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Mods / [0.7.2a] ORI faction v0.3.8b (PhaseFix) Nexerelin compatible
« on: October 18, 2013, 03:47:57 AM »

Objectless Research Institute

Greetings to all. I want to present you my humble mod. Mod adds a new faction with their ships divided into two warring parties.

Download links:

For version [0.7.2a]

For version [0.7.1a]

For version [0.65.1a]

For version [0.6.2a]:

Current features:
  • 2 new factions
  • 34 new ships
  • 8 new weapons
  • new star system Singula

In the future I plan to add new weapons, even ships and refinement of Singula star system where unfold conflict factions. And of course the already existing ships will be improved both in terms of balance and visually. And I hope it will not without the help of your feedback.



 - Eyed Interceptor
The first attempt by General Constructor Bloodius Stupides J’Ohnsus to design an interceptor. In this case, Bloodius decided that the most important feature would be pilot comfort.  He designed it with a large spacious cockpit and a large round viewport giving it the appearance of a giant eye from the front.  Unfortunately Bloodius severely limited the amount of weapons aboard due to power concerns from the draw of the engines, improved life-support systems, climate control, communication systems and even virtual entertainment for pilot. However, the only laser mounted on it was quite powerful for craft of such class. And the round housing a allowed to provide fairly good protection. In the end, it turned out, though the average characteristics, but in fact the most comfortable interceptor.

- Eyed torpedo bomber, converted from the interceptor by adding torpedo made of old hull.
This strange bomber is the result of attempts to to remake interceptor in the torpedo bomber applying a minimum of effort. In fact, these are two joined together interceptors. One of them is common. ?nd in the other all but engine was replaced with explosives. In fact, the second of them turned into a huge torpedo. Usually used for this write-off and damaged hulls. This torpedo has enormous damage, but it's speed and maneuverability are poor.

- Drop high-tech torpedo bomber
One of the latest developments from Objectless Research Institute after the split. A heavy torpedo bomber with enough weapons to inflict serious damage even against cruisers or larger was developed to punch through capital ships’ shields.

- Shtur modernized atmospheric fighter
The Shtur is the result of the failure of attempts to modernize marine ship to be space-worthy.  They were able to modernize the ancient atmospheric fighter and take it into space. The end result was a simple, fairly well armed, but somewhat underwhelming fighter.

- Wall modernized atmospheric bomber
The Wall is a massive bomber that is heavier than some frigates even. Another attempt by ORI to modernize old military technology, the Wall was designed after ancient bomber blueprints. The design may not look space worthy, but what it lacks in style it makes up for in sheer ordinance capacity.  Needs to be guarded closely since its slow speed makes it an easy target.

- Whirly phase fighter based on the helicopter
After the success of the Shtur, an ancient heavy attack helicopter was next to be refitted for space operations. The task was very difficult due to the helicopter rotors not being able to be used for propulsion in the traditional sense. Finally it was determined they could use the centrifugal force of the blades to move it but had to remove the shield emitters in favor of a less bulky phase cloak. The fighter was dubbed the Whirly from the sound the rotors make when the Whirly changes directions.

- Oscen heavy fighter
This heavy fighter was developed by engineers of the OR Institute already after the the Split. The task was to create a powerful and versatile machine, which is why the craft has turned out quite big. As the main weapons were chosen two powerful laser, located in the bow of the fighter. Good armor and effective shield supported by a sufficiently powerful in its class power plant provides enough reliable protection from enemy fire. That is so unwieldy machine does not lose efficiency due to the low mobility to this fighter was established a sufficiently large number of engines. Engines are arranged in the side parts of the housing, forming a distinctive looked wings. Because of such an arrangement of engines and specific ports for laser guns fighter gained resemblance to a bird of prey. In general, the fighter turned out, though massive, but powerful, agile and tenacious. For what is respected by pilots of OR Institute. But unfortunately it turned out to be quite expensive and complicated to produce, which affects the volume of shipments of such vehicles.

- Gryllus mining craft
This unit was created long before the split for the needs of the department of mining. Unlike ordinary miner drones this unit is controlled by the pilot, that was conceived of designers was to enhance the quality of work. The unit was equipped with the standard at that time drilling equipment and a shield to protect the valuable pilot from flying debris of mined asteroids. After the outbreak of the conflict of the split this unit as more miners equipment found himself combat usage. After adding a machine gun became a pretty good fighter of support, thanks to the good strength and agility.


