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Modding / Looking for SFX audio guy
« on: August 11, 2012, 03:15:53 PM »
Want to make something awesome!? :o

I'm looking for a mature team member with experience in sound design to help build complex animated ship weapons.  

Sequences will be 4-6 seconds (80-120 frames) and may contain sounds such as:
-Pneumatic pistons
-Servo motors
-Heavy lock & loading

If interested, PM me with a link to some of your previous work and a short description of what it entailed.

Discussions / MARS LANDING TONIGHT- Curiosity Rover
« on: August 05, 2012, 04:04:51 PM »
Update: SUCCESS!


2000lbs and as big as a Mini Cooper  :o

Curiosity lands tonight at 10:30pm PST, with live coverage starting at 8pm PST on NASA TV:
Live java simulation of landing to watch in tandem with NASA TV:$SERVERURL/content/documents/msl/edl.xml

The 7 Minutes of Terror landing video:
A more detailed animation of how it will land using the first ever "sky crane" method:
As crazy as this all looks, NASA has a 100% Mars landing success rate since 1999.

I'm so excited, I hope more than anything that it succeeds!  Share your thoughts!

Discussions / Nuclear weapons are frighteningly easy to build
« on: July 31, 2012, 12:39:49 AM »
[disclaimer, I'm not an expert]  I've always been interested in how things work and thought I might share about the mechanical simplicity of the big bad bomb...namely, Little Boy, a gun-type fission bomb.  Not to scare you, but to educate you, because doom prophecies aside, it's fun science.  Also, this is a scifi forum, so it's sort of thematic  :)

So, I've heard it said before that if it weren't for the difficulties of obtaining weapons grade fissile materials, low yield nuclear weapons could more or less be made in someone's backyard.  I sent out on a wiki-venture to see just what is entailed.  After some digging, it seems that gun-type fission bombs are in fact fairly simple in construction.  Perhaps not quite DIY assembly, but it's not nearly as complex as most imagine.

They sort of work like this,

A set of uranium rings >1 critical mass is shot toward a <1 critical mass and slightly too thick uranium "plug" surrounded by a neutron reflector.  
                         ------>            DDDDDDDD

What that means is that due to their shape and location within the device, there aren't enough neutrons in a small enough space for the mass to go supercritical, but when brought together and encased in a neutron reflector...

The simplicity of this design means that the only limiting ingredient is weapons grade uranium-235.  It's not very efficient and it's a terribly unsafe design in terms of accidental detonation, but it does work.  It took a lot of research to understand the science behind it, but mechanically, it's very simple.  Thankfully, manufacturing usable quantities of the gooey rich center (90% uranium-235, not very gooey) is very difficult to this day. Even more fascinating are all the different ways nuclear fuel is made and used for good, like generating electricity.  I love learning/teaching this stuff if anyone has questions.

Suggestions / Skill Tree and XP
« on: July 14, 2012, 06:40:11 AM »
This suggestion might be beating a dead horse at this point, but here goes...

You, as the fleet commander, gain experience after each battle won (or for trading, exploration, mining, etc.).  This then can be used to build up a skill tree with various "branches".  For example, in the Command branch, you train skills to expand your maximum number of ships and ship-classes.  In Engineering, you unlock armor, hull and weapon modifications.  And in Science, you gain experience and credit multipliers, warp technologies (once multi-systems comes about), and exploration skills.

Instead of writing a long winded post, take a look at this thing I made:


A reminder to modders that maintaining proper spelling and grammar in descriptions and mission briefings will go a long way toward creating a higher quality mod.  Just as many of us strive for parity with vanilla, in terms of art and balance, it's important to consider the less obvious details that will quickly break immersion.

Reading over your writing and using a spellchecker that can handle grammar and proper usage, such as Open Office or MS Word, will help improve the quality of your mods.

Modding Resources / Ship BalanceSuite 5000 v1.6
« on: April 28, 2012, 07:30:20 AM »

This suite is a dynamic Excel sheet with a variety of tools in it to help you balance your ship mods.  Once you input your mod's ship_data, the graphs and tools will automatically calculate a mystical Fleetpoint Combat Score for each ship along with other useful data values available throughout the suite.

