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Starsector 0.9.1a is out! (05/10/19); Blog post: Painting the Stars (02/07/20); Updated the Forum Rules and Guidelines (02/29/20)

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Modding / [0.9.1a] Player Gate Construction
« on: December 30, 2019, 04:27:30 PM »
[0.9.1a] Player Gate Construction

This mod has been integrated into Player Station Construction.

This thread can be locked/deleted. Thank you.

Mods / [0.9.1a] Player Station Construction (v4.2.0)
« on: October 28, 2019, 04:44:56 PM »
[0.9.1a] Player Station Construction (v4.2.0)

Mod features:
  • Construct mining stations in asteroid belts and asteroid fields.

  • Construct siphon stations in low orbit around gas giants.

  • Construct astropoli around your larger worlds similar to the ones that once existed around Mairaath.

  • Complete a quest to unlock the ability to construct functional gates.

  • Recolonize abandoned stations.

  • Customize station hazard, accessibility, and size constraints.

You must add the construction abilties to your ability bar to activate them!

Settings file options:
To access the settings file, navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Fractal Softworks\Starsector\mods\Boggled Station Construction\data\config\settings.json.

   #Setting this to false will completely disable any station construction content

   #Setting this to false will completely disable any gate-related content

   #Enables construction of astropoli in orbit around planets.
   #The maximum number of astropoli per planet is 3. Setting the value above 3
   #results in an error message. Valid settings are 1, 2 or 3.
   #The credit cost of the astropoli can be set in industries.csv. Note that
   #the cost mult value in industries.csv is multiplied by 5,000 credits to determine
   #the actual in-game value.

   #Set the maximum number of mining stations per system.
   #This number can be arbitrarily large but balance and performance problems
   #will result with extreme values.

   #Configures the base hazard rating for stations by offsetting the base hazard of
   #100 by the value the player inputs. Negative values can be used to decrease hazard.

   #Enables the cramped quarters setting that greatly reduces station population growth
   #starting at the chosen value.

   #Enables the 'Expand Station' industry to increase the population soft limit set above.
   #The base cost of this industry can be set using industries.csv similar to the astropoli

   #Boosts station accessibility due to zero gravity. Leaving this at 0 means no boost.
   #Experimental feature that applies the hazard rating
   #setting and cramped quarters condition to all stations in the Sector, whether or not they
   #were created with this mod. If you use this setting, please report back to Boggled if you
   #encounter any bugs. Appears to work with vanilla and Nex, but untested with any other mods.

   #Controls the costs for building mining and siphon stations

   #Controls the costs for colonizing an abandoned station

   #Controls the costs for building an Astral gate
   "boggledGateBuildCrewCost":1000, #Only consumed if the gatekeeper station is enabled below
   "boggledGateBuildDomainEraArtifactsCost":100, #Only consumed if Domain Archaeology industry is enabled above

   #Controls the jump costs for using an Astral gate
   #Note that these costs only apply if gatekeeper stations are disabled or the gatekeeper station is abandoned
   #Jumping from your gates or allied-faction controlled gates is always free

   #Controls whether the Astral gate quest can be obtained. Disabling this quest will
   #immediately unlock the ability to construct Astral gates. Note that the quest cannot
   #be obtained if the player is using randomized core worlds.

   #Controls the gatekeeper station component of the Astral gates. If the player wants an experience that
   #resembles Gates Awakened as closely as possible, change this to false.

   #It is possible for modders to tag systems as being ineligible for Astral gate construction. Changing
   #this to false will override those mods and allow the player to build Astral gates even
   #if other mods have marked a system as ineligible.

   #Causes the list of Astral gates to be updated every in-game day rather than every frame. If the player has a fast
   #computer, the player can set this to false for a very slightly more responsive experience. The gate list will be updated
   #immediately (instead of at end-of-day) if the player builds a new gate.

   #Can be used to disable the Domain Archaeology industry if the player wishes

   #Can be used to disable the Kletka Simulator (AI core production) industry if the player wishes

   #Can be used to disable the Skyhook Anchor structure if the player wishes

4.2.0 Changelog:
-Added the ability to construct Domain-era comm relays, nav buoys and sensor arrays. Next update will include settings to disable the ability to construct them as well as control over whether they require Domain-era artifacts to build.
-Updated the tool tips for several industries to clarify the supply and/or demand of Domain-era artifacts if they are enabled.
-Attempted fix for a bug where the gate quest could identify the wrong planet as the home of Odysseus. Additional checks are performed to identify the correct planet in cases where multiple planets might have the same entity ID.
-Added a message to the tooltip for the astral gate construction ability to notify the player if their core worlds are modified in such a way that the quest can not be initiated.

