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Suggestions / [0.9a] remove fleet size cap while salvaging ships
« on: January 24, 2019, 06:30:48 PM »
User case:
I am at maximum fleet size,
I would have a chance to salvage a ship i was looking for, but I forgot my fleet is full and now I miss the chance,
I am being penalised for being able to maintain a large fleet.

any salvaged vessel above the fleet size cap (>30?) gets mothballed until it is "unlocked" by being thrown in storage.
effect: one can lug around a ton of mothballed salvaged vessels, cant use or cheese them, but is not penalised for having a maxed fleet.

user case:
I have 10 officers,
All maxed out,
If I want to train more officers I can't hire new ones as I have reached my limit,
^ above also causes a problem where a player finds officers in the wild, they sort of get put in "cant assign just because a number". A game mechanic should not punish player for finding an officer.
user case:
I found a nice officer i might want to train/use later (i like the icon/starting skills),
But i have reached the "storage limit" for human beans.

Limit to how many vessels officers can be assigned (4,6,8,10), not the total pool of officers (0-99?).

This does not alter the game in terms of what officers bring to the game, but adds to QoL and removes some "annoying" parts of the game as mentioned above.

When ships are lost and recovered they are losing their positions in the fleet screen (appended to the end of the "list").
This causes one to perform fleet tetris quite often.

Quality of life addition that allows one to ctrl+click a vessel in fleet screen and it is appended to the end of the fleet with a single click.

Of course the whole fleet screen could be implemented in such a way that each slot holds memory of which vessel is in there (that brings a whole different rabbit hole), but ctrl+click would be much easier to implement for quick QoL improvement.

I'll describe a user scenario and where I find the feature annoying, and where it is justified.

The most annoying one:
> Commissioned by Hegemony, with good track record, relations +50
> Hunt for pirates in Hegemony system, obviously trying to sneak up on them
Hegemony picket instantly zips at me (spawns on my head from hyperspace): "OY DO YOU HAVE A LOICENCE FOR GOING DARK M8?"
It makes sense that Hegemony wants to figure out what hides in the darkness, but reducing relations every bloody time ? It becomes annoying very fast.

Where above is OK:
If one is going Dark near any Hegemony assets as one might be smuggling something or approaching for sudden Blitzkrieg.

Penalise player relations for being Dark only when near that faction assets (any orbital structure/planet)
It would make sense for player to be "plugged in" to the encrypted communications network of a certain faction when they have enough reputation thus causing faction to know who you are even if you are running dark.

Some thoughts about the current mechanic/design:
- there can be point made that Hegemony owns a certain sector and their word is the law - in this case what are we going to do about sectors that have assets across multiple factions ? It makes that much more sense to have the transponder rule be enforced depending on proximity to installations.
- the change would actually not impact old design as one would want to go dark only when approaching specific targets either to smuggle/hack/attack/dodge/hide, the change would only benefit the fun mechanic of sneaking/evading enemies without space-police ruining your OP.
- relation penalty thus could be increased, because approaching military-zone without identifying is a serious breach.
- players often forget to turn on transponders and this would happen more often if suggested feature would be implemented, this indicates that there is a problem with the whole transponder mechanic in itself, i am not sure what to say about this, right click icon to control transponder being ON/OFF by itself ? This actually makese sense, as there is no actual benefit of always running with transponder ON where it is not penalised therefore it can be turned OFF when leaving restricted zones and turned ON when approaching proximity zone, with added control to force ON or OFF.
- in reality we dont see special forces being stopped in middle of their operation by police because they are wearing balaclavas and "look funny".

Since 0.9 I am experiencing weird graphical issues that are very annoying.
I cant even figure out why they happen as usually such issues have some sort of recurring pattern (lets say a flicker every 500ms or similar).
Sometimes its planets slightly having a seizure for its shadow, sometimes the asteroid belt is increasing its luminosity so it burns through the transparent UI screen of my fleet or inventory. Sometimes the skill buttons in character screen light up as if they are trying to sell me something.

In short, something is very wrong.