- Grib large multipurpose frigate
Grib is the standard ORI frigate. It was designed as the main universal frigate. Starting from this problem it has sufficient strength and armament. He also has sufficient capacity to carry supplies for stand-alone missions. Unfortunately has not done without drawbacks. The ship was very cumbersome for its class. Also, due to design flaws most of the weapons turned out to be rigidly fixed to the front of the housing. For an ORI design it is surprisingly plain, but has good survivability due to its simplistic design.

- Openok light carrier
Developed in parallel with the Grip frigate as a small carrier, the Openok was designed to be a fast but small light carrier. More defenses were added instead of weapons to favor survivability, it is easily the smallest carrier in the ORI fleet and depends upon its Phase Teleporter to survive. In fact, most of the housing takes a spacious hangar. The flight deck is located aft of the housing so that the hull covered the landing craft from enemy fire. However, due to this arrangement, the pilots have to be afraid of the exhaust from nozzle of engines.

- Bastion defensive frigate
The Bastion is a simple and reliable medium-range heavy frigate. The Bastion has good weapons and armor for its small size, but sacrifices speed and maneuverability in exchange.  Its primary role is to escort larger ships due to its slow speed making it unsuitable as a scout.

- Bastion Heavy defensive frigate
he Heavy Bastion is an even heavier version of the Bastion.  The Heavy Bastion sacrifices even more speed and maneuverability for increased firepower.  Unfortunately the over-sized reactor requires very careful flux management, but the risk may be worth the reward to have a weapons load out similar to that of a light cruiser.

- Fork boarding frigate
The Fork is a frigate specially designed for boarding operations. Its main task is to deliver troops to the target under heavy enemy fire. The troop compartment is heavily shielded to keep the marines safe since this ship itself contains mostly PD weapons.  The primary weapon is designed to melt through armor and hull quickly to allow boarding access but has such a limited range it is almost useless for anything else. Most of the time marines will yell “Get Forked!” or “Fork You” upon successful boarding.

- Zug B multifunctional tug PD variant
- Zug C multifunctional tug cargo variant
- Zug F multifunctional tug tanker variant
After the schism and the beginning of the conflict with the Radicals, Objectless Research Institute to felt the need of a new tow to increase the speed of their convoys and large fleets. In a short time a simple tug was developed.  Since nobody could agree on a single tug layout, three separate designs were created.

- Hook lightweight tug
After the Split, the Radicals found that they needed a tug and created this ship. Due to the Radicals lacking creativity, it is one big engine with two small gondolas on the support beams.  One gondola contains the crew and the other contains the limited amount of supplies needed to operate the ship. Later it was decided that it could be used as a support frigate as well so 3 missile racks were installed, but it still lacks armor and thus wouldn’t survive a close encounter with almost anything else.

- Tipster light frigate
This compact frigate made in whole streamlined body and actually built around his original energy system, allowing greatly enhance the basic characteristics of the ship for a short time at the cost of overload of primary energy system. To save space for the power system had to reduce the mobility of weapons, the main caliber is rigidly secured to the housing. With mediocre armor the ship is forced to rely on their agility to survive in a difficult battle.

- Frogger phase shuttle
This small, agile phase shuttle gets its name not only for the strange shape, but also the capacity for instantaneous phase jumps. It was rebuilt from an ancient atmospheric transport in the same program that Whirly fighter. This vehicle seemed strange, but it proved to be quite effective, reliable and easy to use. Good maneuverability and phase mobility provide enough vitality to this strange looking shuttle.

- Wind vans escort  destroyer
The Wind is a jack-of-all-trades destroyer.  It has good firepower, good speed, good cargo capacity and good defense.  Unfortunately because it is just good at everything it excels at nothing and is relatively expensive to maintain due to it being able to fill so many roles.

- Barrel armed tanker
Barrel is a well-protected tanker. It was designed at the dawn of Objectless Research Institute, then later it was modified when someone came up with the idea that the tankers must be able to protect themselves. Despite the unusual combination of weapons, carrying capacity and unusual design, the Barrel was quite successful. Although the course of arming does not reach the level of similar class ships. It is also rumored that this is one of the first projects of the famous Bloodius Stupides J'Ohnsus.

