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Bug Reports & Support / Temporary loss of all Hullmods
« on: November 26, 2012, 03:28:31 PM »
Not sure if this is a bug or it's intended; I was fighting a stack of Pirate fleets and lvl'd up between battles.  I put pts in the tech tree which gave me a couple more OPs which I added to capacitance (only change I made).  The next fight took place right after leaving the refit screen before the refit had time to finish.  However instead of just missing the extra capacitance, I was missing all my hullmods (ITU, Frontal Shield emitter, Aux Thrusters, and many more!).

Admittedly this doesn't happen very often since that minor a refit takes less then a day to complete but thought you should know.  Luckily I was piloting a paragon and it wasn't a big pirate fleet so I still won, just took longer :)

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