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The Exalted are ex-Tri-Tachyon Corporation members who have grown to strongly dislike them over the years. Shortly after the Second AI War began, the forerunners of the Exalted took advantage of the chaos to flee the Core Worlds with a massive amount of ships, personnel and supplies. Long after the war ended, Tri-Tachyon Corporation was primarily occupied with rebuilding itself and assumed the mass amount of company property lost during their conflict with the Church and Hegemony was destroyed in the war, ensuring the Exalted's freedom and anonymity, allowing them to pursue their own goals.

The Exalted believe that advanced technology is the only hope to survive in the current political climate they find themselves in and have come to the conclusion that Tri-Tachyon's abuse of technology, the Galactic Church's ignorance and the Terran Hegemony's stubborn clingyness to a dead empire will be the end of humanity. Instead, these people choose to campaign against such beliefs. Within their short time in power, they have earned a reputation for being cruel and ruthless to any military officer unfortunate enough to be captured, but merciful to any innocents caught in between the crossfire of most battles.

The Download for version 1.1:
if you find any problems or have some opinions on balance let me know here or on discord! (preferably discord)

The Ships (not all)

The Weapons (not all)

Future Plans:
:new wraith sprite
:a few more ships

Supported mods:
Vayras Sector: (2 HVBs)
Commissioned Crews:

avanitia for some major description changes
exalted theme: acid by bdog705

Change Log
V1.1: save safe
general changes:
fixed most weapons not spawning in regular markets
migrated version checker to github

new ships/weapons:
plague class super fighter

the following descriptions have had major changes:

replaced the ecto beam with a diluted ecto beam (does 1/3 of the damage)
increased OP cost from 9

mordare siege cannon:
complete rework

exalted subsystems:
decreased CR degradation from 60 to 45
added increased shield unfold speed by 50%
added increased shield turn speed by 30%
made hardened shields incompatible

general changes:
added the Osiris star system near tri-tach space
mordare no longer targets fighters
lowered sound of market music for the exalted
added reinforced bulkheads to all HVBs (sorry completely forgot)
the exalteds blueprint package is now rarer
new faction flag
grave is no longer a freeport
edited the exalteds engine and shield colors
upgraded the battlestation on Tomb to a Starfortress
added several AI Cores to industries on exalted worlds
changed the location of mausoleum (high above Haven and Westernesse)
replaced space port on tomb with mega port
replaced corrupted nanoforge on tomb with a pristine nanoforge
commissioning with the exalted now makes the player friendly to the remnant
refined known weapon blueprints

new ships/weapons:
fairy class kinetic bomber to exalted fleets
witch class phase frigate to exalted fleets
phylactery (B) class troop transport to exalted fleets
voodoo launcher (large missile) to exalted ships
fuego blaster (medium energy) to exalted ships
eerie class defense frigate to exalted fleets
agua blaster (medium energy) to exalted ships
aire burst laser (small energy) to exalted ships
werewolf class attack destroyer to exalted fleets

ships that had a full overhaul including new sprites and stats:

following ships/weapons have had minor/major sprite changes, but little to no stat changes:
omen (EX)
plasma mortar (formally plasma caster)
varna PD laser

following weapons have been renamed:
plasma caster to plasma mortar
halvete MK.2 to halvete

removed these ships/weapons:
mercury EX
doom EX
wolf EX
regular halvete

plasma mortar (formally plasma caster)
increased range from 450 to 550

decreased max fuel/LY from 5 to 4
decreased max fuel from 100 to 40
decreased max cargo from 150 to 80

edited color change to engines and weapon glow
now properly shows speed and maneuverability increase on left of screen

voodoo MRM:
decreased ordinance cost from 5 to 4

removed 1 large hardpoint

Modding / stacking star systems problem
« on: July 29, 2020, 02:37:16 PM »
so i added another star system to anvil and out of nowhere it spawns on top of another one of my star systems, nothing i do can change its location, im really at a loss on whats wrong here.

their locations are like this in the starmap.json and nothings out of the ordinary in the star systems .java file

Lookin for the original sprite from the old days.

Modding / question about save breaking [SOLVED]
« on: December 13, 2019, 01:48:46 AM »
The question is that if i change a ships sprite, bounds and weapon placements will it break a save that has that ship in it?
Also does the same go for ship systems? I assume that could break a save but unsure.

I know at the very changing ship IDs will break them

Modding / 2 similar problems with weapon loadouts. [SOLVED]
« on: November 12, 2019, 01:06:06 PM »
firstly is this, i go to the autofit screen, click on the loadout i have saved and it shows me the loadout without the 2 weapons upfront, i have 12 of them in my inventory and 2 are literally on the ship at the time yet when i hit autofit it doesnt put them on and instead adds extra caps and vents. what am i doing wrong?

secondly and similarly for another ship it seems that the autofit shows the same problem but this time its adding harpoons insead of just nothing like last time, these are like my 29th and 30th ships added and yet ive never had this problem, similarly these are both my first phase ships if that has anything to do with it?