- Circles phase destroyer based on tanker
With the question of how to keep tankers safe from enemies, General Constructor Bloodius Stupides J'Ohnsus came up with another brilliant idea that if they can’t shoot it, they can’t destroy it.  A Phase Cloak was installed on an average medium tanker that was originally thought impossible to do due the volatile nature of Infernium.  Unfortunately to make room for this system most of the fuel capacity was sacrificed thus giving it just a little more capacity than a Dram.

- Cane passenger transport
Being fast and well protected this ship originally had only PD weapons. Later energy weapons were added to the bow because sometimes it is better to charge head on at an enemy ship to break through. A good speed and a relatively small cross-section makes it easy to break through the cordon of the enemy barrage.

- Buffalo Fix modified freighter
Another hastily created ship by the Radicals, the poor Buffalo was again altered. This time the shields were saved and the missile launchers were replaced with energy weapons to reduce the cost of ordinance. Unlike most pirated conversions the outer casing has undergone not so many changes.
Most of the weapons was located on the starboard side of the ship to on the one hand possible to concentrate all fire on the same enemy, but on the other causes to lead nonsymmetrically one-sided fight.

- Scaraby support destroyer
This destroyer was designed to support ORI fleets during long operations. Its main task is repair and maintenance of ships and fighter crafts of the fleet. And although its armament are weak for warship of such class, its main advantage is its armor protection. Its main repair tools are long movable arms, with a variety of repair devices that are placed over the armored sliding panels at the front of the chassis. In the rear of the hull located hangar for repairing fighters. Given the experience of the development of the Openok frigate the hangar is located far enough away from the engines.

- Candor destroyer
This is one of the newest destroyers in the ORI fleet. During its development the engineers were tasked to create a fairly powerful and reliable ship, also suitable for mass production. The main armament was located in the bow of the ship relatively rigidly aimed at the course. The newly developed power unit allows to go on a short-term forced mode without significant system overloads. Unfortunately a significant emission in the forced mode considerably unmasks the ship, creating a characteristic glow of separate shell parts. For such an effect installed on this ship relief system of the spurious emission was dubbed 'chandelier' among the crew. Unfortunately due to the compact design of the ship structure failed to place in the hull of sufficient cargo compartments to provide supplies for long autonomous missions.

- Iris cruiser
The Iris has a simple but very effective design. Originally developed as a multipurpose cruiser, later due to the war effort received a large number of weapons in return for some scientific equipment and cargo compartments. Sporting more weapon mounts than most of cruisers, the prototype finally launched after a very lengthy testing period. The first models appeared just before the split with the Radicals. Since the ship was originally conceived versatile dual-use civilian and military, in it's design preserved such elements as extensive panoramic galleries on the sides of head part housing and spacious staterooms for the crew. For what respected by crews who serve in the quiet areas of the sector. During the hot battles civilian roots of design has certainly not a cause for such joy.

- Iris Viator cruiser
This is a modification of the standard Iris cruiser suited for long independent missions away from the supply bases. Hull of the ship was equipped with two fuel tank to provide a significant cruising range without refueling. Also, in various parts of housing directly on top of the  plating set by standard reinforced cargo containers provide storage of sufficient supplies for long missions. To improve the overall survival of the ship and protect elements mounted outside the plating on top of them were installed additional armor plates. All of these changes have significantly increased the total weight of the ship. That in spite of the forced power plant had a negative impact on its dynamic characteristics. However, other characteristics including weapons remained unchanged.

- Biom habitable armed cruiser
One of the most important developments of the General Constructor Bloodius Stupides J'Ohnsus was initially planned as a civilian resort-ship. A huge complicated tech transparen dome was constructed over habitable surface having its biosphere to provide sufficient protection for the inhabitants and the environment contained. The habitable surface is designed in the form of islands in the middle of the reservoir. Since the space-faring resort mainly attracted wealthy individuals, spending was drastically increased to add defenses that eventually matched some military-grade cruisers. An aft storage compartment ensures adequate supply on long flights for continual operation of the various restaurants and recreational facilities.  A small launch bay was added for maintaining scout craft and so residents and guests could come and go as they pleased.  By the time the conflict began the production of this type of ship was so well established that the decision was made with minimal modifications to use it as an aircraft carrier, because of its well protected and armed.

