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Starsector 0.9.1a is out! (05/10/19); Blog post: Painting the Stars (02/07/20); Updated the Forum Rules and Guidelines (02/29/20)

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Mods / [0.9.1a] HullMod Expansion Pack [4.5a] (NEW Subsystems)
« on: March 01, 2020, 12:15:13 PM »
Hullmod Expansion Pack 4.5a

The Official mod is back, allowing you to customize your ships beyond whats already possible once more.

Make sure to read the Changelog before downloading the mod

Requires: All the libs + Ship Weapon pack
Future mod support is guaranteed with more hullmods to come

1- Normal Hullmods (can be bought from factions or found in exploration)!
1- Combat Analyzer:
Short Version: Grants increased weapon damage with time (capped at 25%)

2- Emergency System:
Short Version: Grants total Invulnerability for 5 seconds at 20% Hull Integrity.

3- Fusion Cells:
Short Version: Once every 60 seconds, at 85% flux or higher, gain a burst of flux dissipation up to 3 times per fight.

4- Flux Core Overdrive:
Short Version: Increases the overall performance of the ship flux core at the cost of making it very vulnerable to EMP.

5- Heavy Explosive Augmentation:
Short Version: Increases Ballistic Projectile Damage at the cost of reduced projectile speed

6- Hyper Engine Upgrade:
Short Version: "Capitals Only" grants unlocked Zero Flux speed boost but only at 80% effectiveness

7- Magnetic Field:
Short Version: Ignores enemy ECM

8- Nano Hull:
Short Version: Gain an ever-increasing hull regeneration based on your missing hull strength, has a negative effect on flux dissipation.

9- Overcharged:
Short Version: Gain Increased Rate of Fire when activating your ship system for 4 seconds, no more than once every 15 second.

10- Reflected Rage:
Short Version: Damage taken by shields is diverted back to weapons after dropping shields.

11- Submatter Shield:
Short Version: Shield has no flux cost, Hard flux can dissipate with shields, double damage taken by shields.

12- Crystallized Armor:
Short Version: Greatly improves armor toughness, reducing damage it takes and allowing it to repair at a slow pace.

13- Weapon Control Supercomputer:
Short Version: Gain increased Rate of Fire bonus that gets converted into damage as you gain more flux..

14- Weapons Energizer Unit:
Short Version: Divert shield power to weapons, increasing their damage and rate of fire.


2- Rare Hullmods (can be only found in exploration)
1- Dedicated Weapons CPU:
Short Version: Grants the best possible weapon tracking performance for all your weapons

2- Hypervelocity Acceleration:
Short Version: Doubles Projectile Speed at the cost of reduced rate of fire.

3- Integrated Missiles CPU:
Short Version: Improves all missiles total speed at the cost of reduced overall damage.

4- Impenetrable Shield:
Short Version: renders your shield immune to EMP damage and it's piercing arcs at the cost of increased damage taken from all sources.

5- Pin Design:
Short Version: Doubles missiles range with some improvements to forward speed at the cost of greatly reduced maneuverability.

6- Plasma Injector:
Short Version: Gain "plasma jets" once every half a minute.

7- Quantum Shift Engine:
Short Version: A unique engine with reversed working mechanic compared to the original phase engine of the ship.

8- Sustained Operations:
Short Version: A modification intended for improving the exploration potential of any ship at the cost of reduced combat readiness.


3- Legendary Hullmods (Requires luck to find) :
1- Delta Shield Generator:
Short Version: A modification that greatly improves the ship shield strength, causes a heavy strain at high flux levels.

2- Enhanced Structural Upgrade:
Short Version: A complementary upgrade for armor and hull, provides noticeable benefits when introduced to the right build.

3- Flux Core Ultradrive
Short Version: An improved version of the flux core Overdrive with better bonuses and reduced penalties.

4- Red Matrix
Short Version: Siphons some of the ship energy to charge an immunity field for the shield for 10 seconds.

5- Ultimate Engine Upgrade
Short Version: An improved Version of the Hyper Engine upgrade with no limitation but has higher requirements to install.


