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Starsector 0.9.1a is out! (05/10/19); Blog post: Personal Contacts (08/13/20)

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I have rage-quit more over pirates than any time playing the game recently. It is particularly nasty when I've several of the buggers nested in a cluster nearby each other and then have them send wave after wave into multiple star-systsms. I get my candy-covered-glutes tossed to the dogs and yet the other factions don't consider the idea of going out to send an attack fleet in retaliation? But if I saturate bomb a pirate planet, every loses their minds?!?

Basically, I'd like to have it that pirate bases at some point "implode" Perhaps they have interal conflict, perhaps the Hegemony finally kills them. Perhaps they meet a swarm of [REDACTED]. But, having them leave after a bounty or X amount of bounties have been placed onto them but not taken within 2 years or something would be appreciated to give the sector- and player assets - a brief peace before they cobble a base (or several together again.)

In the mean time... I'm making a new game and turning on Easy Mode...
OR if I'm misunderstanding something or otherwise seem to be missing a point let me know.

Originally posted some time ago, but still somewhat relevant:

So, while I'm school I've been tossing this idea around in my head for sometime now. In-between both school, Work (the newspaper at the school), and the Mod i generally sacrifice grades and time with others to make time for myself. I'm surrounded by people enough in the day and work with people enough I don't want to usually hang out too long with other warm bodies!

So, as the title of this "discussion" states, this is going to be a Bloodline game for Dwarf Fortress.
This initial post will explain what the game is to those uninitiated, where to find it and where to find information on it (other than simply praying the almighty to gob of Google).

Boldroads has come to life, see the post here. @!!!CLICK [email protected]

A primer to DF or Dwarf Fortress, for those who want to enjoy the bloodline if it even starts up.

Slaves to Armok: God of blood
Chatpter 2: Dwarf Fortress

Or simply, Dwarf Fortress, could be described as something similar to sim-city, Dungeons 3, and dungeon keeper. you are tasked with only one objective with your seven starting dwarves and cart of supplies. Make a fortress. Make it big, make it small, make it layered in soap, make it run blood, make it spew magma! It's whatever you want to make it,

but make, a, fortress.

The game is often described as having a learning curve akin to a cliff. It often drives the community's motto of: LOSING IS FUN!

The Wiki is very helpfull and many youtubers have done videos of varying degrees of enjoyablility on the game and how to play it, or simply a good LP.
For those that're curious I'd reccomend a LPer by the name of "Kruggsmash" guy makes some awesome stuff. For the fresh blood, curious, or simply rusty, here's a very loose overview of a running fortress.

For veterans of the game, move on to the next post.

. . .New Quick-start in the works. . .


You take seven drunk midgets into a fly infested bog, wolf walked forest, zombie ridden hell hole and try to make as cool an funcitonall of a fortress as you can before Urist McMyVomitDon'tReek pulls a lever and kills everyone with !!! REDACTED !!!Or in English:
You take 7 dwarves with supplies and carve or construct a fortress as cool an functional as you can before it all, inevitability, maybe awesomely, ends.
Additional information can be found at:

Due to lack of replies and interest in running a genuine bloodline, the rules are here more for the ease of going into a bloodline if anyone get's interested enough again.


These are the common rules for the fortress and what players will need to do in order to participate, and some guidelines.

    Do NOT intentionally brick or destroy the fortress. This will get in the fun of others who enjoy the game genuinely and want to see how far or badass this can get!
    KEEP A BACK UP OF THE SAVE. If you pass the save to the next player in line and things go belly up- they can't continue, they don't want to, etc etc -we will revert to the earliest save. If you simply don't keep a back-up, then we're SOL. At least keep your save safe till the THIRD player get's the save.
    Do NOT try to force crap to happen. Sometimes you just get a quiet year. enjoy it. Make something fun. Make a colorfull dance-floor!
    All turns will be the go-to of ONE, in-game YEAR. You may continue to play after your turn with a seprate file if you'd like; Or go on an Adventure to see more detail about the fortress and what can be glimpsed in Legends mode.
    Do NOT derail or spam the thread. This will avoid bloat and if a Player posts his turn in segments, rather than a massive post. This makes it easier for other players and readers to enjoy.
    Do NOT use a modded version of the game to play- Masterwork or MLF: Fortress is Magic What?... -we are going to play Vanilla for the first go through.
    Follow the general rules of the forum.
   Since this is the FIRST Bloodline game that I'm aware of on the forums, there are going to be NO gameplay restrictions or goals. Unless ideas are majority approved (I get tons of people saying "X had a uristing awesome idea!!!") they will not be implimented. Likewise, goals/restrictions will NOT be enforced if a Game has NOT started with the Goals/restrictions to begin with.

