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Suggestions / Re: A warning about jumping into a pulsar beam
« on: September 08, 2019, 04:58:32 PM »
I think it would be cool if you could see what direction the beams are in when you look at the star from hyperspace. It's more subtle than a warning, but still lets you avoid accidentally jumping into the beam. It could look pretty cool too.

This would be nice. I generally just avoid all neutron stars because dropping into the beam, even for a second, can take a huge chunk out of my supply stocks.

General Discussion / Re: Venture, why?
« on: September 06, 2019, 04:25:50 PM »
Having dedicated haulers and dedicated combat ships is better on both accounts, I think most of the hybrid ships are a trap.

I both completely agree and completely disagree at the same time.

The stage you are at in the game greatly impacts ship choices.

- Early to mid game you take the best you can get even if it's sub optimal. Early to mid game I use tons of (P) Mules for reasons I outlined, hauling/fighting not great at anything but solid. General function is needed as you lack both fighting and support. Mostly because Dedicated ships are not available/reasonable for cash reasons. In some cases mod BP are required for them to be useful/viable enough to shoulder the upkeep.

- Late game everything can be hyper optimized. Dedicated ships rule in that environment because cost is no longer a limiting factor.

Venture feels like it should be a no brainer early/midgame, but it isn't.

Well, for me it is an obvious no brainer, since my early game is purely focused around exploration. There is fat cash to be made just exploring worlds, 1, 3, 5, 10, 30k a survey quickly adds up when you only burn 5 supply a go. Their 5 medium hardpoints give them enough firepower to drop probe cruisers with a well placed volley in a single go, allowing you to harvest those sweet, sweet gamma and beta cores. The only ship better for dedicated exploration is the Apogee, and finding those are a *** and a half. As I said, I can acquire a squadron of Ventures in a single circuit of the Core, I might be lucky to find a single Apogee.

General Discussion / Re: Trending in media?
« on: September 06, 2019, 03:39:13 PM »
The servers are on fire! Damnit Spiff!

General Discussion / Re: Venture, why?
« on: September 06, 2019, 02:35:08 PM »
Having dedicated haulers and dedicated combat ships is better on both accounts, I think most of the hybrid ships are a trap.

Jack of all trade, master of none. When I'm out exploring, the only thing I want to fight are Domain probe guards, which a Venture has no problem with. A few Gemini to supplement my hauling and surveying gives me a pretty imposing all round fleet that only the largest pirate fleets want to bother with. No civvie Gems either, THOSE are a trap. But rolling around with five Ventures supported by 5 Geminis is a pretty unstoppable exploration force. With Surveying on all of them, there is literally NO planet you can't survey, even the titanic gas giants in nebs.

Mind, this is because I LOVE hurling myself off into deep space, and do something like 100+ planet surveys, plus all the various ruin, station, derelicts you'll find along the way. Coming back to the Core with 4 Synch cores, and 50 AI cores makes the initial investment to get the fleet together well worth it.

Niches exist for a reason, and the Venture's niche is aggressive exploration. Strip mine entire constellations of their wealth with a small fleet of them, then sell off your haul, and buy some proper warships for when you need them. If I'm not fighting, I don't need dedicated warships. If I'm not trading, I don't need dedicated haulers. I need ships that can do a little of everything, cause exploration involves a little of everything.

Which is a classic discussion. Specialists vs generalists.

In the words of the Major, over specialization breeds in weakness.

General Discussion / Re: Venture, why?
« on: September 06, 2019, 01:58:21 PM »
Did you know the price difference between a Dominator and a Venture on the black market is only 30k? Buy a Dominator and stick a Survey mod on it. It's a superior ship in every single way, not just a little better either. Vastly superior. It also doesn't need militarization to have 8 burn, so the survey space is paid for if that was the ships secondary role. 2 more fuel and 10 more supplies but the fighting power increase clearly pays for the costs. A venture would need fighting ships to make up for it's weakness in combat, nothing costing 10 supplies and 2 fuel is gonna equal that difference.