- Claws strike cruiser
When General Constructor Bloodius Stupides J’Ohnsus received the task to develop a shock cruiser, he got the idea that one should be able to bombard an enemy from multiple sides using only one ship.  He created a /”U/” shaped ship with weapons aiming towards the center with the idea that you force the enemy inside the U then bombard away.  Unfortunately shields prevented such tactics but the ORI produced it anyways to remind everyone that not all ideas are good ideas. On the one hand having a big flaw in the mobility of  weapons this ship from the other side can focus tremendous firepower on the line in front of it. As well as the extraordinary location of weapons does not allow the enemy to  easy damage them.

- Romb experimental energy cruiser
Not the most successful attempt of General Constructor Bloodius Stupides J’Ohnsus, the Romb consists almost entirely of a massive power plant and a forward array of heavy energy weapons. Unfortunately maintaining combat-level output is difficult to do for long so it severely lacks longevity in combat for a cruiser. Massive power plants firmly established in such a confined space were not very reliable, rapidly overheated and required frequent repairs. Despite these limitations, the ship was put into production thanks to its outstanding firepower.

- Kitty large cruiser
After the failure of the Romb, General Constructor Bloodius Stupides J’Ohnsus decided to go the other way in creating a cruiser with a more balanced design. Going with the idea /”Less is more/”, Bloodius created a very balanced cruiser with a decent weapon load out, but the PD mounts were not exactly placed in ideal areas.  As a joke, Bloodius thought it would be funny to place on the rounded front part of the ship a huge picture of a cat's face. Bloodius would say who would want to shoot such a cute cat with a missile since most of the PD weapons were on the sides and aft. Somehow it was included in the final design and thus was designated the Kitty.

- Rainbow 5 one weapon prototype cruiser
During the early attempts to recreate the Tachyon Lance, large accelerator tubes were used to excite flux and then accelerate the energy for devastating effects.  The only drawback was these tubes were too large and flimsy to install on ships.  Miniaturized variants were created and then curved which would force the flux to spiral a little giving it the extra time needed to excite the flux.  These variants were then mounted in a semi-circular shape and fitted onto a cruiser hull which was then designated the Rainbow since the varying flux output caused it to look.

- Solari Oris  fuel producing cruiser
This cruiser is very unusual in its class. It was originally developed as a completely civilian ship. Engineers Institute was tasked to design and build a ship capable to replenish the fleet fuel stocks during long expeditions. As a result of a long search for different solutions they have stopped on  this option. The ship collects cosmic ray particles and the scattered atoms from the surrounding space using the force fields generated by the emitters in the bow of the ship. These particles are subsequently processed into fuel using the ship equipment. For obvious reasons, the closer the ship to the star, the more efficient the collection of raw materials. To ensure the ship to freely pass close enough to the star ship was equipped with special protection and a powerful enough engine to overcome gravity of stars. Its unusual appearance also caused by the need to protect the ship from the radiation closely situated stars. As often happens in times of conflict the ship has got a double application. After minor alterations major emitters gained the ability instead of collect, to emitting a powerful stream of energy. At the same time significant protective properties of the ship provide it sufficient survivability in combat. Unfortunately installing weapons forced to reduce the amount of fuel tanks, causing the cruiser can not fulfil its primary role in the collection of fuel without the help of other tankers.


Capital Ships
- Tester ancient battleship
Many times upgraded and redesigned, Tester is the oldest ship in the ORI navy. Tester’s design is similar to ancient seafaring battleships due to the idea that naval vessels and space vessels are similar in design.  The Tester earned its designation since it was the first space worthy ship the ORI mass-produced and is usually the test platform for new weapons and modifications.  Because of this it has been outfitted with a high-capacity flux core, but is very slow even when compared to battleships.

- Butterflier superfreighter
This heavy cargo vehicle was developed at the request of the administration when it became clear that the ordinary Atlas was slow and unprotected.  The ORI developed the Butterflier as a capital class freighter with superior point burn speed, shielding, and a burn drive to help it get away.  Unfortunately it has a slightly lower capacity than an Atlas, consumes more fuel, requires a large crew to run.