Modding / Possible to make a gun from the sabots burst?
« on: November 12, 2019, 10:53:52 AM »
My brother came up with the idea to make a short range gun that just fires the burst from a sabot, would that be possible? If so how would i go about doin it?

Modding / [SOLVED]
« on: November 06, 2019, 06:15:04 PM »
not sure if direct things from other stuff is fully allowed without some changes, ive seen star trek and battlestar stuff around so i assume im good


Modding / problem solved!
« on: October 22, 2019, 02:37:21 PM »

Modding / How to add custom fighters?
« on: October 19, 2019, 09:44:31 PM »
I assume the ship and weapon editor wont work? Wanna add fighters to my mod but obviously no idea how

Modding / never mind!
« on: October 15, 2019, 10:33:11 PM »
nvr mind

Modding / How to make custom faction?
« on: October 12, 2019, 11:45:09 AM »
Looking to finally turn anvil industries into a faction soon after a few more updates and not sure where to start.

Mods / [0.9.1a] Anvil Industries(V:1.3.5) another tournament update
« on: October 07, 2019, 03:13:16 PM »

Anvil is currently not compatible with industrial evolution when using nex's random sector, i dont have the time to fix it right now but will soon.

the download:
the big red letters are big and red for a reason, if you dont read them and your save breaks then thats on you.

Anvil Industries is a crappy scrappy mod that adds 1 main and 1 mini faction, dozens of mediocre ships and a handful of weapons to the game

if you find any problems or have some opinions on balance let me know here or on discord! (preferably discord)

Anvil is a proud salvage, repair and construction company who hopes to bring some stability to the sector in any way they can. Anvil Industries takes joy in hiring those down on their luck or ex-pirates/pathers who had a change of heart and giving them a new start, there's always work to be done after all, be it ship building near the omni-forge or janitorial work on the busy streets of crucible, machine crew of a salvage fleet or gunner on a warship,  Anvil has a job for everyone and gives a worthy pay to those with the heart for the long haul.

Anvil believes only through hard work and dedication can the sector be truly rebuilt, while most view them as overambitious upstarts doomed to fail in this cruel and unforgiving world many nonetheless join them in hopes to make that dream come to be.

founder lore.
Anvil industries was founded by 3 ambitious but unlikely individuals who wished to change the sector for the better.

Ellen Carge: a Tri-Tachyon deserter who left during suspicious events. With an almost inhumanly bright and clever mind Ellen was loved by her colleagues.
At least one world assumes she was as there are no records of her past in Tri-Tachyon, the only thing anyone knows is she left during an incident involving a rogue Alpha AI core gone missing.
She says working there was getting to stressful and that was the final straw before she left,
eventually running out of fuel in her stolen shuttle she was picked up by Canons fleet and happily signed on.
Now Ellen is leading Anvil into a bright and prosperous future with her newfound friends and allies.

Canon Vaul: An ex-pirate who could turn any rusted hulk into a vessel of war. During his early days Kanon was a pirate admiral who preferred to give his targets the option to jettison their cargo and run, rather then kill and loot.

Kanon eventually retired with most of his fleet and took on a life of a scavenger, shortly after he ran into Henry at some backwater bar where they continued running a highly successful salvage company until running into Ellen's shuttle, shortly after that they founded Anvil Industries.

Now Canon is bringing new vessels into Anvil's fleet's and hoping to add new systems with his newfound friends and allies..

Henry Thrud: Originally a highly respected and decorated engineer Henry was framed by one of his rivals resulting in his exile, eventually running into Canon in a backwater bar in Luddic Church space and later hired him onto his salvage fleet as an assistant engineer.
A fair few years after Anvil's founding Henry was involved in an accident involving a faulty reactor, and slowly descended into madness.
Now Henry has gone insane and is nowhere to be found after stealing a powerful ship and fleeing from his newfound friends and allies.

:many useful combat capable utility ships

:little design consistency

A sample of ships that can be found in Anvil

The Blackjack Mining Syndicate is as the name suggests, a mining company run by the crime lord "Kriminell Baguy" who, through assassination, trickery and clever planning has accumulated enough assets to be considered a true power in the sector.

:Weapon mounts are usually versatile
:Good armor
:Good mining capabilities with Nexerelin installed
:Faction is only enemies with luddic path
:ships are usally slow
:Has few dedicated combat ships
:Little market power

A sample of ships that can be found in Blackjack

Pirate Ships Added

Things to note:
:im not a professional modder, im a mess and this mods a mess.
:despite that im always improving, come a long way since i started as a crappy ship pack with even crappy-er sprites.
:i prefer to stay the course of balance, if anything feels overpowered then lmk!

Supported mods:
Vayras Sector: (1 HVB)
Commissioned Crews:
Industrial Evolution:

Grand future plans:
:custom mechanic that allows for deconstruction of ships for ship parts then to exchange those parts and a small fee for a Anvil Ships.
: blackjack will be moving to my 3rd mod that will be a mini faction/ship pack.

change log.

