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Mods / Star Trek TOS mod
« on: August 20, 2012, 09:40:55 PM »
This is my first mod for Starfarer. There are 6 vessel to date, 3 basic weapons(Phasers, Disruptors,Photon torpedos) and three mission to play with. Weapons have their own unique visual effects and sounds.The specs and over all balance are a work in progress for sure I think its at a level where its fun to play hopefully.

As time allows I'll be adding new ships, expanding on existing weapons and getting the campaign working. As for a story, I'd like to set things in the war between the Klingons and Federation which occurred after the departure of the Organians
The fleet so far
Klingon Fleet
CA = Cruiser: Constitution Class and D7
DD = Destroyer: Loknar Class and D18
FF = Frigate: Nelson Class and D3

Know issues
- Torpedoes are to slow(cannot figure out how to get them to go faster) If think there is a speed limit
- Torpedoes are not guided( not sure if this is a feature yet  :) )
- Torpedo visual effect really is just a smudge currently
- Descriptions missing or poor (creative writing lol, not me)
- no phase cloak yet
- no hull systems yet
- Missions are just the example mission, not very interesting
- general balance is likely odd lol
- more stuff I have forgotten about

Weapons and effects
PH1:Long range, Damage decreases of distance: Damage and EMP
Disruptors: Medium range: Damage and heavy EMP
Photon Torpedoes: Long range: Damage and EMP

Things to know
- The games SFC/SFC2/SFCOP/SFC3 are huge influences with that said the weapons and the resulting levels of damage are similar to those game. More so that is the feeling I want from the weapons.
- Disruptors pack a big punch to both vessels, damage and emp to the enemy and flux to cruiser. Most weapons will have a trade off.
- Most ships will have more weapons slot than can be filled with the given OPs well that is the plan in the end.  

Comments, ideas, and feedback welcome. Feel free to use anything in your own mods or repost this mod changed to your own designs.
If you like to help out let me know
- Release
- 3 ships
- 3 weapons: phaser, torpedos, and disruptors
- 3 basic missions

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