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Suggestions / Ambush Bickering
« on: February 04, 2020, 12:07:46 AM »
Well, there is a very effective, very historical and very annoying way to make light ships very usefull.


Make fleets of small ships capable of ambushing larger ones and combat starting with enemy fast ships deploying against player's logistic ones while the reinforcement deployment availability is being timer limited by the ship's speed (can deploy Tempest right from the start but Paragon... not so fast).

This is how you truly make everyone whine and amass huge armadas of picket frigates and destroyers.

Suggestions / Shield toggle after vent.
« on: December 23, 2019, 03:46:40 AM »
Simple suggestion. Instead of ignoring shield activation button while venting, make it remember the pressed key and toggle shields on, immediately after venting stops. It would also be nice if there will be shield status symbol in the on-ship's HUD. Simple green square/triangle/circle (empty/filled) will suffice. Sometimes, when you are shield flickering under fire its hard to see the actual shield and its possible to turn it off when it is less than unnecessary.

General Discussion / Things that have no sense.
« on: October 24, 2019, 02:44:51 PM »
First one.

Mora being a low-tech carrier.

"A venerable design the Onslaught-class battleships were first created to serve the Domain of Man eons ago, before the development of advanced strike weapons, fighter craft, modern energy weapons, and shield systems."

"The Conquest-class battlecruiser is the embodiment of concentrated firepower. Developed in the period just preceding the popularization of fighter craft, the class emphasizes firepower and speed over armor protection."

The whole fighter/carrier doctrine is almost a Fall era. After Onslaught, after Conquest. In, lets say, advanced midline era.

And yet here we go...

"This class of carrier was commissioned during the same period of carrier-centric Domain naval doctrine as the ubiquitous Talon fighter. Armored to withstand the fury of battle alongside the Onslaught, the Mora was nonetheless decommissioned en masse as doctrine shifted to favour heavier guns and capital ships flanked by line-cruisers."

I think its a clear contradiction. There shouldnt be any low-tech naval carriers with the exception of the converted freighters like Condor which I think, ideally represents how first carriers of the rebellious frontier looked like and what spiked the interest in the naval fighters in the first place which led to the development of Mora itself.

The ship is fine but its lore is not.

Second one.

Swarmer MRM.

Why for the love of everything ill-advisely modified in the era of Gauss-totting Mudskippers nobody has managed to employ these missiles in larger volleys which will give them a better chance of destroying a single Piranha bomber which is supposed to be the most typical target for said missiles for about two centuries of constant anti-fighter warfare?

Fighter version is fine and make sense. Drovers and Moras can launch 12 Talons and their 12 Swarmer launchers. Thats enough for the Piranha wing.

But shipborne version is so outwordlish useless that it destroys any resemblance of believability. Cant change the missile's blueprint for nanoforge? OK. I get it. Inability to change the launcher of said missiles to launch 8 insteed of 4 while the whole launcher looks like bunch of missiles barely strapped together and the missiles itself have so perfect autonomous guiding and maneuverability that you can literally hurl them into space from the airlock and they still be able to be effective!? Sorry but nope.

Yes the game is so good that after several years of playing it I have found only these two major flaws.

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