V1.3.5: save safe
general changes:

mining pod (BMS):
decreased mining power from 6 to 1 (it still registers its weapons so its fine)

tarsus (BMS):
decreased spawn rate to normal amounts

m21 blaster:
decreased mining power from 2.5 to 2

cracker drone:
fixed problem where it wouldn't fire
added protective mining mounts

all culverins:
decreased max speed from 85 to 75

no longer falsely says it has EMP arcs when it does not.
decreased EMP damage from 2000 to 1000
decreased flight time from 12.5 secs to 6.5 secs (this will largely uneffect the missles due to their speed so they now truely have 2000 range)

V1.3.4: save safe
general changes:
descriptions looked over and updated by JRG#5310 on discord
removed CARRIER and COMBAT tags from battlecarriers so they act as proper combat ships rather then stay back like dedicated carriers

increased max OP from 40 to 45

increased max speed from 55 to 85
increased max OP from 35 to 40

increased fuel per light year from 3 to 4

increased max speed from 75 to 90
increased max OP from 65 to 75
increased max flux from 5100 to 5800
increased max dissipation from 230 to 300

increased shield arc from 75 to 150
added accelerated shield

changed angle of rear small mounts
increased max speed from 45 to 55

increased max dissipation from 200 to 260

all culverins:
increased max OP from 95 to 100
decreased supplies per month and DP from 14 to 11

armor increased from 2100 to 2150 (dont @ me, im bit of a mess rn lol)

needle beam:
decreased OP cost from 7 to 6 (idk why i changed it to 7, sorry.)

decreased supplies per month and DP from 40 to 35

general changes:
removed meme folder from files, save for 1 meme that stays
removed files for HVB bastion, it was removed from the game awhile ago but forgot the files

ships that had a full overhaul including new sprites and stats:
carrion: tuned for a more dedicated support role
flamberge: more tuned for light and fast engagements

removed these ships/weapons:

decreased max armor from 2300 to 2100

added automated repair unit
added protective mining mounts (forgot to add this from the start)
slightly increased maneuverability
increased max speed from 120 to 145
decreased chargedown time from 15 to 10 seconds

blast gun:
increased damage from 55 to 65

needle PD beam:
increased max ammo from 1 to 2
increased OP cost from 6 to 7

pulse barrage:
fixed hardpoints firing from outside the sprite
decreased time between burst rounds from 0.2 to 0.1 seconds

general changes:
fixed crash on random sector gen if industrial evolution is installed (removed restoration docks from crucible, will add again, just a quick fix)

V:1.3.1: save safe
general changes:
migrated version checker to github

new ships/weapons:
culverin (NB)
bet class heavy fighter to blackjack fleets

ships/weapons that had a full overhaul including new sprites and stats:
blast gun

ships/weapons that had minor/major sprite changes, but little to no stat changes:
pulse barrage

the following descriptions have had major changes:
stallion (P)

blast gun:
increased OP cost from 10 to 12
decreased damage per shot from 90 to 55
decreased flux per shot from 100 to 45
increased fire rate

all starbursts:
decreased EMP damage from 2500 to 2000

replaced system with reserve wing
decreased max speed from 75 to 65
decreased shield efficiency from 0.8 to 1

changed fire sound

decreased max flux from 12000 to 10500
increased fuel per light year from 5 to 6
(as its supposed to be an older ship)

increased fuel per light year from 3 to 8
increased supplies/month from 8 to 10

pulse barrage:
decreased burst size from 25 to 20
increased fire delay from 4 to 5
increased burst delay from 0.1 to 0.2

increased OP cost from 26 to 30
increased damage per shot from 900 to 950

fixed energy weapon arcs

increased supplies per month and deployment points from 16 to 18

general changes:
pirates no longer use anvil weapons (sorry to those who faced a mudskipper with a tsar)
added the Edinburgh star system
updated Lucernes description to include Warwick
lowered sound of market music for both factions
added reinforced bulkheads to all HVBs (sorry completely forgot)
both factions blueprint packages are now rarer

Blackjack changes:
changed the location of ruleta (now above Naraka and to the right of Yma-Waraw)
replaced the oribtalstation on juego with a battlestation

Anvil industries changes:
upgraded the battlestation on Crucible to a Starfortress
added restoration docks to crucible (with Industrial Evolution installed, after it updates with new IDs)
refined exported ships/weapons/fighters to persean league and independents

new ships/weapons:
spider class interceptor to anvil fleets
shotel class heavy frigate to anvil fleets (and a pirate variant to pirate fleets)
zweihander class assault cruiser to anvil fleets
dutchess class battleship to derelict fleets (oh yall are gonna have a bad time with this one)
3 culverin skins

ships that had a full overhaul including new sprites and stats:

following ships/weapons have had minor/major sprite changes, but little to no stat changes:
tarsus (BMS)
M21 blaster

following ships/weapons have been renamed:
saber to cicada
stake to antlion
shotel to cricket
snapper to shoe

removed these ships/weapons:
conquest AP
keg (will return in future mod)
lasher AP (will return in future mod)
enforcer AP

lowered spawn by 50% (older design being phased out for the modern zweihander, dont worry will never remove it!)
updated description somewhat

