, which utilizes a few fast frigates to speed ahead and hold Nav Buoys and Sensor Arrays from the enemy fleet's advance elements until my destroyers arrive, after which they serve as fleet screens/carrier hunters/point defenders/etc.  I have a few captured Wolves I want to bend to fit this role.  The Wolf has the speed to perform this role excellently, but has issues with getting pushed off a capture point, and is rather fragile for fleet fights.  Any suggestions for the fit, given 65 OP and the stipulation should likely include Augmented Engines?  My current fit is 3x CEPC, 2x Sabot SRM, 1x Heavy Burst Laser, Augmented Engines, 6cap/15vent.  The CEPCs have great damage and range for little flux, and the Heavy Burst Laser pulls triple duty as supplementary frigate skirmishing weapon, personal PD, and later on supplementary fleet PD.

Modding / Simulator Bug
« on: October 02, 2015, 01:48:57 PM »
Hi, I've noticed that when spawning allied ships to do a multi-ship simulation, if allies are added after any opponents have been added, they spawn without their weapons - or very occasionally, with the wrong weapons. (I've only seen that on one ship so far, but it consistently spawns with the same incorrect loadout) Adding the allies first causes them to spawn normally, and this doesn't seem to effect opponents.

I'm playing with the Simulator Overhaul mod (and SS+, as I understand there's some interactions between the two).

Suggestions / Inventory Management
« on: September 29, 2015, 10:45:53 PM »
In the relatively near future (perhaps as part of the next major release after .7), I think the inventory system needs a significant quality-of-life rework; much of the impetus behind this suggestion is the large number of weapons and increased number of star systems due to mods, but some of these address issues already apparent in the base game, and as the base game expands in those aspects, the need for these changes will become more pressing.  This is both a list of things I think are needed as soon as is reasonable, and things it would nice to see eventually as the game nears completion.

Regardless of whether the current grid-based system is the final inventory scheme or something altogether different is implemented, I've identified four areas that need improvement.

1) Item Organization
The current inventory screen is lacking any ability to organize or filter below the level of 'all weapons', which is inadequate given the sheer variety of weapons that now can appear in a single campaign.  Ideally, I'd like to see the following features in an inventory system:
  • the ability to sort or filter my weapons by slot size, slot type, and damage type, including combinations of these
  • the ability to search for a specific weapon by name
  • the ability to have all weapons of a specific type automatically marked or tagged wherever I see them (for example, to easily see weapons I'm looking for in markets)
  • the ability to apply custom markers or tags to individual weapons or groups of weapons in my inventory (for example, to earmark them for use on a specific ship retrofit)

2) Ease of Transference
Moving large numbers of items should be quick, and there should be options for quickly selecting certain subsets of items based on groups or filters.  Features I'd like to see:
  • [ADDED] some form of drag-a-box or shift-click selection
  • sorting or filtering schemes that are persistent between inventory locations - ex. if markers/tags are used as above, those should stay applied; if a folder system is used, those folders should be copied over with the items
  • options for 'take all' and 'deposit all'
  • options for taking subsets of items: 'take/deposit all items of [slot size/slot type/damage type]', 'take/deposit all items with the tag/marker [xyz]', 'take/deposit' all items needed for ship loadout [xyz]'

3) Refit Sorting
The pop-up scrollable list in the refit screen is simply too small to accommodate the the number of weapons in the game - trying to fill a medium or large universal slot is particularly egregious.  Features I'd like to see:
  • the ability to filter by slot size, slot type, and damage type
  • the ability to filter by weapon role (Close Support, Point Defense, etc) and weapon range
  • the ability to filter by custom tag/marker and item source (Cargo Hold, Military Supplier, Black Market, etc.)
  • a warning dialog box before buying weapons to complete a saved loadout originating from the Black Market
  • a pop-up showing what weapons are used in a loadout when hovering over a saved ship loadout

4) Sector-wide Holdings
With mods, the sector can be a pretty big place; in the next update, the core game's sector will be significantly expanding as well.  The player can store items and ships at any of dozens of different markets - but if your memory fails you, there's no indication whatsoever where you can find your stuff!  The game needs a way to manage your overall holdings, with at least a few features:
  • the ability to see a list of all your ships and weapons stored at each market in the sector
  • the ability to search for a specific type of ship or weapon you have stored at any market
  • possibly, the ability to order some of your stored ships and/or weapons be transferred to another market where you have bought storage, with a significant fee based on the quantity of ships and items being transferred, and taking an amount of time based on the distance between your location to the place where the items are stored to their final destination
  • possibly, (and this feature may belong on another screen altogether) the ability to send out a market request via the relay system searching for a specific item/ship in exchange for a significant credit fee

Thoughts?  Anything else people would like to see?  Again, much of this is long-term, but I think some of these would be a significant improvement right now, even in the base game.

General Discussion / Name influence from the Honor Harrington series?
« on: September 29, 2015, 08:58:50 PM »
It's possible this is total coincidence - the result of big random names lists, etc., etc.  I've been watching a lot of Nemonaemo's Youtube campaigns, and I'm struck by the number of planet and ship names that also appear in Weber's 'Honorverse.'  I've seen the names Honor, Harrington, Foraker, and Cimeterre, plus some more I can't recall at the moment (plus more generic names like Medusa and Manticore, but those could easily be coincidence).  Is one of the devs - or modders - a fan of the series? =)

Bug Reports & Support / Ships not getting faster after burn drive skills
« on: September 23, 2015, 08:03:54 PM »
Sorry to make my first post a bug report. =( I've been playing this game for about a week now, slowing easing my way in from vanilla and SS+ only; I've worked my way up to Nexerelin alongside several faction mods. =)

For whatever reason, my destroyers (a Centurion and an Interrex, from Interstellar Imperium) and my freighter (a Buffalo) are not gaining any speed increases from Maximum Power (the combat 1/1/0/0 speed boost) or Burn Drive Miniaturization (the tech equivalent) - they are stuck at a maximum burn of four.

Is this an issue that's been encountered before?  Anything I can try?  Any logs I should post?

I've been having a blast so far, any help y'all can give would be great!

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