Simply input your mod's ship_data by pasting it in the mod ship data section starting at row 163 and everything is ready to go!
As you edit your ship's values, the graphs will update on the fly, allowing you to better tune your ships with vanilla ones.

The Fleetpoint Combat Score takes the following attributes into account:
fleetpts, hitpoints, armor rating, max flux, flux dissipation, ordinance, max speed, acceleration, deceleration, max turn, turn acceleration, shield upkeep, shield efficiency, cargo size, hangar size

Current Tools:
Relative Ship Comparison Tool
This tool allows you to compare up to four ships simultaneously by some of the game's most critical attributes.
Dynamic Fleetpoint Combat Value Graph
For every ship, the suite determines its combat effectiveness per cost of fleetpoints, called the Fleetpoint Combat Value.  This is a great tool to quickly modify a ship's stats to bring its Fleetpoint Combat Value in line with a corresponding vanilla ship.
Recomended Base Value & Price Checker
Calculates a ship's recommended value based on magic math and compares that with its current base value.

BalanceSuite 5000 v1.6
-Fixed shield efficiency calculation to interpret shield values correctly
-Replaced trendlines with fleetpoint lines to better communicate that you're comparing ships of similar fleetpoint value and not the mod against vanilla as a whole
-Added notes column to explain ship outliers
BalanceSuite 5000 v1.5
-Increased accuracy of recommended price for carriers and ships with large hangars
-Added price checker colors to recommended price special stats column to ease mass correcting of prices
BalanceSuite 5000 v1.4
-Agility and Cargo are now taken into account when calculating the combat value and recommended base value
-Recommended base value adjusted to be more accurate per fleetpoint
-Added Relative Balance Checker tool to compare fleetpoint-adjusted combat value side by side in the ship comparison tool
BalanceSuite 5000 v1.3
-Integrated Recommended Base Value into Price Checker Tool cell U85
BalanceSuite 5000 v1.2
-Added Recommended Base Value in Special Stats area
-Hangar bay size beyond 25 is taken into consideration when calculating the aggregate score
BalanceSuite 5000 v1.1
-Integrated Shield balancing, now computes in aggregate score
-Changed the Combat-Fleetpoint Performance Graph to now take fleetpoints into consideration.

Note: you may need Excel 2007+ and/or the XYChartLabler addon to view graph ship labels.

In hopes that it will generate community pressure to keep mods vanilla-balanced, this seal is available to balanced mods using the BalanceSuite 5000.


Forum code:

Download BalanceSuite 5000 v1.6

Suggestions / Trigger based events for missions
« on: April 23, 2012, 12:33:09 AM »
I'll start by throwing down my mod fantasy that's inspired by both EV Nova and Starfleet Command:

Upon reaching a station there will be a list of missions I'll be able to select from; some will pay handsomely for daring tasks, others will be low-risk low-reward and mundane.  I choose one named "Investigate Distress Call" that will help me pay for that new weapon I've been eyeing.  It has me warping two sectors over into an unpopulated area of space where I find a damaged ship floating with debris around it.  Upon clicking the ship, the mission begins to load.  I find I'm on a large map and cautiously venture toward the center where I find a crippled ship, at which point my close proximity to the ship triggers one of several events depending on the mission:

1. Pirate raiders spawn nearby accompanying the text, "Arg, I hope ye be more cooperative than yer friend. We had to teach him a lesson.  Hand over some credits or we'll be teachin' you too".  An options box appears with text choices to either give the pirates $3500 credits and leave peacefully (at which point the mission ends) or fight them.  Not giving in to pirate scum, I choose the fight option and brace myself for a wave of pirate frigates. I can either attempt to flee or defeat the pirates and recover the loot in the damaged ship's cargo hold as an additional prize.

