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Fan Media & Fiction / Re: The Lore Corner
« on: August 30, 2019, 08:40:28 AM »
Hey hey folks, i'd like to know more about Luddic Path ideology for my playthrough.
I skimmed the thread and didn't find much unfortunately.

Basically the biggest question is where would they put a line between "necessary evil" technologies required for survival and absolutely haram ones?
Do they follow the stupid terrorist cliché or they can stretch their ideology because they will eventually realise they're not winning with their existing strategy?
I know that in islam for example you can commit what would be considered a minor sin if it's a life or death situation, because otherwise it would be suicide - which is a greater sin.
Would Pathers think the same? For example, would a Pather colony be fine with building orbital works? Because the alternative is flying in 5 D-mod lashers, which is basically suicide. Assuming you use your ordnance only against enemies of Ludd, of course. What about your own fuel production? It's not like it grows on trees, the only alternative is buying from your enemies thus funding them. And why they don't like refining, it's basically turning ores into metals, a technology thousands of years old.
I understand that AI cores and high tech ships are a big no-no. What about midline ships, are they considered too technologically advanced?
What about tech mining, assuming i keep the supplies and guns, give in AI cores and sell blueprints to pirates to destabilize the sector? Would that be fine? Or the planet with ruins is forever tainted? I think cleaning the ruins is actually kind of a cleansing of a planet.
By the way, why is LP neutral to pirates? For practical reasons(like they're both outcasts and agreed to use each others bases for resupply) or ideological(they don't use high tech and destabilize the sector)

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