Some general guidelines

Use EXPERIMENTAL LazyNewbPack, unless you are VERY confident of yourself in the game and how it's file-systems work. This application REALLY has helped many people get into the game that normally wouldn't! (NOTE: this requires Python to run.)

Inform us, describe WHAT and WHO and WHERE! This style of play is partly a story-telling exercise. You don't need to have something big like some of the posters in Boatmurdered or other Bloodline games, but do at least give us an idea of what's going on. EVEN IF YOU'RE USING A GRAPHIC PACK.

Use the wiki, we're not watching you play, we're waiting for your report of time/happenings in the fortress for your year!

Try to post something within at most a week, again you don't have to post things all at once. Make posts as things happen if you want or put something together.  (edited 10-27-2017)
After the 2-week grace period your turn will be revoked and the last save will go to the next player in line.
That DOES NOT mean you can't play again, it just means you've to wait till your turn comes up in the line-up.

When you turn the game over to the next player. Consider reverting the game's graphics to use the default ASCII set, that way the next player can simply install THEIR preferred graphics. Not required but can help other players for sure! :)

Have fun!
But keep names and other things family friendly- as friendly as decapitation can be. Besides, no one needs to see crass names like well. Like some cringey teen goth in a closet trying to rebel by cussing like a sailor.

On the point of fun, if you feel insprised to make something about the fortress- a comic, doodle, etc -post it! Keep it to recent and relevant posts by the way!

Look to some of the older Bloodlines if you're unsure what to do.

PS history and other notes:

This is a starting post to gauge interest and set things up for later. Otherwise that's all for tonight!  10-18-2017
Riddlebells has fallen due to a bug or otherwise. either way it is something out of my controll. 2-10-2018
Adilluslem has started First-post incoming at some point. 2-10-2018
Dead for some time...
still dead...
Oh look, I'm alive now! - 11/11/2018
Boldroads has come to life, see the post here. @!!!CLICK [email protected]

* List of Overseers *
Overseers                 |Times Played               |Alive/Dead/Entombed/Zombie
AzmondA lot...Demi God

General Discussion / Favorite catches while scavaging around space.
« on: April 25, 2017, 09:38:32 PM »
Hehehe, I'm so lucky... i love this. I love this update, I love it so, so, very, damn much.

Hehehehe, lookie what I got~! I found it by the gate and got it to work! only with sub-system damage!!! ahahhahahhaaahaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaa~!

Bug Reports & Support / Sprite artifacts "Floaters"
« on: April 25, 2017, 08:10:24 PM »
I've seen them on a few ships. Here's the most recent example I've seen. A REDACTED with a floater.

There might be a few others too... Though, most times I'm not focusing on that, I'm usually trying to avoid being squashed~!!!

Playing SS, I get jumped by an LP lasher- oh crap -I open the dialouge box to read if anything has changed and it seems that the dollar is the almighty.

Bug Reports & Support / Pixle oops
« on: November 28, 2016, 01:09:50 PM »
Sort of a thread idea, but, I noticed while doing some fun little tests that a Weapon cover had some pixles off put. Likely wouldn't be noticable normally though, so, meerly a nit-pick really.

Some of the other ships may have issues as well, but, I think it may just be the turret-cover that need's cleaning.  

TESTING: and after a breif testing of ships, it seems that it's only the medium cover for lowtechs.

Modding / New Sprite thread? (Nevermind)
« on: August 31, 2016, 10:37:02 AM »
Considering the Spriters judgement thread [non-sprite art allowed] has reached 426 or some odd pages and it's difficult- as far as I've found -to go to a particular page without going three/two pages at a time I think it might be a good idea to either get a better way of getting to a certain page. Or possibly making a new thread for the sake of some point of sanity.