2. I begin to scan the strange alien craft, which appears to be deserted, and detect some loot in its cargo hold.  A larger hostile alien craft then spawns with some strange language and I must either destroy it to recover the loot or flee, leaving the loot, but saving my life.  Either results in mission success & payout.

3. A Hedgemony fleet spawns south and Tri-Tachyon fleet spawns north.  A few seconds later a text box appears saying, "Unknown vessel, this is Hedgemony captain Hank Taggart.  A Hegemony patrol answered our distress call, but we're outnumbered. Will you help us?"  I'm given the option of joining the Hedgemony fleet or Tri-Tachyon fleet.  Regardless of the decision I make, additional ships will spawn on the enemy side to even the odds.

4. Something amazing happens, just think of the possibilities!


Ultimately, this allows missions to be scripted using events or countdowns to trigger events or countdowns.  

You have a trigger:
-countdown timer
-ship proximity
-specific ship destruction

That triggers one or multiple events:
-countdown timer
-ship spawn
-text display
-options box with text choices

Mods / [0.6.1a] Interstellar Federation v1.27
« on: April 02, 2012, 10:44:48 PM »

Of Dreams and War

Over a millennia ago, during a time of peace and exploration, mankind's greatest undertaking led to the creation of the Stardrive, a device capable of instantaneous travel between two points in space.  Massive Republic colony ships were constructed around them to carry the hopes and ambitions of their people to distant stars.  Capable of only a one-way trip, decades were spent selecting planets for colonization.  Soon, life was seeded across thousands of worlds in the fringes of charted space.  Further advances in localized FTL engines bridged the gaps between neighboring systems and brought about galactic trade, transforming colonies into civilizations.  As their territories began to brush against each other, it wasn't long before greed led to war.  Centuries of savage conflict ravaged countless worlds and lost with them was much of the technology and knowledge of their forefathers.  Cast into darkness and isolation, generations past with little hope of a brighter future, until word spread of a small fleet from whereabouts unknown trying to unite the colonies under one flag.  Through helping one another rebuild, this interstellar federation strengthened the galactic bonds more than they had ever been before and civilization once again prospered.  It seemed as though nothing would threaten the peace everyone enjoyed until the discovery of omega particles drew the attention of a bloodthirsty alien race known as the Jardain.  

What began as losing communication with distant outposts quickly developed into the First Contact War.  Just as advanced and with greater numbers, the Jardain swept through Federation space like a plague.  With astute resourcefulness, Federation generals stalled the enemy as they realized a desperate attempt to develop a weapon that could turn the tides of war.  Crippled and abandoned after forgotten skirmishes long ago, the once great Republic colony ships would rise again to protect the children of their builders.  Contained within them was the most advanced piece of technology known--the Stardrive.  Without the knowledge of their ancestors, repairing it was impossible, but Federation scientists were able to repurpose its colossal hadron reflector to create a devastating weapon.  Living areas were gutted to fit power cells, cargo bays were packed with ammunition, sub-systems of sub-systems filled the decks and lesser ships were sacrificed to reinforce its armor.  On the eve of year 2500, marking the anniversary when mankind had embarked on a daring life among the stars, the first Titan was born.


-Capital Ships-
Titan-class Carrier, Auria-class Battleship, Antares-class Battlecruiser, Yukon-class Prototype Destroyer

Ares-class Heavy Destroyer, Ballista-class Anti-Capital Cruiser, Mercury-class Prototype Gunship, Montana-class Utility Cruiser, Helios Assault Ship

Vixen-class Missile Ship, Shogun-class Electronic Warfare Ship, Zephyr-class Strike Carrier, Defiant-class Heavy Gunship, Toa-Class Destroyer

Albatross-class Attack Ship, Scythe-class Interceptor, Dakota-class Frigate, Orion-class Hypertug, Rickshaw-class Strike Frigate, Echo-class Scout Ship

Hornet Fighter, Draken Interceptor, Foxbat Fighter, Tracer Heavy Bomber

-Industrial Ships-
Mazerk-class Superbarge, Tahoe-class Cargo Barge, Trexel-class Fuel Barge

