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General Discussion / My second endgame fleet, this time with more dakka
« on: December 02, 2019, 02:05:34 PM »
So, I've finally finished my second vanilla campaign. I ended up with postponing my modded experience since I wanted to see what all the dakka in vanilla was all about. It impressed me in some ways and disappointed me in others.Anyway, the self imposed rules of this campaign were to
1)not use any laser weapon bigger than an LR laser, excluding taclasers
2)Not use any "blue trail" ship, not even the pirate ones, I also avoided ships that could be undone by the "no energy" rule like the Eagles and barred some ships I used extensively in the previous campaign (Drover) and a single fighter type (Spark, because ofc the thing is disgusting)
3)Play Iron Mode and not safescum, no matter how unfair it got. I've got to say I managed it somewhat. This had to make me restrart the campaign once but no matter since it was a very dumb reason anyway.

With that out of the way, here's my fleet starting from biggest to smallest ship:

Legion (normal variant): 6

I fell in love with the standard version of this. I was not a big fan of litterally running out of weapons on a ship that more or less can only retreat at 40 speed so I went into customization with the objective of suppressing any and all enemies by overloading shields and drowning them in fighters, sometimes both at the same time, 7 Hypervelocity drivers really do work at any range, with great flux efficiency and EMP effects to boot. Three of the legions are full of Broadsword Heavy Fighters when I basically just need them to do shield damage and keep the enemy occupied, while the other 3 are with a full Hammer loadout to give all sorts of fast and/or phase ships the heebie jeebies. A stock (no commander in there) variant of this can beat pretty much anything but a Paragon, two stock versions beat that one too, abeit after some time. They are not the primary damage dealers in my fleet.

Dominator (IV group): 8

This thing. It just wont die. It's great against a superior enemy force or to just distract one of those [REDACTED] murder bois from eating away at my legions uninterrupted. 11k health, high armor, the amazing point defence when compared to capitals and the brutalistic way it fights really sold me on the Dominator. I simply tossed any and all missile weaponry aside and just went for the dakka. The Mk.9 autocannon does amazing damage against shields but it also does some good work against armor. A pair of Hypervelocity drivers would probably work better than the maulers but I wanted more of a generalist unit as the backbone of my fleet and this does it. I find the auxiliary thrusters to be ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY since the thing handles like a damn log into a pool of molasse, it also renders it pretty capable of chasing down destroyers and even frigades effectively in conjuction with the booster, with the added bonus of not getting absolutely shredded by phase ships without a fight.

Heron : 5

I used to want a fast, nimble destroyer to properly couple my very heavy fleet composition, but I soon found out (against endgame fleets) that I lacked both concentrated shield and armor damage to quicly finish off/keep away the most dangerous enemies. I decided to build upon my already solid fighter presence with bomber action and it paid off quite well. The Heron is a really fast, hard hitting carrier that might not be doing decisive damage to enemies bigger than a destroyer but that will force retreats and/or allow my Dominators to keep the pressure on and bring the target down.

While I definetly had more fun in this fleet compared to the laser vomit one, I've got to admit I did not like the lenghts at wich the vanilla meta forced me to change its compositions, especially the weapons. Kinetic damage is just the way to go I'm afraid. High explosive damage just does not cut it if the enemy has such a huge flux pool that it's basically making your own ship fire less effectively and the enemy one advance more aggressively. Armor more or less feels like just an extansion of HP pools and not something that should totally be able to negate small arms fire damage like shield weapons or hell, even Broadsword machinegun fire.

Speaking of wich, fighters are so damn strong, even without sparks. Broadsowrds are basically infinite HP pools you throw at the enemy and a full Hammer squad is superior to any frigade/destroyer when it comes to chasing things down and hardcountering swarm plays/phase ships. I just wish there was more depth into it rather than "forget the high explosive, just spam kinetic and EMP until everything dies" approach.

Another thing I wished was better AI ship designs. Is there a mod making enemy ships have better customization?

General Discussion / Just how many Marines are too many?
« on: November 23, 2019, 06:57:18 PM »
So, I've been playing my second, DAKKA focused campaign for a while now and I've come to the point where my fleet is big enough to start giving me a number of different ship combinations where in-between the 200-300 deployment mark.

I've got three legions (broadsword ftw), a single XIV Onslaught I got from a bounty, two griffins (is that their name, the missile cruiser?), two eagles and four falcons as the main fighty bit of my fleet, followed by a single was, three mid sized tankers and Prometheus, a salvage rig and two guys.

I figured I had the space so I added a good 2000 Marines to permanently roam with my fleet, but I was wondering if that is a bit too much considering that bombing a planet beforehand makes it much easier to raid stuff.

How many Marines do your fleets usually carry?