30k difference in cost is a joke and you could do this exact same thing with other cheaper cruisers.

Survey and Militarization are both logistical hull mods so it'd be a direct trade 1 for 1.

The Venture needs to be far cheaper or far more useful. Who would disagree?

Survey equipment is better then I initially thought, which is good to know. Thank you to those sharing their knowledge on that matter. Not sure if it's better then Gantry, I think that's more a play style then a mechanics issue.

Can't always find an Surveying Mod for sale. I tried to get one in my last run, eventually gave up after the sixth system checked, and just went out into space to find one.

The Venture carries more than double the cargo of a Dominator, which is a vital thing when performing exploration. Yeah, I could just get more ships to fill out my cargo hauling needs, but that's more crew I need to pay, more fuel I need to provide, more supplies I need to spend on maint and repairs. It also only costs 3 fuel per LY compared to the Dom's 5, 15 supply to the Dom's 25. Yeah, you can get to a point where that really doesn't matter, but getting to that point can take a while, and every credit saved is a credit put towards getting your colonies set up and the REAL money rolling in.

I will agree that the Venture is an inferior combat vessel, but it's original purpose is NOT combat. It's a nice jack of all trades ship, cheap and plentiful, easy to upkeep, and designed for the niche of civilian exploration. The Apogee is without a doubt a better ship in every way that matters, except I have NEVER seen one of those bastards for sale, while I can run a circuit of core worlds and come away with a six pack of Ventures.

General Discussion / Re: Venture, why?
« on: September 05, 2019, 09:09:47 PM »
I do individual trips that include surveys of 30+ planets; having surveying equipment on multiple cruisers easily saves me multiple thousands of supplies.  I guess your trips are just one system at a time rather than clearing out multiple constellations?

Generally I just survey planets with ruins or planets I think might be worth settling. I guess if I wanted to go all completionist I'd require one. I can see which planets have ruins so why am I scanning some pointless Barren or w/e world?

That sounds like unproductive busy work.

Check the sell price for surveying data. The only one not really worth the time and effort are class 1 worlds. If you have a fully decked out surveying fleet, where even gas giants only take 5 supply, you can make a LOT of money surveying. Plenty of class 4 gas giants, volcanic worlds, toxic worlds, barren worlds even. Ultrarich veins can happen anywhere.

My exploration fleet tends to be an Apogee if I can find one, four Ventures, assorted support ships like a few Drams and cargo haulers, all with Surveying equipment if I can find it. Given how bountiful some systems can be, with derelict ships and probes, and other such things, it's quite easy to hurl myself off into the far corners of space and only be limited by how much stuff I can carry, not the size of my fuel tank. Give them all militarized subsystems, have the +1 burn skill, and suddenly you can outrun anything you don't want to fight, and chase down anything you do want to fight.

The Venture will never be a dedicated combat craft, and that's alright. It was not designed as one. It's a civilian exploration craft, and should be used as such. Militarized subsystems allow it to explore better, not fight better. Less sensor profile, more burn means I can hope planets faster, and cram more crew into less ships when I want to finally settle somewhere.

Suggestions / Re: Pre-battle uses for fuel
« on: September 05, 2019, 08:52:03 PM »
A combat version of emergency burn would be nice. Have it do damage to the engine and take a chunk out of your CR, in exchange for greater speed.

Other items could also have a combat use. Those combat mechs I'm hauling? Why not fasten them to the hull for some emergency point defense? Jettison fuel as makeshift mines as you said, cannibalize some heavy machinery to bolster fighter replenishment, refined alloy as extra plating, promise some luxury goods/lobster/drugs to the crew if they succeed, granting extra CR.

Also, in the matter of pre-battle stuff... Can we add a system to bribe the pirates/LP that you might run across? I'd happily pay credits/goods to just avoid some fights.