Discussions / D as in !! Dwarf !!
« on: July 12, 2016, 10:13:02 PM »
Does anyone play Dwarf Fortress?
Remember, losing is fun.

Ring a bell, or make you cry as you bury your head into a cup of goblin-blood laced Mushroom-beer?
If you answered yes, the suicidal DwarvenlyMidget bruning might is with you!
What have people played? What have you seen? How many puppies have you slaughtered in the winter?!

Currently I've been getting back into DF and doing it Straight- as painfull as that might be -as can be. Though I do have a later version with the LNP. So, I've gotten my fort together. Multiple times, and burned, drowned, or had Fun, instances with Hippies along with other things. Often in Adventure mode it's my own curiosity that kills me really.


After having been trapped in a few empty systems... more than once... Usually from an unlucky incident in the storms. Or worse. I begun to wonder is there a way to make the Empty-ports escapeabl withou either:
A) commiting suicide by waiting down the time and waiting till the sun or Atrophy takes you.
B) Scuttling nearly all your fleet just to get out and MAYBE, just MAYBE, get free?
C) Try in vain to attack a fleet an gain some fuel?

Wait, maybe I could do that... well, More of "Trade" rather than attack.
This is an idea for an Ability I though of. Considering the sensor burst, and that some systems have Derelict stations, a com-relay, or something else that could possibly be scrapped for a little something.
I wondered if it'd be possible to send out a Short-range "SOS" that would "broadcast" 2 squares around the system to ANY fleet not busy that makes a request for fuel. This appears to "Ping out" 4 times, meaning you've a 25% RANDOM chance of the fleet coming to your aid. be it bad, or good... Heh.

This would help, with resulting in a decline of suicides to the sun gods in sacrifice; And boost morale when you get lucky and get a fleet that DOESN'T. Want to skin you rump form end to end and instead. For some amount of Credits (a base 100 for Fuel perhaps?) Gives you the special honey you so, so, so SO very much crave at that very moment. 
To avoid this being abused it would require that you  are at 1: At a Relay/Abandoned Station/ Other Stellar Body with Transmission capabilities that can help broad cast a signal farther.  2: This also requires that your fleet is at less than 15% or 10% Fuel. (eg 10% of 25 is 2.5 (2 or 3), barely enough to get out or at least sit in Hyper-space. if you're in a single ship...)
Likewise, it scales with the ships... So. If total feul 386.  10 % of 386 is  38, enough for  desprate tanker fleet of frigates to get out, but if unsure can equest help. But for a larger military fleet lacking a Tanker, depending on composition... Barely enough to move a single square before getting pulled back to the empty star. At least, in vaniliia it can be. In modded the universe is very populated with very few empty systems.  Regardless, it's an idea a base idea.

One I thought up of after commiting suicde for the umpohteenth time after being chased by luddi-loonie's through space and driven to an empty system only to die burning in plasama and failing 2 missions~! GAUH!

Bug Reports & Support / I've a doppleganger it seems... uam... Whoopsies
« on: November 30, 2015, 01:16:19 AM »
Somehow I've managed to duplicate an officer... and it's me.
A doppleganger.
This is 0.7 with Console commands and common radar. but the only thing is...    Nothing I've done with the console commands would result in this. So just a potential bug it seems.  Not entirely certain frankly.
I'm also running with my own mod. but nothing in my mod would do this.

General Discussion / StarSector Challange Idea!
« on: September 08, 2015, 02:22:42 AM »
This is somewhat inspired by the Pirate King Challange. but is me trying to be somewhat... more active you could say.

Regardless, here it is!

and this is very loose, it's an idea that's all.


In this challange you are a grunt in someone ELSE'S fleet. You have to pilot a weak ship and let someone ELSE, fly the flag ship.
However to keep the order system alive, you can also pilot larger ships and issue commands! :D ... if you level up from a grunt of course.
The goal of this challange is to become the fleet leader. You start as a grunt and climb your way up.

The ranks are as follows.
Grunt- A worthless meat-body in a meger ship... They generally start in a hound at best, at worst, a shuttle and can't issue orders, but can run-away themselves. They can not issue any points into skills related to such items, but can fully add to combat, and minor technology trees.