- Atlas Fix modified superfreighter
A late development of the Radicals. This heavy modernization of the Atlas transport has part of the cargo space replaced by ordinance for weapons and their maintenance.  The rest of the systems were left alone mostly. This modification of the ship was designed in a hurry. What respectively led to a number of flaws. So the combat characteristics of it as a heavy ship left much to be desired. However, because of the relative simplicity of construction of the prototype ship it was simple in construction and operation.

- Atlantias modified battleship
This huge ship is completely own development of radicals after the split. And it built entirely without the use of ORI technology. Radicals required a its own full-fledged flagship. Again, the development of their own capital ship began with the conversion of the Atlas. Because of its prevalence and universality of design Atlas is one of the most popular prototypes for modernization. But this time the radicals engineers have gone much further. From the original ship remained only cabin, the central load-bearing structures and elements of the nose. All cargo containers have been completely removed. In front of the housing is the main fighting compartment housing to which served two standard tankers, in the tanks of which are located main weapon ports. In the central part of the case are two hangars for maintenance of fighters. Given the bad experience of previous constructions along the perimeter of the ship's hull are positioned a plurality of small weapons for protection from enemy bombers and missiles. In order not to lose in speed with such an increased weight design propulsion systems have been significantly strengthened and expanded. And of course it took quite a powerful energy system to feed all the capacities. And luckily for developers of this ship one famous corporation has shared its technology of a highly efficient energy system. In general, the ship turned out good, much better than previous designs. But its main drawback, inherited from its predecessors, remains very weak for its class armor protection. Although borrowed together with the power plant shield were sufficiently reliable, often a fair amount of damage necessary to extinguish due to the destruction of many massive structures of housing.

- Temple huge battleship
One of the greatest creations of General Constructor Bloodius Stupides J’Ohnsus. The Temple is a giant battlecruiser designed in the form of an ancient Church or Cathedral, equipped with everything necessary for long expeditions. At least a quarter of the hull space is dedicated to powering this massive battlecruiser. Weapons, as it often happens in projects by Bloodius, are not positioned very well but the Temple makes up for this with sheer number of weapons.

- Navis armored supertanker
This supertanker is the latest development of engineering bureau of the OR Institute. Initially, there was a task of the ship designers to create a large tanker that can independently defend itself from enemy attacks. But due to the fact that the project at the same time decided to try out some of the latest technology including for example the latest power plant, resulting eventually ship can not only successfully defend oneself, but also to protect other ships of transport convoy. This was mainly achieved due to the fact that the new power plant can support not only the powerful engines, but also a significant arsenal of weapons. Unfortunately a significant hardening of the main tank although increased the overall survival of the ship, but significantly reduced their useful volume. Using advanced technology, not only reduce the the required number of crew, but unfortunately has significantly increased the cost of construction and Maintenance. As a result, Navis was a strange expensive hybrid of tanker and warship.


Freighters and combat freighters (thanks HELMUT for these wonderful sprites)



Some lore:
   Objectless Research Institute is a major, quite bureaucratic peaceful organization, the main activity of which is directed at haphazard collection and accumulation of knowledge. It was created a single remote, large and prosperous colonies in order to take a large number of people and resources that are unable to find their application in their peaceful prosperous world. Because of its structure and ideology, methods and ways of action ORI are often not very effective, and sometimes even absurd. As is the case in many large organizations, sooner or later inside began to develop a variety of methods and beliefs of the faction. Some of them, such as the supporters of the deep modernization of the old instead of developing new were quite harmless. But with time, there were others, those who decided that any moral principles will only hinder the effectiveness of the accumulation of knowledge and should be discarded. For their views, they were called Radicals. The main composition of Institute certainly couldn't agree with their policy, and so the schism. The Board ORI solve what to do Radicals seized available to them at that time, resources and equipment and left the Institute, founded his own organization. They declared war on their former comrades, accusing them impeding progress. And ORI was forced to preparing for the defence in his leisurely chaotic manner. But if, immediately after the separation of the Radicals were something like a sect of techno fanatics, over time, adding to their ranks different dubious personalities they were now in the process of pirates. And the conflict moved to the sluggish protracted phase.