General Discussion / Re: What's your favorite ship?
« on: September 05, 2019, 07:19:25 PM »
Apogee! It's the sweet spot for an exploration cruiser ship. Love the asymmetrical aesthetic and large missile and beam hardpoints with surveying equipment. Lets it be the core of both the combat and surveying roles in one balanced cool-looking package through mid-game into late game.. I fancy the High-intensity Laser and Locust SRM Launcher with LR PDs on the aft and mid-ships medium and small energy slots, and tactical lasers on the fore slots. A single Salamander missile on the last spot is the cherry on top.

Wish there was a capital ship size upgraded version for late game to ease into. The Odyssey is very close, but lacks the built-in utility, large missile hardpoints, and is a broadside combatant rather than frontal standoff like the Apogee.

I second this notion. The Apogee is the flagship of my exploration fleet, and I wish there was a Capital variant.

General Discussion / Re: Venture, why?
« on: September 05, 2019, 07:13:14 PM »
Just my opinion of relative value as Survey equipment only means less heavy machine needed
It also means less supplies needed, which adds up fast if you're on a longer exploration expedition.  There is a threshold past which it's not worth adding more surveying equipment, but when all those little volcanic worlds cost 5 supplies instead of 40...

On the other hand, if we did swap the Venture's surveying equipment for a salvage gantry, I'd consider it a net upgrade; you can add surveying equipment after-market if you need to, but the salvage gantry is only available as a built-in hull mod.

I wish Salvage Gantry wasn't restricted to a handful of ships. It really, really should be just like any other. Because frankly, I never use salvage rigs in my deep space exploration fleets, rather gather a swarm of Shepherd. Those can at least fight back a little if I find myself running from something big and scary.

Instead of "Missile" just add "Missile hardpoint weapons" since that covers missiles, rockets, torpedoes and proximity charges

Fan Media & Fiction / Re: The Lore Corner
« on: August 27, 2019, 07:28:14 AM »
Came across something interesting/disturbing today, and it made me think about a few things.

You sometimes find cryo pods in salvage, and they can contain crew or officers. I've also found cryopods on decivilised worlds, containing planetary administrators  ???

And of course there's the Domain cryosleeper colony ships.

So, how long can people survive in cryo pods, or life pods ? How do the currently-manufactured cryo systems compare to Domain-era tech ? Are life pods and sleeper pods the same thing ?

I figure they can remain in a sleeper pod so long as there is power to maintain it. And I also assume lifepods are sleeper pods, since it's a lot easier to keep someone on ice instead of having to keep them fed, watered and aired for however long they are in space.

Suggestions / Re: Pirates are exhausting!
« on: August 27, 2019, 07:16:20 AM »
Fleet HQ says it projects power over several sectors. Why aren't my defense forces chasing down the pirates? The average "heavy patrol" has three capital ships in it!

Suggestions / Re: Pirates are exhausting!
« on: August 26, 2019, 11:42:48 PM »
A fear system would be great. I'd like the pirates to go "Those guys? The ones who have blown up 10 stations with their capital fleet? Lets NOT bother them."

Fan Media & Fiction / For Hearth and Home
« on: August 26, 2019, 11:14:19 PM »
The soft crash of the endless waves, rippling across the perpetual sea of The Hearth, against the enormous hull of a lone synthetic island, sent salty sprays rolling up the sloping metal, sending verdant green water against shimmering blue forcefield, protecting the xenobotanical garden, the collection of a hundred worlds, surrounding a home more akin to a bunker than a house. Squat, made of thick metal walls and only a few small windows, it looked capable of enduring anything short of ship grade weaponry. Sitting in an authentic wooden chair on a retractable patio, sipping from a bottle of home made spirits, was an old, grizzled and gray woman, looking out onto HER sunset.

Her name was Immo Late, and she was the sole survivor of an ill fated mining expedition from a golden era. Draining the bottle one sip at a time, she saw high above the motes of light swirling around the refurbished and revitalized orbital station that had been her tomb for several lifetimes. Closing one eye, and thinking very intently, she took control of one of the numerous drones orbiting the station, and began drifting about it aimlessly, taking a moment to savor all that she had worked for. Her old ship sat in her dock, immaculate as the day she left dry dock for the void. It had cost a small fortune to bring the venerable Apogee back to pristine. It was wroth every credit.