Major Grunt (lvl 5 Req. and 2 successful die rolls at or above 10) -
A grunt that has shown a worthless pile of meat can be made into a decent pile of food with the right heat.
can apply one point to a leadership skill. Can transfer to a better ship of the same teir/type if they choose to.

SUPER grunt (lvl 10 Req and 3 Successful die rolls of 10 or above)-
The meal has proven to be good! and can now issue ONE order to ONE ship that is LOWER teir than itself. ( a hound can order a Hermes to run away a lasher can order a hound, a tempest can order the wolf) and can transfer to a better ship if they choose to. (MUST NOT BE A DESTORYER OR MORE THAN 1 TEIR HIGHER THAN CURRENT SHIP)

Private Major (lvl 15 and 3 successful die rolls of 10 or above)-

Sargent Minor

Sargent Major-

Minor Petty Officer-

Petty Officer-

Master Petty Officer-


Leadership Canidate-

Leader- All skills avaible, normal play attainted save for changlle rules still in effect.


Da' Rules?


1. You will do as you are ordered, the orders you are given REGARDLESS OF RANK UP TILL CAPTIAN are:
  • Defend- This is an order to defend a ship of your choosing and ONLY that ship. The Fleet leader will get ONE of the best ships following him at least at all times.
  • Capture/Defend- you are tasked with capturing a random point on the map. if there is only one, cap and defend!
  • Attack- you will attack a designated ship as best you can and stay alive. This is a chance of any ship of your size or smaller. so frigates will attack frigates or Fighters, Destoryers will attack frigates and below. etc etc. Retreat when you are near death or likely going to die!
  • free-will - You are given no orders, PANIC! :D YAY! :3

2. If the grunt loses his ship, he has the potential to die IF:
He can not get to a life-pod in time. (1 dice roll of 10 or higher)
He is caught in the ship's explosion and the pod fails (1 dice role 5 or higher)
He get's into a bad pod an simply dies (req. Crap teired/D or "old" ships 1 die roll 7 or higher)
3. if the fleet starts to lose ships IN COMBAT orders may change based on dice roll once again but you CAN NOT do the same role.
The FL can also issue the FULL RETREAT order IF a major ship is lost- a carrier or Key destroyer -with a dice-roll of YOUR ship being told to keep the enemy at bay, defend a running ship, or simply book it!
all dice roles for retreat are as follows:
  • Defend- Much the same as the inital role assigned to you. Defend the parent ship till it is dead and ONLY that ship.
    1 die roll of 16-20 or above
  • Keep away- Similar to Attack, the goal for you is to simply keep the enemy distracted as best you can- if your fleet gets away you get a new ship with stnadard load out of the same teir or type depending on rank.
    1 die of 1 - 9
  • GET. THE +^@& OUT! you heard him, GIT! 1 die roll of 10-15


Honestly I think it'd be a fun idea, but, ATM I'm going to go to bed. tell me ya' all think.  ;D

For ***'s an giggles, who here is a linux user!? :D

*raises hand*

Who games on linux via the bleeding edge of wine or otherwise!? :D

*waves hand around*


A good few... Heavy Bullets, KSP, Pixel Piracy, Keeper RL, Stardrive 2, Reassembly. uam... Furcadia, What else... 0A.D. , Morrowind, oblivian... Guah, what else. enough to make me happy. oh, an duh, StarSector.

Edit: 7/5/15

For newcomers of the thread this is for Linux OS based discussion- mainly games but other programs as well and thoughts about it.
This is a place for people to drop information experiences and else-wise.
DEBATES of which OS is better and otherwise is to be taken to PM's or Moderators will be notified (if not having sniffed out trouble allready) if things don't get back on track.

Mods / [0.9.1a RC 8] Metelson industries: 7.2.2 05/24/2020
« on: June 30, 2014, 01:20:16 PM »
    This mod is based/Inspired on/by one of my favorite mods, mendonca's The Asp Fleet.

Thank you for your interest in purchasing a Metelson product!!!

If interested in using this Product for purpose other than what is intended. Please refer to the bottom most PSA from our PR managers.

Have a nice day.

keep in mind this mod is not at a good level of Balance though and continues to be worked on.

