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Im new to the game and i dont know if this idea was mentioned/discussed before.
So, if my idea is old already, im sorry.

I accepted a delivery mission. 440 units of drugs for a Persian League colony, payroll would be around 180k credits.
I was happy travelling to PL colony, and as soon as i arrive, i cant deliver the goods coz i had a bad reputation with PL clan (Need to pay attention next time).
Tried to sneak in, but it was a no go and my mission expired. Well, too bad, and i manage to sell my cargo elsewhere.
A few months later the devil came back and bit my ass, a gigantic PL armada crushed my fleet of 10 ships.

It felt extremely unfair. The fleet size they sent after me would probably spend more with maintenance/supplies than the money i stole from them.
It should be given a option to bargain with them, something like that:

1- Pay for the stolen goods with interests, 180k + 50% interest, for the trouble.

And if u dont have the credits they engage in a fight.

Hope you guys got the point.


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