Omega Device, Lancer Torpedo dual, quad, single, Piranha Anti-Fighter Missile Launcher, Riptide & Locktide MLRS, Harpy MRM Pod:
Hadron Accelerator, Nucleon Ram, Cyclotron Eviscerator
Cain, Peacemaker, Citadel PD, Mass Driver, HV50 Autogun, HV75 Autogun, HV100 Autogun, Thunderchief:


InterstellarFederation v1.27

-Incorporated balance updates & unique names, special thanks to LostInTheWired!
-Modified weapon sound for neutron weapon system

InterstellarFederation v1.26

=Compatibility Patch by kazi=
-Special Thanks to kazi for making IFED compatible with 0.6.1a
-Updated sounds.json file for compatibility
-Modified internal fleet objectives for mission compatibility
-Added some of the IFed ships as possible opponents in the simulator
-Added an easter-egg Antares variant

InterstellarFederation v1.25

=File Changes=
-IFed now supports Starsector 0.54.1a
-Updated descriptions
-Updated ship_data
-Updated faction data

InterstellarFederation v1.234

=File Changes=
-Added ship description for Helios
-Added ship description for Orion
-Added ship description for Scythe
-Added ship description for Tahoe
-Added ship description for Trexel
-Added ship description for Zephyr
-Changed ship description for Mercury
-Changed ship description for Toa
-Added weapon description for HV50
-Added weapon description for HV75
-Added weapon description for HV100

InterstellarFederation v1.233

=File Changes=
-Fixed Helios and Montana crashes caused by bad AI in .system files.


InterstellarFederation v1.232

=Ship Changes=

-helios_Assault variant weapon groups fixed

=File Changes=

-lancer_dual.wpn fire sound and smokespec fixed
-lancer_dual.wpn projectileSpecID changed to lancer_torp
-lancer.wpn projectileSpecID changed to lancer_torp
-hadron_shot.proj properly renamed


InterstellarFederation v1.231
=Ship Changes=

-helios_Assault loadout changed

=File Changes=

-Added Helios to fleet compositions and station cargo


InterstellarFederation v1.23
=Ship Changes=

-Added Helios Assault Ship

-Ship range increased to 66

=Weapon Changes=

-Added Neutron Gun system

X-Flare Launcher system
-Now has unlimited uses, 15 second cooldown

Torpedo Launcher system
-Max uses reduced to 2, 20 second regen, reduced cooldown

Lightning Gun
-Cooldown increased to 5 seconds


InterstellarFederation v1.22
=Ship Changes=

Added the following ship systems:
-Defense Matrix
-Hadron Transporter
-Medium Attack Drones
-Lightning Gun
-Torpedo Launcher (currently unused)
-X-Flare Launcher

These ships received the following systems:

Note, "SYSTEM" weapon mounts have been added as needed, please update all IFed .ship files for mod compilations.

Titan, added hadron transporter
Auria, added maneuvering jets
Antares, added med attack drones
Yukon, added lightning gun
Ballista, added defense matrix
Mercury, added drone sensor
Ares, added x-flare launcher
Montana, added minelayer
Toa, added ammofeed
Defiant, added ammofeed
Vixen, added fastmissileracks
Shogun, added drone_sensor
-Changed designation to Command Ship
Zephyr, added drone point defense x2
Scythe, added burndrive
Dakota, added flare launcher
Rickshaw, added flare launcher
Echo, added flare launcher
Albatross, added ammofeed
Mazerk, added flarelauncher
Orion, added flarelauncher
Tahoe, added flarelauncher
Trexel, added flarelauncher

-Changed designation to Command Ship

=File Changes=

-Added ship system weapons to weapon_data.csv
Torpedo Launcher
Mine Layer
X-Flare Launcher


InterstellarFederation v1.21
=Ship Changes=
    -Hangar size increased from 10 to 20

    -Armor increased from 765 to 875
    -Hangar size increased from 6 to 15
    -Base value decreased from 20000 to 18000