We greatly appreciate the business that you'll be giving us and rest assured we've produced some of the best mining, mineral extraction devices, and more in this portion of the Sector! We strive every day of the Cycle to best show that in our efforts of production and service~!

Please press any of the bars below for information about our company and Government, Items, and Ships.
this is subject to change.

Vessels for sale!

Note: Current Catalog being loaded

Mite Shuttle::Mudder Frigate::Hound (MI)

M.o.C Pala Frigate::Farin Combat Freighter

Vigil Frigate::Stinulv Frigate

Cavos Gunship::Glima Heavy Frigate:: R.O.M.A Shuttle


Securi Stout Destroyer :: Rastrum Drone Destroyer (c/ Drones)

Actel H35 Light Destroyer (without Cannon installed) and an (A) or Aux variant :: Custos Destroyer  ::  Hammerhead (MI)

Varingur Cargo Carrier


Obex :: Golgata :: Negl :: Grudiver


The Three-mainstays

The Gadfar System Cruiser :: The Mantarn Light Cruiser

Acutor (c/ Drones)

Drengur     Thrudgelmir

Mining and Security Equipment
Note: All Images and Information skewed slightly from Public view on an unsecured channel.

Miller Autocannon

Combat MG


Light Maser

Padent PD System

Kasta MRSM

Maser Lance

Corporate information

Metelson industries has a long history, however it wasn't till the past 300 cycles that it's developed to a point of rivaling with the TriTachyon. Developed Pre-Collapse, as a budding Rim-world mining corp. Metelson's had a humble start as a tool and Vehicle company for old mining techniques that required such tools or variations. As space mining was not always practical and sometimes still isn't.

As the Collapse happened, the company dwindled to a good few on the planet Ragnus where they had last planted a foot-hold. A new company head was founded there and from the Collapse till now, the company has continued to run and  go through development.

The First major step, however, into becoming a power to rival that of the Tri-tachyon in their local system was that of the production of Space-Mining Articles of custom design and Implementation. With the ubiquitous PDA of the Tri-tachyon, it was difficult to produce such things, but. It was done and soon, Metelson Modified Hounds came from Ragnus and had a good kick to them, as poor as they were.

it was during these past 70 cycles, that Metelon's might and true developmental power had risen! Armed with miners and honest people of all sorts (including otherwise unsavoury characters). Metelson Industries has since been able to hold their own system and grew to have taken it over when the independent government fell-out.

Though a Corporation, Metelson's founder believed in a Democratic-republic. So, naturally, it would be a democratic republic as well that would come. But, as Ragnus developed from mass riots and worse, Metelson's showed it had a Communist method of Governing during times of crisis.  During the first 30 cycles of Ragnus's repair an rebuilding it was a lenient Communistic (more socialistic)  Rule with Martial Law put into effect as needed. When Metelson Industries felt ready, the new Governments were put into place, and Communistic rule was phased out to a now fully Democratic Republic of Ragnus. The republic being governed in territories across the planet. Each territory being an Independent body, but, all answering to The Metelson council when push came to shove.

As it stands today, Ragnus is a thriving Arid world, orbiting a red dwarf. With a heavy mining ethic and Culture. Much of their ships are made to be easily seen as the tools used often result in explosive results or otherwise. However, simply because they are seen, doesn't mean they can't see you just as well.

For further Questions, please contact our P.R. department, All questions are not guaranteed an answer.

Download a full Cataloge of our Ships and Systems Information now~!
^!^!^ DOWNLOAD THE MOD ^!^!^

Mod Direction, Current Status, and otherwise:::

Direction of Metelson Industries and CEO Open-letter

  • Develop a line of salvaging, construction/repair and fleet maintenance vessels
  • Develop a standard Policing and Defensive series of vessles based upon the Vanilla, Pala, or Glima family of hulls
  • Develop and advance "work"-tools within the industry and in planetary defense
  • Ploishing...
  • ... Open to discussion and deliberations, all subject ideas to be defered privately or publicly within given fourm (IE this thread)  ...
Open-Letter to all patrons and associates:

It's be quite a while and during that time I have been working on the mod. Not as much as I should've been. The mod is NOT going to be dying, or going to be changing hands (oh hell no). I have seen that in the near future I need to work more on the mod as it stands to prepare it for SS further down the line.

