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Mods / [0.9a] Galatia Complete [1.5] - Galactic Space Music Mod
« on: January 13, 2013, 04:26:30 PM »
Galatia Complete is the Ultimate space faring music collection for Starsector. Adds a grand total of 126 pieces of music totaling to over 7.5 hours of listening time.

The tracks are hand picked and put together to increase immersion. Many of the tracks are space orchestra style. Some have light chorus vocals with no words. Some of them are ambient and very many of them are instrumental. There won't be any tracks that will break immersion; so this means there are no rap, metal, pop, dub-step, and jazz music. Title music is calm and exciting; campaign music is exploratory and calming; battle music builds up to be thrilling and epic.

It works just like any other mod you'd install and will not play the original two repetitive Starsector music tracks.

I made the mod move later in the load order, it should be fine as long as no other music mods supercede it.

[Temporarily Removed] Someone is saying I don't have permission to use a certain track which I don't know.

-Replaced Defeat Track
-Added 8 Campaign Tracks and 8 Combat Tracks
-Lowered Volume Levels Like Vanilla Starsector
-Normalized music tracks
-Added same songs in Campaign & Hyperspace
-Removed Some tracks from Main Menu Music
1.3 (Unreleased)
-Replaced Duplicate Tracks
-Song count went from 102 to 110
-Removed Bin Format & unpacked music files
-Reordered Song file list

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