    -Hangar size increased from 8 to 15

    -hitpoints increased from 8000 to 10000
    -Armor increased from 825 to 1350
    -Max Flux increased from 5500 to 6000
    -Flux disp increased from 320 to 325
    -Ordinance increased from 75 to 90
    -Cargo increased from 270 to 400
    -Fuel increased from 220 to 250
    -Shield strength decreased
    -Max crew increased to 300
    -Mass increased

    -Base value decreased from 22000 to 20000
    -Hangar size increased to 5
    -Hangar size increased to 5
    -Hangar size increased to 15
    -Hangar size increased to 25
    -Flux disp increased from 160 to 165
    -Hangar size increased from 0 to 4
    -Base value increased from 5100 to 5200
    -Base value reduced from 7500 to 7000
    -Now a strike fighter with several changes (changed ship_data, wing_data, variant, ship.file)
    -Refit cost increased from 3 to 4
    -Base value increased to 2500


InterstellarFederation v1.2
=Ship Changes=

-Added Montana-class Utility Cruiser
-Added Albatross-class Attack Ship
-Added Tracer Heavy Bomber wing
-Added Foxbat Fighter wing

    -Number of launch bays increased to 4
    -Added launch bays
    -Launch bay location changed
    -Added launch bays
    -Launch bay location changed
    -Launch bay location changed
    -Launch bays added to sprite
    -Launch bay location changed
    -Base value reduced from 6000 to 4200
    -Flux disp reduced from 150 to 120
    -Fleet points reduced from 6 to 5
    -Armor increased from 55 to 75
    -Decreased mass
    -Reduced Wing fleetpoints from 7 to 6
    -Recuded Wing price from 9000 to 7500
    -Removed Wing hyperdrive

=Weapon Changes=

    -Improved PD performance
    -Increased damage from 35 to 40

=File Changes=

-Added Zephyr, montana, tracer, foxbat to convoy cargo
-Added montana, tracer, foxbat to station cargo
-Updated the following ship sprites to include launch bays: Ares, Yukon, Antares, Auria, Titan
-Removed convoy spawn redundancy in SectorGen
-Reduced days between convoy spawn from 10 to 8
-Changed fleet compositions to account for new ships (both added and removed ships from fleets)
-Added advancedPatrol to fleet compositions

-Descriptions updated for Echo, Rickshaw, Omega Bomb
-Descriptions added for Albatross, Auria, Ballista, Dakota, Montana, Defiant, Mazerk


InterstellarFederation v1.19
=Ship Changes=

-Added Zephyr-class Strike Carrier
-Added Draken Interceptor wing
-Added Hornet Fighter wing

    -Fixed launch bays
    -Side energy hardpoints changed to turrets
    -Forward small hardpoints arc reduced to zero
    -Flux disp increased from 400 to 480
    -Max flux increased from 7000 to 8000
    -Flux disp increased from 485 to 510
    -Max flux increased from 8000 to 9000
    -Shield efficiency improved
    -Medium ballistic hardpoint changed to universal so players can add up to four launchers
    -Shield efficiency improved
    -Hitpoints decreased from 5500 to 4500
    -Price reduced
    -Hitpoints increased from 1950 to 2200
    -Max Flux increased from 1800 to 1950
    -Shield efficiency improved
    -Flux disp increased from 235 to 255
    -Price reduced
    -Speed and handling improved
    -Armor decreased from 300 to 285

=Weapon Changes=

HV Series
   -Damage increased
Mass Driver
    -Damage and EMP reduced

=File Changes=
    -Added supplyConvoy, fuelConvoy, sectorPatrol, and personnelConvoy to spawn list
    -Added zephyr, draken wing, hornet wing to convoy cargo
    -Global message comments updated
    -Added zephyr, draken wing, hornet wing to station cargo


InterstellarFederation v1.18
=Ship Changes=
-Added Yukon-class Prototype Destroyer

=Weapon Changes=
    -Firing rate increased
    -Burst size increased to 4
    -Ammo increased from 16 to 30
    -Damaged reduced from 400 to 285
    -OP increaed from 8 to 10

