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Starsector 0.9.1a is out! (05/10/19); Blog post: Personal Contacts (08/13/20)

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Modding / Mount indicaters are drawn underneath decorative weapons
« on: June 05, 2014, 04:13:17 AM »
Hi Alex and David!

I don't know if this can be considered a bug but it seems that in refit the mount indicators (blue circle, yellow box, white reticule) are drawn underneath decorative weapons.

Now most people won't have problems with this but I do since I am hiding the ship sprite underneath a decorative weapon which equals the ship sprite to hide vanilla damage textures.
This makes it very hard to actually click on the weapon mounts and swap out weapons, one can hardly see the slots partly because I didn't make visual indicators on the sprite itself.

In my opinion the mount indicators should be on top of everything.

Added a screenshot to show what I mean:
As soon as you hover over the mounts they get highlighted but on the left you can clearly see that the yellow box is underneath the decorative weapon.
PS: Sorry if this is the wrong subforum, I didn't really know where to post this.

Handwritten book pages found inside the carcass of a strangely organic appearing vessel orbiting Umbra:

" ... it appears that the chimpanse has normal sensory input after transplantation and reacts normally to stimulation.
But there still lies the problem in repairing damaged nerve tissue in order to enable the subject to use the host body's extremeties. Further testing seems to be in order.


April 23rd 1938,

Subject refuses any nourishment, continue using intravenous nutritional liquid to keep the subject from starvation.

Still no limb movements. Continue testing.

April 27th 1938,

Host body rejected transplant, any attempt to reanimate failed.

Autopsy in progress.


May 6th 1938,

Von Braun sent in his latest test results, at least he seems to be making progress after my own attempt failed.

Preparations for another attempt at transplantation have been met but I'm still waiting on that delivery from Japan."

Protocoll of a conversation salvaged from still intact components of what appears to be inside one of the organic ships after an aggresive encounter with said splinter group:

"Kapitän, awaiting orders!"
"Report our situation, Fähnrich."
"Course set to nearest Krill field for redeployment, SMS Graf Spee took minor hull damage due to a maneuvering mistake, rest of our fleet is fully operational."
"Good, let's hope we won't get interrupted while harvesting, HQ relies on us to sustain the Walküren. Are they still following us?"
"Yes Sir! Our pheromone trail is guiding them to our destination."
"Well done! Dismissed, Fähnrich."
"... Ambush! Order the fleet to protect the Walküren! They need to ... (static)"

End of protocoll.

Suggestions / Make us able to run scripts in refit screen
« on: May 04, 2014, 06:56:09 AM »
Hello again!

I would love to be able to make scripts run in the refit screen and make a check if in refit screen. Now that would be very useful for asymmetrical weapons for example.

Xenoargh wrote a script which mirrores a weapon but it only runs while in battle and looks really weird in refit for very asymmetrical weapons:

Hi everyone!

I just watched this "WTF is ..." of "The Last Federation" by Total Biscuit and thought it would be interresting to watch:

I could imagine that SS diplomacy might turn out to be something similar to this game, even if only some aspects of it.

What do you guys think?

PS: If this is not the right subforum for this kind of thing, I do apologize for any trouble that might be caused.

Modding / Create a monster contest! (vote until 14th May)
« on: March 18, 2014, 07:41:42 AM »
Hi everyone!

I thought a little contest might be a nice refreshing thing for this great community.


1) Create a monster out of the parts I am providing here or any other parts you think might be suitable.
You can use mechanical parts as well to mak hybrid ships but at least half of it needs to be organic (roughly)

2) You are not limited to the parts I am providing at the end of this post, feel free to use anything you like. You can use my mod as a resource for parts and animated stuff as well.
Please provide a little description and what the creatures purposd should ba and what kind of weapons/system it should use.
The more detailed the better it will be!

3) You can make only ONE entry per ship class (If you have a fighter and a cruiser you can post both but you cannot post two destoyers for example)

4) This is for fun so please have some!

5) At the end of the deadline I will open a new post as a poll and the whole community can vote which is the best creature.

6) The best sprite will be included in my mod or in your own mod, whichever you prefer.

Here are some parts for use, originally made ny Machine for BSF:

Mods / Biomancy Genetic Engineering (Huge AI/Balance Improvements!)
« on: January 27, 2014, 04:29:53 AM »
Welcome to my wip mod thread!

