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Starsector 0.9.1a is out! (05/10/19); Blog post: Personal Contacts (08/13/20)

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Bug Reports & Support / Starsector not starting
« on: April 25, 2013, 05:53:29 AM »
(hint: the real issue is in the third paragraph, sorry for extra crap that isn't important. :/)

hopefully this is a fixed issue in another patch or something, but a long time ago in a galaxy of probably a year and a half ago or at least seemingly, I played starfarer once. I also tried to mod with no programming experience at all (guess how that went). in my frustration of non successful ability to make a basic weapon other than taking a already made weapon, change what graphic it used, and changed it's damage and firerate, then awed everyone with a screen full of nothing but "ship has been destroyed".

Anyway beside the point, I was amateur and gave up on starfarer. Now I come back to starsector and there are a lot new things to play with, and I'm a much more experienced programmer and ready to tackle it again. (sorry I'm really just type rambling)

God, sorry, the real issue is that I double click on starsector.exe and nothing happens, the cursor loads a bit, but nothing happens. Game don't start; game don't like me or something. I tried starting with admin, and compatibility, nothin' worked. I think I'm using the same system as before, but not sure. Nothing is changed then, so don't know whats happenin', hope someone can help.

Modding / Custom damage textures, can it be done?
« on: April 02, 2012, 01:18:36 PM »
Hello everyone,

I ride my trusty steed here with a question I have pondered since a few seconds ago. Can there be custom damage texture colors? I know there is the yellowing orange default, but can it be green? Let me know!

General Discussion / alright!
« on: March 31, 2012, 01:59:44 AM »
I love this game.....

General Discussion / How do you move up in Starfarer?
« on: March 28, 2012, 08:47:26 PM »

i'll start off saying that I personally always start up in starfarer, and always go for a condor and some fighters, and just start adding more fighters and condors, as I find it very difficult any other way. But I'm curious to know how other people get from their first frigate, to their first battleship or even their first fleet of at least 3 battleships. What are your strategies?

Bug Reports & Support / The Game mad? Combat crash of epicness
« on: March 28, 2012, 04:51:09 PM »
So here I am, with my epic army of undefeatedness of 2 condors and a crap load of elite high tech fighters, and were kicking a tri-tachyon security fleet (the ones with paragons) and so I'm just obliterating their fleet without loosing any thing, and right around when I sent my ships to attack the paragon (of which I'm sure my fleet would have Owned it, then I personally would have literally owned it) Until this crash comes along right. So I'm like "NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO" anyway, heres the crash log from the error to the bottom of the log (sorry it's a lot I know, it was an epic battle) guess the paragon didn't want to load so it uploaded a crash virus?

3316297 [Thread-6] ERROR com.fs.starfarer.combat.String  - java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: Index: 0, Size: 0
java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: Index: 0, Size: 0
   at java.util.ArrayList.RangeCheck(
   at java.util.ArrayList.get(
   atÓ00000(Unknown Source)
   at Source)
   atõo0000(Unknown Source)
   at Source)
   at com.fs.starfarer.renderers.super.oOOO.super(Unknown Source)
   at com.fs.starfarer.ui.public.if.class(Unknown Source)
   at com.fs.starfarer.ui.oOo0.String.return(Unknown Source)
   at com.fs.starfarer.ui.public.if.class(Unknown Source)
   at com.fs.starfarer.combat.F.OõÒ000(Unknown Source)
   at com.fs.super.A.Ò00000(Unknown Source)
   at com.fs.starfarer.combat.String.super(Unknown Source)
   at com.fs.starfarer.StarfarerLauncher$ Source)
3318656 [Thread-6] INFO  com.fs.profiler.Profiler  - ID                                                                            Calls   Duration    Percent
3318672 [Thread-6] INFO  com.fs.profiler.Profiler  - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
3318672 [Thread-6] INFO  com.fs.profiler.Profiler  - Main loop in Campaign State                                                    2833     79.86s    100.00%
3318672 [Thread-6] INFO  com.fs.profiler.Profiler  -   Display.update() and sleep() (if not vsynced)                                2820     40.96s     51.29%
3318672 [Thread-6] INFO  com.fs.profiler.Profiler  -   Other                                                                           -     25.77s     32.27%
3318672 [Thread-6] INFO  com.fs.profiler.Profiler  -   Campaign rendering                                                           2833     11.37s     14.24%
3318672 [Thread-6] INFO  com.fs.profiler.Profiler  -     Screen panel rendering                                                     2833      8.10s     10.14%
3318672 [Thread-6] INFO  com.fs.profiler.Profiler  -       Other                                                                       -      6.82s      8.55%
3318672 [Thread-6] INFO  com.fs.profiler.Profiler  -       CompoundFleetMemberIcon.renderAtPosition()                              32199      1.27s      1.59%
3318672 [Thread-6] INFO  com.fs.profiler.Profiler  -         Other                                                                     -      0.59s      0.74%
3318672 [Thread-6] INFO  com.fs.profiler.Profiler  -         Ship rendering                                                         3305      0.41s      0.51%
3318672 [Thread-6] INFO  com.fs.profiler.Profiler  -           EngineGlow rendering                                                 3305      0.22s      0.27%
3318672 [Thread-6] INFO  com.fs.profiler.Profiler  -           Damage decal rendering                                               3305      0.12s      0.15%
3318672 [Thread-6] INFO  com.fs.profiler.Profiler  -           Other                                                                   -      0.06s      0.08%
3318672 [Thread-6] INFO  com.fs.profiler.Profiler  -           Module rendering                                                     6610      0.01s      0.01%
3318672 [Thread-6] INFO  com.fs.profiler.Profiler  -           Flux vent rendering                                                  3305      0.00s      0.00%
3318672 [Thread-6] INFO  com.fs.profiler.Profiler  -         Fighter rendering                                                     10280      0.27s      0.34%
3318672 [Thread-6] INFO  com.fs.profiler.Profiler  -           EngineGlow rendering                                                10280      0.15s      0.19%
3318672 [Thread-6] INFO  com.fs.profiler.Profiler  -           Damage decal rendering                                              10280      0.05s      0.06%
3318672 [Thread-6] INFO  com.fs.profiler.Profiler  -           Other                                                                   -      0.05s      0.06%
3318672 [Thread-6] INFO  com.fs.profiler.Profiler  -           Module rendering                                                    20560      0.02s      0.03%
3318672 [Thread-6] INFO  com.fs.profiler.Profiler  -           Flux vent rendering                                                 10280      0.00s      0.00%
3318672 [Thread-6] INFO  com.fs.profiler.Profiler  -       Rendering weapon mount indicators                                          52      0.00s      0.01%
3318672 [Thread-6] INFO  com.fs.profiler.Profiler  -       Ship rendering                                                              2      0.00s      0.00%
3318672 [Thread-6] INFO  com.fs.profiler.Profiler  -         Module rendering                                                          2      0.00s      0.00%
3318672 [Thread-6] INFO  com.fs.profiler.Profiler  -         Damage decal rendering                                                    2      0.00s      0.00%
3318672 [Thread-6] INFO  com.fs.profiler.Profiler  -         EngineGlow rendering                                                      2      0.00s      0.00%

