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Modding / Attempt to make Luddic Enhancement and AO compatible
« on: February 19, 2020, 12:01:26 PM »
Hello ,

i try hardly to make the two mods compatible.
I hope this is ok ?!?

So i use the suggestion from bblargh3 from :


nice mod, really enjoying it.

just a small issue.  i've been getting CTDs recently, its probably mod conflicts for sure but i'm mentioning it here in hopes of finding a solution or work around.

i'm getting a CTD regarding a fatal slot id (ws 015) not found on hull (dominator_luddic).

i've checked the file and there is a weapon slot there, not sure why it wont notice it.  any ideas? 

i've been having this issue with another mod, the Archean Order, with their mule and buffalo ships.

maybe these two mods don't play nice?

anyways, thanks for any insight you can provide.

Archean Order replaces a lot of vanilla files with its own, and many of those files have significant changes to the slot ids. The mule is particularly likely to cause crashes, because it looks like the author not only edited every single hardpoint but also renamed them from the format "WS 001" to "WS001", so any other mod that makes a mule variant is going to crash with it.

If you get stuck on any crashes that look sort of like "Slot id [WS 010] not found on hull [aurora_ix]," it probably means that some mod created a variant, "aurora_ix" of the vanilla ship "aurora", but archean order deleted the weapon slot [WS 010] in the original file.

So for Archean Order, you can fix this by going into "Starsector\starsector-core\data\hulls", finding the relevant .ship file, opening with a text editor, finding "WS 010" in that file, copying the entire section between (and including) curly brackets, and then pasting it into the same place in the file of the same name in "Starsector\mods\Archean Order TC v1.3.4e\data\hulls". That section is structured as a comma separated list of bracket-enclosed hardpoint definitions, so you need to make sure that each item has a comma after it except the last one.

I've been resolving most of the incompatibilities with Archean Order this way as they come up. It's a really hacky way of fixing it, but it keeps it from crashing, and I haven't had to restart my play through.

I edit the Starsector\mods\Archean Order TC v1.3.4e\data\hulls and insert WS0003 and WS006:

But when i start Starsector i get an Error , saying "Expected , or ] at 313 Character 2 ".


294    {
295      "angle": 90,
296     "arc": 186.360001,
297      "id": "WS0002",
298      "locations": [
299        -3,
300        39.5
301      ],
302      "mount": "TURRET",
303      "size": "SMALL",
304      "type": "HYBRID"
305    },
306    {
307      "angle": -65.224861,
308      "arc": 152.657394,
309      "id": "WS0003",
310      "locations": [
311        45,
312        -26
313      ],
314     "mount": "TURRET",
315      "size": "SMALL",
316      "type": "BALLISTIC"
317    },

But why , it looks exact as the other entries ?

Any help is welcome !!

I tried the hole night to find a silly error in an heavy mod-load game , only to end up with no mods enabled and still the
same error  :'( :

In the System Anchaman are the exakt same planets as in Magec.   ???
And in the tooltip it says Magec not Anchaman.

I had uninstall all and reinstall and still this silly error is there .
I don`t know , what to do next ; please help !!

Screenshots :

Bug Reports & Support (modded) / Fatal Error
« on: February 11, 2020, 12:02:05 PM »
Hello ,

amazing Game , but unfortunately i get this error , in an heavy modded game:  ERROR com.fs.starfarer.combat.CombatMain  - java.lang.RuntimeException: Slot id [WS 007] not found on hull [medusa_ix].

Can you explain me , what this means , please ?
I searched all the mods/data/hull and found 3 Medusa Hulls , but no the _ix.

Grettings TaylorItaly

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