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For version-control and mod compatibility, I decided to take my edits to vanilla settings.json and make a local mod. However, I can't seem to make it show up in the launcher. I don't have any experience modding SS (or anything else, really) so I was hoping someone could point out where I've gone wrong--I've been through the modding wiki and documentation and can't spot the problem. It's just mod_info.json and a few settings strings so I've included everything below; the internal brackets were added while I was troubleshooting, I get the impression they're not necessary if the arguments aren't arrays.

mods\Custom Settings\mod_info.json
"name":"Custom Settings",
"description":"Slightly reduced combat speed, Academy stipend disabled, commission rewards slightly buffed and supply/demand.",

mods\Custom Settings\data\config\settings.json







These are all running fine out of the vanilla settings file, but I noticed in the documentation that the launcher won't show mods which attempt to alter mod-restricted strings in that file--none of my changes were in that commented section of the file, but is it possible something I changed is on a restricted list anyway?

Bug Reports & Support / Always BMT Micro?
« on: November 16, 2018, 09:09:14 PM »
Just wondering if Starsector (I bought it in the Starfarer days) always used BMT Micro to process payments / keys. I installed the new release on a computer that hasn't had Starsector on it before, and I can't find my activation key anywhere--searched both my main e-mail addresses for anything relevant. I emailed the Keys address as indicated in the sticky but they haven't gotten back to me. Was there another service used previously for transactions? I know this isn't the first new PC I've tried playing on, not sure how I dug up keys in the past though.

I have an ancient Mac that may have the game installed, any way to recover my key from that computer?

General Discussion / I am completely floored by this game
« on: February 26, 2012, 03:51:40 PM »
I'll be honest, I didn't know what to expect when I first heard of this. It was in, I believe, a thread on another website about two (then) upcoming space combat games, Space Pirates & Zombies and Starfarer. Being a big fan, I tried to get them both, but saw Starfarer was not out and bought SPAZ instead. Really a fantastic game and I recommend it to anyone that is enjoying Starfarer and wants to play a more complete game while they wait.

Maybe a week or so ago I picked up the alpha of this--it annoyed me that there was no demo because I ALWAYS try before I buy, but the descriptions looked nice and it was just $10 (I think?) so I took the plunge. Holy ***. This game is freakin' great. I mean it's obviously unfinished and the campaign is clearly a WIP but this thing blows my mind. Maybe it's because it's exactly what I've always wanted, sort of a melding of SPAZ, Mount & Blade, X3, and Escape Velocity. The battles are awesome and I can tell the campaign mode is shaping up to be sweet as well.

My advice to the devs: forget about working on battles & adding ships for no.  Battles are awesome and ship variety is fine. Get me a universe I can campaign around in, multiple systems, goods, built-out factions, etc., and I'm not sure I'll be able to leave my room for a week. Once you get that up-and-running, the modders will really have something to run with--obviously I'm sure you'd like to refine battles, add more ships, etc., before release, but right now I'm sure everyone is dying to have a playable campaign.

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