Detailed version of history. Beware, a lot of letters.
   Objectless Research Institute was founded by a remote and closed but thriving thanks to the wise management of advanced artificial intelligence colony.  Having achieved, largely due to isolation from the outside chaos, the scientific - technological and cultural prosperity the colony was faced with an unexpected social problem.  When the scientific and social progress has allowed the colony to provide each resident with all the necessary and sufficient for life quite freely, there was a large group of "unnecessary"  people without necessary to do this skills or simply who do not want to take part in any cultural or scientific, nor in any other development of the colonies and its society. And their growth has created social tensions in a peaceful and enlightened society of the colony. And then counsel of the wise men and artificial intelligences of the colony decided to set up a special organization for solving this problem - Objectless Research Institute. The official task of the Institute with pathos was appointed the collection, storage and processing of scientific and cultural knowledge from the outside world for the benefit of all mankind. In fact, the OR Institute also had to serve as a buffer between the chaotic outside world and the colony. After all, according to the calculations in the volatile world continue to be in complete isolation would be impossible. But the ORI also proved a great opportunity to find employment for a huge number of unnecessary people, and thereby remove the social tensions arising. And the people were enthusiastic about this innovation. Many are happy to have joined the newly established organization in search of adventure, a better life, fame, or simply for ideological reasons. Although particularly harmful to society individuals have distributed to the ORI almost mandatory.
   Because of properties of recruited staff the huge structure of the Institute quickly has grown with bureaucracy and lost some of effectiveness of established and optimized systems of the central colony. Formed a plurality of divisions and offices, many of which did not know what other are doing. And only thanks to considerable material and intellectual support of the colony, as well as through the efforts of really smart people and artificial intelligences in key positions of management all this huge and unwieldy structure can exist and somehow effectively function. All the same Council of colony are interested to his creation was successful and did not leave it without attention.
   Initially, the OR Institute was absolutely peaceful research organization, maintaining ideology of central colony that created it. But faced with the aggressive factions of the external world was forced to learn to protect themselves by destroying the enemy. And for irresponsible eccentrics who made up the staff of the ORI, it was easier than for the highly moral inhabitants of the central colony.  And thus the the security department of the Institute initially engaged essentially insignificant things when faced with the real enemy began to turn into a real army.
   As previously mentioned Objectless Research Institute has many departments dealing with entirely different matters. As the name suggests the most numerous in number and composition are all sorts of search and research departments. Their activities can be very diverse, ranging from all kinds of research in the private laboratory, dismantling all entering from the external world technical devices and hardware to finding ancient artifacts in the excavation on distant planets or buying rare works of art in private auctions. And despite the general irrelevance and frequently obtusity of their search cannot be denied, that sometimes they manage to find or invent something really outstanding, which pays for all their effort. They are the source of most of the scientific and technical innovations of ORI.
   After the Institute was forced to begin to adapt their equipment under the changing conditions of the external world and engineering group of departments began to get more great significance. Almost all ORI developments ranging from handheld units and ending with the spacecraft are created by this group. There exist even their own subcategories. For example a group of deep modernization aims to find an ancient blueprints of some machine and raise it to the modern level of technology with minimal changes. They call it a technological continuity. Though we must admit that in spite of the efforts of the original machines are usually only the general outlines of the housing. The benefits of their work is very different. So for example made of atmospheric fighter Shtur turned out, though cheap to produce, but had mediocre characteristics. But it seems made for the scheme from the ancient atmospheric bomber Wall turned out to be quite reliable and formidable on the battlefield machine.
   Special mention deserves the department of  General Constructor Bloodius Stupides J’Ohnsus. This man is famous for his very extraordinary craft design and technology. And often his projects are effective in the completely another areas relative of those in which they are conceived. Many of his creations turned out to be a complete failure. But some of his designs were so good that it was rehabilitated an eccentric constructor in the eyes of the superiors. For example his famous Biom resort-ship cruiser with all its strange design has a phenomenal survivability and in particular has a unique strength of high-tech transparent dome covering an artificial biosphere occupies a large part of the ship. Although there are projects like Kitty cruiser that embodies a dubious idea of draw cute cat face on the bow of the battle cruiser.