4.1.0 Changelog:
-Added the Skyhook Anchor structure. As per usual, the skyhook anchor can be disabled in the settings file if the player does not want to use it.
-Integrated the Kletka Simulator (AI core production industry) into this mod. It can be disabled using the settings file if the player doesn't want to use it.
-Kletka Simulator now demands Domain-era artifacts (if the domain archaeology industry is enabled).
-Fixed a bug where a modspec for the "Olympians" hullmod could be found. This hullmod is intended to be present only on a single unique hull, and not for general installation.

4.0.0 Changelog:
-My gate construction mod has been integrated into this mod. This was done so Domain-era artifacts and station lights overlays could be implemented for gate construction. If the player wants to disable the gate content, they can do so using the settings file by changing "boggledAstralGateContentEnabled" to false.
-Added a new quest to unlock astral gates. You can't get this quest if you're using randomized core worlds. If you set "boggledAstralGateQuestEnabled" to false you will immediately unlock astral gate construction.
-Fixed a bug where the player wouldn't have to pay to perform a gate jump if the gatekeeper station became abandoned.
-Low performance mode is now the default setting. This ensures the performance impact of the gate construction features is almost nonexistent.
-When the player builds a new astral gate, the list of gates is now immediately updated if low performance mode is enabled.
-Tweaked astropoli orbital requirements to be slightly more lenient in some circumstances.
-Tooltips now indicate the reason why an astropolis cannot be constructed and indicates which celestial object, if any, is the culprit blocking construction.
-Fixed a bug where colonizing the Chupi Orco abandoned siphon station would result in a crash.
-Astral gates are now constructed much closer to the player's fleet. Gates can be constructed anywhere a stable location can be procedurally generated - don't expect to spawn a gate right on top of a planet or star where a stable location could not appear!

Backwards compatibility: 4.0.0 is fully backwards compatible with previous versions of Station Construction. If you had separately installed Player Gate Construction, this is NOT backwards compatible with saves that already have Player Gate Construction in them.

Future plans:
-Implement Domain-era nav buoys, relays and sensors.
-Implement terraforming stations that can create an atmosphere on planets with none.
-Integrate the terraforming mod with this one.

This is a large update with significant content additions. Please do not hesitate to give me feedback about the new and planned content!

Known Issues and Compatibility:
Known issues:
-The colony interaction menu is automatically opened for the player when a new station is constructed. If the player uses console commands to build stations in such a way that my trigger to open the interaction menu is skipped, there can sometimes be a bug related to population growth.

Compatibility with other mods:
Nexerelin - Compatible.
Unknown Skies - Compatible.

LucusLoC - Provided his save file and mod list so I could identify and fix a bug.
The warp bubble sprite is artwork from Stars in Shadow, a space 4X game.
Toast and Wispborne - I copied a very small portion of their code relating to performing the gate jump.

Mods / [0.9.1a] AI Core Production Industry (v1.0.0)
« on: October 27, 2019, 04:03:41 PM »
[0.9.1a] AI Core Production Industry (v1.0.0)

This mod has been integrated into Player Station Construction.

This thread can be locked/deleted. Thank you.

Mods / [0.9.1a] Boggled's Terraforming Mod (v4.0.2)
« on: October 24, 2019, 04:48:35 PM »
Boggled's Terraforming Mod (v4.0.2)

--> -->

This mod adds stellar mirrors, stellar shades and three other structures to terraform planets. Planets can also be terraformed using the Miller-Urey device which can be salvaged from certain Domain-era automated ships.

To install the mod, simply download the .zip file from the link above, unzip it in your starsector mods directory, and enable it in the launcher. You can add the mod to a game in progress, but the mod most likely cannot be safely removed from a save file once some of the structures are built.

Future plans:
-Possibly rework the methods of terraforming to make it more intuitive.

4.0.2 Changelog:
-Added support for the Kadur Remnant mod. Please let me know if there is any bugged/unsupported content in that mod so I can add support.

