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I like having large, 50vs50 ships battles which I know the game is not designed for, but are quite fun for me. The problem is that my FPS drops to like 10 when that happens. Which aspect of the computer does Starsector rely on the most in those scenarios? Is it the CPU or is it the GPU?

Suggestions / A plea for better saving options/ui
« on: August 01, 2020, 11:56:10 PM »
A while ago it was requested to Alex to allow us to make multiple saves of one play session, which lead to the implementation of the "Save Copy" button. While at the time I was pleased with this implementation, I knew it wasn't ideal and now I recently lost about 5 hours of gameplay (PC crash, not the game's fault) which could have been prevented if we had a better system. Simply put, it's too costly to use "Save Copy" all the time due to how heavy the save files can get, so I only use it every once in a while. Thus, when I had this crash the last time I had copy'd was 5 hours prior.

What I plea for is a save system which most PC games have. Basically you'd press "Save", be taken to a list of your current saves, decide to either overwrite a previous file or create a new one and then finally save. The core difference between this system and the current one is the ability to choose which file you'd like to overwrite. In many games I use a pattern with, say, "Save 1", "Save 2" and "Save 3" and then alternate between them so I'd always have a backup. Alex, please consider adding this.

Thank you.

As your fleet gets stronger and you are running ships with multiple level 20 officers, you still get some pirate armadas that try to fight you only to be completely destroyed due to how much officers and skills can impact a battle, they can't even dent the shields of a defensive officer on a decent ship. Since the FP is the main tool that the AI uses for fleet engagement decisions, there should be some sort of hidden modifier for each officer ship FP value that the AI would take into consideration. This could be applied to enemy scaling as well if the game is going to use that system further.

Modding / The game seriously needs a mod manager/downloader
« on: June 07, 2020, 08:48:14 PM »
I know this can be a controversial topic but my exhaustion got to a point that I just got to say it. Over the last few months I thought of picking up the game again for a modded run in a few different occasions, and every time I did so I had to spend over 30 minutes to an hour going over mod pages, downloading files, replacing folders and updating my current mods. This takes like 5 minutes with other games like Terraria and Factorio (or any game with Steam Workshop support, though the aforementioned two use their own solutions). I understand that some of those can create extra burdens on modders and that auto updating is no good for Starsector, but at least a button to manually update the mods (instead of a forum link page as the Version Check mod does, which still requires you to launch the game) would be greatly appreciated. Not to mention that some very good mods get buried in Page 3/4 of the forum pages because of the way forum threads are sorted, even if it got updated recently, so you gotta go looking for them. And then on top of all that a lot of really good mods are restricted to Discord only, making it even more of a pain to find everything interesting before you start a new run.

I've given up starting modded runs multiple times just by how bothersome this whole process is. I'm not calling on Alex to handle this or any specific modder. If you don't like it that's fine. But if you ever felt similar frustrations and want to the game to appeal to more people, please consider this. Thank you.

This is a weird one but bear with me. I want to recommend this game to some people that never played it before but due to some special circumstances we need a clear condition. Razing all factions would take too long so what accomplishment would be a good? What point of the game? Vanilla only please.

I think I mentioned this in other threads before, but I believe this bears repeating, especially now since there is still some time before the next release. With many mods it can be confusing to know what is from where, and it hurts when giving feedback. I was hoping that the "manufacture" field would have helped with that but with so many mods making additions to vanilla factions, it's just impossible to use it as such in many cases. So, just like many games with very active mod communities like Minecraft and Factorio, please let us see which mod each item (or ship) is from when hovering them, by showing the id in one of the fields. I don't mind if we have to toggle that in the config file.

We all heard this question a million times when recommending this game to others. "Why isn't this game on Steam?". While I understand Alex's stance on it since he's worried about negative reactions from people disliking EA games with few updates, I legit believe this stance is hurting the game more than it is helping at this point. Take Sseth's wave, for example. I'm sure it has been great for the game, but I can't help but wonder how many people that would have bought the game due that video didn't since it's not available on a platform that they can purchase things on, and are now just using the "trial" option. I made this argument before on the Epic Games thread but I'll make it here again, the number of people that rely on Steam's international payment solutions to purchase games is not insignificant. 

Moreover, the game is far more complete now than it was before. These types of games have proven to be successful on Steam even if they seldom receive updates, granted they are good. I can think of no better game to compare to than with Factorio. It is still in EA, very rarely gets content updates (though frequent bugfixes) and it's sitting at 98% positive reviews due to people's trust in the development team.

Finally, what people want these days is not necessary constant updates, but communication. Alex has proven to be very active on both Twitter and here, and the blog posts are more than enough proof for people to know that the game is being worked on. Just link the blog posts to the Steam community and the reputation will be fine.