General Discussion / Is the enforcer worth it?
« on: November 19, 2019, 07:15:41 PM »
I've got to admit that the staggering amount of weapons it can field made me purchase one in my new campaign, but I just can't make it work for some reason. I went as far as dropping the frontal medium turret and all missile hardpoints to try and give it better flux management and fire both flaks and thumpers more but it just feels really lacking to me. Any suggestions?

General Discussion / My first endgame fleet
« on: November 18, 2019, 03:15:21 PM »
Salutations or something!

I've gotten so rich I can't bring my fleet around for a neighborhood trip around the home system and back without at least 5 thousand materials, I've had enough colonies that if I wanted to go around and clear all Panther Cells and Pirate activity dangers regularly I'd litterally be doing nothing else, I played the Red Planet mission and realized I kind of got to it late considering it felt a breeze after the motherf pieces of s absolutely broken tr oh god why is it even in the game Remnant bases guarded by at least a couple teleporting bullshittery dispensers Brilliant class battleships. It feels like I may have run out of end game, non-autistic things to do (if we count bombing everything and anything that's not me out of the core system out) so I'm starting fresh with a new campaign using a couple quality of life mods.

Before that happens tough, I felt obligated to share what ended up being my (actually not Paragon spam as I initially feared) endgame fleet and what you guys think of it, namely the fact that it's most likely NOT as great as I think it is and that I may have had a better result with a smaller fleet, I'd really appreciate it if you actually expanded on that unless it's paragon spam.

Capital ship: Odyssey (1)

I fell in love with this thing as soon as I got my hands on its blueprints. I love the mobility, the versatility, the originality and the feel of it while being manually used in battle. It's great.

Mainline Cruiser: Aurora (8 )

I got my hands on the first one of these at a Tri-Tach military base and decided I needed more, so I frantically ditched all my slow ass inefficient dakka lumps of metal and set off into the outer zones in search of its blueprints, witch were ironically found after I went full solid snake and sneaked into a high remnant risk tri-star system with the blasted blueprint obviously placed IN THE DEAD MIDDLE OF THOSE VERY SAME STARS because of course it was, but I digress.

I just filled it with laser vomit and range/defensive modspecs to make it as disgusting as possible.

Occasional Cruiser: Doom (2)

This used to be my capital ship after I bought a slightly used one on the black market with a d-mod on it, loved it so  much I bought two of them at the same time much later in the game after my original one KILLED ITSELF WITH ITS OWN MINES BECAUSE OF COURSE IT CAN DO THAT after err... having it go high on flux, deploy its mines into a base right next to it, try to phase away but being boxed in by my own ships. Good times.

Occasional Carrier: Astral (2)

Speaking of disgusting, a pair of these aiming at the same target should become another way to say it. I focused on stuffing it full of bombers, support modspecs, a ton of point defence and not much else. Playing my second campaign with a dakka focus not using some of these is going to feel...constructive.

Occasional Light Carrier: Drover (4)

Because you can't feel thoroughly disgusting unless you pair the astrals or just provide fighter/missile cover unless you spam the most broken fighter in the game to a light carrier making it even more absurd. So absurd in fact I even tried spamming just the four of these in simulation to see what they could or could not kill with some micro and asked myself why I even bothered with actual bombers.

Occasional Light destroyer: Sunder (4)

I had people in the forum actually tell me this was real good, had its blueprint avaiable for a long time but only used it at the very end of the game once I actually built four of them for giggles and had my jaw drop at the absolute insanity that is a 11FP midline unit being a more effective laser vomit than pretty much all high tech units in the whole game pound for pound. I have a feeling the nerf hammer is going to have a field day with this one.

I also have a single Apogee (the starter one in fact, yes we all went easy start the first time do not even try convincing me otherwise) and enough Prometheuses/Atlases to go around, you know the drill so I won't explain it.

Have a good day and don't forget to let me know how bad all my fleet is and how I'm not actually enjoying the game and playing it as intended if I bury the enemy deep into litteral flashlight fire until it goes blind, falls, hits the back of its head against the angle of god's space desk and dies. Bye!

General Discussion / Andromeda, oh Andromeda
« on: November 17, 2019, 05:49:01 AM »
I tried quite a number of builds to complement my 1 Paragon / 2 Astral / 2 Doom /  4 Drover  setup.

I spammed Medusas followed by a cavalcade of point defence Scarabs just to watch them getting blapped one by one by a single angry Skimmer battleship boi and lewed by naughty pirate flagships.

I opted for a MOAR DAKKA LADS build with mass dominators escorting my Paragon to just realize that they really, really like to not get their Shields up in front of Star fortresses and turning 90 degrees to point at a single blasted broadsword the moment a thousand rockets are coming their way.

I had Conquest meatybois chase a singular destroyer each into the sunset while a whole lot of Onslaughts pressed the big red *WAAAAGH* button on the command panel and initiated a non consensual penetration session with my Astrals.

But then, the asymmetrical waifu descended from the heavens and blessed me with it's thicc statlines and swift
plasma thrusters seductiveness, exacting revenge on all who dared prevent me from starting a 300FP battle, setting everything on Search&Destroy, go make coffee and come back when it's over with no losses on my side.