This will be an upcoming faction centered around the idea of biological spaceships and weaponry.

New Blood Effects teaser online! :

Exerelin/Campaign Beta Download:

BGE now has their own system called Himmel. A lot of this is going to change, so be aware that saves will probably not be compatible with upcoming versions.
I decided to upload this early for people who are not able to run Exerelin/don't like Exerelin so they can test the faction as well.
I did a mistake with the last version of this, redownload and follow the steps below and it should work properly now.
This version of BGE works with Exerelin v0.632 but in order to make it work you will need to do a few things:
- after you unzipped the folder into your mods folder open the BGE folder. There is a folder named "ExerilinBGEmod", open that folder.
- There are 3 files inside: bge.faction, bge.json and exerilin_config
- now open your Exerilin mod folder in a new window and go to data/config and replace "exerilin_config" with the one provided by me, make a backup before you do that, just in case
- open the next folder named "exerilinFactionConfig" and put "bge.json" into that folder
- now open Exerelin_0.632/world/factions and put the file "bge.faction" in that folder

Link to lore section:

Some facts about the faction:

- No campaign integration yet but  Campaign integrated and works well with Exerelin (freighters, mining drones and troop transports will follow)
- Should be fairly well balanced ( I would love to get some feedback on that, either playing as BGE or playing against them)
- Ships consist of three main parts: The outer shell or carapace, an antimatter based lifeform from hyperspace genetically manipulated and the inside from where the crew controls the creature
- No shields but moderate damage, EMP and system failure resistance and the ability to regenerate hull points
- Every ship except for phase ships has the ability "adrenaline rush" on right click, it has a 4 second cooldown and will repair some hull points and all disabled weapons and engines
- Each ship on it's own is quite weak but when combined their unique systems make them stronger
- If you lose ships too often try taking some Zophe destroyers with you, they have an AOE heal system
- don't be afraid to ram other ships, BGE ships aren't the most durable but they all can regenerate and/or life leech
- Playing a variety of BGE ships is best for them bacause the systems compliment on that
- Scythe claws have a life leech effect, you will regain hull points while hitting enemy ship's hulls
- Siege Claws and Pincer Claws have a shield breaking effect, if you fight enemies with good shields mix some of these with scythe claws to have life leech and tear down shields. Also they do HiEx damage to break armor
- Grappler tentacles pull the firing ship closer to the enemy hit, let them autofire to make fighting fighters and frigates easier, you can use this to repell missiles or throw asteroids as well, if you install the hullmod "integrated point defense AI" they will target missiles themselves

A quick system crash course:
                                         - Vergifter system causes enemy weapons, shields and engines to malfunction randomly
                                         - Flusskrebs system increases total flux and flux dissipation for Allies in a range of 1200 SU
                                         - Zophe system heals Allies in 1200 SU every 20 seconds for a duration of 10 seconds healing 30% of total hull points
                                         - Waechter system releases up to 26 suicide Mord drones which try to intercept enemy missiles and fighters, also reduces damage of all enemies in 1500 SU by 15% and slows them down
                                         - Arbiter system increases maneuverability and speed of allies in 1200 SU and also make them have the zero Flux bonus applied if flux is 20% or less


Vergifter phase frigate specialised in micro-biological warfare                                                                     Flusskrebs fast destroyer
System: Floods enemy systems and weapons with fungal spores                                                                System: Rapidly grows swarms of microscopic parisitic antimatter lifeforms
causing malfunctions and reducing projectile speed of enemies in range.                                                      which feed on flux increasing flux capacity and dissipation by 20%.

Zophe light support bio-carrier                                                                                                             Arbiter swarm control cruiser
System: Grows larvae inside it's inner organs acting similar to white blood cells in a human body                      System: Releases Brut drones which are hermaphrodites and produce very potent female
in addition to having fresh genetic code with an effect similar to stem cells.                                                 pheromones that increase maneuverability and maximum zero flux speed boost value by 20%.
Gives a short health regeneration effect to nearby allied ships.                                                                                                                                                              

Waechter heavy assault cruiser                                                                                                           Koenig dreadnaught

A little bit of Q&A:
Why are your ships so colourful? Couldn't you have gone for something more subtle?