M74 asteroid cracker:
a complete overhaul, it is now burst with various stat changes

decreased max cargo from 1000 to 800
decreased max crew from 350 to 200

increased max speed from 60 to 85
increased shield arc from 55 to 70
increased max burn from 7 to 8

decreased spawn rate by 50% (dear god this isnt supposed to be as common as the atlas MK2)

no longer targets fighters
decreased max damage from 1000 to 900
decreased energy/shot from 1500 to 1300
increased chargedown from 3 to 3.5 seconds

increased max speed from 45 to 55
increased max burn from 7 to 8

fixed the description not showing up (it was a miss labeled ID)

replaced ship system with burndrive
increased max speed from 40 to 135
decreased max cargo from 250 to 200
decreased max crew from 120 to 40
increased max burn from 8 to 9

m21 blaster:
decreased flux per shot from 300 to 250

condor (BMS):
removed small medium missile and small missile mounts
added a medium ballistic mount
removed shields
increased armor from 600 to 750
increased hull from 5000 to 5400
increased max speed from 35 to 45
decreased max burn to 8 from 9

changed medium ballistic to composite
changed 2 front hardpoints to turrets


tarsus (BMS):
no longer joins combat

decreased missile launch range from 2000 to 1000
increased refit time from 12 to 16
increased OP cost from 15 to 18

replaced system with plasma jets
touched up sprite
increased max speed from 45 to 65
decreased shield arc from 180 to 90
increased minimum crew needed from 80 to 90

decreased armor from 200 to 150

now actually has the blackjack tech-type

increased max speed from 20 to 45

decreased supplies a month/DP to 25 from 30

fixed bounds

fixed lack of codex entry
replaced system with burndrive

updated dozens of descriptions (done by black lynx on discord)
added the doom (EX) to exalted fleets
fixed crash when entering mausoleum (THIS TIME FOR REAL)
increased max speed from 55 to 65

beetle/cielo drone/cracker drone:
no longer drop when host ship is killed and no longer sold in markets (and increased OP cost for those that still have them, go wild i guess)

empress and graft:
replaced system with phase skimmer

increased supplies a month to 35 from 25

increased max speed from 35 to 55

gave it 2 mining strength with nex installed

replaced medium mounts and small turrets with hybrids
decreased max OP by 10

messed with spawn rates so now base BP ships will be more frequent  and blackjack now knows the hammerhead BP

added the depot class logistics barge to anvil fleets

re-added drive field stabilizer
decreased spawn rate by 30%

nerfed ship quality bonus (500% was a bit... much...)

bulwark charge:
decreased damage resistance from 50% to 30%
increased cooldown from 12s to 15s

stallion (P):
decreased max cargo to 100 from 150

decreased max cargo from 200 to 150

tarsus (BMS):
decreased max cargo from 400 to 350
decreased max fuel from 200 to 60

decreased max fuel from 500 to 400

mora (BMS)
decreased DP from 24 to 18

increased OP cost to 15 from 10

all starbursts:
decreased EMP damage to 2500 from 4500

increased speed from 70 to 95

decreased spawn rate by half

replaced the 2 ballistic hardpoints with composite hardpoints

voodoo pod:
description now shows up

removed weak willed and added the low profile and one true way faction traits with nex installed

added the low profile and anarchistic faction traits with nex installed

gave independents access to exalted and blackjack weapons
added The Graft HVB (with vayras sector installed)
added the Bastion (P) the original bastion HVB (with vayras sector installed)
added the gust micro cannon to anvil ships (HE, Small Ballistic)
added the Tsar Cannon to anvil ships (HE, Large Ballistic)
added the Gleam Cannon to exalted ships(Large, EMP Energy)
added the Gangster class heavy destroyer to blackjack fleets
added the snapper class drone hub frigate to blackjack fleets
Removed the prince and princess frigates
added the mirador class science barge to blackjack fleets
added the retainer anti fighter corvette to anvil fleets
added the vampire assault ship to exalted fleets
added the Silkworm class support bomber wing to anvil fleets
re-added the mortar artillery cruiser as the mortar (P) ( i took the regular out like 5 months ago)
removed neutralist from blackjacks personality traits in nex
decreased the rate in which vanilla ships from the base blueprint spawn in anvil/blackjack/exalted fleets
fixed an ungodly amount of typos
added the Omni-Forge custom industry to crucible
added the Starburst EMP MRM to anvil ships (small and medium, missile)
overhauled the Lucerne. bigger, badder and ANGRY
removed the gemini BMS
added commissioned crew support for the exalted
anvil no longer sat bombs enemies
removed the priest
the eidolon (now named priest) has been removed from exalted fleets and is now an HVB (with vayras sector installed)
added the Nightmare class heavy carrier to exalteds fleets
changed specters name to wendigo
added music to all 3 factions
removed the following ships from the factions default blueprints and changed them to rare blueprints: bastion, lucerne, kingdom, wendigo and priest.
changed the market on panger to freeport
added the mora (BMS) class drone hive to blackjack fleets
added relations between anvils factions and several modded factions
fixed bouncers broken bounds
added the Lasher (AP) to anvil fleets (rarely)
added the Conquest (AP) to anvil fleets (rarely)
added the Enforcer (AP) to anvil fleets (rarely)
added the Voodoo class kinetic Harpoon to exalted ships (small and medium, missile)
still didnt add a bridge to the brutes sprite, never will. (true pirates dont need to see where they are going or what they are shooting.)
added the chem lab industry to juego
added commissioned crew support for blackjack
added the Scamp class pirate frigate to..... well, pirate fleets.