To that end I'm going the route of THI.
I am going go away for a bit.
I am going to be a hermit.
I will make the mod.
I will do it quietly.

Why? Well, the mod at the moment is a large amount of stress. The mod is a small but potent part of my life. It is something that I love dearly and frankly have been enthusiastic about developing. However, seeing the mod and comparing it to others... I'm well aware it's not the best or the worse.

But I want it to be better. Some of the best work I made on my mod was when I was financially stable, working, and had a routine. At the moment, I have only one of the those three. I'm working, I'm working to be stable and to have a routine. Basically I'm looking to get a stable life.  I have other things I want to do, and things I need to do. The mod is something I want to do. Dwarf Fortress is a thing I want to do. I want to develop more as an artist- maybe make a few ship-girls.

If I keep worrying about how people are playing the mod, if the mod is doing well in the tournament, among other things I have going. The mod simply stalls.

I'll be back with the mod at some point in the next year at most, at least, in the next 6 months an update will be produced. In the near furture I'll push out a few final updates, but, otherwise...

I'm going to go away.
I'm going to grow.
I'm not gone.
I'm working.

I'll be working on Dwarf-fortress, that's still fun and I've a few ideas for another mod later down the line. So... I'll still be working. I'm still here. Just... Not going to be posting in this thread so often.

That is all.  April 20th, 2018

Product Permissions and licensing

This mod is provided as is, free of charge, and is subject to common usage as most other mods are. Use at your own risk, as mods are mods, and mods can break things.

Credit is to go me and others as needed. If you're unsure who owns what, ask and I'll help. (not like that'll be an issue considering the size an scope of the mod.)

Otherwise keep to common sense please.
Metelson Industries Mod by Azmond is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
Any derivative work must also comply with Starsector's EULA


Screen shots in spoiler below!
Outdated, working on some better ones.
Home sweeeaaugh... Who am I kidding? It's a rock...
It's... Pretty, dusty... Uah, ain't it?


Drengur in action

Thrudgelmir with it's main beam!


Mod pros and cons~! For poops an giggles
Simple to pick up and install
Small and manageable
Ships are varied and have a style aiming for Vanilla
Generally Midline with a great focus on Frigates and Destroyers

The Mod does NOT add- nor aim -to add significantly flashy affects, effects, or ships, an can be somewhat boring.
The Mod tries to be small.
Very VERY crew strict, would recommend Blast-Doors as well as a Shuttle to hold crew. The Pala, Mudder, Mite, and Roma work well for this, as well as certain larger ships.

Change Log
++++ Change Log starting from 4/16/2017 onward ++++

Changes as of: 03/25/2020
Nexerlrin support offcially set up again. Let me know if anything screws up please!

As of 03/12/2020::
   Final set up for the new release. Mainly typos and making sure code isn't broken. Please let me know if you have any glaring issues or problems.

As of 10/09/19::

   Major changes-
      . Several ships have been removed.
         Pala MKL, Grancursor, and Cringer as well as several developmental ships that may be released later or for memetic/genuine reasons.
      . Fleet Composition edited to be a mixture of a neutral fleet with Metelson vessels.
      . Many, many lines placed into rules. If any errors are seen in spelling that is not intentional (EG, "Y'all've ye' ya' Hey'a etc etc.) please message me in the forums or in the UNoffical Starsector Discord.
      . Market conditions readjusted slightly and Rock ring-system toned down somewhat (only ONE asteroid-ring is needed Azmond, holy crap).
      . Added a new outpost in Tyle called Voutyro that orbits around Kardara (may develop this into a seprate planet with a moon).
         . . . Probably a butt-ton of other stuff I've honestly forgotten.

   Thrudgelmir- sheilds normalized to upkeep of 1 and Effenciy of .6
             Hull increased to 16000 from 12000
             Armor from 1250 to even 1300
             Turrets and load-outs edited
   Drengur- Upkeep cahnged to 30 an 30 for delopment and upkeep/month
             all other stats unchanged
         Hull lowered to a more reasonable level from 18000 to 11000
   no further bug-fixxes. . . ATM.