sorry, but there was a lot more stuff, I just can't go over the 20000 character mark :/

Any ways to fix or prevent from happening again?

Modding / Help on File Data
« on: March 27, 2012, 03:37:46 PM »
Hey everyone,

So I'm making this post as a place to ask questions about the data inside of the starfarer files, such as weapon files, ship files etc etc. Maybe this could be a hub for other people to ask questions about "what does this do in the file" or other things that have to do with the files in Starfarer, so feel free to ask any questions you may have about files in this post  ;D

Suggestions / Easier modding
« on: March 25, 2012, 07:58:36 PM »
please make it easier to mod........ kthxbye

been trying to put a fighter into Starfarer, I made the sprite, I used a ship editor. Did everything, I double checked EVERYTHING and triple checked some things, like proper capitalization, proper spacing, but It still is giving me that same error code...

8000 [Thread-6] INFO  com.fs.starfarer.loading.ShipHullSpecLoader  - Ship hull [zilarr] has strength 4
8047 [Thread-6] ERROR com.fs.starfarer.combat.String  - org.json.JSONException: JSONObject["id"] not found.
org.json.JSONException: JSONObject["id"] not found.
   at org.json.JSONObject.get(
   at org.json.JSONObject.getString(
   at com.fs.starfarer.loading.H.o00000(Unknown Source)
   at com.fs.starfarer.loading.H.o00000(Unknown Source)
   at com.fs.starfarer.loading.ShipHullSpreadsheetLoader.o00000(Unknown Source)
   at com.fs.starfarer.loading.SpecStore.super(Unknown Source)
   at com.fs.starfarer.loading.G.super(Unknown Source)
   at com.fs.super.A.Ò00000(Unknown Source)
   at com.fs.starfarer.combat.String.super(Unknown Source)
   at com.fs.starfarer.StarfarerLauncher$ Source)
9594 [Thread-6] INFO  com.fs.profiler.Profiler  - ID     Calls   Duration    Percent
9594 [Thread-6] INFO  com.fs.profiler.Profiler  -

I have put the ship in the wing_data and ship_data, made sure the .png is in the graphics/ships/ thing, I also have the directory correct and everything as far as I know. If you guys need anything to help me, please ask. What kind of modder can't even test his own ship? *facepalm*

Modding / Scripting and modding classes??
« on: March 23, 2012, 09:09:00 PM »
Sup Forum (Ray William Johnson reference)

I was wondering about getting into scripting and coding and programming like that, and was wondering if there are types of classes that maybe I could get at a community college, or elsewhere. Does anyone know of classes like this? or maybe what ones would be good for games specifically, or even Starfarer specifically.

Hello everyone, I'm deciding whether to discontinue the mod publicly and only use it for myself since no one really seems eager for it. Or to publicly release it, once it is finished, which may never happen due to my horrible spriting.

NOTE: This mod is in heavy thought, and most things will change (esspecially how crappy the sprites look). I am doing this in my spare time, and I won't rework the OP until Further in development. Just remember that everything is still in it's early stages.

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