replaced the systems of the following ships with bulwark charge:
stallion (P)

new sprite
removed 2 small weapon mounts
replaced system with damper
decreased max OP from 70 to 55

added custom built in drone wing
decreased max OP from 85 to 65

removed drive field stabilizer
increased max speed from 60 to 70
decreased fuel per lightyear from 10 to 3

added small energy mount.
(an individual that wishes to remain unknown) updated the sprite

now has decreased spawn rate

replaced system with flarelauncher

mining drone (BMS):
changed sprite

fixed up the main sprite a bit
made barrel smaller

replaced sprite

replaced light assault guns with gust micro cannons

protective mining mounts:
decreased health bonus from 50% to 20%
removed turn speed penalty
removed repair speed bonus


added chest class mini freighter to blackjack fleets
added priest class line cruiser to exalted fleets
fixed chariots bounds
anvil ships no longer spawn in diktat and hegemony fleets
fighters no longer show as warships in the colony ship production tab
anvil, exalted and blackjack markets no longer stop selling ships late game
added the warwagon to the default_ship_roles file so it now shows up ingame
changed the exalteds campaign colors
changed anvil industries campaign colors
removed the convoy (EX)
added the urn class freighter to exalted fleets
removed the odyssey (EX) will make heavy changes and add it as an HVB whenever i get around to adding those
added the culverin class missile destroyer to anvil fleets, happy pride month!
removed the hammerhead lgbt (the culverin took its place as it was just a crappy hammerhead skin)
removed the sparrow (P)
gave the sparrow a new sprite

increased supplies/month from 3 to 6
now joins in on combat

decreased price from 230000 to 190000
increased max speed from 35 to 50

removed exalted subsystems

decreased supplies/month to 35 from 45

atlas (BMS):
decreased max flux from 18000 to 14000
decreased max cargo from 1000 to 750
added salvage gantry

decreased max flux from 12000 to 9000
decreased max dissipation from 725 to 450

removed salvage gantry

gemini (BMS):
decreased supplies/month from 12 to 10

decreased max cargo from 95 to 60

decreased max cargo from 95 to 60

update (1.0.0)

added the Blackjack Mining Syndicate with several new ships

added the plasma caster medium energy weapon
added the carrion class combat rig
added the brute class pirate assault cruiser
added the keg class combat tanker
added the M71 asteroid cracker large energy
removed chariot mk2
re-colored the condor and tarsus AP and gave them to Blackjack
removed the  mule AP (might return in my shippack)
re-added the lucerne class battleship with new sprite!!!!!
gave the prince and princess overhuals with new sprites
ovarhauled the voyager. new sprite, now a combat focused salvage ship.
overhauled the rapier. new sprite, now filling its role as a frigate killer more heavily
moved skarseld next to haven
gave the Outlaws TPC a description
fixed sabers description not showing up
fixed prince and princess frigates showing up as destroyers
fixed the rapiers description having a removed ships description within it

added exalted subsystems to all exalted ships and removed delicate machinery

ignition beam:
gave it a new sprite and renamed it to the ecto beam.

needle beam:
changed it into a heavy burst beam

lowered maneuverability
changed shield efficiency from 0.7 to 1.3
decreased max flux from 25000 to 18000

varna pd laser:
changed damage type to frag

decreased max flux from 28000 to 24000
decreased max hull points from 19000 to 16000