(NEW) Subsystem upgrades:
Introducing Subsystems, Unique upgrades that enhances the effectiveness of installed hullmods based on the type of subsystem you decided to install, there are 3 unique subsystems each focusing on either (offense) or (defense) or (specialist), bonuses provided by these upgrades can be a game changer if used with the right combination of hullmods on the right ship, you may only have 1 unique Subsystem installed at any given time so pick your poison!

1- Alpha Subsystem:
An Offensive upgrade that focuses on empowering other offensive hullmods by improving their parameters or adding new ones.

2- Beta Subsystem:
A Defensive upgrade that focuses on improving the defensive aspect of other hullmods.

3- Sigma Subsystem:
A special upgrade that drastically changes the bonuses provided by installed hullmods.

Subsystems are unlocked from the start, encouraging players to hunt for powerful hullmods early-on to get their unique builds going.


Fixed a bug causing Enhanced Structural Upgrade to not give it's 10% Hull and Armor bonus properly.

Inherent bonuses from all Subsystems are adjusted to 7% across the board.

Crystallized Armor:.
No longer compatible with Nano hull

-All changes made to Enhanced Structural Upgrade by Subsystems are multipliers now.

-Improved Red Matrix and Sigma subsystem description.


Introducing Subsystems:
Unique upgrades that are designed to change the characteristics of other installed hullmods.
1-Alpha subsystem (offensive upgrade).
1-Beta subsystem (Defensive upgrade).
1-Sigma subsystem (Special upgrade).

All subsystems are unlocked from the start.

Changed Ultimate Engine Upgrade icon and flare color.


-Revamped some of the mod code (including some id changes)
This means you CAN'T use this version of the mod with previous ones as it will brick your save unless you are about to start a new run.
make sure to delete the previous version before start using any of the versions published on this page.

Added "Red Matrix"
A unique Hullmod that allows for hit and run tactics with shields.

Added "Impenetrable Shield"
A unique Hullmod that renders your shield immune to EMP and it's arcs at the cost of increased damage taken from all sources.

Delta shield no longer provides passive hard flux dissipation with shields.
The ability was moved to Flux Core Overdrive and it's upgraded version instead.

Flux Core Overdrive/Ultradrive no longer provide any Venting speed boost.
Now has 5%/10% hard flux dissipation with shields in addition to reduced damage taken penalty while venting.


Modding / [0.9.1a] HullMod Expansion Pack [Unknown]
« on: February 14, 2020, 05:42:57 PM »
i have been seeing many people on the forums asking where did my mod go in addition to getting bombarded with requests on discord to get it back, although i had no intentions of getting it back, i felt guilty toward people who liked the mod and lost access to it due to the drama that happened on the forums.

here is the short version: i was accused with theft by "Nia Tahlan" with no basis or research, originally i bought a 3D ship pack for over 100$ then converted it to 2D Sprite pack in-order to introduce it's ships as SuperShips which goes along the mod idea, she accused me of using these models as they were not supposed to be used outside of Unity projects "allegedly" (funny because the same model pack is being sold on like 3 other websites by the same creator) a 5-mins research would have been enough to prove this.

my point is that it's illegal to accuse people with theft without any proof, that can obviously get anyone hurt as it's a direct attack toward their integrity as a mod author.

When Alex decided to ignore her baseless accusation and only asked me to stay "civil" i realized that the law doesn't simply apply to everyone here, she is obviously getting full freedom to judge any creator integrity (even without any proof) and if only Alex would have been fair toward everyone i wouldn't have deleted my mod.

Now since i know most of you will comment something along the lines of (it's still your fault for being disrespectful) know that there is a difference between asking someone to prove their rights of using a specific asset, and instantly accusing them of illegally stealing it without any proof, one way is respectful, the other is not.

Anyway, here is a link for a downscaled version of the mod, the version contains 50% less content (no boss ships/ no upgraded hullmods/ no super Capitals) and don't ask me for the full version since apparently if you are not an artist who can make his own Sprites you are not allowed to use any model which you didn't make yourself even if you paid money for it or had a permission from it's creator.

Now leave my discord alone, and don't bother sending balance feedback, if you don't like the mod simply don't use it.

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