   Adjusted all Deployment costs/Repairs normalized, OP normalized and ship Variants adjusted for new OP stats.
   New usable ships:
      Scab - Cargo pod basically, marginally better than the Mudder in terms of usability for cost.
   Added Ship Ustos- ***NOT IMPLIMENTED***, but can be obtained in Console commands with mi_ustos_standard all Meletson ships will have the prefix mi_SHIPNAME_standard for the basic type.
   All ships have received a once-over and balance change in some way. I lost count and haven't the faintest what all the changes are.

   All CR normalized on Metelson vessels.
         All ships- save for one -have been given normal CR stats
            A lot has been done to the ships either to give them more load-outs that're worth a damn, or otherwise.
         Some load-outs are suicide or otherwise rare to see.
         Ye' have been warned and keep on your toes.

   Rostor Field's have been lowered to only 5 ships in the metelson fleet. Replacements have been made to the others.
      Rostor Fields no longer have individual boosts to speed.
      Rostor Fields now have the same cool-down and regen as the Damper Field.
   Actel H35 now set in standard fleet generation as a "2", meaning it's more rare to actually see (hopefully) Likewise, fleet generation has been normalized copying the Nueteral fleet generation.
      Actel h35 speed has been lowered to 60 from
      Actel hull has been lowered to 3000 from
      Actel CR lowered to 300 from 400
   Actel Cannon nerfed and flux generation increased
      Standard cannon has a default spread of 8 from 10
      Actel Canopy has a a max spread of 12 from 15.
         Both cannons have had an increase to their cool-down phase and flux generation.
         Both cannons have a projectile speed of 800 from 1000 making the shot easier to dodge for smaller targets.
         (unless it's point blank which, yeah, good luck...)         
   Obex- NERFED, no longer is it a flying Hammer barrage.
      removed one hammer torpedo and replaced the Mining laser and Molaris Blaster with a single Maser.
      CR reduced from 575 to 300
      Hull reduced from 4250 to 3000
      Armor reduced from 600 to 400
      Turn-rate lowered from 60 to 20
      Speed unchanged
      Flux reduced from 6000(!!!) to 4250
      Shield arc reduced from 220 to 200
      Speed reduced from 170 to 165
      Acceleration reduced from 175 to 150
      Shield arc reduced from 270 to 220
      Fleet points increased to 20
         NEXE: mining strength reduced from 125 to 75
      Additional mining weapons added-
            Molaris Blaster mining strength set to 5. Half of the standard mining blaster.
   Fighter refit time normalized
      All fighters have refit times parallel with vanilla counterparts.
      Grudiver is set to 5
      Negl is set to 10
      Obex and Golgata are set to 15
   Actel Egg removed

    turret layout changed
    overall nerf and now on par with Odessey
    FP unchanged
    OP to 212 from 260
    Hull set to 11000 from 15000 Armor nerfed to 1200 from 1500
    Max Fluxcahnged, Diss. unchanged. Max flux to 12500 from 15000
    Speed set to 60 from 80, it also now turns and accelerates like a brick through water...
        In otherwords... It's slow as balls to get up to speed and difficult to stop.
    Turning is nerfed as well making it a 15 turn-rate with 10 Turn acceleration.
    Arc lowered to 120 from 180, nerfed to 0.6 upkeep and 1.2 efficiency (in other-words it's a crap shield, but it works.)
        Basically, the ship should be less of a cluster-of-things-evil!
        Speed lowered to 70
        Shield nerfed, upkeep increased to 1 while efficiency is set to 1.5 (the shield is for catching shots and sponging beams when able)
    mi_securi speed lowered to 80
    Actel Cannon/Canopy Flux per shot increased to 1500
        Canopy spread increased to 14 and decay lowered to 0.9333
        Cannon spread set to10 with a decay rate lowered to 0.6333
    Crackler spread increased
         Spread set to 25 with a minimum spread of 2. Decay is set to


Fighters edited for use in the game and the mod is now upgraded from 7.2 to 8.1! (finally fudge-packing-hell!!!)
Rock moved south of the main worlds outside of Galatia as a spot for fueling and so on. no other systems added.

   mi_drengur Offcially Added
   Thrudgelmir Lives!!!
   mi_cringer added
   several other ships have a slight graphics update

