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If a fleet consists of nothing but freighters because it escaped an npc versus npc battle in which it's escort of combat ships were wiped out but the frieghters escaped.... the fleet continues about it's business normally!

Ideally this fleet would abort it's mission and retreat to the nearest allied base to wait for a new escort to respawn the fleet with? or even more advanced in nature, it should head for the nearest allied fleet and either merge into the fleet or simply follow in the fleet's wake for a while?

As a result of the profitability and ease of finding lone frieghters (or even frieghters where 50-90% of it's escort have been lost) non-freighter battles end up less profitable.  If I'm getting rich hunting freighters anyways who cares how little reward I get for destroying their escorts?  If freighters were harder to acquire the player would be able to earn less, and if they ended up earning too little for balance sake then escort combat ships could start paying out a bit more?

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