My assumption:
I bet half of my ass that its the dumb millenial overlays that are conflicting with the game.
Discord ?
GeForce experience shadowplay ?
AMD (dont know anything about their stuff)
Or some bizarre mix of the above and half implemented graphical drivers that hastily supported such features ?
Something something, please give your input, i am done with this flickering, thanks.

Modding / How to run a new script from rules.csv
« on: May 30, 2017, 06:56:15 PM »
I am using "OpenCommDirectory" as an example;

When OpenCommDirectory is passed as value in rules.csv script column, it works - I don't know why.

I found OpenCommDirectory in libraries.
I wrote a new script under mods\modName\data\scripts.
I replicated code that was inside OpenCommDirectory.
My script class extends "BaseCampaignPlugin".

I pass my script class name in rules.csv where OpenCommDirectory was.

I run SS with my mod enabled and recieve an error:


I would like to understand how wrong is my approach.
Is it even possible? (maybe API does not support my approach).

My wish is to open a custom dialogue window from planet/station view where usually player can start trading or open mission board (which is OpenCommDirectory);
Once I am able to have my "own" dialogue window I can tweak it however I want and launch whatever CRUD scripts I want via "InteractionDialogAPI";

Modding / "The Infrastructure Mod" [TIM]
« on: May 29, 2017, 08:47:22 AM »

I am a long time SS player (after first TotalBiscuit YT WTFis videos).
I tried out SS 0.8 and I am unhappy that the game is still punishing player for "scaling up" his fleet - without offering tools to scale the foundation that supports scaled up fleets (think X universe games);
I find it a bit tiring to be worried about groceries (supply/fuel) instead of my every harder enemies.
I tried to search the forum for similarities (I love Uomoz's sector for what it does and I believe it went in the right direction).

Why this mod:
I am bored, on the brink of leaving current employment, dire need of creative work
I want to create something
I want to have fun when I play SS, without going to every planet/station asking: "Y'all Got Anymore of them fuels?" (after spending same amount of space dollars, that I accrued in a mission, that required that amount of fuel to complete it, on fuel - i spent too much time building this sentence).

Vision of mod and what it:
Must do:
- Allow to invest credits in Infrastructure (think entrepreneurship) - build a factory/complex/buy shares/<insert brainstorm idea here>/etc.;
  • Figured that metal could be used for construction, and it is obtained often after salvage. Player can choose to buy it in markets or salvage.
- ROI yields what the fleet needs (credits, supplies, fuel, crew, volatiles, officers, etc.);

Should do:
Monthly report - green is good/<insert brainstorm idea here>;
Pan-galactic delivery of goods to your fleet (set % values of your max holding space) - if you think this is OP ? Think Amazon, think drones, now think a lot of space dollars to create that infra, now think again;
Every comfort/idea/extra should cost space dollars to build infra for it;
Build actual entities in space that resembles your infrastructure;

Could do:
Gate network - expensive late game infrastructure (possibly requiring science effort/infra;
Science infrastructure - giving purpose to surveys/exploration for faster science progress;
Reverse engineer destroyed enemies - the more you destroy a particular enemy the cheaper it is to "order" one (up to a hard % cap);

Will not do:
Any interaction with mission system;
Any interaction with trading system - no merchants coming/going from/to your entities;
Any interaction with any system that would require code maintenance (dream on);

Roadmap vision:
Learn where to start  ;)
Sketches on paper
Share, get feedback

(Must do) scope in a text-based interface

Pan-galactic delivery of goods to your fleet


Thanks to:
HELMUT - pointed out that there is discord for SS, that helped to connect to modder network
joaonunes(discord) - encouragement at the very start of the mod
Aron0621(discord) - kept explaining things even though I felt like a brick wall
tongo(discord) - pointed out nice sources of info in the sea of chaos
Inventor Raccoon(discord)

Folks that Inspired me the most:
Uomoz, Dark Revenant, Lazy Wizard, Histidine

I have no experience with SS modding;
I have minor experience modding Factorio;
I can get my head around code;
I am a believer of "less is more";

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