Odyssey (EX):
decreased max flux from 23000 to 18000
decreased max dissipation from 1600 to 1000
removed solar shielding

decreased max flux from 11000 to 7500

decreased max flux from 7500 to 6000
decreased max dissipation from 350 to 250
decreased max cargo from 600 to 350

removed ground support package

increased max speed from 70 to 90

replaced system with maneuveringjets
increased max speed from 55 to 65
edited sprite

removed nav relay

replaced m21 light blaster with a light duel machine gun
reduced max fighter number from 3 to 2
reduced ordinance cost to equip to 20 from 22
increased max hull from 550 to 750
increased max hull from 150 to 200

decreased max hull from 650 to 500
decreased max armor from 120 to 100

removed shielded cargo holds

decreased max flux from 27000 to 22500
removed automated repair unit

wasp (EX)
changed name to delusion
reduced fighter number to 5 from 6

decreased max speed from 45 to 30
decreased max flux from 23000 to 19000

update (0.9.3a)

this update wont break saves but the last one did so if your 2 updates behind it will BREAK SAVES

fixed anvil pirate ships tech/manufacturer
added mining strength to the M21 Light Blaster and Bastion for nex
Fantasma now has a description
added grand fleet start to anvil industries for nex (big salvage and survey fleet lead by a bastion)
fixed it crashing sometimes on the title screen due to missing ship variant.

update (0.9.3)
updated anvil industries flag (thanks vayra!)
added the exalted as a faction with a star system near league space
added the skarseld star system near hegemony space
renamed revenant to eidolon
slightly recoloered mule, condor and tarsus AP and made them rare. and removed lasher, legion, enforcer and eagle AP (might return is far far future)
replaced anvil drive with knights charge
added mercury (EX) class advanced scout
added more to Anvils faction description
added phylactery class freighter
altered the estus and blast gun sprites to set them slightly more apart from vanilla counterparts
added cielo class science vessel
added fantasma class carrier to exalted fleets
replaced the arrowhead bomber drone with the saber bomber wing
overhauled with new sprite, the outlaw. stronger and deadlier then ever. (vayra greatly helped with sprite)
overhauled with new sprite, the quiver. a proper carrier and no longer a cheap starliner conversion.
overhauled with new sprite, the convoy, pretty generic now but it'll get the job done (also added a convoy EX to exalted fleets)
overhauled with new sprite, the morning star, now named "morgenstern", it's thicker then ever! (also added a morgenstern EX to exalted fleets)
overhauled with new sprite, the bastion, its not devoid of color anymore!
overhauled with new sprite, the bandit, a bit tougher and a bit smaller.
removed all derelict ships (will re add them in far far future with better sprites and faction)
added the "desperate times" exalted mission
removed club and mortar

shotel MK1/MK2:
removed shotel MK1 and renamed shotel MK2 to just shotel
replaced 2 light mortars with 2 light assault guns

wasp (EX):
increased ordinance point cost from 8 to 9

changed name to eidolon
gave it a description (oops)

increased max ordinance points from 85 to 100

decreased max speed from 55 to 40

increased max ordinance points from 110 to 115

increased max ordinance points from 55 to 70

removed preinstalled shank frigate wings
increased max ordinance points from 200 to 240

the following ships have had their systems replaced with Knights charge:
 glaive, convoy, flail, hatchet, tarsus AP, mule AP

update (0.9.1) will not break saves but last one did so be careful

added revenant class heavy battlecarrier
added cutlass class drone assault ship
added prince class heavy frigate
added princess class heavy frigate
added stallion class combat tug
added stallion (P) class combat freighter

added m21 light blaster (small ballistic)
added mordare siege cannon (large energy)

added a few tips

fixed several typos and grammer errors

fixed issue where halvete mk2 appeared in markets

added tech/manufacturer to weapons

sanctum, warwagon, kingdom and lucerne:
increased max burn from 6 to 7

ignition beam:
decreased max rage from 800 to 650

halvete cannon:
decreased max range from 900 to 800
decreased ordinance point cost from 15 to 13
increased max damage from 130 to 150

removed armored weapon mounts

removed recovery shuttles

varna pd laser:
decreased max damage from 35 to 15
decreased max range from 600 to 500
decreased max flux per shot from 30 to 15

shield maiden:
increased DP from 35 to 40

decreased max ordinance points from 240 to 200

removed operations center
removed high resolution sensors

removed safety overrides
increased max ordinance points from 65 to 85

removed built-in guass cannons
added civilian grade hull
removed integrated targeting unit
increased max ordinance points from 120 to 150

decreased max ordinance points from 95 to 90

removed nav relay



added flamerge class fast frigate
added buccaneer class pirate carrier
added apparition class light carrier
added chariot MK2 class battle carrier
added a regular sparrow and updated sparrow (p)s sprite
added jester class converted yacht carrier
added omen (P) (have fun dealing with that)
added omen (EX)
added wraith class heavy cruiser
added sanctum class heavy drone carrier
added partizan class battle carrier

added shotel mk1 and mk2 support shuttles
added wasp EX
added wisp heavy fighter
added stake class heavy drone wing
added flea class point defense drone

added varna PD laser
added needle PD beam (small energy)

added commissioned crews support

haven no longer spawns when selecting the random start option while using nex

anvil ships now appear in league and diktat markets
decreased rate in which anvil ships appear in hegemony and independents

decreased relations with hegemony to welcoming
increased relations with league and dikat to welcoming
decreased relations with tri-tach, pirates and path to vengeful
increased relations with the independents to cooperative

