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Fan Media & Fiction / Animation
« on: December 10, 2015, 06:51:23 PM »
This semester i took an art new media class. learned a bunch of interesting things there, including animating

the final project for the class was to make something from what we learned, I chose animation
decided to use the ships from my own mod in the project

I only had 3 days, about 2 hours each day to work on it, if only i had more time to work on it to make it better

Mods / [0.65.2a] Firestorm Federation [0.5.8]
« on: July 11, 2013, 10:05:11 PM »

Faction lore and description coming soon





Capital Ship

I have a few more that I am still working on and I may change or replace some of the ones above

This faction will be intended as a zero shield capable faction outside of hull mods and lore, sporting some of the heaviest armor and hull integrity while also being flying concrete blocks

Thanks Gotcha! for helping me get started
Thanks MesoTroniK and silentstormpt with script and code help
Thanks HELMUT for the weapon sprites and 2 ship sprites
Thanks Tartiflette for weapon animations
Thanks David for help with code

Please don't hesitate to comment or criticize

Current Version: 0.5.6


Change Log


Updated to 0.65.2a
-Fireblast ship
Removed ShaderLib compatibility


-mostly just balancing
   -increased damage of the Pumicite Auto cannon
   -Rebalanced the the costs of all ships in various areas
   -Reduced flux capacity of all ships


-A bunch of custom weapons
-Compatability to shader lib (not required)
-All new weapons to Faction shops and convoys
-New Ships
   -Cascade (Frigate Assault/Chase)
   -Greenstone (Destroyer Assualt)
-Infernos now has a built in long range artillery cannon
-Firestorm now has a built in large autocannon
-Immolator now has a forward medium mount


-Nerfed Bomber (I hope)

-hopefully reduced supply costs

-Fixed ship descriptions
-Added or changed some ship descriptions

-Replaced all ship sprites

-Added some new ships
   -the Firestorm capital ship
   -two civilian ships, one fuel, one cargo
-Added the Carrier to the Fire fed shop
-Added Dreadnaught to the shop

-Altered the Infernos into an artillery ship (main cannon stil WIP)

-upated to 0.6.1a


-Fixed Format Error in a description causing crashes during refit


-reduced max flux, flux dissapation, ordinance points of the Blaze
-Increased max flux dissapation speed and acceleration of the Infernos
-Increased the max burn on all ships except fighters by 1
-Reduced all fighters mass

-Changed vent color
-Changed hull mod descriptions

-Added some ship descriptions (yay!)

fixed dependency issue


-fixed issue with ship class names not showing
-fixed bomber engines to correct tech
-fixed non working faction specific hull mod
-fixed some things I've forgotten I've fixed

-Added Hullmod Advanced Armor Plating
-Added the system Procella ignifera
   -travel to the left of Corvus to reach the system
-Added mission for testing purposes
-Added Flak cannon for small mounts (temporary sprite)
-Added kinetic projectile cannon for small mounts (temporary sprite)
-Added Assault cannon for small mounts (temporary sprite)
-Slight change to the Infernos capital ship sprite

-Stats changed for the Immolator in an attempt at balancing
-Increased the Torch's acceleration
-made compatible with 0.6a
-changed the Infernus (capital ship) rear 2 medium and large mounts to 360 degree coverage
-increased the cost of the cruiser to 50k from 100
-adjusted accelerations of the small frigate to hopefully make it more manueverable


Ship Testing videos:

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