   Not less important role in the activities of the Objectless Research Institute of course plays a department of supply and procurement.  This office not only performs nearly all internal transportation, but also produces a variety of transactions with the different factions of the outside world. And this applies not only to goods but also technique and technology. Often it happens that while politics of different factions are still trying to find a compromise, traders at their level already conclude profitable deals. Thus, the procurement department is the first to establish business relationships with independent traders. Also, the diplomats of the department greatly contributed to the establishment of diplomatic relations with hegemony. Some small victory for the department considers the purchase from the famous "N" corporation effective technology of construction of cargo containers (these containers have been used for example on the Wind destroyer). The same department was the intermediary between the engineering department and an independent corporation in the implementation of joint projects for the development and construction of freighters.
   As time went OR Institute gradually developed its influence in the sector. It was established diplomatic and trade relations with hegemony and independent factions. It was gathered an innumerable amount of data and research objects. Various departments has been made many discoveries and created new technologies. Department of construction happily reported to the completion of several of the largest construction of space stations. The enormous structure of the institute learned to protect themselves and, if necessary, to attack their enemies. And the council of the central colony has already been decided that the project with the Objectless Research Institute was fully success and stably operational. But then a new problem where no one expected it.
   Increasingly communicate with erratic and tough outside world members of the Institute gradually began to adopt it's ideology and approach to resolving questions. And if the crew of the Security Service cruiser without bygone hesitation destroys pirate frigate received a commendation from the command staff. So group of scientists organized ruthless raid on the competitors lab to steal proprietary technology is already creating serious problems. And in the institute began to form a large group of employees led by a number of scientists have taken yourself selfish ideology of science for science's sake, where for achieve the purpose all the objectives are justified. Of course it was not without the influence of well-known Tri-Tachyon corporations. More loyal, and have preserved their moral principles employees were called members of this group the Radicals. Unfortunately complicated bureaucratic control system was not allowed to leaders of institute in time notice incipient problem and take timely actions.
   And while the multiple commission met and decided what to take in this situation, leaders of Radicals realizing what would follow decided to gather all the resources at their disposal, and all people share their beliefs and to leave the OR Institute.  This event was later called the Split. Stunned by this development institute leaders adopted a waiting attitude. In the Council of the central colony by surprise chaos erupted. Some Council members even left their posts not to bear the blame for their wrong decision. Meanwhile, radicals seized several colonies and space stations, and declared themselves as separate independent organization.
   Deprived of material support of the OR Institute and  central colony, radicals were forced to produce for themselves all that is necessary for the existence and continuation of their research. Captured stations have kept part of the production facilities for the production of equipment and ships. Although due to the lack of materials and skilled personnel a part of designs had to drop significantly. Unrestricted of any ideology radical simply seized all the necessary for themselves supplies and resources. In fact, it gradually turned into a kind of technological and scientific pirates. The main problem for the radicals was the lack of staff. They solved this problem by first opening the recruitment in its ranks to all comers. And their ranks are flooded of all ragtag, wishing he borrowed their remaining technological advantages. This finally undermine the moral character of the Radicals organization.
   At one point a group of radicals has decided that it is strong enough to fight off some of the resources at his former colleagues from the  Objectless Research Institute. Their first attacks were successful due to the effect of surprise. But furious by occurred commander of the security service of the OR Institute ordered to immediately strike back without awaiting the decision of bureaucratic leadership. Thus began the War of the Split. Radicals with the support of hardened pirates fiercely defended against the superior forces of Security Service of ORI. But the forces of the Institute already had considerable combat experience. As a result, a long bloody battle the main forces of radicals were defeated and scattered, and their headquarters are on the space station destroyed. But then supreme leaders of the Institute with the support of the newly created Council of the central colony began to act and tried to stop the conflict in the hope of finding a peaceful solution.
   Take advantage of the pause the remaining radicals are scattered abroad throughout remote corners of the sector and began to secretly rebuild his forces not without support of interested in their activities corporations like Tri-Tachyon. While various leaders and heads of institutions thought how to solve problems, and which option would result in the most peaceful solution to the conflict the time was hopelessly lost and radical managed to accumulate enough strength and gain a foothold in their new secret bases. And when the Council of central colony at last after all was ready to take decisive action, he found that the complete destruction of Radicals not only brings significant moral problems than all already resigned, but require huge material costs and losses. And so the conflict spilled over into a long defensive phase.



