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I was chasing some pirates near a planet, and when I made contact I was joined by the nearby allied station. Pirates decided to flee, I decided to pursue (and took command of the pursuit). The station, naturally, did not participate in the pursuit. But at the end I only got 90% credit for the bounty payout!

I thought I read that somewhere.  In practice, every time I see the Pathers try something (and I have seen at least a dozen tries over two games), they are foiled every time.  Maybe there is a bug somewhere that doubles the chances of (or sets it to 100%) failed sabotage?

I also could not think of a successful incident, so, curiosity piqued, I went code diving! And in LuddicPathCellsIntel, I find this:
Code: java
	protected boolean checkSuccess() {
float pSuccess = 1f - market.getStabilityValue() * 0.5f;
return random.nextFloat() < pSuccess;

Is that suppose to be a 0.05f?

Autofit doesn't consider short range weapons unless the variant template calls for one. Unfortunately, the inverse does not get applied for ships with Safety Overrides, causing long range weapons which are considered "better" because of their long range to be favored even though their better-ness can't actually be used. And since the short range heavy machine gun & assault chaingun are a major contributor to the strength of Safety Overrides, this can significantly harm their combat effectiveness.

Spotted while reading the autofit code:
Code: java
			FighterWingSpecAPI desired = Global.getSettings().getFighterWingSpec(desiredWingId);
if (desired == null) continue;

//List<String> categories = getCategoriesInPriorityOrder(desired.getTags());
List<String> categories = desired.getAutofitCategoriesInPriorityOrder();

List<String> alternate = altWeaponCats.get(desired);

I suspect that is intended to altFighterCats.

Suggestions / Take All... Up to capacity button
« on: June 18, 2017, 11:13:44 AM »
The "take all" take all button when looting is nice... up until you fill up your fuel tanks and/or cargo space. Then every single time it's take all, dump fuel, dump metals. Repeat. Even worse is when I don't notice it's going to take me over capacity.... I've wasted hundred of supply carrying tons of metals around for days before noticing I'm badly over. I'd like it if there were  a second button (or a checkbox, or something), that would take care of this for me.

I just won the 'Nothing Personal' mission without the ISS Aesir surviving. I suspect this occurred because the Aesir was destroyed after destroying the last opposing ship (very shortly after, as it was destroyed by the explosion of that ship).

I've noticed this a few times now, although I'm not sure of the exact details. If I have a badly damaged Wasp wing, with missing ships, sometimes the fleet repair option option will only restore 5 of the Wasps. A second click on the fleet repair is required rebuild the 6th Wasp.

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