- I decided to use a lot of bright colours because I ws inspired by deep sea creatures. Those are living rainbows and i thought deep sea and deep space are quite similar things.

What are your other inspirations for this mod?

- Zerg and Tyranids, ofcourse, although I decided to have non-Alien background.

Will this be compatible with any other mods when it's finished?

- I've planned to make this compatible with Exerelin, otherwise compatibility with any other mod has not been tested, yet. I would love to see this integrated into Uomoz Sector as well ...

This mod is broken, why can't the AI handle my ships properly?

- That's a tricky one. Right now I did a work around by giving each ship a grappler which gets enemy ships close enough to let the AI handle it but it doesn't work too well.
  When I'm done with ship design I will probably ask Xenoargh to give me a hand with the AI stuff if I can't salvage it myself from Vacuum.

WTF, why is there stuff in the mod folder called DSTech?

- I've been working on DSTech before and updated it to work with SS 0.6.2a and Exerelin. I merely took it as a working template and will clean it up on later releases.

I've got this great idea for a weapon/system/ship/hullmod your faction should use, can you do that?

- Sure, I'm open for any suggestions. Tell me about it and I'll see if it fits in.

Can I take stuff from your mod to do whatever with it?

- Yes, please! Feel free to do whatever you like with my mod, just give me some credit in the mod description/on your mod page.

Planned features:
- a complete faction of bio-engineered ships and weapons
- melee mechanics (DONE! And implemented a few of those)
- no shields but melee weapons will have a life leech effect to keep ships alive (DONE! Big thanks to Debido!)
- corrosive weapons dealing damage over time (That's gonna be tricky, might have to be coded like a projectile that has a chance of respawning and doing damage again and again)
- dedicated "healer" weapons/ships/drones (If I can manage to produce code for it)
- grappling tentacle ship system and/or weapon (Repurposed the repulsor beam from Exigency, permission granted. Works like a tractor beam now, I just need to change the sprite to make it look like a tentacle. Done!)
- lots of animated stuff for imersion (Some weapon animations done so far)


v 0.0.2 test version
- Flusskrebs and König ships are ingame!
- a few weapons implemented
- got a working life leech OnHitEffect script working on all melee weapons
- did some balancing

v 0.0.1 test version
- one ship ready for testing
- no download or playable version yet. That will take some time ...
- currently working on weapons and animated decorative stuff
- more ships on their way

If one of those coding gods wants to help I would apreciate that a lot! (Thanks for the help!)

Special thanks and credits:
DSMK2 for leting me work on DSTech Corp, got my modding introduction from this.
Debido for writing that awesome life leech code and helping me understand Java.
Lazy Wizard for writing a nice animation script for decorative weapons based on min/max speed of the ship.
All the authors of those great mods out there for coding examples: Trylobot, Zaphide, Uomoz, Xenoargh, Lazy Wizard, Okim, Cycerin, MShadowy and dmaiski.
Spriting help and feedback: Helmut, Xenoargh

Modding / DSTech Corporation - Some help please!
« on: January 13, 2014, 06:37:59 AM »
Hi everyone!

As I'm working on DSMK2's mod I realised it would be very cool if DSTech would have some unique mechanics to stand out in the crowd of mods but I'm not sure how to do it.

DSMK2 provided some lore for the faction:
"The DSTech Corp is a front for a race of sentient mechanical lifeforms who advance in technology (as high as it is already) and knowledge relatively slowly. They reside in artificial mega-structures (not quite Dyson spheres) which surround stars relatively distant from current human civilization. These structures extract large amounts of gas from the host star to be converted into useable matter; generally used in continued growth of their mega-structures, but also used to construct various tools...

Their ships are created from that matter, hence why their ships are cheap. However, very few of those ships venture beyond their origin system; kept mainly for overwhelming defense. Those that do often set up bases and factories near civilization, under their common moniker.

They have begun selling their ships in human space, using human captains and crewmen to take their eyes to places in the galaxy they would never otherwise see."

Keeping that in mind I think it would be cool for the faction to be completely reliant on fuel instead of using supplies and fuel.

Would there be a way to use fuel/day instead of supplies?
Would it be possible to use fuel for repairs instead of supplies?

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