4.0.1 Changelog:
-Added a setting to control the amount of time it takes to terraform a planet using stellar reflectors and the MUD. Default settings remain 24 months for reflectors and 12 months for the MUD.
-Added comments to the settings file to help explain the various options.
-Added support for the Dassault-Mikoyan Engineering mod. Please let me know if there is any bugged/unsupported content in that mod so I can add support.

4.0.0 Changelog:
-Lobster quest added! The player can initiate the quest at the bar on Umbra in the Askonia system. The ultimate outcome of the quest can change depending on the player's choices, and not all outcomes lead to the player gaining the ability to seed lobsters on their water worlds. Please give me feedback on the quest, including the writing, grammar, and any bugs you encounter. Please note that the quest can't be initiated if the player is using randomized core worlds. In that case, the player can disable this quest using the settings.csv file to immediately gain access to lobster seeding.
-Updated the tooltips on Ismara's Sling, Drone Control Nexus, the MUD ability, and the stellar reflector arrays.
-Added an option to the settings.csv file that enables the MUD to remove tectonic conditions and gravity conditions during terraforming. This is a non-default setting.
-Added an option to the settings.csv file that makes the MUD purchasable on the black market. It only appears in the black market on planets with ruins present. This is a non-default setting.
-Regarding backwards compatibility: This version of the mod is backwards compatible, with the only exception that seeding lobsters may not work on planets that have the "ghost planet" bug present. This only occurs if the planet was terraformed using a version of this mod older than 3.0.0. I included some debug text on the Seed Lobsters ability tooltip to help identify when this is occurring.

Terraforming structures/items:

Stellar Mirror Array
Terraforms cold planets. Frozen/Cryovolcanic --> Water, Tundra --> Terran.

Stellar Shade Array
Terraforms hot planets. Jungle & Desert-like --> Terran.

Military Police Headquarters
Removes decivilized subpopulation if demand is met for long enough.

Ismara's Sling
Giant mass drivers that can launch water from cryovolcanic, frozen and water planets to desert planets that need more water to be terraformed.
The name comes from Ismara orbiting Penelope's Star in the vanilla sector where Eridani-Utopia built these to terraform the desert planet Ithaca.

Drone Control Nexus
A drone hub that launches swarms of drones to tow frozen asteroids to desert planets in need of water for terraforming. Can only be built on station markets. Requires 6 ship hulls, 6 supplies, and 6 fuel. Shortages result in significantly increased upkeep. Otherwise functionally identical to Ismara's Sling.

Atmosphere Adjuster
Structure that terraforms toxic planets and/or removes the toxic atmosphere market condition. Takes eight years to terraform by default, but installing a pristine nanoforge can reduce the time required to two cycles. Removes itself upon completion of terraforming.

Note that stellar mirrors cannot be built on planets with no light, which will automatically include all planets in a nebula or black hole system. Military Police Headquarters exists to remove decivilized subpopulations and can only be built on markets with that condition. Atmosphere adjusters can only be built on toxic planets or planets with a toxic atmosphere.

Miller-Urey Device
Single-use item that can terraform almost any planet into a terran planet. You must use the ability from the ability bar to activate it.
Reference to the Miller-Urey experiments.

Known Issues and Compatibility:
Known issues:
-There is a mostly graphical bug where farming can be built on terraformed water planets. Once the farm finishes building, in most situations it will be turned into aquaculture and work properly from then forward. I can't completely fix this until the API update in the next version of Starsector.

Compatibility with other mods:
Nexerelin - Compatible.
Unknown Skies - Compatible.
Shadowyards - Compatible.
Secrets of the Frontier - Compatible.
Fringe Defense Syndicate - Compatible.
Hazard Mining Incorporated - Compatible.
SCY - Compatible.
Galaxy Tigers - Compatible.
Dassault-Mikoyan Engineering - Compatible.
Kadur Remnant - Compatible.

If your mod adds any new planet types to Starsector, they will be incompatible with this mod until I issue an update to include those new types. Please send me a PM and I will add your planet types right away. Thank you!

Thanks to:
Mayan, Langly & Kentington - I shamelessly copied some of their code from their terraforming mods.
Alex - For making Starsector and helping me out with resolving a bug.
Sundog - Helped me out with resolving a bug.
Serenitis - Helped extensively with testing and balancing the mod and provided artwork for the Miller-Urey device.
Hydra 7-1 - Helped extensively with testing the mod.
Codyrex123 - Helped extensively with testing the mod.
Wispborne - I used their quest creation guide to get started on my lobster quest.

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