It's rude to stare. Came the flickering message across her view, as she felt another entity join her in the drone's control matrix. The other being who technically made her the sole survivor, because they had never been alive in the first place. "So is cramming yourself into a drone built for one." Releasing control and jaunting to the nearest free drone, Immo spun about until she saw the IFF of her oldest friend Silver Frond, Beta level AI. Here I was thinking you were the intimate sort. "Don't you have a satellite to run?" You know I always have processing power dedicated to keeping an optic on you. "Thanks. You sure know how to make a girl feel like the paranoia is justified." It's not paranoia if they are actually out to get you.

That left Immo laughing, first in amusement, then bitter contempt, dropping out of the drone and back to her sunset "They just don't know when to leave well enough alone, do they?" Draining the last, gritty and far too sweet mouthful of alcohol, and leaving a quick mental note to throw away the rest of the batch, Immo rose from her chair and began marching into her house. The heavy thump of industrial work boots proceeding her, she took a moment to look over the thousands of mineral samples taken from just as many worlds, slabs of stone ranging from mundane and lifeless to bejeweled and worth a small fortune to the right collector. A few sat encased in transparent radiation shielding. Each a story, some more interesting than others. A few bore plaques, dedications to those lost in their discovery. Each name had a more impressive memorial, obelisks of adamantine orbiting The Hearth, etched with their name and story. She didn't see those every monuments every day. She ran a thumb across one plaque as she walked by, leaving the brass just a little shinier. "You were right, garden is really nice..." She muttered under her breath.

Detachment procedures are underway, Immo. "Be there shortly. Just need t-" I have already marked the "Rockberry and Mint Vodka" not fit for public consumption based on your biometrics and have dispatched a biomass reclamation drone to your distillery. If you don't like it, it must make radiator wine taste like ambrosia. "I wish I could hit you." Alas, only your wit may wound me. "I could always go rockhounding for a week and then take a bath in your coolant pool." ...Please do not. "The frostbite would be worth it." Don't make me crash this ship.

Entering her private quarters, a series of clamps detached themselves from her villa, reverberating through the metal like a personal earthquake. Immo's island abruptly became a submersible, plunging deep beneath the waves to anchor itself at the bottom of the sea. The Hearth, while covered in water, was shallow enough to see traces of sunlight from the ocean floor. Nestling in a coral reef,  shimmering with bioluminescent coral. Through the brief plunge, the exterior shield had sealed itself closed, fully encasing the island in a metal shell. The holographic projection cast against the metal dome was quite convincing however.

All the while during that plunge, Immo had been getting properly dressed. It took her about ten minutes to get properly dressed, but given she was putting on nearly half a ton of motorized industrial EVA equipment, she prided herself on being able to do it alone that quickly. It had long since violated every single warranty and user agreement possible, having enough after market modifications to make a pirate blush. She felt the cold, invasion mind/machine interface connect her to the suit like her own body, and rouse the beast inside. //User Registered// Designation: Immo Late // Access Granted // Are We Killing Soon? Came the sterile question across her vision, but her skin crawled slightly at the rush of bloodlust that lingered within the synthetic corners of her mind. Burning Man, Gamma level AI, hardwired into her hardsuit, her caged beserker. Anyone who tried to take her alive would find she'd fight the death, and then keep fighting until reduced to slag.

 Diplomacy has failed. //Predicted Result//Greed Prevails//Ignorance Reigns//25 Credits Owed What do you even spend it on? //Crab Farm//Pay Up// Immo facepalmed with a resounding thud, sealing the final vacuum lock on her suit, and lumbering into a launch tube. //Aquajets Operational//Silo Clear//Deploying Idiot// Like a torpedo of ancient Terran seas, the tube filled with water, and propelled Immo into the ocean. Schools of native and invasive fish scattered in horror as the purple and bronze projectile flew through the water, a few of the less agile ones bouncing off the metal plating, to the ravenous glee of the survivors.