    -Engery per shot reduced from 15 to 12

=File Changes=
-Enforcement fleet composition changed
-IFCargo spawn changed, added Light Assault Guns, Yukon, more crew


InterstellarFederation v1.17
=Ship Changes=

-Added Mercury-class Prototype Gunship

    -Fixed launch bays
    -Ordinance increased from 310 to 320
    -Base value increased from 120000 to 130000
    -Removed hangar slots
    -Added launch bay
    -Hangar size increased from 4 to 6
    -Removed hangar slots
    -Base price increased from 7200 to 8000

=Weapon Changes=

    -Fixed turret offsets
    -Fixed turret offsets

=File Changes=

-Forsaken Relics I mission text modified
-Enforcement Fleet max fleepoints decreased from 300 to 200
-Enforcement Fleet ship composition changed
-Mercury added to factions and cargo data
-Mercury description added


InterstellarFederation v1.162
=Weapon Changes=

-Added Nucleon Ram

    -Price decreased from 12000 to 7000
-Lancer Torpedo
    -Ammo increased from 2 to 5
    -Damage decreased from 6000 to 3000
-Lancer Quad
    -Changed in name LRM to LRT
    -Ammo increased from 4 to 16
    -Damage decreased from 6000 to 3000
    -Increased burst size and reload time
-Lancer Dual
    -Changed in name LRM to LRT
    -Ammo increased from 2 to 12
    -Damage decreased from 6000 to 3000
    -Chardgedown increased from
    -Increased burst size and reload time

=File Changes=

-Edited descriptions for several weapons


InterstellarFederation v1.161
=File Changes=

-Fixed bug with earthcracker.ship that was causing the game to occasionally crash on startup


InterstellarFederation v1.16
=Ship Changes=

-Added Ballista-class Anti-Captial Ship

    -ares_Standard variant loadout changed
    -Turn acceleration increased from 50 to 65
    -Cost increased from 9500 to 10000
    -Medium hardpoint arc reduced from 120 to 0
    -orion_Standard variant loadout changed
    -Medium hardpoint arc reduced from 120 to 0
    -mazerk_Standard variant loadout changed
    -Medium hardpoint arc reduced from 120 to 0
    -tahoe_Standard variant loadout changed
    -Medium hardpoint arc reduced from 120 to 0
    -trexel_Standard variant loadout changed

=Weapon Changes=

-Added Peacemaker

-Mass Driver
    -Price increased from 5500 to 8500
-Hadron Accelerator
    -Price increased from 30000 to 80000
-Omega Device
    -Price increased from 60000 to 95000
    -OP cost decreased from 7 to 5
-Citadel PD changed from medium mount to large

=File Changes=

-Added Ballista-class to scripts, factions-fleets
-Added Citadel PD to scripts
-Added Cain to scripts


InterstellarFederation v1.151

=File Changes=

-Mission tweaks
-Mission icons changed




-Extract InterstellarFederation folder to Starfarer's mods folder
-Activate the mod upon startup using the mods selector
-Bam! InterstellarFederation station and ships will appear immediately upon starting a new game

InterstellarFederation v1.27 standalone:

InterstellarFederation with Uomoz's Corvus Factions Collection:

InterstellarFederation with Zaphide's Exerelin Dynamic System & Faction War:

Modding Interstellar Federation
In lieu of a "no-modding" rule, I ask that if you wish to share any modifications or kitbashes of IFed, you do so by posting in this thread.  Independent releases will be asked to be taken down.  Thanks  8)


Vanilla balance is a priority; feedback is appreciated!

Mods / EarthCracker: Orbital Superweapon
« on: April 01, 2012, 08:37:25 AM »
EarthCracker: Orbital Superweapon Mod
An abandoned relic from the days of orbital mining. Many lie dormant above lost planets, their fusion cores keeping them powered for a thousand years.

