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Starsector 0.9.1a is out! (05/10/19); Blog post: Personal Contacts (08/13/20)

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Revisited the game after 7 years, lots of new content. Storage system is a bit unhandy to me tho.

I like how it was done in Sunless Skies (SS too, yeah) with their bank system and linked storages there. I want something similar for weapons and ships in Starsector to conveniently refit ships in my fleet, but I guess not for commodities to not brake the economy.

Anybody knows how to achieve it in current build? Edit some text in files? Maybe there's a mod for that?

I've played v0.51a few hours ago, and tried this "Dire stars" impossible mission.
After several attempts to deal with it i succeed with only hound and three talon wings in losses. But rating was only 42%. That surprises me. It's because i must escape?

P.S. Offtop: Is "Alex" stands for "Alexander" or "Alexey"?

In the beginning, i apologize for my english.

I'm confused and overwhelmed by the loads of ships, weapons ans other stuff. It's so painfull to get through all of this descriptions, classifications and so on. Actually, after 20+ hours in game i still don't familiar with the true core of battle and don't have full understanding of my actions. So, the solution of these cases is the ingame battle simulator. And dialogs like this will never happen anymore:

From YouTube:
Conversation 1:
"- Oi, Frank, our friend got his ass kicked over there, let's help him.
- Ok, but do u know how to tell this thing to go there? These buttons only make it go to the rally point...
- Well, let's change the rally point then."
Conversation 2:
"- Wow, this cruiser is nice! What can it do, what weapons do they have, do they kick ass?
- Um...I dont know. Try the button over there, Hans.
- Wut!!! It fires? torpedos! COOL!"

How should simulator work? It's launches battle with settings specified by the player. It's general purpose is give the ability to the player to test his ships and guns in action, and to test player's guesses and tactics. Player should manage all the simulator's options, e.g. restart battle, change the quantity of enemy and friendly ships, change any ship set-up. At this point i don't see it fully finished in my mind. Maybe, simulator should contain only stuff that player have already seen before, or every item in the game. Simulator's tab can be placed among other tabs of "TAB"-button menu.

Sorry, if it's already suggested i can't handle the whole forum info.

P.S. It's the type of the games i've didn't see in a lo-o-o-o-ong, lo-o-o-o-ong time and i like Starfarer!

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