   Coiler Drones (Rastrum) changed to a built-in weapon, Rastrum given Active Flares

   mining lance name changed to Maser Lance to fit with the Maser beam and So on
   Added new descriptions as needed.
   Gulimnjor added
   Padent system added
   Combat MG given a burst of 16 with 1.75 second chargedown (now rivals the Needler rather than being a plinky MG....)


   mi_wolf (stiulv) given Manuvering Jets and small buff to stats to compensate for Mobility loss making the ship viable for combat again.          Speed from 110 to 120
      armor from 180 to 220
      Flux from 1800 to 1950
      Dissipation from 140 to 150

   Rostor Fields nerfed slightly and given charges to avoid becoming overpowered.   

   Varingurt is no longer on sale and has been removed from production. (Spelling error for Varingur fixxed)

   Kasta-MRSM given a buff:
       EMP set to 10
      Damage from 50 to 55
   Mining Lance OP added from 10 to 11

Work team for the mod and thanks to:

Thank you MesoTroniK, Biotic, Foxer360, Dark Revenant, those who play this Mod and those who have commented on this thread!
Without your help, comments, knowing/Unknowing encouragement, I would have made little in the way of progress and may've stopped my idea altogether!!!

Thank you one an all, enjoy my mod and please. Tear into them, tell me what sucks, what's awesome. Without help or comments, criteque or elsewise, this mod would be nothing!

Azmond         :: Development and Mod Lead, Head Sprite Artist, code-monkey, Ink-drinker (lore) and idea-monkey
MesoTroniK    ::Balanacing, Code assistance, script and Description help; Helpfulness and grand advice in general
Deathfly        ::Code Advice, Inital Coding assistance, occasional help.
Viymese        :: Concepts for Weapons,ships, and other objects. First Code monkey. (generally on Military leave with Erratic contributions.)
Foxer360       ::Balancing and General help

:**:Others of note and credit to be given:**:
Avanitia-- For general helpfulness and helping me get Metelson's out of it's slump.
Bastion.Systems-- For inspiration given on the new flag and Critique.
Blaze-- For general quality assurance and play-testing, as well as critique.
Dark Revenant-- initial help setting up for when I first begun modding
Deathfly-- Code assistance, first ship-systems, first help given to mod production, and general helpfulness
Helmut-- Graphics assistance, sprite creation/critique and advice
Tartiflette-- Graphics assistance and advice

Tools used :: netbeans IDE, Kitra (GIMP can eat it's heart out) and of course  Tryolbots Ship Editor! :)

Off topic somewhat:

Not required but quiet awesome if you do. Donate~!

Donating helps give me coffee and is a bit of excitement for me. ^ ^

[email protected] ~/Documents/linuxgames/starsector $ sudo ./
./ 1: ./ ./jre_linux/bin/java: not found
[email protected] ~/Documents/linuxgames/starsector $ .
bash: ./jre_linux/bin/java: No such file or directory
Using this script, i was able to get so far before it ended up... Well, freezing, locking up! And i couldn't tell you whats up. everything loads up well, but then one preloading ends, the game just locks every up!

EDIT: using the original script results in the same error code...


Bug Reports & Support / Linux Start up [SOLVED]
« on: June 19, 2013, 08:45:32 AM »
To all linux users, I don't know if anyone has had this problem, but here it is; the game would
load part way, crash, part way, crash, an so on an so forth.

HOWEVER, this is not a cry for help, more of a thing to do that MAY, help... Run the game out of full screen on the smallest resulotion your computer can muster. Why it keeps crashing in between loadings, i've no idea exactly, but that seemed to have helped, running it three-times in a row may solve the trick as well. I had my computer come up with an internal error, an was not able to get the bug file due to the fact my entire machine froze, with only the mouse being able to move around~!

What I sort of think is happening here is this. The graphics being loaded all at the same time cause a crash, so it stops mid-way through the loading proccess, let it load three times an may or may not work, it depends on the specs of the computer.

For me i'm running on a laptop with:
3.8 Gbs Memory (not inclding swap)
Intel Core I3-2350M CPU @ 2.30ghz x 4 Processor
Linux Mint 14  64-bit
Gallium 0.4 on llvmpipe (LLVM 0X301) Graphics

Really, I just found that helps, if not, sorry.

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