The Aurora is really making me wonder if I should even bother with anything that's not a Paragon, an Astral or a Spark-vomiting set of Drovers:

It's really, really fast; especially when every carrier you bring into the field has nav relay

It has half a Paragon worth of Flux reserve and dissipation rate

It gets a STOCK 0.8 damage to flux ratio, which gets to an absolutely disgusting 0.55 when you have a hardened shield modspec and reaches even more ludicrous levels of "keep your hands off me you lowly vermin" when combined with a Front Shield modspec making the damn arc 360 degrees

It has so much defensive capabilities I litterally smashed an IR laser on every single small hardpoint/front facing turret and complemented with a dual blaster/ion minigun (forgot what the medium sized short ranged spamtastic ion boi is called), punted all and every point defence option aside since it's for beta cruisers and baffly watched a single one of these Chads aggro half a dozen between pirate shrikes/Sunders, get chased into the sunset and buzzsawing each one of them one by one.

I...I honestly think it's worth 35 fleet points AT THE VERY least since two of them can actually exceed a Paragon when dealing with anything, ANYTHING that is not a remnant fortress provided you have even the minimal fighter cover. Yes, even the *omae wa mou, shindeiru* Skimmer battleships.

Just pray you can either suck off Tri-Tach hard enough to get as many of these as possible once the many moons of all the star systems in the known Galaxy align and they actually sell one of you sacrifice enough flux for the flux god to actually find its blueprints.

General Discussion / Dominator + Drover vs Legion
« on: November 16, 2019, 03:42:21 PM »
Hello fellow space farers! I've got to a point in my first campaign where I pick any ship I have not yet included in my fleet to see if it's fitting my current playstile and ended up with a set of units (I'll omit the support vessels)  witch can be combined to deal with all the scenarios I've encountered (so far, no spolers on those please  ;)) :

1 Paragon Battleship  to just be there and tank, sometimes laser things to death. I leave it to the AI since it has a litteral pixel perfect use of the Fortress shield and I can just point it in the general direction of the enemy main line and it'll stop it somewhat

2 Astral Carries to curbstomp anything that's not a flagship in one strike

2 Doom Phase Cruisers to deal with large enemy vessels or bases

4 Aurora Cruisers to both kill all they can chase and survive all that can chase them without a sweat. Great for making quick work of anything but bases and (tanky) enemy capitals

4 Dominator Assault Cruisers for overall DAKKA to rain down when the hunter-killer and retreating potential of the Auroras is not required

2 Drover Carriers to screen the Astrals and/or supress enemy fighter/bomber spam when needed

So, here is my question: Could I consider switching both my Dominators and Drovers for a Couple of Legions? I took a quick glance of the latter and it seems to combine the two smaller units in a more durable, flexible package. What could I lose on based on your experiences?

Also, here's both my Dominator and Drover setups for reference. Thank you in advance!

OFC it's got two Spark fighter squadrons

General Discussion / Scarab's suicidal tendencies
« on: November 14, 2019, 05:29:57 AM »
So here's a love/hate relationship.

The scarab is the little heavy Frigade that could with it's disgusting mobility and firepower, but it juuuust so happens that the AI really loves spamming the ship's ability and reliably get it to ram the enemy on a regular basis, obviously killing itself in the process.

Halp. I have the blueprint for it, it's very tempting but damn.

General Discussion / Medusa best "Frigade"?
« on: November 13, 2019, 12:12:39 PM »
Hello everyone ! I've been playing this game for three days straight and I can't stop, it's that good!

I am on my first campaign and while I've been tempted to recover huge capital ships I decided to remain thoroughly high tech, only using ships of the latter category since they really focus on what I like most: a both agile and elite force to break down large sheathes of enemy from both close and afar, with minimal to no losses.

The most present ship in my fleet is what all this thread is about. I love my Medusa to bits and usually deploy all 8 of them into battles since they're just so flexible. So here's a list of what I like:

1) It's so fast for a Destroyer that it's basically a frigade, making it able to both stay engaged and retreat from any enemy it faces. The teleport also really helps

2) it's got a lot of turrets making it ideal for tracking the enemy and shooting it accurately

3) It can also be a very potent escort to larger, slower ship if you decide to refit it with anti-fighter/bomber/missile lasers

4)It can be modified to either be a close range finisher with Ions and Blasters or a relentless long range harasser with long range lasers. I have yet to try going crazy and installing a modspec to try giving one a fighter bay to get a very easy to retreat carrier tough.

The high deployment cost and combat readiness reductions can and will drive people away from it (combined with how utterly fragile it can be if you get a bit too confident) but fighting fleets double your size, butchering all enemy frigades, destroyers and even cruisers to then swiftly retreating and finishing the rest off the second assault with no losses whatsoever feels good.

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