gave all exalted ships custom engine colors and tech types

fixed a great many typos in ship and weapon descriptions

the following ships have had their systems replaced with possession:
Odyssey (EX)

the following ships have had their systems replaced with automated defense:
shield maiden

added built-in flea drones

updated sprite

sparrow (P):
made new sprite
decreased max hull from 2300 to 1000
decreased max ordinance points from 35 to 30

decreased max armor from 650 to 325

odyssey EX:
decreased max armor from 500 to 400

increased max hull to 12500 from 10000

updated sprite

changed name to club

decreased max armor from 600 to 250

replaced borer drones with flea drones

increased max speed to 55 from 50
replaced borer drones with flea drones

decreased max ordinance points from 75 to 65

mosquito (now named spirit):
changed name
changed sprite
removed ICU
added delicate machinery
decreased max ordinance  points from 45 to 35
decreased max armor from 200 to 100



added warwagon class super superfreighter
added 2 peasant class freighters. cargo and fuel.
added faction with nex support
added the Haven system near league space

the following ships have had their systems replaced with pride drive:
tarsus AP
eagle AP
legion AP
mule AP
enforcer AP

odyssey EX:
fixed description not showing up

new sprite
removed recovery shuttles
replaced rear small ballistic with small energy

replaced power surge with phase skimmer (for better or worse)

wolf EX:
replaced power surge with phase skimmer

legion AP:
decreased max ordinance points from 265 to 250
added preinstallad termanator drones
removed insulated engines
added solor shielding
slighty edited sprite  (for better or worse)
removed all small mounts
added 3 medium mounts

eagle AP:
slighty edited sprite (for better or worse)

decreased max ordinance points from 75 to 55

added delicate machinery

removed shields

added delicate machinery
decreased max flux dissipation from 800 to 550
decreased max speed from 70 to 55

halvete cannon mk2:
decreased max range from 1200 to 800
increased charge down to 0.90 from 0.30

sparrow (P):
removed safety overrides
removed shields


added specter
added condor AP
added tarsus AP
added mace heavy cruiser
added the arrowhead heavy bomber wing
added ignition beam small energy
removed the venator (since people mostly hate it)(will prob make it a custom bounty in vayras sector in the future)

added new mission

made separete ship catalogs just because i felt like it

changed names:
halberd to glaive
tyrant to outlaw
ember to rapier
hammer to lucerne
soldier to flail
sheep dog to axe

helvete cannon:
shrunk it a bit as it was to big

critical power surge:
increased extra shield damage taken from 50% to 250%

volatile rounds:
decreased damage bonus from 125% to 75%

odyssey EX:
decreased max speed from 85 to 70
replaced critical power surge with microburn
removed 1 flight deck
decreased max ordinance points from 260 to 250
decreased shield arc from 180 to 90

wolf EX:
decreased max flux from 3000 to 2800
decreased max dissipation from 250 to 200

removed 1 borer drone and flight deck

plans for next update:
:redo legion AP/eagle AP
:add custom blue burndrive type system for AP ships
:add make another weapon thats not just a reskin


cudgel, lich and geist should all show up in game now.
added odyssey EX (no description yet, might be unbalanced)

major balance update thanks to captain trek
will break saves

added critical power surge ship system
added volatile rounds ship system
added halvete cannon [medium energy]
added lich class ??
added geist class phase destroyer
added cudgel class heavy phase rig
added wolf (EX)

following ships have had their systems replaced by volatile rounds.

following ships have had their systems replaced by critical power surge.
:empress (was emperor) (good luck! you're gonna need it)

removed insulated engine assembly

decreased max hull from 19000 to 10000

increased DP from 10 to 16
decreased max burn from 7 to 8

decreased shield arc from 200 to 100
changed shield type to omni
fixed spelling error in name

decreased peak CR time from 420 to
decreased max speed from 70 to 65

legion AP:
replaced the 2 large composite mounts with ballistic

increased DP to 55 from 45

decreased shield efficiency from 0.7 to 0.9
increased DP to 40 from 35
decreased max ordnance points from 250 to 220
removed flight decks
replaced ammofeed with bastion defence drones

shield maiden:
decreased shield efficiency from 0.7 to 0.8
increased DP to 35 from 25
changed some colors to a blue tint

increased DP to 35 from 30

increased DP to 20 from 15

removed salvage gantry

increased DP to 12 from 9

enforcer AP:
decreased DP from 12 to 10

morning star:
increased DP to 13 from 10

mule AP:
increased max cargo back to 150 from 100
increased DP to 9 from 7

increased DP to 8 from 6

decreased DP from 7 to 5

sheep dog:
removed safety overides

sparrow (P):
increased DP to 5 from 3

changed name to empress

venator, legion AP and kingdom should have higher spawn rates now. had a typo in a file my bad!