Before the time of atomic material restructuring, all metals and materials were processed from raw ore. Earth crackers were the answer to ravenous galactic expansion. These massive satellites were assembled on transit to a planet or moon. Positioning themselves in orbit, their fusion cutting beam would tear through miles of rock, cutting enormous pieces from its surface that would be pulled up to orbit by tractor winches. Some ran continuously for centuries until newer methods replaced them. Too large to move and expensive to disassemble, many were deserted and forgotten.

Knowledge of their existence is kept alive by the stories told of ships who unknowingly approach arrays of dormant crackers, never to be heard of again.

EarthCracker v1.15:
-mission Forsaken Relics 2 added
-descriptions additional lore

EarthCracker v1.1:
-mission Forsaken Relics added
-balance changes

EarthCracker v1.0:
-Cracker main weapon
-Cracker platform
-Old-tech Asteroid PD
-descriptions for all items

1. Extract files to Starfarer\mods folder
2. Cut & paste forsakenrelics mission folder to Starfarer\starfarer-core\data\missions folder
3. Add "forsakenrelics" to mission_list.csv in Starfarer\starfarer-core\data\missions folder

!!IMPORTANT!! Steps 2 and 3 are vital to avoid loading error.
I'm looking into why this occurs, but until it's solved, these steps are necessary for the game to load properly.

You can also edit your save file to use it in the campaign.

Download EarthCracker v1.15:



Modding / Weapon spec not found
« on: April 01, 2012, 12:52:00 AM »
Trying my hand at modding.  Adding ships was easy enough, but I'm getting stuck when trying to add a new weapon.  I'm using the tachyon lance as an example and going from there, but it's throwing this error upon loading the campaign (with the weapon added to a weapon point on a current ship).

11559 [Thread-6] DEBUG  - Loading [graphics/backgrounds/background4.jpg] as texture with id [graphics/backgrounds/background4.jpg]
13127 [Thread-6] INFO  - Loading C:\Program Files (x86)\Fractal Softworks\Starfarer\starfarer-core\..\saves\save_bill_1651518222899613751...
14450 [Thread-6] DEBUG  - Loading [graphics/backgrounds/background4.jpg] as texture with id [graphics/backgrounds/background4.jpg]
14458 [Thread-6] INFO  - Finished loading
14748 [Thread-6] ERROR com.fs.starfarer.combat.String  - java.lang.RuntimeException: Weapon spec [earthcraker] not found!
java.lang.RuntimeException: Weapon spec [earthcraker] not found!
at com.fs.starfarer.loading.J.Ó00000(Unknown Source)
at com.fs.starfarer.loading.SpecStore.super(Unknown Source)
at com.fs.starfarer.loading.specs.HullVariantSpec.String(Unknown Source)
at com.fs.starfarer.campaign.A.Object.o00000(Unknown Source)
at com.fs.starfarer.campaign.A.String$o.super(Unknown Source)
at com.fs.starfarer.campaign.A.String$o.<init>(Unknown Source)
at Source)
atÒ00000(Unknown Source)
at Source)
atõÕ0000(Unknown Source)
at com.fs.starfarer.campaign.fleet.CampaignFleet.advance(Unknown Source)
at com.fs.starfarer.campaign.BaseLocation.advance(Unknown Source)
at com.fs.starfarer.campaign.CampaignEngine.advance(Unknown Source)
at com.fs.starfarer.campaign.super.super(Unknown Source)
at com.fs.starfarer.oOOO.OõÒ000(Unknown Source)
at com.fs.super.A.Ò00000(Unknown Source)
at com.fs.starfarer.combat.String.super(Unknown Source)
at com.fs.starfarer.StarfarerLauncher$ Source)

"turretOffsets":[-3, 0],
"hardpointOffsets":[5, 0],

weapon_data.csv entry
Earth Cracker,earthcracker,3,30000,5000,30000,,5000,0,7,32,,ENERGY,,2000,1,2,10,5,,,,,1000,,,,,,27

I didn't have any luck digging through the forums and there isn't much step-by-step documentation on adding weapons.  Anyone have an idea of how to fix this?

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