- First working assembly

 - eyed increase survivability
- Circles Phase destroyer added
New weapons:
- added ORI burst blaster
- added Energy Pike

- Exerelin compatibility added
- added Butterfier superfreighter
- small changes of balance and appearance

- added rainbow 5 cruiser with integrated armament
- added a new weapon: GT Laser, Canon Slash and Gauss Rotor
-for balance reduced protective and performance characteristics of the Romb cruiser.
-other minor edits

-added Bastion and Heavy Bastion frigates
-added Fork boarding frigate
-added Whirly phase fighter wing
-added a new ship system
-many ships balanced according to the Codex 20 (thanks to Apophis)
-other minor edits

-significant corrections of balance
-stylistic corrections of descriptions

-achieved compatible with the 0.65.1a version of the game
-added a new star system Singula

-added two new freighters and four new combat freighters.
-added Eyed torpedo bomber
-multiple minor improvements of ships sprites.

- achieved compatible with the 0.7a version of the game

- achieved compatible with the 0.7.1a version of the game
- added Scaraby support ship
- small changes of balance and appearance
- multiple minor improvements of ships sprites

- added Tipster light frigate
- added Frogger Phase Shuttle and it's strike version
- several additions and corrections in economics of Singula star system (2 new space stations)

- once more significant corrections of balance
- heavily modified characteristics of the frigates to better fit the original game
- Iris is now a cruiser
- Tester is now a capital ship
- added Iris Viator cruiser
- added Candor destroyer
- addaed D versions of several frigates
- many small cosmetic additions and improvements

- reached full compatibility with Nexerelin in both modes (for what many thanks to Histidine)
- added Oscen heavy fighter
- added Atlantias modified battleship
- added three new weapons for kinetic slot laser action type (small, medium and large, respectively)
- balanced force of some fighter wings and bombers
- added Sentry PD Drones ship system
- other small changes in balance (for example reduced maximum speed of one of the heavy ships)

- achieved compatible with the 0.7.2a version of the game
- optimized volume of files
- added Navis armored tanker
- added Gryllus mining craft wing with a new rocket mining weapons
- added Solaris Oris fuel producing cruiser

-fixed problem of phase ships functioning

-fixed problem with fleet interaction dialog messages


Exerelin compatibility: Now all already integrated in the latest version of Exerelin. Instruction is only for earlier than v0.623 versions of Exerelin .
You'll need to do some editing of Exerelin at the moment to integrate it. Specifically, put the following code into Exerelin/data/scripts/world/exerelin/ where the other faction detection lines are:

		// Test for ORI
        if(isFactionInstalled("ORI", ""))

Also, to correctly capture the stations in the beginning of the file you want to add to ValidBoardingFlagships ori_butterflier and to ValidTroopTransportShips cane. In the end it should look like this:

	// Valid ships for special fleets
    private final String[] ValidBoardingFlagships = new String[] { "atlas", "mazerk", "neerin", "thule_hansa", "qua_cesall", "zorg_auxiliary", "neutrino_nausicaa", "neutrino_nausicaa2", "ori_butterflier"};
    private final String[] ValidTroopTransportShips = new String[] { "valkyrie", "hadd_stonehead", "bushi_sangu", "hii_saari", "zorg_auxiliary", "qua_yidato", "cane"};
    private final String[] ValidMiningShips = new String[] {"mining_drone", "zorg_sphere"};
And if you want to start with a ORI ship, add the following code into Exerelin/data/scripts/plugins/ where the other starting ship options are:

		else if (factionId.equalsIgnoreCase("ORI"))
Here you can add any variant of a ship to which you want. But remember the balance.)

Mod has been tested with many popular not omnipresent modifications and I have not noticed there was no incompatibility.

Taking this opportunity I would like to express gratitude to the creators of this wonderful game, and the entire community of modders. Especially creators of Trylobot's ship editor, Codex 20 and Ship BalanceSuite 5000. Thanks to FlashFrozen for help with sprites and to Tartiflette for background.
Special thanks to ZeroGman for correcting texts and help with balance. Another special thanks to Kazi, Histidine and Snrasha for help with code.

Sorry for the crooked language, had in some places use a machine translation.

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