added tyrant class battleship to pirate fleets
added the rare hammerhead (G)
added the hatchet class heavy frigate
added the soldier class escort frigate
added venator class star destroyer
added the blast gun
added mortar class artillery cruiser

the Hawkeye utility drone FINALLY now shows up in fleets and markets!!!

all Anvil Pride (AP) ships: added pride bulkheads custom hullmod

added 2 small missile mounts
increased ordnance points from 85 to 90

decreased max cargo from 900 to 800
decreased max fuel from 1200 to 1000

removed 2 flight decks (was 6 now 4)
removed expanded deck crew
increased max flux from 18000 to 23000

mule AP:
re-added shielded cargo holds

updated descriptions for all new ships other then bandit.


added eagle AP
added emperor class battleship to remnant fleets
added sword class assault cruiser
added shield maiden class modular battlecruiser
added the estus assault gun

(note: none of the new ship descriptions have been proofread by SierraTangoDelta so expect lesser quality for now)
made ship catalog not look horrible and grossly white
increased price from 57000 to 64000

actully shows up ingame!!! (whoops)

fixed min crew being 1 (now 100)
decreased max ordnance points from 125 to 105

updated sprite
increased max dissipation from 450 to 650

removed side hangers

changed sprite color

enforcer AP:
removed reinforced bulkheads
increased CR to deploy from 12 to 14

lasher AP:
decreased max flux from 2500 to 2100
decreased max speed from 150 to 135
decreased shield arc from 280 to 222
increased shield efficiency from 0.7 to 0.8
decreased max crew from 65 to 60
removed reinforced bulkheads

legion AP:
decreased armor from 1750 to 1650
decreased speed from 40 to 35
increased shield efficiency from 0.8 to 0.9
removed reinforced bulkheads

mule AP:
decreased shield arc from 240 to 220
decreased max ordnance points from 85 to 65
increased CR to deploy from 10 to 12
decreased mac cargo from 200 to 100
removed shielded cargo holds
removed reinforced bulkheads


added ship kingdom class heavy carrier (dont worry about the front hangers! its fiiiiiiine)
added ship sparrow (P) class missile frigate
added ship hawkeye class utility drone

changed skin color
increased acceleration from 55 to 65

changed skin color

changed from destoyer to cruiser (as originally intended)
max cargo decreased from 1000 to 900

updated sprite
fixed front right small ballistic placement

sheep dog:
decreased max armor from 600 to 500

fixed flux dissipation (was 70 now 450)
increased max armor from 1300 to 1500

fixed a seam above the bridge in the sprite
decreased max flux from 30000 to 25000
decreased dissipation from 1100 to 1000
decreased max hull from 15000 to 12000

decreased max armor from 1650 to 1450
fixed see through seam on engines

morning star:
max armor decreaed from 450 to 400
max hull decreased from 4500 to 4000
max flux increased from 6200 to 6500

added the anvil prefix to all ship IDs

enforcer AP:
removed small ballistic
decreased op by 5
changed system from plasmajets to microburn

mule AP:
changed medium composite to ballistic
decreased op by 10
changed system from plasmajets to microburn

added insulated engine assembly
increased shield arc by 50

added the morning star heavy destroyer
added the chariot light carrier
added the shank droneship
added the legion AP

descriptions amazingly updated by SierraTangoDelta

changed name of several ships.
gave starcarrier(now named quiver a facelift and made changes to stats
added the halberd heavy cruiser

V:0.1 posted mod

special thanks
to vayra for her help on the new outlaw sprite and modding tutorial! wouldn't be here without it!
J0hn Shm0 for their help with modules.
king alfonzo for help with nex support
knightoftigers for incredible help setting up star systems!
tartiflette for their kitbash database
black lynx for looking over and improving many descriptions
captain trek for major balance help
avanitia for some major description changes
thanks to my brother for his miserable ship ideas on the spirit and cudgel
and to SierraTangoDelta for proof reading and editing the earlier descriptions. (none of the newer ones)
Blackjack theme: business by Faizyr
anvil theme: the old record by faizyr


General Discussion / how to add spoiler?
« on: October 06, 2019, 11:56:44 PM »
im looking to add my mod soon but a lil confused on how to use the forum at 100%, how do people have spoilers with pics on them? and how do i properly add and move pics while editing?

Modding / How to add custom blueprint?
« on: October 04, 2019, 09:48:07 PM »
Hello! Im slowly making my way to an actual mod here soon and my next step is to add most of my ships to a custom blueprint or 2 rather then a vanilla bp, how does one go about making one with a custom picture and all that?

Modding / [0.9.1a] starcarrier, converted starliner. (V1.0)
« on: September 27, 2019, 11:23:29 AM »
hello! this is my first mod, testing to see if everything runs smoothly and i set up everything right with the links and the post stuff lol.

this mod adds the starcarrier i made out of the starliner with a few edits adding venture parts , it spawns in campaign and should run fine, its a poor mans heron.

here is the link.
lmk if there are any problems!

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