All systems are operational, and awaiting your arrival. We have received reports from the IBI "Find Your Center, and Burst Through It's Chest" that the Hegemony force has refused to leave our space and has begun a full burn for The Armoury. Above her, an enormous shadow was cast on Immo, first an indistinct blur of darkness, but quickly came into focus. The single beam of light that pierced the center gave it away. The IBI "Go Forth And Conquer" her personal Paragon flagship. The culmination of her second life, and she wished she could just let it rest idle. No such luck. Slowing to a halt inside an awaiting airlock, Immo could only feel pity for the pockets of ocean life that had made a home along the hull. Vibrant sea fans, limpets, a few mollusks. Soon they'd either be hurtling back to the sea from low orbit, or they'd end up drifting in the void. "Guess you thought this would be a peaceful place too?"

Immo just shook her head as she sealed the airlock behind her and began marching towards the bridge. She didn't pass a single other person as she did, only an army of small drones rushing about in harmonized chaos. They flowed around Immo like water as she moved through the cramped corridors, hunched forward and using her plated knuckles to walk like some robotic ape. She stood infront of the bridge airlock, and slammed a fist into it. //Fee//Fi//Fo//Fum//Open The Door, You Lazy Bum

The bridge was stripped down to two things: A command throne for Immo's bulky frame, and an AI coolant tank. She rested a hand on the reinforced barrier that protected Silver Frond's physical form. She could feel the thrum of power through the tactile feedback of her gauntlet. "Ready. Begin ascent, and open communications to the fleet." The ship began to shudder as the engine roared into life and began to force kilotons of water out of the way, rising from the ocean shallows like a slumbering guardian to exact vengeance upon those who dire defile it's sanctum.

Across dozens of ships and hundreds of fighter craft, all comm channels were cleared and thousands of heads turned to the nearest intercom. "All Iron Bloom Incorporated wings, this is your boss. Each and everyone of you joined me out here, in the edge of known space for one reason: A better life, away from the endless conflict of the Core sector. You all know the cost of forging this life from untamed wilderness, and we have all paid it ten fold. Now, those who we sought to escape seek to bring us under their thumb, and take what all we have made. They say it's for our protection, to guard us from a hostile sector. Where were they went The Quarry was pillaged? Where was their protection when we crushed the Sigma Draconis Savages, and forced the last corsair out of our home? Busy screaming like children with high explosives at their neighbors. All of them. Well, we are going to tell them that we don't want anything they're offering, we can do it ourselves, and their involuntary donation of an entire invasion force is greatly appreciated. All ships, link navcom, and prepare for tranverse jump. We're going to catch those blighters as they pass The Orphan and pincer them between the Armoury Guard. For Hearth and Home!"


This was fun to write, hope you enjoyed, hope I didn't step on any lore. I'll write more, like how the trio ended up there, or the fight for Home if folks like this.

Suggestions / Re: Mid-game (early-mid?) length
« on: August 24, 2019, 12:55:41 PM »
In my own playing experience and from observing others, its the blueprints, Nanoforges, Synchrotron Cores (and AI cores) with which one can easily earn an everything annihilating fleet withing just a few hours of game time.

If one rushes those then yeah, it is easy to stay stronger than anything you can encounter. But if one messes around for a few hours first before trying that, trying out mining and farming colonies, commissions, trading etc. it becomes much harder.

Not even hours. I started a game, took an "Scan research station" mission, salvaged the station, and found two Alpha cores inside, plus a capital ship blueprint. I returned, and went from a handful of frigates to three Ventures and an Apogee with support craft, and just snowballed from there.

And really, space exploration isn't that hard if you have a quick ship and low sensor profile. I dip and dive in high danger areas all the time, provided my burn speed is 10. Not that hard to do early on, since militarized subsystems exists. Getting a small swarm of Shepherd drone tenders makes exploring and never getting into fights a breeze.

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