It's time to reconsider.

This is an extension of the other topic on mothballed ships, but regardless of what happens to the fleet cap, I believe a good idea would be to simply disconnect the fleet cap from the number of available ships for recovery. I played the game a lot trying to salvage an specific ship only to realize that the reason why I couldn't salvage it was because I only had a few slots left in my fleet. I changed my configuration to 90 (but still don't fly more than 30) and voila, I'm now seeing 12+ ships each big fleet battle instead of 2. In order for this to not be necessary, why not make both things unrelated? Have something like a cross on top of the ships if the limit has been reached or if the player selected enough so that it reached the limit. This would give the player choice while not sacrificing the cap.

Over the course of Starsector's development this topic has been brought up before when the weapons of recovered ships got unequipped and it was in general a bother to keep re-equipping everything. I'm very thankful that that problem got addressed, but now I'd like to talk about my last two annoyances:

1. The ship order changes when a ship in your own fleet is recovered
2. Officers get unassigned

These get in my way when running a junk fleet. It's busywork every time I have to salvage them back. I realize it's not that much of a major issue but I'd like to see these addressed as well.

Modding / Please be mindful of the tone of your mod
« on: May 30, 2019, 07:51:15 AM »
I don't want to be overly critical of content creators here, I love how the mods spice up the content of the game and god knows how many hours I have spent playing them (and you guys creating them), but it really takes me out of the game to see a character make an outdated joke completely unrelated to the sector or to shatter the tone of the game with things like emoticons on the text. I don't want to single out any mod with specific examples, that's not the point of this thread, but there is a big push in the forums to make mods compatible with each other and with the vanilla balance, please try to maintain the tone close to vanilla as well. To some extent this also applies to any extra Tooltips, please try to use that in moderation.

Moreover, if your mod completely breaks the tone of the game that's fine, I think anyone should be able to make whatever they wish, but I'd prefer that to be advertised in your mod page.

Modding / Mod request - Ship price modifier
« on: May 14, 2019, 06:20:37 AM »
I don't know how hard something like this would be (never mind if too complicated), or maybe there is an easy value to change such as store tax, but I'd like to attempt runs with prices even higher than the changes of the latest patch brought. Something like 2x or 3x the current values. Would be even better if it was able to change ship classes independently.

I realize this can be done through .csv edits but it gets troublesome with mods and the constant updates they get.

I thought this went without saying but seeing the recent tweets I felt like creating this topic. I understand the allure of an exclusivity deal but please don't throw us, the player base, under the bus. I'd much rather have the option to support the game directly through the current launcher in a storefront-free form or through a platform of my choosing.

Suggestions / Add a toggleable "Mod" field to the UI when hovering items
« on: February 17, 2019, 06:43:43 PM »
In .9 the "tech/manufacturer" field was added to items and ships to indicate their origin. Before the patch released I was hoping this field would solve the problem of telling items apart when playing with many mods, as that can get confusing when you add multiple packs. However, with a lot of the mods making vanilla friendly ships and adding ships to existing factions, the feature isn't working for that purpose. For example, if a mod adds a ship to the Remnant then it makes sense that the tech/manufacturer field to be filled by "Remnant", right?

Thus, I'd like an option (toggleable in the settings file?) to display the mod ID when hovering items.

Suggestions / Using Alpha AIs as admins should trigger Remnant raids
« on: November 22, 2018, 07:34:19 AM »
As per title. There is really no real punishment over using it besides the fact that the Hegemony sends an easy to deal inspection every now and then.

Moreover, an invasion fleet of Remnants would be stronger than pretty much every other faction (maybe sans a really strong TT fleet), providing a very good lategame challenge.

I imagine a lot of users here are familiar with the "Leading Pip" mod. If not, I'll link it below. I'm posting this thread here instead of in "Suggestions" since I do not know what would work best for the game and I want to promote some discussion.

For a while now I have been using the mod to make aiming easier. At first I just wanted some assistance, but the mod had an interesting effect on my playstyle. You see, in vanilla when I'm using weapons that require aiming, have travel time and can easily miss, I usually default to autoaiming. It's safer to use and it allows me to focus on shield controls and maneuvering. However, with the mod installed, I've been doing the aiming by myself and I find it a lot more fun to do so. I noticed the difference now because I recently started a run without the mod, and I was surprised by how fast I've switched from aiming to just simply letting the AI do it.

Considering how much I enjoyed playing with the pip, this made me start thinking - should manual aiming be promoted at all through design? Should there be advantages to aiming by yourself? Should something similar to the leading pip be implemented in vanilla some way? I do not know the answer to these questions, maybe I should just improve my aim without the pip, but I'd like to hear your thoughts on the subject.

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