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Hi, i am really new in the game, this community and also using a forum as well, on top of that english isnt my primary language so overall i just ask for a little bit of patience.

Well, couple weeks ago i discover this amazing game and failed greatly at it, but in this forum i've encountered the help i needed until now, and my problem is:

-I have a fairly bad computer with literally no video card (at least has 6GB of RAM so not that bad), and after a little in the game (year 215) i am having issues with FPS, wich is fine imo because i already expected that, what is really not fine is make the choice between run the game in psychological safe levels of fps or having the abillity to use capital ships in fleet composition (with my actual fleet size i can put 2~3 capitals and a PD escort, and capital ships are FPS friendly), the deployment system favoring the big AI fleet combined with i having to use a small battle size is driving me crazy, to me its way unfair not only having to use a small and highly efficient fleet (and 2 or 3 versions of my flagship because CR) but also not knowing how many ships i can deploy in advance to really build a fleet around, and yesterday i had a encounter with a ridiculous big cabal fleet with several capital ships and i only was able to put 2 capitals for tanking purpose and my flagship,yes i win despite pushed into a corner, but it take looooong time thanks to low fps and it was really frustrating having a good composition and not being able to put that into combat.

-Also having several capital ships is really expensive: 2 Victory's frontline, 1 XIV Onslaught being the AI suport (really good cover of devastators) a Astral for carrier and a Conquest for speedy overload generator flagship purposes is my actual composition, i actualy cant put that into field so i have one cruiser size ship to fulfill the least needed roles in a battle, that with the suport civilian ships and 3 destroyers for pursuing the enemy eat at least 9.5 suply per day and hundreds fuel per light year, if you guys have any tips for cheap compositions i also accept.

And so what i think i want is a way to padronize the size of deployment to a especific number for me and AI, or at least a way to determine a minimal battle size for my fleet, that way i can lower the fleet size option for better fps and yet not having to sacrifying my ability to fight off a bigger enemy. If there is a topic for that i will be happy if arealdy is a way to do that, if not i ask for your help and if you dont have spare time to make that possible at least learning how to do that would be amazing.

Thanks in advance to this comunity for being so fantastic over the years until now, i've found myself reading this forum for hours for several days instead of just playing the game, you guys are really passionate and i trully apreciate that  :)

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